When Dreams Come True


Butterflies race through my belly as I watch the plane land. I’m so excited at the thought of finally meeting Scott, my internet friend whom I imagine myself to be in love with after months of online contact.

I’ve asked myself a million times “how can I truly fall in love with somebody through a machine?” I’m yet to look into his eyes, observe his body language. I hope he approves of the deep green long flowing skirt and black singlet I’ve chosen to wear. Will he like the smell of my perfume? How are his arms going to feel wrapped around me? Are the sparks going to fly when he finally kisses me? Is our love true? So many unanswered questions are flashing through my mind and I’m so close to finding out the truth I’m almost hyper-ventilating at the possibility of it not being my dream come true.

As the passengers disembark all the bad stories I’ve heard of internet meets gone wrong come rushing back. What have I done? This mans travelled half-way around the world to see me and I’m full of hesitation and doubt. I quickly chastise myself and try to relax as my eyes scan the passengers looking for his familiar face. I see him, he’s looking as nervous as I am and I realize the same kinds of thoughts are probably going through his head too.

Our eyes lock and I take in his appearance. I’m very impressed by his attire, a pair of jeans and a trendy blue shirt which compliment his boyish good looks. We push through the crowded room to come together. He’s everything I’d hoped for and more, as we embrace it feels so right. The tears start to stream down my cheeks and I cling to him, I never want to let him go.

We look deep into each others eyes and our lips are drawn together for our first kiss. ‘Oh yes’ the sparks are certainly flying between us as we are lost in the moment, oblivious of the crowd around us. After what seemed like an eternity we break the kiss, seconds later our lips lock together again but with more urgency. My nipples are as hard as his cock as our bodies give away the arousal we are feeling for each other. Another passenger accidentally bumps into us and brings us back to reality. He grabs my hand and we quickly retrieve his luggage, eager to leave the terminal and get to somewhere private.

He throws his suitcase in the boot and as we climb into Büyükesat Escort the car our lips meet again, our tongues start to explore each others mouths with an urgency we can no longer control. I climb onto his lap as he sits in the passenger seat and we both start to moan as I grind my pussy onto his hardened shaft through our clothes. My body is screaming out for him to take me and I know he wants to penetrate me just as badly. I’m aroused to the point where I break the kiss and look deep into his eyes. I can see the passion he’s feeling and I start to beg “oh please Scott, I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any man before. I’ve waited for this moment for so long, please Scott, make love to me, I need to feel you inside me and I know you want you me as desperately as I want you.”

His eyes scan the car-park, people are coming and going everywhere around us and we are already attracting a fair amount of attention. “Let’s get out of here” he recommends. “Would you like me to drive?” he asks, knowing that I would find it hard concentrating in my heightened state of arousal.

I pass him the keys and before long we are heading down the highway about half an hours drive away from my home. My hand rests on his leg but I long for him so badly my fingers creep up to feel his hardness through his jeans. I can’t control myself any longer and I pop the button on his jeans, pull down his fly and release his impressive member. As he tries to concentrate on driving I study his cock. His ball bag was smooth and bald, his sack full of seed which had been saved especially for me. My eyes followed the veins up his shaft, taking it all in, right up to the mushroom head which was swollen and throbbing, a drop of pre-cum was glistening on the tip as proof of his arousal. It looked so inviting I loosened my seat belt so I could lower my head onto his lap and lick his man juice. It tasted so yummy it left me longing for more so I parted my lips and took his cock deep into my mouth and started to suck. A moan escaped his lips and my juice started to gush, soaking into my panties.

I needed to explore every inch of his sexual organ so I gently licked his smooth sack all over and worked my way up his shaft which left him twitching Beşevler Escort with pleasure and longing. Another moan escaped his lips as I sucked him deep into my mouth again, flicking my tongue around to give him more sensations than he could handle and he released his seed into my mouth. I savoured every drop of his warm cum as I swallowed it down almost orgasming myself as it worked its way into my belly giving me a nice warm glow of satisfaction.

“My god Mel, that was great, I could really tell you enjoyed that” he managed to say in a thick, husky voice filled with passion. “Take off your panties Mel, let me feel how juicy you are.”

Without hesitation I ripped off my soaking panties and threw them to the floor of the car. His hand crept over and a finger slowly worked its way into my smooth, bald pussy where he coated his digit with my juice. My hips rose and my legs spread wide so my engorged clit was poking out as he started to rub the folds of skin around my sensitive button as he drove along. His practised fingers were hitting all the right places as he worked two deep into my love hole then back to my clit. I was screaming out in pleasure as my orgasm built up to its peak. I came so hard I collapsed back onto the seat as my pussy contracted, squirting my juice all over the seat.

Minutes later I directed him into my drive-way. While still recovering from my intense orgasm I managed to unlock the door as he followed closely. As soon as we entered the room we turned to each other and started to kiss again and hold each other close. We had taken the edge off during the car ride home, now we could take our time and really enjoy each other. As the connection between us grew stronger I had the urge to say;

“Scott, I love you so much. It’s not just about sex for me. I fell in love with you online but now we’ve met in person I can honestly say I’m truly committed to you. Take me Scott. Claim my body as a prize for winning my love.”

He fished into his pocket and pulled out a velvet box and handed it to me. As I opened it up my eyes widened with surprise as I took in its contents. A gold chain with a heart locket; inside the locket was a picture of Scott.

“This is a token of my love for you. Let’s Cebeci Escort make the most of the two weeks we’ve got together. When I’m gone, wear it around your neck, the heart shaped locket will rest on your heart so I’ll always be close until I can return and be with you forever.”

My arms wrapped around his neck and I drew his head to mine and we engaged in a deep and meaningful kiss that instantly got my juices flowing again. I fumbled with the buttons of his shirt until it slipped off his shoulders and onto the floor. He swiftly removed my singlet and bra and his eyes took in my breasts. I ditched the skirt so I was standing before him naked. He removed his jeans so we could be naked together and I got my turn to appreciate his form.

We reached out for each other and came together with so much electricity we were almost glowing. As we tumbled to the floor he manoeuvred me around so I was sitting on his face. His tongue darted into my pussy and he firmly licked up all my juice which was flowing freely from within me. His cock was stiff and inviting and I took him into my mouth and sucked him as deep as I could.

His tongue was flicking around my clit sending shivers through me as he made his way to my ass where he gently licked my rim making my juice gush and run down his chin. As he pleased me with his mouth I slowly worked a finger into his ass and gently massaged his prostate as my lips glided over his shaft sending us both into a sexual frenzy.

“Oh Scott, I want you, I need you. Please fuck me Scott, I can’t wait any longer, I need to feel your cock inside me.” He rolled out from under me and came in behind me as I waited for him on my hands and knees. This was the moment I’d been waiting for since I first started communicating with him online and I was totally ready to give myself to him.

He entered me slowly from behind, working his cock inch by inch into my waiting pussy. I couldn’t hold back the moans of pleasure as we fully connected as one. It was so intense I almost collapsed to the floor. My arms and legs became weak as a wave of sensation washed over me as he drove his hardness into my core, making me completely his. As his pace quickened I moved my hips to the rhythm of his lovemaking. As he took me over the edge into climax he screamed out “Mel I love you so much” as he pumped his cum deep into me sending me into a multiple orgasm.

We stayed locked together until the sensations had subsided then we both collapsed onto the floor in each others arms completely breathless. I was totally in love with him and I knew he felt the same way about me. All my dreams had come true.

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