Who Needs Popcorn Ch. 2


It’s ten minutes past eight when you stride into the lobby of the hotel, an expectant spring in your step. Your heels click on the tiled floor as you walk past the obviously staring concierge and towards the lift. You’re feeling sexy, so you look back at him and wink. He blushes, looking away.

You press the up button for the lift, and the doors open. Once inside, you use the mirrored doors to check yourself out for the last time. Black high heels, stockings leading up to your sexiest garter-belt. Your black dress clings to your hips, and is cut low enough so that your bra is plainly visible. Your breasts strain against your bra, nipples already hard. As the lift starts to move, you lift the hem of your dress and look at your panties. Your pussy is visible through the sheer black lace. You don’t have to touch your pussy to know that you’re wet, but you do, rubbing yourself a few times through your damp underwear.

The doors open, and you walk down the corridor, excitement spreading through your body, until you find room 118. You’re tingling, and a little nervous, as you reach out to knock on the door.

As you touch the door, it swings open, apparently unlocked. You push it all the way open, stepping inside the room. In front of you is a small table, with a note and a glass of wine.

You take a sip of the wine, and read the note.

“When you’re ready, there’s something to eat in the bedroom.”

You’re confused. Earlier in the theatre, there wasn’t any mention of dinner. You walk around the corner, and your confusion fades instantly.

The girl whose pussy you licked earlier is lying on the bed. Her hands are bound with a velvet cord, and tied to the bedhead. She’s blindfolded, and beneath her short, white negligee, her neatly trimmed pussy is clearly visible between her thighs.

You walk to the end of the bed, heels softly sounding on the plush carpet. Her head moves at the sound, and she looks up, even though the blindfold is in place.

“Lick me. Please lick me. If you’re the girl from the theatre, do it again.”

You’re taken by surprise, but too horny to care. You kneel on the bed, lifting her nightie. She’s soaking wet already, and her pink-lipped pussy is inviting. You brush it lightly with your fingers, still uncomfortable about stroking someone else’s pussy.

She responds instantly, moaning and biting her lip.

“Wait,” she gasps, eskort gaziantep “kiss my mouth first.”

You slide up the bed, moving toward her head. You lean down to kiss her hesitantly, but she attacks you, thrusting her tongue into your mouth. You respond eagerly, passion rising when you realise her mouth is full of fresh, hot cum. You love the taste, and your kisses are getting her hot. You break the kiss, licking a last drop of cum from her tongue. She groans lustily.

“We thought you’d like a surprise.”

You look around, and sitting silently in the corner is the man from the cinema. He’s naked, quietly stroking his cock, which looks at least eight inches long, and quite thick. You knew it was big from your quick fuck in the cinema, but it looks enormous now. He’s watching you, smiling when the woman on the bed lifts her hips again and pleads:

“Now will you lick me?”

You turn back to her, your eyes taking in her body as you lift her nightie up to her chin. Her small, pointed breasts are adorned with hard nipples. They sit like throned monarchs above the flat white plain of her stomach. Her pussy is glistening with moisture, and the skin around her pubic hair is smooth-shaven, leaving a thin black triangle that points to her clitoris.

You lower your mouth to her nipple, moving slowly, luxuriously. It’s like your fantasies have always been, touching and licking a woman while you’re watched by someone else. As you keep sucking her nipple, you can’t resist the impulse to slip your hand down into your panties. You’re dripping wet, more turned on than you’ve ever been!

You move down her body, trailing your tongue down until you reach her bushy triangle of hair. Up on your knees, you put your head between her thighs and taste her, your ass lifted in the air. Your dress has ridden up, and you know that your damp panties are on display to the man behind you. You hardly give it a second thought, your rapture as you begin to tongue-fuck the pussy in front of you taking over all other thoughts. Her pussy feels incredible on your face, wet and soft.

Slowly, you try different movements, determined to make this last as long as possible. You push your tongue against her hooded clit, enjoying her responses as she moves and groans with restless pleasure. You suck her pussy lips into your mouth, gently tugging at them. gaziantep eskort bayan You push your tongue into her, and curl your tongue inside her, the tip of it stroking her G-spot. She shrieks in pleasure and her legs quiver, pussy flooding with juice.

From behind, you feel your dress lifted, and your panties pulled down to your knees. The globes of your ass are gently pulled apart, and you wait for the invasion of that huge cock you loved so much earlier today. Instead, a warm, wet tongue licks your cunt from clitoris to ass. You moan into the pussy you’re licking, grinding your face harder against it. The tongue in your pussy sweeps across your pussy lips again and again. You’re so close to coming yourself that you don’t notice that your frenzied efforts at sucking this girl off have made her come. Her pussy gushes juices, flooding your mouth, forcing you to gulp down the sweet nectar of her spasming cunt. Her whole body is thrashing against her restraints, and her orgasm drives you over the edge.

You grind your ass back against the face in your cunt, overwhelmed by passion and lust. His tongue is deep in you. You force your face against her thigh, biting her as you scream your ecstasy.

As your body continues to spasm, your orgasm leaves you trembling and randy as hell. Behind you, the man wraps his arms around your waist and lifts your body upright. He peels your dress off over your head, unclasping your bra. He turns you around, moving you until you’re kneeling above the woman’s blindfolded face. Her eager tongue presses your pussy instantly, and you push closer to her face.

Looking forward, you’re face to face with the man’s monster cock. He’s kneeling before you, stroking it seductively. You’re torn between sucking him into your mouth and licking the cunt beneath your mouth. He solves your dilemma by pushing the head of his cock into your wet mouth. He’s huge and throbbing, his circumcised cock stretching your mouth wide. You love sucking cock, and you know that it’s going to make you come faster.

His hands are tangled in you hair, and he’s fucking your face in a slow, regular rhythm. The head of his cock slides between your lips, reaching almost to your throat. Just when you feel like you’re going to gag, he withdraws it again. The musky scent of his cock drives you mad.

Beneath you, the woman licking gaziantep eskort your cunt is trying desperately to make you come, knowing that you’re already close. Her lips close around your clit, and the first stroke of her tongue makes you come again. Your hips buck against her face as you moan around the mammoth cock n your throat.

She’s cumming too, pussy lips clenching as you look down at her cunt. There’s a wet patch on the sheets below her pussy where her juices have flowed.

The cock in your mouth withdraws suddenly, and plunges deep to the hilt into the soaked pussy under you. You watch amazed as her cunt stretches to take him, and her tongue is forced deep into you as she screams in heat. You can’t look away, your orgasm coming swiftly as you watch them fuck. You love watching people screw, and you know how good that cock feels from before in the cinema. You reach back and rub your clit as her tongue pumps you, each stroke in time with his powerful thrusting.

You start cumming, and so does she, her tongue forced in you, your screams of passion mixing together into an almost primal cry of ecstasy. The cock in her never stops moving, giving no relief until her sighing breaths begin to slow. As she comes down, he rams his cock in to the hilt and freezes.

Climbing off her, you begin untying her hands, lifting her up and kissing her, tasting your cum in her mouth and on her lips. You remove her blindfold, and the two of you share a look of thanks and lusty promise.

Taking charge, you push the man onto his back, smiling as you take his cock in your mouth. Not to be outdone, she joins you, her lips kissing you around the head of his cock. You take turns licking his shaft and sucking him until, with a cry he begins to cum. You grab his cock, hand pumping as you point it at her tits. His come splashes across her breasts, streams of it washing her neck. As he keeps spraying his thick load, you put your mouth over his cock head, loving the feel of his cum filling your mouth. He’s pumping your mouth with his hips, and her hands reach back, her fingers slick with his cum as they plunge into you. Her sudden attack and his mouthful of come hits you in the biggest orgasm of your life.

His dick softening in your mouth, he pulls away, walking out of the room. You feel her fingers withdraw, and look at her, lying down beside her and rubbing come into her tits. You kiss each other deeply, lovingly, swapping his come between your mouths.

The guy returns, bringing empty glasses and the bottle of wine. Pouring you and his lady a glass, he proceeds to begin alternately licking you both, a gentle and relaxing tongue massage as you recover, already planning what you will do next.

But that’s another story…

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