Wife Gears Up For Sex


Some time ago, I had a girlfriend who was really into sex, including some kinky stuff. Anal, threesomes with another woman, pretty wild stuff for a conservative guy like me. She was great, but we eventually broke up.

I’ve been married for a few years, and thought that the kinky stuff was all over. My wife is hot as hell, and the sex is great, but she’s kind of shy in the sex department. Or so I thought.

A while ago, we received an adult product catalog, and flipped through it together. She meekly asked what I would think if she bought some stuff from the catalog, her face turning red. I grinned, and told her I was all for it, thinking she wanted to see a sex movie or maybe get a vibrator or some sexy underwear. Two months went by, and I figured she had either forgotten all about it, or had chickened out. Then one weekend I was really surprised!

We were sitting around one evening, having some drinks. I was getting a little buzzed. Dana kept getting me drinks as I drained them, which was a little odd. I gave her a funny look after she fetched me another drink, and she smiled and said, “I want you REALLY drunk tonight.” She had a sly look on her face.

I said, “Sweetie, you don’t have to get me drunk to take advantage of me.” She just chuckled, and encouraged me to keep drinking. I figured she must be a little horny, wanted to try something, and thought the alcohol would loosen us both up a little.

After a few more drinks, she went to our bedroom. I started to get up, but she waved me back and said, “No, just wait there.” She paused a moment, then added, “Honey, take your clothes off. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Alright! I quickly began shedding my clothes. The living room was pretty dim already, but I lit a few candles and turned the rest of the lights off, making it even dimmer. Wondering what Dana had in mind was starting to give me wood, and I impatiently called to the bedroom, “You need some help in there?”

“No. Just have a seat, and I’ll be out in a minute. And take your clothes off.” Well, I already had the getting naked part completed, and sat on the couch, eagerly awaiting my wife’s Ankara travesti arrival.

She came out shortly, almost naked. Almost. She was naked, except for some black leather panties, which had a dildo attached to them. My wife bought a strap on?! If I could have looked at her face it probably would have been red again. But I couldn’t even raise my eyes as far as her breasts (which are mid-sized, perky, and spectacular). All I could look at was the strap on cock sticking out between her legs. My jaw probbly dropped a little, or maybe a lot. “Well? What do you think?”

I finally raised my eyes to hers (her face was indeed a little red). “Alright,” I said. “If you’ve got the balls to wear that, then I’ve got the balls too. I’m all yours.” I grinned. She relaxed a little, and also grinned. At the mention of balls, she glanced down at her cock. I followed her eyes, and noticed that she did indeed have balls, for at the base of the strap on was a set of fake nuts. She was smiling, but also had the look of someone who is not sure of herself, so again I said, “I’m all yours sweetie.”

She moved towards where I was sitting on the couch. “I kind of wondered what it was like…,” she sheepishly said. She positioned herself right in front of me, so I could inspect the apparatus. It was a little on the large size, but not as big as I knew they made them. It was shaped very much like an erect penis, but appeared very smooth. The finish was glossy red. I slowly reached up to feel it, a little unsure about the whole situation. “Go ahead,” my wife said, “Feel it.” As I put my hand around it, Dana gasped a little, and trembled slightly. I began to stroke it a little, and her breathing got a little deeper. Heck, MY breathing was getting deeper, too. I was turned on.

I looked up into her eyes questioningly. Her slightly bashful but very sly looks had disappeared and there was now only lust in her eyes. She began stroking my hair with one hand, caressing one of her breasts with her other. I was still slowly stroking the strap on, but her hips began slowly moving towards me, and I knew what she wanted next. She guided Antalya travesti my head forward slightly with her hand, and continued to move the shiny shaft towards my face.

I was a little uneasy about this, as I have always been straight. But I was also very much turned on, and when it almost was to my lips, I tentatively moved forward and kissed it, on the tip. Dana groaned a little, and said “Ohhhh. Yes, yes.” It was plainly obvious my wife was going wild from this. I pulled back a little, wondering if I could really do this. My wife was plainly enjoying it. Oh, what the hell.

I took a breath, and slid my hand down the shaft to the base. Then, I took about three inches of it into my mouth, licking it and sucking a little. As I said, the surface was very smooth, and it was slippery with saliva almost immediately. I began working it in and out of my mouth slowly, my right hand still grasping the base, guiding it. My free left hand reached around and began caressing Dana’s ass. I found myself enjoying one of my favorite views while doing this- my wife’s belly. I’ve always enjoyed lookig at her belly, finding it strangely erotic. My wife is well aware of this, and knew that if I were able to talk I would be complimenting her sexy belly. As I sucked her cock, I watched the gentle curves of her belly move in and out with her breaths.

After a few minutes, my courage increased, and I began taking more of it into my mouth, sucking a little more vigorously, even slurping a little. This action was encouraged by my wife’s hand, which was grasping my hair and rocking my head as I sucked away. With the hand I had caressing her ass, I began probing. My fingers soon found their target, and I began gently massaging her anus. Dana was now moaning almost constantly, and as I began working a finger into her ass, she moaned, “Ohhhh. That’s good. I want to play with your ass tonight too.”

I stopped sucking, and looked up at her. “Okay,” I said. I could hardly beleive this.

She backed up a few steps, and asked me to get down on all fours. Her voice was shaking a little, probably a little out of nervous İstanbul travesti shyness, but also from extreme horniness. I got down on the floor, and my wife moved around to an end table, pulling a bottle of lube out of a drawer. She had really been planning this!

She moved behind me, and I could hear her putting the lube on the dildo. She then smeared some on my ass, slowly working a finger into me. She pulled it out, and then began gently pressing the fake penis against my ass. This was quite a sensation! A former girlfriend had often fingered my ass, sometimes even sticking two fingers up me while blowing me, but this was very different, the dildo my wife had was much larger than a finger or two. She slowly added pressure, and the dildo began slowly sliding in me. It was a little uncomfortable at first. I began to want it in me, though, and I added my own pressure to hers, forcing myself around it, while my wife forced it into me.

She started out very slow, gently moving in and out of me. The feeling was incredible. After a few minutes, she added some lube, and began to pick up the pace a little. “How does it feel?”, she asked. To answer, I grabbed her hand and pulled it around to my own cock, which was rock-hard. “Ohhh! I guess you like this then!” I moaned as she squeezed my penis.

She paused to put lube on her hand and my penis, and began stroking my cock. Then she began to fuck me again. She worked the pace up to where her hips were slamming against my ass, with a steady rhythm, her hand doing a wonderful job on my cock.

Eventually, I was ready to come, and I started moaning. She knew exactly what this meant, and slammed hard into me, leaving the dildo buried all the way inside me. She leanded forward against me, bringing her other hand around to catch my cum, as she continued stroking me. I came hard, thought my head would explode. When she felt she had milked all the cum out of my cock, she said, “There’s one more thing I want you to do. I want you to swallow cum.” All of her shyness was gone, and she moved her cupped, cum-filled hand up to my mouth. I was not expecting this, but began licking the cum off her hand anyway.

When I had cleaned her hand, she slowly pulled out of me. We were both panting. She moved around in front of me, and passionately kissed me. “Thank you.”, she said.

“Anytime.” It was the start of a new exciting sex life for both of us.

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