Well… Ch. 12


Black… What a magnificent colour! Henry Ford said you could have any colour you liked for his Model T as long as it was black and he was right. There is nothing like black.

Think how shiny it is when polished and you will realise what Mary, Ann, James, Tanya, Brian and I were looking at as we sat and watched Steve and his girlfriend Amanda glistening in front of the open fire as they made love before us.

The evening had been very special for all of us when Steve, as promised, had brought his friend along to one of our ‘gatherings’.

We had started in the late afternoon with a small cruise on Ann and James’ boat on the River Thames, the wine had flowed, the innuendo was present and the groping had begun as people passed whilst picking up something from the galley or popping to the loo. So by the time we returned to the privacy of their mooring and the seclusion of their garden off the main river everybody was feeling ‘ in the mood’.

The sun was beginning to set earlier now and a nip was getting in the air as we all made our way to the main house. Ann and James were arm in arm discussing ‘ arrangements’ as the rest of us tagged along behind. Amanda was stunning. She stood about 5 foot 4 inches tall and was incredibly shapely, her chest a delightful 36b or c, tiny waist and a bum just dying to be pulled into you as you entwined in passion.

The tension in the air was amazing, the girls as anxious as the men to see this beautiful woman abandon herself to lust as soon as possible.

They certainly took the lead. As soon as we reached the house Mary, Ann and Tanya took Amanda off upstairs and left us boys drinking downstairs. We were hoping they were only going to be a few minutes but after about twenty minutes we realised they were otherwise engaged and put on one of James’s ‘educational’ tapes and sat watching as two very large breasted women took on three very well endowed blokes.

They were gone for hours…OK that’s what it seemed like, and eventually curiosity got the better of us and we all sneaked upstairs like naughty schoolboys to see what was happening.

The door to Ann and James’s room was slightly ajar and with a small push revealed what was happening on their very large bed. All the girls were naked and basically forming what can only be described as a chain.

Ann’s clit was being sucked by Mary, Mary’s was being sucked by Tanya, and Tanya was being sucked by Amanda who in turn was being sucked by Ann.

Have you got the picture? All us boys did. We stood gaping at the scene as all the girls licked, nipped sucked and moaned into each other’s pussys for all they were worth.

Their hands were all over each other’s tits and arses, lubrication was no problem as there was that aplenty flowing from their gushing privates and their moans and words of encouragement to each other soon had all four of us men stripped and ready for action.

Steve cimcif gaziantep escort was the first to make a move. He and Tanya had really hit it off the last time we all met, and their fucking in the shower will live in my memory a long time, so I wasn’t surprised when he approached her and offered her his prodigious cock to suck instead of Mary’s cunt. At that the circle disintegrated and the rest of the girls, realising we had been watching, stopped their activities and beckoned for us to join them.

Brian walked straight to my wife and began to kiss her deeply, while James caressed Amanda’s superb chest and I, mesmerised as always, went to Ann and continued my oral assault on her soaked pussy.

Ann was strange. No I don’t mean that. She either came as soon as she was touched, by male or female it made no difference, or it took her ages to reach a climax.

But I was in no hurry. She lay back on the bed and, despite the fact it was crowded, spread her magnificent thighs so I could get comfortable and spend some quality time adoring her beautiful womanhood.

Ann obviously hadn’t been to have her bikini line attended to for some time and a nice ‘fuzz’ was evident but then I am being picky, as I had dealt with Mary’s only a few days before. It was evident she was highly aroused from the attention of the other girls earlier as she was running with juice and her nether lips were open and crying out for some adoration.

I was only too eager to oblige. My tongue shot as far up her glorious pussy as I could manage and then I commenced to lick and tease her clit for all I was worth. She moaned, spoke my name and encouraged me with little tugs of my hair and softly spoken directions about where to go and how hard or soft to lick, suck or chew. I was in heaven, and she rewarded me for my devotions by cumming hard all over my tongue. It ran in rivulets out off my mouth and onto my chin, soaking my beard and dripping onto the sheets. But that wasn’t enough; she wouldn’t let me leave her streaming pussy. He hands were entwined in what little hair I have as she pulled me closer to her, grinding my mouth and face into her, leaving me no choice but to continue my oral ministrations so I could at least draw some breath. Ann kept on cumming, a stream of orgasms shaking her body as I tried to keep in contact with her pussy and clit, clinging to my head and writhing all over the bed in the throes of ecstasy.

Then, calming a little, she turned and threw herself at my prick, taking it into her warm mouth in one easy movement. She sucked at me like a woman possessed and although I warned her I didn’t want it to end quickly she looked at me and said, ‘I do, I want to taste your cum and I want to do it now!’

What choice did I have, Anne was using her mouth like a vacuum cleaner and soon those feelings began cimcif gaziantep escort bayan that heralded an almighty explosion. My balls tightened and feeling this Anne withdrew my straining cock from her mouth and placing the head of it inches from her face stroked me up and down quickly and then, just as I was about to cum, stopped. Too late. A wad of cum spurted from me and plastered her from forehead to chin, following ‘tributes to her beauty’ she took into her greedy mouth as she looked at me with those wonderful eyes and when I had stopped pulsing she sucked the remainder of my juices from me leaving me utterly drained.

We cuddled up both glowing contentedly and looked at what was going on around us.

Brian was lying on his side behind Mary and was slowly moving his hips backwards and forwards as he moved in her and James and Amanda were in the same situation, both couples staring at Steve and Tanya.

They were taking no notice of anyone. Steve was lying on his back and Tanya was astride his thighs with her knees bent so she could raise and lower her whole body up and down onto Steve’s massive black dick.

Her head was thrown back and her hands were savaging her breasts as she rose to a climax. Sweat was pouring off of Steve’s body and Tanya’s as they seemed to be racing each other to see who was going to be the first to cum. Steve was throwing his hips upwards to meet Tanya’s eager pussy and moaning and encouraging her all the time. ‘How’d you like that black prick, woman?’ ‘Am I big enough for your little white pussy?’.

Tanya’s replies were gurgles, moans and taunts like ‘Is that all you’ve got, you bastard?’ ‘Give me more, I can only just feel you’.

All of this of course was getting everybody else going, especially Amanda.

She disentangled herself from James’s attentions and stood astride Steve’s chest so that her crotch was inline with Tanya’s mouth. Tanya soon saw what was expected as Amanda spread her thighs and running her hands down her hard body pulled her pussy lips apart. She moved directly forward to Tanya offering them to her to lick and suck as she continued to move up and down on Steve.

Tanya’s movement on Steve was just what Amanda wanted and the three of them were very soon into a wonderful rhythm that mesmerized the rest of us.

I was beginning to show signs of life again watching this and Ann was soon encouraging me manually having beckoned James over as he was now on his own.

We all sat crossed legged on the floor, me Ann and James, as Ann stroked our lengthening pricks and Steve, Tanya and now Amanda raced towards their communal orgasm.

Tanya won. She suddenly convulsed on top of Steve, her body shaking like I have never seen before as she came and came, obviously tightening her pussy lips around Steve who, with a huge roar, came in her escort gaziantep cimcif like a storm.

Amanda moved away, put her hands on her hips, thrust her crotch out and asked ‘Is there anybody here who wants to fuck this black bitch? I am very horny and I haven’t cum yet!’

James arrived at the prize first, with Brian and I following. I say following I mean we were dragged there by our pricks by our partners who were only too keen to see this beautiful black woman get as much white cock as she could get.

Amanda arranged herself before the fire and James knelt between her spread thighs just taking in ‘the view’. Mary moved behind him and stroked his dick a few times to get it fully rigid and then bending down she whispered in his ear, ‘Fuck her hard James, fuck her brains out!’ as she took his rock hard appendage and dragged him forward to Amanda’s wanting cunt.

He needed no second bidding as he slid into her, making her arch her back off the carpet and thrusting her extravagant chest towards his mouth. He bit down gently onto her nipples and was soon being told by May and Ann to treat her less gently and get on with it.

‘Come on James, stick that cock into her’ ‘Harder James, make her beg for more’ and all sorts of other encouragements were coming from the girls as they urged him on and, standing beside Brian and me, were working our pricks into a right frenzy.

James was really into it now, ramming himself into Amanda for all he was worth making her moan and having her nails raked down his back for his efforts.

Tanya and Steve were with us again now and Steve had been brought back to full ‘readiness’ by the exertions of his girlfriend and Tanya’s magic hand. The girls all moved in front of us now as they were keen to watch James and Amanda.

Mary dropped to her hands and knees in front of me and Ann did the same to Steve with Tanya placing herself in front of Brian. The invitation was all too plain. Us boys dropped to our knees and as one, it seemed, sunk our aching pricks into hot, glistening pussies.

We were all now perfectly placed to watch Amanda and James who had also moved to the doggy position. James was pistoning in and out of our black goddess who was thrusting back at him taking every invasion with gusto.

The speed of the rest of us increased, it seemed, to keep pace with James and then it was all over. With a massive thrust he cried out ‘I’m cumming, take it all, take it all’ and spilt the contents of his balls into Amanda’s yearning cunt. His thrusts seemed to go on forever and Amanda’s little mewing sounds showed how much she had enjoyed it and the climax that had hit her.

Brian, Steve and then me then took it in turns to gush our offerings into our partners as the scene before us took it’s toll. I don’t know about the others but my body felt as if it was being tied up in knots when my climax hit and by the way Mary was bucking about on my impaling cock I think she could sense it too.

So that’s how we got to be watching Steve and Amanda making love in front of the fire.

After we had all disentangled and sat on the various chairs and settees Amanda had lead Steve to the floor in front of us and just started again!! What an appetite she had.

So, where did things go from there?


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