Who’s The Boss?


“How STUPID can you be?” she screeched across the desk at him. “How FUCKING stupid can you be?” He just stood there not knowing what to say. She had verbally abused him before, but this time it was in front of Robert, a co-worker. That really pissed him off.

“A simple spreadsheet. Jesus Christ, Jason; a simple fucking spreadsheet and you blew it! Get out of my office. NOW!”

Jason turned on his heels and walked out, being careful not to slam the door behind him. That would have just resulted in more berating and he couldn’t take much more today. He went and sat down in his little cubicle, rested his head on his hands and closed his eyes.

When he’d started here five years ago he thought he’d found his dream job. He was 23 then, just out of university with an accounting diploma clutched in his fist. Mr. Dickson had hired him and under his watchful eye Jason had advanced quickly in the company and he was generally referred to as “The Golden Boy”.

Then came Mr. Dickson’s unexpected retirement and with that the placing of Jennifer Harding into the vacant position. She was 40 then and an attractive bundle of energy. She stood 5 foot 3 inches tall in the business pumps she wore daily. She had shapely legs displayed beneath the just-above-the-knee length skirts she favored. Her thick auburn hair was cut short; probably easier to take care of Jason had thought, and framed well-defined cheekbones and brilliant blue eyes. She wore loose-fitting blouses, always, and Jason couldn’t help but wonder what was hidden under them.

But any hope of finding out was dashed shortly after she started. Jason reported to her, as he had to Mr. Dickson, but with her nothing he submitted was good enough the first time. His golden boy status quickly tarnished and he was beginning to wonder tecavüz porno if he had any future with the company at all.

But that was before tonight.

When he opened his eyes he realized he must have dozed off. All the overhead fluorescent lights were off and only the emergency lights strategically placed illuminated the office. He thought he heard voices coming from one of the private offices and debated if he should make his presence known to avoid overhearing something he shouldn’t. He identified the female voice as Jennifer Harding but couldn’t quite recognize the male’s. He couldn’t make out the words but she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. The sound of her laughter slipped through the open door of her office and echoed throughout.

Jason quietly made his way towards Jennifer’s office and couldn’t believe what he saw as he approached. Parked outside the office door was the cleaning cart and inside the office was Manny, the twenty year old janitor, openly displaying his erect cock to a scantily clad Ms. Harding. She was lounging in her leather chair, her black fishnet stocking clad legs stretched out across her desk, her ankles daintily crossed. She tapped her “hooker heels” on the desktop as a naked Manny leaned against it, facing her, stroking his growing cock.

Jason knew there was an opportunity here, he just wasn’t sure how to harvest it. Should he walk in and surprise them and watch her flush in embarrassment. He wondered where the stockings and stilettos came from. They were definitely not what she had been wearing in the office all day. Apparently her meet with Manny had been planned. He wondered if she’d been wearing the black lace thong with the matching bra all day. The things you see when you don’t have a camera travesti porno he thought and then he remembered the video camera kept in the conference room for taping presentations. He smiled to himself as he quietly made his way there and located the camera in one of the side cupboards. But now the question was how was he going to get them on film. As he reached her office it was like his prayers had been answered.

Jennifer was bent over the side of her desk. Her bare breasts pressed onto the wood surface her face turned to the door with her eyes tightly closed. Manny, standing behind her with his 9-inch cock buried up to his balls in her pussy, had his eyes closed as well. If he stood to the side of the doorway, he would be out of their line of vision yet being able to see them through the viewfinder. Jason turned the cam on, focused and smiled to himself as the tape caught not only every sight but every sound, too.

Jennifer begged Manny to fuck her hard, to pound her pussy. She moaned, whimpered, screamed. Manny groaned and grunted loudly. Suddenly he pulled his cock out and shot cum all over her ass. She cried out “Yes you bastard yesssssssss feels soooooooooo good mmmmmmmmmm.”

Jason stepped back into the shadows as Jennifer raised herself off the desk. He had to control the loud moan that almost escaped his lips when he finally got a view of her tits. They were magnificent he thought to himself, a perfect 38C he was sure; firm and almost perky with large protruding nipples. Manny’s thick cum was dripping over her plump, round ass cheeks then down the back of her shapely legs. She turned around and faced Manny, pressing her body tight against him. “You’re a bad boy, aren’t you baby?” she whispered. Manny’s reply was lost as their mouths xhamster porno crashed together. They held the kiss for what seemed like forever to Jason. When they were finally able to pull away from each other she dropped down on to her knees in front of him and took his limp cock into her hands.

She looked up into his deep brown eyes. “Lets get his bad boy hard again so Manny can fuck his mamma’s ass.” And with that she began to lick his cock to attention.

Jason filmed a little longer, more so because the erection that had grown in his pants prevented him from moving. He wanted to burst into the office and take Manny’s place in front of the little whore, formerly known as Ms. Jennifer Harding. He was mesmerized by the expertise at which she sucked cock. Teasing the head with the tip of her tongue, pressing it into the slit. She licked up and down his shaft. When she began to lick Manny’s balls, Jason almost dropped the camera. With a loud slurping noise she sucked one of the huge testicles into her mouth then the other. After they had been sufficiently bathed in her saliva, she sucked just the head of his cock into her hungry mouth. But it appeared Manny wanted more and he began to buck his hips towards her, his cock going deeper and deeper into her mouth. She tried to pull back, probably yearning the ass-fucking she had requested earlier, but he wasn’t having any of it as his grip on her head held her in place and he shot his cum into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked and swallowed like the good little whore she was, not one drop escaping those full, ruby lips.

Manny reached out his hand to her and helped her to her feet. As they embraced and kissed once again, Jason thought this might be a good time to head out. As he entered the boardroom he popped the tape out before he placed the camera back into the cupboard. He thought about the fun he was going to have watching it later that night and even more fun revealing its existence to Jennifer (do you mind if I call you “slut”) Harding.

Jason just knew tomorrow was going to be a better day.

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