My buddy and I were spending our second summer break from college at my family’s lake cabin in Montana and just like the summer before, our days were filled with water skiing, smoking weed and finding meaningless work for food and beer money … but our nights were for playing pool in town and chasing willing girls and believe me, the small resort town about 20 minutes away from our cabin was a target rich environment filled with bored women and young girls.

Most of the cabins around ours were owned by people from our home town, which was an hour and a half away from the lake, so some of us had known each other for many years as family friends. One friend, Dennis, who’s family cabin was three places down the bay from mine, invited us to a party at his place when we ran into him in town the day before.

My buddy and I spent the day of the party working in a huge potato field, rock searching. We moved smaller rocks and marked other, larger rocks for removal before harvest. Hard, shitty, hot work but the guy paid us in cash at the end of every day that we worked for him. We dropped into town on the way back to the cabin and my buddy went into the only grocery store in town to buy some food and beer to take back with us as I made a call to a girlfriend that sold me weed.

I was leaning on the bed of my truck when he came out of the store.

“Cindy’s gonna be at least an hour,” I said, “I told her to catch us at The Main.”

“Oh, great idea,” my buddy said.

We were eating a couple of burgers at the counter when I heard a horn blast and looked to see Cindy in her Suburban, in the middle of the street, looking through the glass door of the cafe at us. I waved and she slowly moved off down the street to find a parking spot.

“Right back,” I said to my buddy , “and leave my fries alone.”

Cindy was in the next block as I sauntered up the passenger side window.

“Hi Cutie,” I said with my best smile. Cindy was a fun person. She was one of those girls who I wanted as a friend and not as a fuck buddy and she felt the same with me, although when she had a bit too much to drink, I was the one who had to hold the line on that arrangement … which was hard because she really was a Cutie.

“Hey Pal,” she was always smiling, “got yer weed here. What are you guys doing tonight?”

“Party up on the road, just down from my family’s place.” I say as I passed some cash in front of her friend in the passenger seat who had very large breasts, barely covered by a bikini top and a smile for me as I leaned into the rig.

“Hi.” I smiled, my face was about 6 inches from hers, “I’m James.”

“Hmmm.’ she says flatly. “Hi yourself.” She looks over at Cindy, “You’re right, he is cute.”

She turns back to me, “I’m Cindy too.”

“Perfect,” I say, “I love Cindys.”

“Oooh.” she purrs, “so can we invite our- …”

“I was just about to tell you that you’re all welcome to drop by anytime tonight,” I cut her off, “knowing Dennis, this thing will be going on until breakfast time.”

I grabbed my pot from Cindy 2 that had been handed to her by Cindy 1 and I started to laugh.

“What?” they both said at the same time, looking at me.

“Dr. Seuss.” was all I said.

My Cindy, Cindy 1, immediately burst out laughing. She always caught my sense of humor which is one reason I valued her as a friend and not as a … well, as the other … just another.

“So,” I begin, “you girls up for a campfire and some beer tonight?” and for the first time, I scan the back seat of Cindy’s rig and my attention is immediately riveted to the girl in the middle of the back seat. She is sitting between two very tanned, half naked, well built, two-piece swim suit clad young women that any man would drool over but who at that moment held absolutely no interest for me.

This girl sitting in the middle was cute. She had semi long, kinda curly brown hair, her eyes were even darker brown and she was the only one in the car mostly clothed and not looking at me. Her eyes were cast down on her lap, examining her fingers like she wasn’t the least bit interested in what was going on in the car at that moment.

… and she was White. I mean this girl was Vampire White, like she never went out in the sun. The contrast between her and the two overly tanned bodies on either side of her made her almost glow.

“Um … Hi,” I said, trying to get her attention.

“Hi!” very enthusiastic from the two girls on either side of her, again in unison.

What is it with women always doing things in pairs … or entire herds?

I smiled at each of the bookend girls while the girl in the middle continued to study her fingernails.

“So, Cindy,” I pull by head back out of the rig, “stay on the road, just past my place and you’ll see the cars parked on the road. He does the fire at the top of the property, so you can’t miss it. See you all there then?”

“We’ll be there,” Cindy 1 says, “don’t smoke all that before I find you.”

“See ‘ya!” Cindy 2 gives me a smile and an ‘I’m gonna fuck you’ look.

“Holy shit,” as Eryaman Escort I sit back down to finish my burger and notice all my fries are gone, “Cindy’s bringing a whole car full of tail to Dennis’s place tonight.”

“I like Cindy.” my buddy says, lasciviously.

“Yeah, well Cindy’s not like my fries, fucker,” I catch his guilty look, “she’s my friend and I’m not sharing her, so find another girl to play with.”

“But you don’t even fuck her, “he says, “what’s the big-“

“Just think of her as my little sister,” I reply, waving the waitress over, “and you know what I’d do to you if you went after my little sister, right?”

“Yes?” asks the lady, “something else?”

“Yeah,” I smile at her, ” all my fries disappeared. Can I have another order … and he’s buyin.”

“Hey.” my buddy squeals as she turns, yells “fries-one up”, to the cook and slips the ticket under my friend’s plate.

We went to shoot some pool after our meal and stayed until it was mostly dark. As we pulled up to the road to drive down into my cabin, I was amazed to see that there were cars parked all the way to our property already and some asshole had parked right in front of our road, blocking it.

I pulled my truck to the opposite side of the dirt road, parked it and we proceeded to Dennis’s place on foot.

There must have been 50 people at his place already, all in a big parking area above his family’s cabin and to the sides of the area were four different campfires going. I found Dennis at one of them with an enormous barrel shaped container of beer in his hand as he animatedly told some bullshit story about one thing or other to a group of people around the fire.

Now Dennis was an old High school buddy of mine, kind of a protector of sorts because of an asshole that had it in for me over a girl who liked me and not him, so he was always trying to pick a fight with me. I can hold my own in a scuffle, at least enough to disable someone and then run away, which seems perfectly prudent to me … but this one kid would just not leave me alone so Dennis took it upon himself to just pester the shit out of this kid, telling him to leave me alone and egging him into fighting with Dennis.

The only trouble with this scenario was that Dennis was probably the gentlest person you would ever meet in your life and I don’t know that he’d ever been in a fight in his entire life because, by his Senior Year in High School, Dennis was 6′ 4″ and 240 pounds of pure muscle. This guy was truly a Gentle Giant and he was even bigger these couple of years later.

I told Dennis about the parking situation and since being a good neighbor was always a big deal at the lake, even to the point of having the courtesy to go to the neighbors when we were having one of our blow out parties and, first inviting them and second, reassuring them that we would try to remain under control but if things got out of hand, to please just come over and tell us to knock it off. Some of them would actually come over and have a beer or two earlier in the evening and I know they all put up with more than they should have but I guess they figured we were just blowing off steam and having fun so they gave us a pass.

… but blocking driveways was unacceptable, so Dennis’s large booming voice was all it took for about a dozen people to scramble to see if their cars were the ones blocking anyone’s driveway.

My friend and I walked back to my truck only to see the offending car was still blocking my driveway but people were still checking their cars so we just grabbed our groceries and beer and hiked down to the cabin for a shower.

We traversed the shoreline easily in the moonlight back to Dennis’s place and being a weekday, very few people were at the lake so the cabins between our places were all dark which was good because it was getting kinda noisy at Dennis’s place. We hiked up the hill, dropped our beer in one of the open ice coolers and started to mingle.

I wandered from one campfire to the next chatting with people I knew, being introduced to people I didn’t know and was just enjoying the hell out of the evening; the cool air of the summer night, the bright moon in the sky with a just few of the brightest stars still visible and the crackle of fires mixed with the laughter of the party when an arm slipped around mine and I was enveloped in the very soft scent of Cindy; my Cindy … Cindy 1.

“Hi Pal.” she was giddy and a little bit tipsy already.

I pulled her into me and she wrapped her arm around my waist, gave out a big sigh and rested her head on my chest.

“I think I love you,” she said plainly, “you know that, right?”

“Of course, I know that,” I try to sound reassuring, “same here, ya know.”

“So, then why …” she starts, “never mind.

She pulls away from me and I see her wipe her face.

“Hey,” I reach out to touch her, “you okay?”

She grabs my hand and pulls it to her chest, right over her breasts but there is nothing sexual about it.

“She’s Sincan Escort right over there,” she sniffles, pointing behind me to the one campfire I had not yet made it to, “I know you want her … I saw that in my car this afternoon”

“Cindy … ” I try.

“No, James … it’s good,” she says, “I like us this way. As long as you know how I feel.”

“I do Cin,” I say, pulling her chin up to look into her eyes, “this is the way we should love each other.”

“You’re right,” she sighs, then sounding brave, “give me your dope and go away.”

I laugh, hand her my bag and my pipe and she spins around and walks off, probably to drive some guy nuts with all that sexuality that just sort of oozes out of her. Lucky guy, if he can tame the little shit.

Well, good luck with that one.

I look over at the last campfire and sure enough, the girl is sitting there, her body facing squarely at me but her head is turned to the side as she is listening to a girl sitting next to her on a big log with several other people sitting in a line with them and four or five others standing around the fire.

Her face shimmers behind the heat of the rising fire making her Whiteness dance in the contrast to the surrounding darkness of the forest behind her. I stare at her for several minutes and I do not see any of the shyness or any hint of the quiet girl in the car earlier this afternoon. She is very engaged but it seems she is only listening and not talking. I casually made my way to the fire and stood opposite her. A friend was next to where I landed and we exchanged back slaps and ‘how are ya’s’ and he leans back to give me a view of and introduce me to, the woman standing next to him and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Cindy 2.

“Oh, Hi Cutie.” she said, a bit slurry but with a huge smile of lust on her face.

“Perfect,” my friend said, looking at her grinning face and then turning back to me, kinda pissed, as he thought he whispered, “How come all the girls want to fuck you and you don’t even have to try? What the fuck is that all about?”

Well, he hadn’t whispered and almost everyone who was paying attention heard him.

Cindy 2 reached her hand across his body and gently turned his face to hers.

“Sorry, did you just say you wanted to fuck James?” she was definitely drunk but I’m certain she was just playing with him and setting him up.

“WHAT?” he stammered. “What are you talking about?”

“Well,” she started, “you were staring at Cutie there and you said something about fucking somebody.”

“Well …’ he started, dumbfounded and I swear it sounded more like ‘wool’ that ‘well’ as several people who heard the exchange started laughing there asses off.

“Hmmm.” Cindy 2 said. “Here I was kinda thinking that maybe you wanted to fuck me tonight.”

Dumb and open mouthed, he just stared at her which resulted in even more laughter from the people following this exchange and curiosity from those who were just now tuning in … confused but suddenly interested.

‘C’mon,” Cindy 2 said to him, pulling him by the arm, “let’s go get another beer.”

I turn back to the fire, chuckling to myself and relieved that Cindy 2 had her hands full with someone else tonight when the smile just dropped off my face as I was suddenly staring straight into the most intense set of eyes that I had ever encountered. She wasn’t smiling. She was just looking at me. Her White face and dark brown eyes were so calm, like she was a woman who never got nervous. I had mistaken her demeanor in the car as shy or withdrawn but this woman was anything but.

I looked at her and suddenly felt the same calm that I was guessing she felt inside of her. Was she making me feel this way? I had just a quick flash of spooky-ness because, well, I think because the color of this woman’s skin was so unusual. It made her stand out from everything else around her … like one of those tunnel vision camera moves in a Hitchcock film. We simply stared at each other for many minutes until the girl that she had been talking to interrupted our connection by touching her arm and telling her that she was going to find a bathroom and did she want to go with her?

The girl just shook her head no, returned her gaze to my face and we continued staring at each other.

I wanted to smile at her but knew I shouldn’t.

I wanted to say something to her but I didn’t.

I wanted to make love to her and I knew that I would.

After many more minutes, I broke our gaze and walked around the fire to the spot that the girl who had to pee had occupied and sat right next to the girl. She did not look at me. She did not acknowledge my presence in any way. We sat together, staring, mesmerized into the fire; just watching it flicker but I knew that we were feeling each other and it was a very intense emotion. We sat side by side as minutes ticked by before I scooted my body over and closed the eight-inch gap between us and our hips and shoulders were now touching. Again, no reaction. Her head did not move Etlik Escort but she did lean into me quickly, like a little bump. That was it.

I was leaning over towards the fire with my forearms on my knees. Time just hovered lazily between us. When I sat up to back away from the heat my hands came to rest on top of my knees and in a movement as smooth as liquid her hand covered mine and she just rested it there on me. Again, many minutes passed and electricity was coursing inside of me but I felt so calm. Was she feeling this too? She must feel this. I wondered again if she was causing this to happen. What a funny thought.

I wrapped my free hand around her fingers, pulled them a little to the inside so that I could tuck them under mine and we were now holding each other’s hands. My crotch was getting very uncomfortable from my growing arousal but I knew that I did not want to hurry anything with this woman. I realized that not only was I going to make love to her but that we had already been making love to each other for the past half an hour since our eyes first found each other.

Someone approached and threw a new piece of firewood onto the lowering flames and the sparks and smoke were pushed our way, breaking our trance and she pulled her hand from mine, turned her head away from the smoke and covered her mouth to cough. I pulled back to get away from the smoke as well.

“Nice job, Dork,” said someone else on our log who also scattered from the intrusion.

“Sorry.” as he trotted off.

We both stood and walked down the front of the log and found ourselves standing toe to toe with each other. She was about six or seven inches shorter than me and when she looked up into my face, I expected a smile or … I don’t know, something but she just looked at me with those deep, brown, calm eyes of hers and said nothing. I must have fidgeted because she took hold of my forearms and pulled herself a little closer to my body and I opened my mouth speak when her hand came up and three of her fingers covered my lips to silence me. An almost imperceptible nod of her head told me all I needed to know not to speak.

I stared down at her and watched her face move for the first time. Her eyes scanned mine back and forth from one to the other and down to my mouth and back. She was reading my face, reading inside of me, I could tell. I felt her penetrating me for honesty and gentleness and whatever else it was she was needing from me just to make sure it was there. She was finding things inside of me that women never figure out about a man until way into a relationship … probably when it’s too late into it.

She releases her grip, both physical and mental on me, stepped to the side of me and held her hand, palm up at about her waist and waited for me to take it. I wrapped my hand in hers and felt the gentle softness of her grip as a surrender of herself as she let me lead her into the dark. We walked down the road as the party noise faded behind us and when we reached Cindy’s Suburban, the girl moved to the back and opened one of the doors and removed a big fat sleeping bag from it and threw it at me. I think she might have laughed but if she did it was very quiet and I couldn’t see her face in the darkness of the tree covered road. She reached out for my hand and this time she led me, straight into the forest away from the road.

We tramped around, scratching ourselves in the dark through the brush under the trees until we came to a clearing where the full summer moon lit the whole place like an arena surrounded by the blackness of the forest around it and we could find our way with less danger to our flesh. She walked smack dab to the middle of the clearing, grabbed the sleeping bag from me and started to loosen it out and unzip it and when she finished, it was the size of a queen bed. She fluffed it out, kicked off her shoes and stomped around on it, making sure we wouldn’t get a huge rock or a stick in one of our backs while we were rolling around on this thing. Not only was she mysterious and eerily calm, she was also very in charge and obviously efficient. I really like this woman.

She drops to her knees in the middle of our nest and motions me to come to her. I move to her and stand in front of her and the obvious thought that was in my mind finally produced a small smile on her face but just as quick, I got the barely noticeable head nod that screamed, ‘not yet … not for quite a while in fact’. She grabbed both of my hands and motioned for me to match her kneeling position. As we knelt face to face I had to calm myself to keep from wanting to take this woman. I’m sure she would have put a stop to any rushing of our pleasure anyway but she was so very tempting and I was aching to know her passion, to feel her body, to hear her private noises.

I wrapped my hand in her thick hair behind her neck and slowly moved my mouth to hers. Her eyes remained open and fixed on mine just as mine were on hers and I felt more than saw, her mouth open slightly and I heard a wetness from her tongue as it moved over her lips in anticipation of our first kiss. I brushed my mouth, barely open, against hers and invited her to show me how she wanted to be kissed. Gentle sweeps of our lips touching each other’s mouths and the tips of our tongues eager but teasing with each other until we are in a full blown, passionate kiss that sends shivers down our bodies.

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