White Wife Impregnated by Mature Iraqi Men


It’s difficult for many people to learn foreign languages, but I was lucky to have an aptitude for it. I could fluently speak, read and write Spanish by the end of middle school and I became fluent in French and German in high school. It was clear to me at the beginning of my senior year in high school that I wanted to attend a college that specialized in the language arts. I still didn’t know which languages I wanted to learn, but I was considering Mandarin and Russian. All changed for me when our country was attacked by terrorists at the beginning of that school year.Several days following those attacks in September 2001, it became apparent to me that our country would need Arabic language teachers and interpreters to help our military conduct a lengthy war on the radicals who caused such destruction in our nation. The Arabic language wasn’t taught in our school, so I started studying the language on my own and made plans to attend a college program that would immerse me in the Arabic culture and teach me classic Arabic and many of the major dialects. Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to master and I hoped that my keen talent for languages would make it easier for me to learn it.I was able to attend the college of my choice which provided me with a superior learning experience and I mastered both the languages and an in-depth understanding of the cultures of the Middle East. Most of my professors were naturalized, foreign national men from various countries in the Middle East, and they did little to dispel the myths of Arab men.Many people in Western countries consider Arab men to be backward and ruled by lust and sexuality, because of their cultural norms regarding women as unapproachable unless they are married to them. That was supposed to cause a lot of pent up sexual tension which makes those men more aggressive with women when they perceive an opportunity.Just as Arab men are stereotyped and pigeonholed in the West, Western women are also subject to myth in the Arab world. Many Arab men consider American women, in particular, to be Aphrodite-like, loose, obsessed with sex, promiscuous and easy to fuck. Some of those men also think that American men are weak and emasculated, and that American women prefer strong, virile and well-hung Arab men to have sex with. That perception is enhanced by many stories that describe Western women going to Middle Eastern countries for sexual tourism.My name is Cathleen, and those myths about Arab men seemed real to me, as I’ll explain. I don’t mean to brag, but my Anglo-Saxon heritage provided me with naturally-blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as lovely alabaster skin. Many of my Arab teachers were attracted to my fair complexion, but they also lusted after my body. I’m five feet and five inches tall and weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds, and had firm and full D-cup breasts and a nicely shaped, tight ass.My teachers were always making thinly-veiled, sexual comments to me, and it was apparent that they thought that I’d be an easy lay. I thought that some of my teachers are ruggedly handsome, but I was never tempted to have sex with them since I was dating someone all through college. I know that I didn’t help matters since I usually dressed in tight and low-cut blouses or t-shirts with no bra that revealed my ample curves.The professors’ advances really didn’t offend me, since I knew that most men lose control around pretty and well-built women. I could still remember how the boys I knew as friends in high school reacted to me when my body developed at the start of my senior year. They started treating me differently, and I sensed that they were always staring at me. It’s hard to suppress those biological attractions Escort Karşıyaka that are part of our human nature.I graduated with honors and was at the top of my class in college and was heavily recruited by the US Army to become a civilian instructor teaching Arabic at their foreign language center in Baltimore, Maryland. I started as an instructor, but after three years teaching there I had advanced to be an assistant professor. My superiors were impressed with my command of the Arabic language and many of the differing dialects, and they also appreciated my in-depth knowledge of the culture.Soon after becoming an assistant professor, I was drafted by the State Department to go on a special assignment to Baghdad, Iraq, to provide refresher Arabic training to the embassy and senior military personnel there. The military was preparing for the withdrawal of American troops by the end of 2011, and there were numerous new military personnel and private contractors coming in to help with the withdrawal, all of whom needed training.I lived in the Green Zone and felt safe there, but I also ventured out into the surrounding community to go to the markets. But unlike my experience in college where I dressed provocatively, I knew that I would need to be totally covered with loose clothing and cover my blonde hair. I still attracted a lot of attention since they still saw my pretty face and fair skin, and many of the Iraqi men flirted with me.On some occasions in the dark shops Iraqi men exposed their brown cocks to me. Their cocks were long and thick, and I had to wonder if all Iraqi men had cocks that big. It was frankly tempting to fuck those men, but I knew better than to get involved with them in such a dangerous setting, and I ignored them and walked away.During my time in Baghdad I met the man who would become my husband. His name is Brad, and he was working for one of the big private security contractors over there. His group provided escorts for embassy personnel, and he and most of his coworkers had previously been in the military. We dated for over six months and decided to get married when we returned to the United States in 2011, when we were both twenty-eight years old. His firm offered him a new assignment with an affiliated security company in the San Diego area. My five-year contract with the military was ending, so I started my search for employment there.I learned that San Diego is one of several areas in the country, including Chicago and Detroit, where there are large populations of Iraqi immigrants. There are several commercial schools there which teach English to the Iraqis, and they were looking for American teachers who also have a command of the Arabic language. That would make it easier to explain beginning concepts in their native language. I got an immediate response to my application at one of the schools, and they really liked my background in college, teaching at the military language school, and then my experience with the Iraqi culture during my time in Baghdad.We moved into a nice home in the San Diego suburbs and just barely had enough savings between us to make the down payment. That is a very expensive market, and we would need both of our salaries to make ends meet. Brad never told me what his work entailed, and he was always very secretive about it. He did travel a lot, and I knew that he went to Mexico sometimes because I would find Mexican currency in his dresser drawer. I was doing well at the school and was considered one of the best teachers there.After my first six months teaching, they assigned me to handle the older Iraqi students. The younger students learned English much more easily than bornova escort the older ones, and they felt that I would be better able to teach them. Most of my students were men, with only a few women who were overcoming the restrictive conditions from their culture in Iraq.I was well aware of the myths about American women being promiscuous, but that didn’t stop me from dressing the way I wanted to. I usually wore a short skirt and tight, low-cut blouse with no bra, and I knew that my big breasts were tantalizing to the students. I actually enjoyed the way those men undressed me with their eyes, and I occasionally saw them rubbing their cocks when they thought I wasn’t looking.There were two brothers in my class named Malik and Rahim, and they looked to be in their mid-to-late forties. Both men are married and entrepreneurs. Malik owns a jewelry store that specializes in Middle Eastern gold and silver items, while Rahim is a used car dealer. I guessed that those men are both about five feet and eleven inches tall and weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds. Their skin tone is medium-olive and they both are ruggedly handsome with black hair and what looked like a perpetual three day grown of facial hair. Those guys were always staring at my face, tits and ass, and they seemed to be the most aggressive of the Iraqi men.My students were all older than me and I was on a first-name basis with them. One day after class Malik stopped at my desk to talk to me saying (note that I will translate all of their comments into English, even though they spoke broken English and some of their words were Arabic), “Cathleen, my brother, Rahim, and I are learning a lot in your class, and we really appreciate your efforts. But our problem is that we don’t get enough opportunities to practice our English in various settings, and we were wondering if you would be available to give us some private tutoring. We have money and will pay whatever you ask. I was thinking that maybe we could meet after work, and we could go to various places like the mall and you could help us with some of our conversational English.”I was obviously suspicious of them, but at the same time, Brad and I were barely making it financially, and I knew that the extra money would help. So, I let Malik know that I would talk to my husband about it and let them know at our next class. Brad happened to be in town that week.When I got home I said, “Brad, one of my students in the adult class has asked me if I would like to tutor his brother and him in the evenings. We sure can use the extra money, but I thought we needed to discuss it. You know how sexed up and assertive some of the Iraqi men can be, even if they’re married, and those two guys are always undressing me with their eyes. What do you think?”Brad thought about my comments for a few moments and then replied, “I know from our time in Baghdad how it can be, but I don’t think they would try to force you to do anything against your will. And if they did try something, you could quickly end it by refusing.”I was a little surprised that Brad was so casual about the situation, but I guess he felt comfortable with our sex lives. I had become accustomed to fucking almost every night when he’s in town, and his cock is an average five inches long and usually satisfying to me. We sometimes even fantasized that a man with a bigger cock was fucking me, but neither of us ever talked about taking that further. But I couldn’t help but think back to the Iraqi men who flashed me in Baghdad, and how big their cocks are.It was important to me that everything to be on the table, so I said, “Well, I don’t think they would try to force me to do anything, üçyol escort bayan but what if they catch me at a vulnerable time. I told you before about how big those cocks were in Iraq, and those men might be big too. What if they approach me during a time when you’ve been out of town for a week and I’m really horny? I know we’ve fantasized about it, but how would you feel if they fucked me?”Brad laughed and said, “I think you’re being a little dramatic, honey. I don’t think you’d let anything happen. But even if it did, I would still love you and I’m sure that we could overcome it.”His attitude was astonishing, but at least I had some comfort that if I did get into a situation where those men fucked me, my marriage would still be intact. But even though we had fantasized about other men fucking me, I had no idea what was really on his mind.Malik was excited when the next week I told him that I would tutor him and Rahim, and he didn’t even hesitate when I told him that my fee was fifty dollars per hour. He was anxious to get started, so we went to the mall that night. Brad had gone out of town again and I wouldn’t be taking time away from us. I helped them talk with the clerks in several stores, and it was an interesting experience.In their culture people are accustomed to negotiating for everything, and it was hard for them to accept that prices in American stores are usually fixed. But with my help, they were able to negotiate better prices in even some of the major department stores, and that was a valuable lesson for me. It never hurts to ask for better prices. They were perfect gentlemen that night, but I still caught them staring at me from time to time.The next night we went out again, but that time they took me to a bar. We sat in a booth in a dark corner of the bar, with me in the middle between them, and I helped them place the orders for our drinks from the waitress. We were on our third drink and talking about English language issues when Malik changed the subject saying, “Cathleen, we know that you’re knowledgeable about our Iraqi culture, which makes me wonder how your husband allows you to spend time alone with Rahim and me like this. You’re a very beautiful woman, and if I were him I would not let you out of my sight.”I sensed that he was making a move on me, but since I was mellowed out from the drinks and a little horny with Brad out of town, I decided to lead them on a little and have some fun. So, I replied, “Thank you, Malik for the nice compliment. But why would my husband, Brad, be worried? You’re both mature, married men, and I’m sure that your wives take care of your needs.”Rahim answered saying, “Ah yes, we do have wives, but they are not so young and pretty as you. And they have long ago lost interest in taking care of our needs. Surely you must know the reputation of Iraqi men being, shall we say, well-equipped and desirous of white women.”Our conversation was spiraling quickly out of control, but I wanted to appear to be less knowledgeable about their reputation and encouraged them saying, “Yes, I am somewhat aware of the myths of Arab men that some Americans believe, and I experienced some of it first-hand in Baghdad. Several shopkeepers could tell that I was an American woman and took it upon themselves to show me their uh, equipment. What made them do that? Did they think I was a whore or something?”They both laughed, and Malik said, “To be honest, many Iraqi men think that American women are immoral, and that they are attracted to dark and mysterious Arab men. And of course, Arab men think themselves to be better lovers and better endowed than American men. What did you think when those shopkeepers exposed themselves to you?”I knew that was the time to shut down the suggestive conversation, but I was intrigued and wondered how far they would go. So, I said, “Well, I have to admit that those men are very well-endowed, but I can’t believe that all Iraqi men are built that way. I find myself wondering how you guys measure up.”

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