What Started Out A Boring Evening


It had been a long hard day at work and I was brain dead, I just wanted to chill out in front of the television with a glass of wine and not have to think.

The weather was hot. I was sprawled out on the sofa will just a sundress on. A glass of my favourite wine was half drunk and it was going down very nicely.

No matter which way I flicked through the channels on the television there was nothing to watch. I wasn’t in the mood to read a book, and I knew most of my friends were away so no chance of a chat with them.

I grabbed my lap top and started surfing the web. Then I remembered someone at work saying about a website they used just for chatting to people. I found my fingers typing in the address and there it was.

You had to register to use it and my mind went blank trying to think of a username. I started smiling and chose the name Teaser, and for some reason my pussy started tingling.

I logged onto the site and chose a chat room. Then WOW all of a sudden I was inundated with loads of private messages! There was one username that stood out and had a one liner which was really witty. I thought this person tecavüz porno sounds interesting.

Replying to the message I had no idea of where this was going to lead me.

He was a few years younger than me, tall, slim and worked out. I was trying to visualise what he looked like from what he was telling me. He then said he had a shaved head, I could feel my pussy getting warm and damp – I love guys with shaved heads.

It was only fair to describe myself to him, and boy did he love it when I told him I had a bra size of 44DD.

Before I knew it we’d been chatting for two hours and I was feeling really horny. I had a feeling that he was too!

Then his message said “Do you want to swap phone numbers”?

Horny wasn’t the word to describe how I was feeling when I saw this message. I was just hoping and praying his voice was as sexy and as great as our chat had been that evening.

The first time I heard his voice I thought I had gone to heaven, it was deep and sultry and definitely the come to bed voice I absolutely loved on a man.

He thought I had a sexy voice too travesti porno and that just the sound of it was turning him on.

Although he didn’t ask me to, I started walking upstairs; I just knew this phone call was going to end up with us having a steamy session over the phone.

Walking into my bedroom I discarded my clothes en route, so by the time I was laid on my bed I had nothing on. I could see my nipples had hardened and my pussy was feeling really wet.

I told him I was laid on the bed. He asked me what I was going to do?

My bedside table has all my toys in it. I reached inside and pulled out two vibrators.

He was describing his cock to me, and I smiled as it was the size of my gel vibrator. It slipped inside easily. I could feel it vibrating inside of me, my pussy gripping it tightly inside.

I could feel the occasional shudders vibrating inside my pussy, reacting to the vibrator. He was telling me what he would do to me, how he would suck my nipples and tweak them to make my pussy wet.

My nipples were rock hard, I put my fingers around them and started xhamster porno tweaking them just as he said he would do to me. I could feel the sensations growing deep inside me as I did this.

His breathing was changing becoming deep, and the voice had changed I could tell he was turned on. I knew he was playing with his cock, rubbing it slowly.

My clit was begging to be played with, but I knew I wouldn’t last long as the shudders inside me were coming more often. I grabbed my second vibrator; it was small and made especially for a ladies clit. I absolutely loved it!

As soon as it touched my clit I could feel the changes in my body, the feeling going all through my body. The tension was building up and I was ready to explode.

I could tell he was rubbing his cock harder and faster.

I told you I was near to coming, he told me he coming too.

Then it happened – one big organism. The warmth and excitement flooded through my body. He heard me coming, and in the next moment I heard him come too.

The way he cried out as he came had made me feel, as if I was there seeing his cum spurting out of his cock, landing all over his body.

It was so horny and sexy – two people coming together over the phone. Feeling sated and relaxed after an intense few hours of talking and sex!

Well I’ve got his number and we both agreed to do this again!! I’d found myself a regular phone sex buddy!

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