Wife’s Friends Anal Ch. 07


My wife comes in the bedroom after our guests left the party. I’m just lying there naked stroking my cock and fantasizing about what they possibly could have said. She looks at me with my huge hard on and says to me “keep stroking because you are going to love to hear this.” I slowly massage my cock and ask her to please tell me.

She says, “All of them could not believe you take that whole dildo in your ass let alone you getting fucked with its entire length and girth.” She continues filling me in saying, “Some of them have never had anal sex before and were shocked by the whole concept.” Others said, “They never let their husbands cum in their mouths, its disgusting was the most frequent comment, and they just couldn’t believe you ate all of that cum, no problem at all.”

My wife continued with the comments telling me that Lauren was very talkative and loved fucking your ass. She couldn’t believe how big the Strapon was and how easily your asshole took that whole dildo.” She wants to do it again and asked when she could.

I commented, “you didn’t say I was available anytime did you?”

My wife laughed and said “of course not.” Once she stopped chuckling she explained how Lauren said “she thought her boyfriend’s cock was huge, in fact she says his is so big it feels like he is splitting her in two when he fucks her, but that dildo she used on you was a lot fatter and longer too.”

I speak up and tell her “you know what, I wish you were taking a video of that” Just the thought Maltepe Esmer Escort of little Lauren shoving that huge thing up my ass must have been a pretty erotic site.

My wife says, “It was, that thing hung down practically to her knees.” My wife surprises me by saying, “Maybe we let her fuck you again and we take a movie of it.”

An idea pops in my head and I say, “How about if I fuck little Lauren up her virgin asshole with my cock and her mom fucks me up the ass with our huge Strapon? What a contrast that would be.” I paint the picture a little more vividly by saying “My normal sized dick would be making her squirm and whimper from the size of it as I pound her and Michelle would be easily pounding me with the entire length of the monster.” You could video that and we could call it “Little butt and big butt.” My wife coyly says “maybe, who knows what the future will bring.”

My wife finished up telling me that Lauren also said, “She hopes your ass cheeks are not too sore from the spanking she gave you.” Then she said Lauren got quite giddy when she commented, “That you ate not only her boyfriend’s sperm but her dads also!” “That was kinky!”

I keep stroking my dick as my wife moves onto the comments from Michelle. She reveals that she didn’t say very much and that she only commented about the size of the Strapon and how easily you took the whole thing up your butt hole. In fact Michelle said “You could drive a truck up your butt, metaphorically speaking.” Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort She wanted to know if she should save her husband’s cum for you and could bring it over every time they fucked so she could watch you eat it. She thought that was just sooo dirty. When Michele said that Lauren said, “She could save her boyfriend’s cum too if you want.”

I said yeah, “I could just imagine that, they come over, ring the door bell and when I answer the door I’m handed a rubber full of sperm to eat for them, right in the doorway.” I hope you told them they don’t have to do that.

My wife continued tell me Amy was very appreciative of you for letting Lauren fuck your ass, she also said “You were a real trooper swallowing all that cum and getting spanked like that.” She says she has another scenario if you were up to it.

I ask her what is it now?

My wife says “It is way out there and you probably wouldn’t do it but she made promise to ask.” My wife begins by asking me “Have you ever heard of ATM before?” “Yep, that’s a cash machine I answer.”

“Nope ATM sexually, she fires back.”

No I say, “I suspect you are going to tell me though.”

Well it’s “ass to mouth” It’s where someone takes a cock up the ass and then it’s taken out of their asshole and then put in their mouth, and sucks on it till he cums in their mouth.”

I tell her “That sounds pretty hot, I would try that!”

She continues, “Well Amy has this friend that has a giant Maltepe Evi Olan Escort dick, she said it is very John Holmesish. Long and fat.” ” It’s not as big as our bam strap on but still big and filling,” my wife sheepishly explains. Amy wants her friend to slide his cock up your ass and fuck you with it full length, then slide it out of your asshole and stick it in your mouth. I give my wife. A quizzical look and she says “That is not all, She wants him to fuck your throat with its full length also.” You know all the way till his balls are bumping your nose. and the whole thing is lodged in there pumping you till he shoots his load directly into your stomach.” Amy says that as he is pumping your throat you can actually see your neck filling with cock as it goes in and out.

I tell her, “I don’t know about that. I’m totally not gay.”

“It’s not gay, my wife says, it just a hot filthy nasty sex act.”

Yeah but it with two guys I reply, I’m not sure about that at all.”

Even if I want you to do it she pleads? She says, “I really want to see a real long, fat, cock slide buried up your asshole the get pulled out then immediately put into your mouth till it fills your throat!” I grimace and say “I don’t know babe.”

Well she had another idea my wife says. “Have you ever heard of sounding?”

No what is that I ask?

She explains, “It’s where you stick this long thin rod into you cocks piss hole, it’s urethra.” It is supposed to be very enjoyable for you. I would want you to stretch it so it gets bigger and wider. We start small then use fatter ones till they get to the size of my finger. She begs, “I really want to stick my finger up your cock and finger fuck it” Wouldn’t it be cool to have my hand up your asshole and my finger deep in your cock at the same time!

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