Wheel of Fortune


Imagine if you can, a large apparatus built very much like a wagon wheel, suspended from the ceiling-only much, much larger. Now imagine a hammock type seat hanging from each of the eight spokes of the wheel. Each suspended seat is occupied by a gorgeous woman. I’m not talking just attractive, but drop-dead gorgeous!

Now imagine eight men with arms and legs strapped down strategically on the perimeter of the circle under each hammock. The restrained men are physical specimens each in their own right.

This “Pleasure wheel” is controlled by a mysterious hooded operator sitting high in a chair positioned directly over the hub of the wheel. He wields all of the power (And pleasure) over the pawns in this game of ecstasy and lust.

There is a pervasive feeling of great anticipation for what’s about to transpire. The restrained men on the floor on the perimeter of the circle are all muscularly built and extremely well endowed, not only for the pleasure of the bitches, but undoubtedly for the titillation of the audience as well.

Kneeling along side each stud is a young, nubile female assistant. Her responsibilities are two-fold; first she’s assigned the job of lubricating the shaft of her assigned stud. Secondly, it’s her duty to grab his shaft for the purpose of directing it into the awaiting confines of bayan gaziantep escort the target above.

Surrounding the arena are octagonal stands for about 150 spectators. The anticipation in the stands equals the anticipation of the horny, hung studs below-eagerly awaiting the upcoming orgy.

Abruptly, a gong is sounded and a hush begins to fall over the spectators. Next, the lights are slowly dimmed. On cue, the eight young naked assistants pick up bottles on the floor next to them and pour the contents onto their hands. In unison, they reach for the shaft of their respective man. Lubricant is liberally applied to the full length of each shaft until all eight are standing at attention. Audible sighs can be heard from the men as well as from the onlookers. The audience knew what a spectacle they are about to witness and have each paid good money to guarantee their seats.

The specifications of the participants are spelled out in detail in their printed programs. Everything from the measurements of the females to the length and girth of the males is listed. If the man has been a previous participant, his average time fucking before ejaculation is included in the stats. This is more than a public display of raw, steamy sex, it offers the audience a chance bayan escort gaziantep to place a wager as to the winner of the event. The winner, of course is the last man on the circle to spew his load.

The wheel is descended skillfully and the rotation slows to a stop so that each hot bitch is directly over the cock of a horny young stud. As the wheel drops lower and lower, the assistant aims each dick into the now wet and warm pussy of the woman above. The faces of the suspended whores are transformed into contorted sighs and looks of sheer and utmost pleasure. Adding to the already unbearable sexual electricity in the air, is the activity stirring in the surrounding audience. At this exhibition of raw, animal lust, the onlookers in various states of undress begin to partake themselves in the pleasures of the flesh.

The next hour or so is a demonstration of pure, animalistic sex. The wheel operator raises and lowered the wheel up and down about 6 inches each stroke as the women’s pussies ride up and down, up and down on the shafts of the lucky bastards below. Sometimes the wheel raised and lowered about every second or so and other times it speeds up to about four strokes per second.

By the end of the first half hour, four of the men shot their escort bayan gaziantep wad and left the circle. All eight women were left to balance the wheel and to continue to be lowered up and down on the cocks of the remaining studs. The four women that didn’t have a dick in them at any one time were furiously frigging their clits as they witnessed four of the horny bitches being filled to the belly with long, thick cock. Nearly everyone in the crowd was by now groping, sucking or fucking the person next to them. This opportunity didn’t afford itself often and those in attendance were definitely making the most of their good fortune.

Almost an hour later, a winner emerged as the seventh man shot his load high into the air just as the girl was lifted off of him. The eighth and final contestant didn’t fail to please those in attendance. With the chant, “Fuck that bitch!, fuck that bitch!” He raised his hips to meet her sweet box with every stroke. The other seven women were tormented at the sight and sounds of another having her cunt filled and stretched to the brink. The wheel was raised and the objecting bitch was lifted off and rotated to the next awaiting girl. The assistant nimbly found the pleasure zone of the next girl for quick insertion.

The audience sensed his impending eruption. As his massive tool thrust in and out of the raw, shaved pussy, he tried to hold out as he heard the slapping of her titties as she bounced up an down over him, splattering him with droplets of sweat. The moans and cries of pleasure emanating from the other seven masturbating women brought him to the point of no return. He let go with a primal groaning grunt to the spent satisfaction of all in attendance.

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