When Thoughts Meld


Note: As this story is near-telepathic, paragraphing it is neigh-impossible. As such, we have resolved to edit it into paragraphs of each action and thought, to make the exchange clearer. This means it looks “choppy”, but the alternative is impossible to follow.


She walked into the copier room, holding a stack of papers, wearing some fairly conservative office clothing; a knee-high black skirt and white blouse, stretched over my broad shoulders, dark hair tied back in a ponytail that fell down my strong back. Her toned tanned calf muscles tensed as she walked in her black high heels – but since it is the only part of her body that is really visible, the men in the office have taken to sneering amongst themselves that it must be the only part of her that is any good. He was working the copier, standing at his full muscular height, pushing papers into the tray, not paying attention to the outside world, his jacket hung on the doorframe, dressed now in dark pants and white shirt, hair back. The heat off the copier filled the room.

She came up to stand behind him, rolling her eyes slightly. “This jerk thinks he owns this building” she thought. She paused for a few moments, and then cleared her throat. “Excuse me… I booked the copier for now!” He turned my head, sneered at her “So? This isn’t done yet. You will simply have to wait… Becky…” knowing that she preferred her real name be used, and not the girlish one… He kept working the copier, feeding the tray like he was in the gym tacking weights. The machine was churning out papers, grinding.

Her patience with him snapped, and she leaned across, hitting the pause button on the copier, bringing the machine to a halt. “My name is Rebecca, and its my TURN, you moron!” She drew myself up to her full impressive height, dark eyes flashing. “This is the guy who is always making comments about how I must be fat to wear the clothes I do… I’ll show him!” she thought, eyes blazing. He turned, very slowly, his massive bulk seeming to fill the room. “Now listen here… Becky-girl… just simmer down… just wait your turn until the big boys are done with the toy. Its not like you have much of an option, but please, try to lose gracefully.”

She raised an eyebrow, his arrogant manner making up her mind for her as she took a step back. She slowly extended her right leg, toned calf muscle defining, drawing his cold gaze, her stretching leg causing the hem of the skirt to start slipping up her toned, gorgeous thigh. “Oh, I think I can make you eat out of my hand, honey…” He smiled, licked his lips looking at that strong leg. “Oh is that so… Becky? What do you have in mind?” He leaned back on the copier, the stand creaking ominously as his massive bulk is added to its weight. He flexed his chest in his white shirt.

“Oh, I’ll just let you take a good look at the hottest bod you’ve ever seen… I’m sure after that you’ll be doing whatever I say, my dear…” She smirked, reached up slowly to unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse, revealing the top of her firm, tanned cleavage. “And if, or rather when, you fail, then what? What happens when you have shown all you have and I am still as unimpressed by you?” he taunted, smirking, looking at her, letting his eyes linger on that cleavage…

“Oh, that won’t happen, dear…” she smiled, sitting back against a shelf, resting her posterior there as she slowly crossed her long, toned legs – muscles tensing under tanned skin as the hem of the skirt rode further up her hard, taut thighs. “Won’t this be fun. I get you to strip, and when you are done I can just walk out and tell everyone what a pudgy girl you really are, Becky.” He kept smirking as he watched her, seeing how he was getting to her just as the vision of those lovely legs were getting to him.

“Oh, you won’t be walking out until I tell you to, little boy…” she replied confidently, smiling as she saw his eyes drawn to her gorgeous legs. “He won’t have been with a woman with better pins… he’s in trouble already…” she thought, rolling her right ankle around, causing her calf muscle to flex and tense with the small motion, drawing his gaze further. He leaned back, the vision of those legs tantalising, as he took a deep breath, thinking of women who have moaned out under him before, defeated in rapture, with legs so lovely, toned and tanned, quivering as he made them cum over and over. If he could take them out, then he would her too, even though those legs are lovely. “We’ll find out, won’t we Becky…”

The link between them was almost telepathic, as she saw the same visions of the women he had defeated, her dark eyes narrowing as she TENSED her long, toned legs, feeling them flex into hard, taut definition, making even the hottest pins of the women he had defeated seem skinny, stick-like. The images faded from his mind as his gaze remained locked on HER legs. “Nice try, hon” she smirked. He conjured the image of the aeoribics-coach he downed last week to his mind, her long legs were outstanding, and he crossed them over, placing her ankles on the opposite shoulder as he towered over her, Kolej Escort gripping her quivering flexing thighs as he drove into her over and over, making her scream out her her premium line of defence crumbled, and after half an hour of slamming thrusts her legs were weakened, shaking, covered in sweat, unable to hold her up or even push them together. The image before him, those tensed powerful legs, seemed to face somewhat as the warfare was joined.

“Uuhhh…” she gasped out almost imperceptibly, reaching behind her, she untied the hairband holding her ponytail together, shaking her dark hair out wildly, feeling it fall around her toned shoulders, framing her beautiful features. She licked her lips, dark eyes flashing. “I’m more woman than you can handle, stud” she said, but there was a hint of doubt in there now, the image invading her mind. He watched her lose that focus for an instant, pressing the image of her legs aside as he in turn focused on the task at hand. He smiled as he saw her long raven hair shake free, smiling as she now had to step this up, not as easy as she might have thought. “Oh really? And what makes you think that? Just because I have not fucked you into oblivion does not make impossible, darlin.'”

“You’ll be begging to touch me by the end, honey!” she retorted, running her hands down her blouse, slowly unbuttoning one button, then another, the blouse parting to reveal her firm breasts in their black bra and her absolutely outstanding abs. They were taut, defined under her tanned skin, iron-hard, the very opposite of the pudgy girl the office was taking her for, just red-hot, drawing his gaze with their sheer perfection. He almost grunted out as he saw her abs, so perfectly sculpted, hardened, and yet feminine, ready to be touched. He placed his hands behind his broad back not to do something stupid as he sneered back “You will be begging me to touch you… over and over, deeper and deeper.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that!” She noticed his reaction, leaned back against the wall, angled her hips upwards a little, abs crunching while she pushed her right leg out against the black skirt, slowly ripping the fabric down a side seam, unveiling the side of her leg from her high-heeled foot all the way up to the top of her tanned, hard outer thigh. The professional clothes were clearly overmatched, giving up against her ironhard woman’s body. “You do look nice Becky, I am not contesting that. But I have had better.” He smiled as he attempted to push the image of the clothes tearing off with the memory of that one girl that dressed up as Supergirl. She was such a freak, and finally tied him down and tore her own outfit off just so she could get to him faster, hissing and spitting profanities all the way.

He managed to distract himself for a moment, but his gaze kept flitting back to her taut, tanned abs, comparing to a more waif-like Supergirl doesn’t seem to cut it as his mind fought to resist. Her right hand sliding slowly down her belly muscles and onto the waistband of the skirt. Her fingers unclasped it and let it fall to the floor revealing her long legs in all their glory, modesty covered by black panties, her white blouse still hanging over her shoulders.

He was watching intently, seeing her hand trail across her sculpted abs, seeing the muscles ripple under the tanned skin, those wonderful legs now in full view, tensed and flexing. He smiled, allowing himself a moment to revel in the fact that she had just stripped herself nearly bare just to prove herself to him, the true alpha-male accepting the offering of flesh as he took her in. With a smile she stood up, shrugging her broad shoulders, the white blouse slipping away from her body and onto the floor as well, revealing her taut, powerful arm muscles and broad shoulders. It was truly a glorious body revealed, covered only by her matching black bra and panties, knowing what he was thinking, but also confident that her sexual powers would crush his arrogant will, her matriarchial strength bending his alpha male desires to her purposes.

He was still taking her in, and quickly felt the effect of her body on his, and conjured the image of the twin dancers that stripped for him at the last stagparty, how they ground their bodies together, exposing more and more of themselves in order to get him to tip them. It took them hours to finally realise that he was indeed playing them, wearing them out, and they crawled out of the VIP exhausted, shining with sweat, filled not with tips… With a mental effort, eyes narrowing, she changed the image and he suddenly saw the dancers crawling to her, caressing her long, strong legs as they kneeled, her fists on her strong hips in a ‘power pose’, toned body tensed, throbbing with sexual power and her body in the real world assuming the same pose, showing her dominance over those twins and over any man who dared to defy her!

He smiled still as he felt the image changing, and pressed back, one of the twins pressing her lips to Becky’s panties-covered crotch, drawing a long low moan from the amazon, Rus Escort making her shudder as the other giggled like a school-girl, so easily defeating a mountain of muscle with a simple humming kiss on those hidden lips. They must indeed be her weakness, those or her nipples, why else keep them covered he mused to himself? She smiled as she felt him trying to get her to disrobe further, taking a step forward, she speak huskily. “All in good time, boy…” She ran her hands up her body, tracing her fingers over her strong muscles and pert, bra-covered breasts, ending up resting them on top of her head as she started to undulate her luscious, defined abs, moving her body sinuously capturing his attention, womanly hips, abs and buttocks all working in unison to hypnotic effect.

He was smiling evilly now as he watched her virtually dance before him, not content with flexing anymore, but growing more desperate as he was proving not as simple a match as she might first have imagined. He gently replaced her in his mind with the Korean kickoxer he took apart a few weeeks ago, her strong flesh, knotted and hardened from years of fighting, still reduced to orgasmic putty in his hand, after he wore down every part of her defences, crashing her into climax over and over, just to listen to her scream. She sneered as she saw the image of the Korean kickboxer beginning to form in his mind, but even as he summoned up the vision, he realised it can’t compete with the gorgeous specimen of womanhood in front of him, his eyes drawn inexorably to her taut, rippling abs as she bellydanced. Her midriff muscles were undulating as she demonstrated, suggestively, just how powerful her amazonian body is. She was quietly impressed that he was still on his feet, but confident that he must succumb to her powerful charms.

He was focusing, trying to maintain control here as he pulled the memory of the kickboxer’s initial attack to his mind, the way her body screwed itself down on him, and she let go of that earsplitting shriek as long years of training paid off, and her pussy turned from a slick opening to a undulating spasming vice, her magnificent inner muscles far outmatching whatever exterior prowess Becky are showing. The battle between the memory of the kickboxer’s strength and the vision Becky was conjuring raged. “Uuuhhh…” Becky moaned as she rocked back on her heels for a moment, breasts heaving up against her black bra, but she compensated by bringing her arms down from atop her head, down to shoulder height as she FLEXED into a double biceps pose, taut arm muscles coiling and knitting into balls of iron power, pushing up and peaking against her tanned skin, long legs astride, the sexual aura almost visibly pulsating out, filling the room, making his head swim.

He grunted as he pushed the image up, competing with her as Chy, the kickboxer, struck the exact same pose, sitting astride his hips, milking his massive cock, gurgling and panting with effort as her innards knotted and tightened, released and spasmed around him, convinced, like Becky, to be victorious, and then, slowly, slowly, the gaze in her eyes changed… Becky smirked, confident that she would not meet the same fate, locking in her pose for a few moments and then tossing her long, dark hair behind her strong right shoulder, unleashing another assault on his senses as she arched her back, thrusting her shoulder blades back, FLEXING her tight pectorals, feeling her firm tits pushing outwards against the bra, straining the fabric and with a tortured noise the catch between her shoulderblades SNAPPED apart, her bra snapping off, revealing her pert, firm tits, nipples iron-hard!

He was shocked and surprised she could spring out of her bra like that, the image of Chy the kickboxer swept away for an instant, as he leaned back, almost physically pushed back by Becky’s presence as he watched Chy’s breasts heave as she doubled her efforts on his cock, before and above him, flexing hard and trying, really tryyying to bring him off, and then, her face changed, and the shriek of concentrated power turned into a long loud groan as she collapsed on top of me, her cunt spasming HARD as she came wildly, losing all control, just like the girl before him will. The hands of the twin dancers now massaged her tits, they are snaking around her like grapevines, teasing and pushing her focus aside. Her powerful will was not so easily overborne, as she took a step forward, long legs tensing, tits thrust outwards, filling his field of vision as she purred. “Worship these hon, you know you want to.”

“You are offering me a freebie… normally girls only give it up after a dinner and a movie, but if you offer it for free…” he teased as he leaned forward, as if to kiss them, but then bringing his hand up, grazing the nipples with the back of the hand in a long swiping motion, seeing her almost stumble back as Chy did when she had stopped cumming, her body almost flopped over like a ragdoll, a marionette with strings cut! She shuddered, her body racking momentarily from the sensation in her nipples Yenimahalle Escort before she got hold of herself and slowly ran a hand down her tauts abs again, thumb hooking into her panties and dragged them down for a moment, revealing the top of her dark, dense bush, before she swivelled around, facing away from him, giving him a good look at her broad back and her tight, rounded glutes. Her left hand slapped down on them – showcasing their perfect hardness, not a jiggle from the impact as she gave a little sexy moan, her body sheened in sweat now from the heat of the copier room, and the effort she was making to bring him under her sway, knowing that his manhood must be throbbing as a result of her efforts.

He reached out and slapped down on her ass as well, one finger hooking the line of her panties as he palmed her firm glutes, pressing them with his fingers, making an imprint in the toned tanned flesh. “Can’t keep your hands off of me?” she purred, pushing her butt back against his hands and FLEXING her glutes., creating quite an impression on him as her muscles hardened and tensed into living warm steel in his grip.

“You are begging me to. I am not going to be anything but a gentleman , am I?” he smirked as she hardened under his hand, and he pressed harder, his other hand sliding her panties off, down her tensed hard legs, onto the floor, leaving her naked before him, his cock throbbing in his pants as he palmed that fantastic ass, the other hand sliding up her hard inner thigh, threatening with the ultimate distraction. “Uuhhh…” she gasped as he slid her panties down her legs, revealing a dark, untamed bush, her back arching slightly as his hand ran up her inner thigh, nipples hardening still further into iron bullets as she lean backwards against him. “Uuhh… take this…” she moaned out, abs crunching as she angled her taut glutes against the top of his throbbing manhood, brushing back and forth against his trousers.

He grunted out as she pressed down onto him, but at the same time pressed his hand in further, between her hard hot thighs, palm pressed up against her bush and lips as she pressed down, sandwiched between her glutes and his hard crotch. He gently palmed her lips, feeling them slick as he slid his other hand to her hips, and for a moment held her down, sitting on his lap, getting palmed, like it as the most natural thing in the world. Then his hand slid off. “Mmmm…” her abs tensed into a defined sixpack again, flexing and rippling as her womanhood pushed against his hand for a few moments, and then tensed in a different position as she used her core muscles to GRIND her taut behind against his steel-hard manhood, concealed by his trousers. Her back arched slightly further, tits pushing out, her amazonian body obscuring his vision, defining his world.

He was loving having her this close, but not about to give in to her suggestive rubbing against the hardness through his pants, a lot more is required to make him come off, and he slowly, almost casually, extended a finger, and she found herself grinding down on it, now pressing into her, quickly coated in her juices, her muscles reacting to it, the mere presence making her drip further as his other hand slid around her tensed abs, then up, now resting between her breasts, feeling her shoulders roll, like she wanted the hand to either side, not so infuriatingly far from those iron-hard nipples. He kissed her strong back, her glutes rubbing on his hardness lessened as he pulled her down. Now she could only move back and forth, not up and down. “Uuuhhhh…uuhhhhhhh…” she moaned out, her back arching further as she felt his strong muscles constraining her mighty physique, sweat glistening on her tanned skin. Tight, powerful muscles of her womanhood tensed along with her lower abs and inner thighs, almost BREAKING his finger as she moaned out. “Mmmm…it won’t be that easy…” She ran her own hand downwards, over his thigh, exploring the bottom of his hard shaft through the trousers.

He kept holding her to him as he slid his finger in and out of her constricting tunnel, probing it slowly, feeling her quiver around it as his thumb found her clit, rubbing the only place she could not tense or defend, gently rubbing small circles on it, forcing the sensations into her tensed body. Her hand on his pants found the massive bulge, pounding and ready for action, clearly outlined in the fabric, hot to the touch even though it. Her fingers skillfully flicked open the zip of his trousers, hand plunging down and taking the manhood in her strong, firm, warm, skilled grip. Her thumb started to rub up and down the back of the shaft as she explored, biting her own lower lip as she moaned out.

He groaned out slowly as he felt her grip his steel-hard shaft, pumping it in her hand “Hmm… you like that do you Becky? Feel it – just about what you neeeeed to release and scream…” He was still rubbing her slowly, fingering her as he pulled with the other hand, the back of her shoulders leaning on his shoulders as he kissed her neck. “Yess… come on Becky…” he hissed in her ear. “Uuhhh… I’ve had better, little boy…” She moaned out huskily, her thumb keeping up its rhythm on his shaft, the strong hand pumping his manhood up and down, powerfully but not overly hard, just enough to make him feel like she was in control of the masculine hardness. Her taut glutes were still grinding and rubbing against him sexily.

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