I married my husband Bode because of money.

Yeah, I wasn’t ashamed to say it. Before meeting bode, I was a prostitute and bode was one of my clients. Along the line, he asked me to marry him and noticing how wealthy he was, who was I to object to a good life?

10 years had passed by and we already had 3 kids. My life was perfect and though I didn’t love bode, I was in love with my life, the parties, the money, the power and the respect. I thought my life couldn’t be more perfect till I met him. Doctor Chukwudi. Bode’s cousin and an old client of mine when I was in school. Chukwudi and I didn’t have much of an emotional connection, but the way he fucked me, man, you would think he hated me. With so much force, anger, and roughness I let myself submit to him involuntarily. In contrast to bode who fucked me with love and care, Chukwudi fucked me with hate and I loved it.

Since we met at a party, I’ve been trying to get him into my bed all to no avail. I heard he was Demetevler Escort going to relocate permanently to Sweden and I couldn’t let him leave without having him, besides his wife was always around and it was making it harder for me.

I kept moving pieces together till my husband, as naive as he was, sent me on an errand to Chukwudi beach house. I went there in hopes of meeting his wife but was shocked when she wasn’t there.

Chukwudi, being as gentlemanly as he was, offered me a glass of wine and foolishly left his wine he went to get some documents I was supposed to deliver to bode. I slipped some pills that were very strong into his wine and when he came back, I proposed a toast and he foolishly drank.

With time, I noticed him sweating profusely and I laughed inside, it was starting to work. I asked to use the bathroom and while in there I prepared and came out naked. His eyes went wide and I could see him fighting Otele gelen escort an internal battle within himself. I moved closer and he closed his eyes when I grabbed his balls. I stroked his dick from outside and pulled his shorts down while I knelt. I took his foot-long penis into my mouth and gently sucked and licked the tip with my tongue. I heard him groan and that encouraged me. I kept sucking while softly massaging his balls and he kept growing like a teenager till he came into my mouth. I swallowed it all, not willing to let it waste and I looked up at him from my kneeling position with a pout and cum dripping from my mouth. I knew from experience that men loved that shit.

He lifted me and put me on the table, where he sucked my nipples and fingered me gently. He kept going till I was wet enough and he slapped “this was what you wanted bitch right? Well I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t ever mess with me again” Balgat Escort and he spun me around and dived into me. He pushed me down and bent my neck, he held my both hands and spread my legs apart so wide as he continued to slam into me. I felt my insides burning with pleasurable pain and I couldn’t control my screams. Yeah, I wasn’t moaning, I was screaming.

I felt a knot building in my stomach and as chukwudi pounded me, I came with a loud cry and my legs shaking. Chukwudi pressed my head to the ground and used a leg to hold my leg down. He kept pounding me and consistently running my pussy. It was all too much, I came with a loud cry. I was getting weak, this was more than I bargained for, I tried to plead with him but instead, he raised me and slapped me. He pulled me to the floor in a missionary position and raised my legs very high while he pounded into me and sucked my boobs. He kept groaning and I started running his balls. With time I came with my eyes rolling back and I could feel him fighting the urge to cum. But my pussy was too sweet for him to hold it in. He came with a loud grunt and slumped on top of me.

I caressed his head as he slept off. I felt so stretched and worn out but in general, I felt very good. Finally, I had gotten what I wanted. Who knows I might take various vacations to Sweden. This dick is worth it.

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