When Men Play With Dolls


What happens when a single man finds a sensual life-sized Barbie doll that suddenly appears in his bedroom one morning. All you have to do is pull the ring, but what will Barbie do next?? Find out…

I was woken out of a deep sleep one day and saw a strange being standing in the corner of my bedroom. Gathering my wits, I stood up and walked over to it. Oddly enough it looked like a large love doll, no… on further inspection it looked something like a life sized Barbie. She was standing totally still and was quietly staring at me without blinking.

Being an investment banker, I had many friends and enemies. Last week marked a friend’s IPO (initial public offering) that I brokered, which had boosted his net worth to $200M, not to mention $1M in my pocket. We were also close personal friends so he knew of my particular “tastes.” Being that I was having a birthday soon, I figured that Barbie, for a lack of a better name, was from him. I was embarrassed, but intrigued…

It was plain to see that she nearly had Barbie’s proportion’s, roughly 38-(low 20’s)-38 on a 5’10” frame. Looking carefully, her nordic facial features resembled a Barbie but were quite human and sensual, yet the skin had a plastic luster. Her eyes also had a very realistic shape but with an electric blue doll hue for the irises and elongated curvy eyelashes. She wasn’t dressed like a typical Barbie; her attire was quite different. She wore a very attractive outfit with equestrian accessories. Her sweater was a bone colored turtleneck, which tightly hugged her ample bust. She was wearing riding jodhpurs with suede patches that fit her shapely backside so well, you’d think that they were painted on. Most intriguing were her foot and hand-ware. Snow-white silken gloves covered her hands. They had small precise seams that beautifully adorned each finger and continued down the back of the hand. The gloves then disappeared deliciously under the fabric of her sweater to some unknown length underneath. She also wore shiny black riding boots that enveloped and climbed up to the very top of her long shapely calves. This caused me to ponder the strange contrast between her delicate and lifeless doll eyes and the invincible appearance of her boots, rising like steel columns, even sheathing her kneecaps. The riding boots were of the field type that had a few eyelets and tied laces in tight bows just above the ankle.

Ogling at my “present,” I nearly missed the large plastic pull ring with a sign attached to it, which read, “If you want to know Barbie better, pull this.” (So Barbie it is.) Dying to see what this thing would do, I followed the instructions.

The doll did not move until her string was pulled out fully and settled back inside of her. She then straightened up and continued to look at me again, blinking a few times. The blinks were quite enchanting due to her long curled eyelashes. Before I knew what was happening, she pivoted stiffly and stood right up against me. Her soft silicon breasts were pressing against my chest and her lips were forming an almost imperceptible sexy pout. Next I caught a gleam from her riding boots as she stepped back slightly. Before I knew what was happening, her cool silken gloves were caressing my face sensually and with great skill. Her arms and hands appeared to be much more agile than her legs. One glove teased my neck with it’s cool index finger before softly toying with the sensitive parts of my right ear. While I was occupied up above, her other hand found its way beneath my undershirt and traced ticklish patterns on my stomach. Before long, both soft gloves, glided up in unison and stroked my nipples to ecstatic hardness. During this her boots were lightly gyrating their black laces on my sensitive legs hairs, sending electrifying gratification throughout my nerve endings. Was it actually electricity? Before too long Barbie withdrew her sensual probing hands and straightened up again, motionless.

“Well, I’ll just give her string another pull,” I thought.

Once again she didn’t stir until the string returned inside of her. This caused the doll to wrap her arm in mine urging me back toward my bed. I was all too happy to comply. She then totally baffled me, when she picked up my bedroom slippers and placed them on my feet. Next I was coaxed to my closet where Barb found a weather appropriate robe and spring jacket. The doll began to dress me in her own inimical way. A tall boot playfully rested on one of my own slippered feet, while her gloved fingers nimbly tied the belt of my robe, then lingered momentarily to trace the outline of my erection underneath my briefs. I attempted to stoke her shapely bum, but was discouraged when Maltepe Anal Escort she deflected my hand away and her boot stomped on my foot somewhat forcefully. Finally she zipped my jacket up and palmed my house keys. I was beginning to feel like I was a child and an adult was taking me out somewhere. To my surprise she opened my outer door and ushered me outside, locking the door and slipping my keys into a side zip of her tight riding jeans.

I stood in protest for a moment while Barbie turned to me and surveyed my reaction. She blinked 3 times and held my arm in hers, coaxing me forward again. Still I was unsure and refused to budge. Taking another tact, the doll reached around to my middle back and finding a sensitive point on the spine, applied pressure with her index finger for about 3 seconds. The pain was unbearable and caused me to collapse. I would have fallen, if Barbie didn’t hold me around the shoulders, supporting my weight. As I recovered fully, she lowered me, effectively diverting me by rubbing my face against her full breasts through her sweater. Soon I regained my composure, having remembered telling my friend that I enjoyed a little pain now and then. He must have really gone to a lot of trouble finding me this doll. I hoped that I could keep her…

Barbie having calmed me down and apparently knowing how to master me, took my hand and led me to a strange looking car in my driveway. It looked like a new Toyota Camry, but under careful inspection it was quite different… My companion pulled a pink plastic toy key out of her right boot. She then led me around to the passenger side and unlocked the door. My dolly chauffeur first unzipped my coat and pulled it off, slinging it over her arm. She ushered me into the car and closed the door for me. I didn’t believe that this doll could actually drive a car. Not missing a beat, Barbie strode around to the other side unlocked the door and placed my coat in the back seat before climbing into the driver’s side. She put the plastic key in the ignition and rested both white-gloved hands on the steering wheel as she positioned both of her tall riding boots above two of the pedals. It was here that she froze in position again. There was no visible steering column or middle console, so I had a full view of the dolls boots and the pedals.

I was feeling a little wary at this point. What was this thing planning? I figured that you only lived once and I was dying to see this thing drive the car watching her boots and gloves in action. My friend knew of my pedal pumping, boot and glove fetish. I remember his eyes twinkling when I confessed my fetishes after his IPO.

I pulled the string again. This time though, it disappeared into Barbie’s shoulder and did not come out again. This appeared ominous, but my attention was quickly diverted…

Barbie reached over and secured my seatbelt, not forgetting to graze my now chronic erection in the process. As she put the key in the ignition, her black boot tapped the gas pedal. There was an electric locking system and I saw my door button go down. Barbie next pulled a cassette tape from the glove compartment and popped it into the player on the dash. It began to play in an over enthusiastic sickly sweet voice…

Tape Recorder- Thank you so much for choosing Barbie as your tour guide! We promise you an unforgettable journey! Please stay still so pilot Barbie can prepare the vehicle to assure your maximum comfort and safety. Just relax, you’re in good hands.

The doll actually turned to me and smiled this time showing large white teeth. She reached out and stoked my erection again a few more times as her riding boot stepped down all the way on the gas, gunning the engine and my desire. As she pumped the pedals, her perfect breasts bounced to an erotic rhythm.

The car looked quite strange. The whole interior was made of pink plastic, yet my seat molded to me very comfortably. There were many strange large throw switches on the driver’s side. They looked like pink circuit breakers. Each one had a numbered heart underneath it. Beneath these was the strangest control of all, a large heart with a pink star on it. It looked like it could pull out and rotate like a shower valve.

Tape Recorder (now running) – Barbie, please prepare the car for proper brightness, dear!

The doll understood the command. She first fingered and caressed the switch labeled with the

heart before she flipped it upwards. Immediately the windows changed to a dark tint. It made sense. If I was a cop and saw a Barbie driving, I’d pull her over.

Tape Recorder- Honey, please make sure that your passenger is secure and Maltepe Yaşlı Escort comfortable.

My plastic temptress pulled at the drawstring of my robe, opening it. Like a magic trick, Barbie reached behind me and with one fell swoop deftly removed my robe and undershirt by pulling it over me inside out without even getting my arms caught in the sleeves. Next she slipped off my briefs. This felt a little strange, but my privacy was protected by the window tinting all around. My chauffeur then casted these clothes into the back seat.

The doll began to roll up her sweater sleeves, with great care, into large tight cuffs at the elbows. Still her glove length was unknown as they disappeared uninterrupted under the cuffs of her sleeves. She then pulled on each glove at the elbow effectively smoothing any wrinkles. My chauffeur then picked up a pink bracelet off the dash and with facility clasped it on her right wrist. It featured lettering surrounded a heart read “I love to drive.” Playfully her gloved fingers gave me a sensual poke in the ribs and glided over my belly in feathery strokes. Always being a good hostess, my erection was then checked and further encouraged. At this point, I thought I saw a devilish sparkle in Barbie’s eyes as she turned and watched me before blinking a few times.

Barbie’s soft white glove now reached for switch

. Her fingers first rested on it and sensually traced its outline before deftly flipping it to the on position. Suddenly previously hidden plastics panel in my seat shot across my torso and then adjusted itself snuggly, covering from my crotch to my chest, trapping my arms in the process. Barbie then teased me by putting her hands to her cheeks in a mock surprised expression, her mouth forming an ‘O’. Still staring at me, the doll quickly flipped switch 3, which activated a leg iron device securing my ankles. Wasting no time, switch was then activated, with a brief glove pull, causing a loop behind my headrest to secure my neck snugly.

Tape Recorder- we are now ready to begin our journey. Please follow all safety rules! There is no standing while the vehicle is moving, please!

Clearly I was helpless and Barbie was the boss, yet I loved it. It was all in good fun.

The doll put the car into drive and we pulled away from the curb. It was clear that she was a well trained driver as I watched her tall black riding boots precisely control the acceleration and deceleration of the car, making them look even more authoritative. Her turns were also well timed and controlled.

I noticed that my chauffeur clicked something on the steering wheel, which made all of the windows totally go black, yet she continued to drive with no problem. The internal lights of the car turned on at full intensity, not interrupting the sights.

Tape Recording- We hope your are enjoying our life-sized doll, model name: do(ll)matrix Barbie, sub-model name: equestrian rider. She has other roles that you will see soon too. Please prepare prep the system “dear ” for initial checkout.

Another flick of a switch labeled by heart caused the panel near over my midsection to slide down and tightly wrap around my groin, the ankle and neck mechanisms also adjusted themselves simultaneously. Even though I was in total bondage, it was snug yet comfortable.

Tape Recorder- Mister Steven’s, I am about to introduce you to the last one of Barbie’s roles for today. Meet Model: doll-maker Barbie, sub-model: Hostile Takeover Barbie. We as Half-Bro Toys …

Hold on … I brokered a hostile takeover of the Half-Bro company myself. The company was carved up into spin-offs and there were alot of layoffs and bad feelings… and enemies.

Tape Recorder- Doll maker Barbie is about to practice her craft. There is nothing you can do about it now anyway… Three pulls (on her string) and you’ve bought the merchandize, that’s the rules. Sorry you didn’t know them up front.

Up to now the doll had been driving with one foot only. As I watched with great fear, yet undiminished desire, her left black boot went into action, stepping all the way down on the leftmost pedal. The leather at her ankle crinkled, but the tall column of her boot-shaft remained straight and smooth, remaining planted on the pedal. Being that this car was an automatic, the third pedal didn’t seem to right when I first saw it, but I didn’t question it.

The doll’s silken fingers pulled a short hidden lever next to her seat . This caused a series of transparent panels to rise up from the floor, surrounding me completely in a plastic booth.As each panel rose up from the floor to it’s full height, it Maltepe Zenci Escort would then nudge toward it’s neighbor and lock through unseen mechanisms in the floor and ceiling. Apparently the left pedal was an enabling clutch for other controls, such as the plastic panels.

Tape Recording (coming through the speaker in my booth)- All of Barbie’s work is done in certified clean rooms and is environment friendly . The Barbie vehicle has now arrived at your final stop at Half – Bro .You may proceed dear!

Barbie put the car in park, then stared at me for several seconds before blinking three times. Next I heard a different voice. Where my neck was bound, was attached a small speaker. It was the doll herself, yet her mouth wasn’t moving…

Barbie- this is Barbie. You have been an enemy of Half-Bro toys. I hope that you enjoyed the beginning of our meeting. As she spoke the dolls gloved fingers were stroking another small lever next to her seat.

Barbie-I is really sorry that I have to end your human-hood. I hope this small gesture will ease your situation…

Barbie pulled up on the lever; this caused low level electric charges around my cock, which quickly caused an erection.

Barbie- Please breathe in the gas deeply when you see me turn the heart shaped knob. Don’t try to fight it. I’ll be taking you to a better place. I’ll be applying the initial coating, before the molding and enhancements are done later.

As she finished the sentence, she clicked the button at the end of the lever causing charges to scurry all over my body like a thousand tickling fingers, starting at my backside and working forward to my cock. When the charges reached my member, I exploded what felt like buckets of cum.

As a final gesture Barbie delicately traced a heart on my plastic enclosure before both long white gloves pulled on the heart shaped knob as her black riding boot flexed up and then crushed down again on the enabler pedal in unison. I immediately felt a light pop in my ears from a pressure gradient within my plastic booth. As the knob was then turned slowly, pink gas began to come up from the vent in the floor and quickly filled my chamber. As terrifying as it was, I continued to orgasm until I went under…

Pt 2 A better place?

The next thing I remembered was standing quietly in a dark bedroom. I had the will be move, but couldn’t. A piercing sound, previously unknown to me, was issued from my throat, which caused a sleeping woman to stir in her bed. She rose from under the covers and groggily approached me. Unbelievably it was Jean Simmons, another VP at my investment bank. She looked at me for the first time in a very lustful way, which was disorienting; she was a beautiful woman and had never looked at me like this before.

Jean seemed to be staring at my shoulder, yet I couldn’t figure out why. Suddenly as her hand came up I felt a cord leaving my shoulder and then returning back into me…

Abruptly as if by automation, I embraced her. As I caressed her tan skin, her shapely body was mapped in a color code that immediately meant something to me. Some external computer was providing detailed information of 10 sensitivity levels of her erogenous zones. This provided me with information on precisely where to touch her and how to make her swoon. I noticed that tight black leather gloves were donned on my hands. As I touched Jean, I knew that my gloves were releasing electrical stimuli, aiding my seductive caresses. Constant feedback acquired by sensors on the gloves would measure her response and fine-tune the color-coded mappings. And just as quickly as I began this erotic encounter, my arms folded at my side and I stood straight as a soldier at Buckingham Palace…

Having moved across the room slightly, my eyes caught a vision … of me an Adonis, with wide shoulders and over 6″ tall for the first time. My clothes were equestrian style too, but solid black and my skin was a shiny plastic! As I saw Jean stand beside me, she reached up again to pull my chain …

I knew that Jean would be fated to take a ride in the plastic-mobile too. I also knew exactly what to do to get her there.

No, I would fight it. I may not have an epidermis anymore, but somehow I would keep my morals. As soon as these thoughts entered my mind, a piercing sound entered my ears, to the threshold of pain. Then I heard a familiar voice.

Barbie- it’s your choice Ken. Either pain …

Again the screeching sound, then I saw across my sight horrible visions of pink gas.

Barbie- Or this …

Barbie suddenly appeared before my eyes in white clinging leather dress… again wearing those silken gloves and now white thigh boots. She proceeded to give me a few choice caresses, causing an instant orgasm.

Barbie- Welcome to our wide area neural network. Things are so much easier now. We’re all connected…

Barbie- Your choice, Ken, Comply or not. Pain or pleasure…

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