Wedding Night Ch. 01

Big Dicks

Perfectly balancing the beer cans and the bottle of wine upon the tray Sandy used her shoulder to balance herself on the doorframe. Luckily she managed to stop herself from falling over as she walked back into the lounge from the kitchen.

“There you go guys,” she said as she carefully laid the tray upon the coffee table before she fell back onto the sofa by the side of her husband with a thud.

“Cheers!” said Mike, leaning forwards and picking up his can before raising it, “here is to the happy couple.”

“I will drink to that,” responded Gary as he picked up his can and leaned forward to clink it. Everyone laughed at the struggle to sit in their seats as they tried to stretch out their arms and follow suit.

“And while we are making toasts I would like to make one to you two. You two are very generous. Thank you for allowing us to stay for the night… To Sandy and Mike!”

“To Sandy and Mike!” echoed Darren.

“Thank you and CHEERS! ” Mike toasted.

“Yez, Thanxx,” Sandy responded with a slur, “it’s a genuine pleasure to have you here, the two of you are great guys.” They all laughed at the slurring of her words but she meant it as she reflected back to the wedding plans…

Two total strangers to both herself and Mike, a relative of the groom and his friend had urgently needed accomodation for her cousin’s wedding. They had both been working abroad and did not know if they could make it back in time for the ceremony. Consequently they had not booked into a local hotel and, by the time they knew they were able to attend, it was too late. All accomodation was fully booked.

Out of desperation her aunt had contacted Sandy to ask if they would be willing to allow them to stay the night in their home. Without hesitation she agreed and with two spare bedrooms there was no issue. Sandra’s cousin was getting married, they had been friends all their lives and now she would offer assistance in any way she could.

But from the moment Gary and Darren arrived on the doorstep Sandy felt as if she could have curled up into their laps and allowed them to cuddle her. They were two eighteen year olds, almost half her age, and both stunningly attractive. The presence of young men such as they kindled certain desires within her body: protective, motherly and sexual…

“I think I drank too much at the wedding reception. I hope the three of you will protect me… in bed.” She giggled.

Mike ignored her comment, “We have two spare rooms, one double and one single, you can fight between yourselves for the larger of the two,” jokingly he laughed.

“We will sleep together if that is OK with you?” Darren asked.

“WHY! are you gay?” Sandy chirped mockingly.

“Yes,” was Gary’s response.

Mike tried tried to hide Sandra’s blunder on her behalf and defended her. “She’s not normally like this, it’s the drink.”

Sandy however had perked up, impressed by his open reply, her inhibitions obliterated by the drink. “This is my husband Mike, I salvaged him from a homosexual relationship I will have you know.” She hiccupped as she pointed to him.

If Mike was embarrased he did not show it. “Part of growing up, experimenting with sex with a very close friend,” he replied.

This ‘close’ friend had been Sandra’s brother Gary. Many years ago she had inadvertently interrupted an intimate sexual act. Returning home early from school one day she had walked into the lounge to witness Mikes penis being devoured by his mouth. She ran out of the room in a state of shock and her thoughts in total confusion. This was the first erection she had ever seen, and the sight of it being sucked lingered in her thoughts. An overwhelming desire to do the same began to whell in her mind.

Sandra needed to experience that same sensation. She waited patiently as the weeks went by for an opportune moment and when the time came she took full advantage.

“I saw you.” She confronted them both one evening when their parents were away.

“Saw what?” was Gary’s reply.

“You, sucking his cock!”

Both Gary and Mike blushed with embarrassment. “We were experimenting,” came Gary’s defence.

“Really?, show me again,” she pleaded as her hand strayed to Mike’s penis hidden within his jeans. Mike stayed silent, unsure about this sibling challenge, but her hand was demanding and soon his cock was pulsating within the denim. He unbuckled his belt and gave it freedom.

Sandra admired this statue of warm flesh and for the first time in her life she held the firmness in her hand, caressing and savouring the feeling. Her mouth was drawn to the taste of it as her fingers played along his stem. And so it was, her first taste of glorious jizz, undaunted while Mike sucked off her brothers cock at the same time. But this bakımlı gaziantep escort was a secret to be kept and over time their trust turned to love and they eventually married. Since then neither had strayed from their sexual path.

“Are you both virgins?” Mike asked of them, “have either of you ever had a girl?”

“We don’t need girls,” Darren fired back, “we get all the satisfaction we need from each other.”

“I know how you feel, believe me, but a woman’s body has far more to offer…”

Mike watched their reaction with interest as his left hand crossed over his chest and gently cupped Sandy’s left breast from beneath and raised it slightly. She flinched, not expecting his move, but she didn’t stop him. He was tempting them with forbidden fruits and she felt the erotic nature of his actions, luring them to admit that a woman’s body possessed a beauty that no man could deny. His fingers began to fondle the nipple hidden beneath her blouse and bra and manipulate it into such a hardness that it became clearly visible beneath the two layers of clothing.

The mood of the room had suddenly changed, what had been jovial and fun had now turned into a challenge of the physical sexuality of a womans body. Sandy watched their eyes as they focused upon Mike’s groping fingers, she wondered if they were becoming sexually aroused as much as she was. Here was a gauntlet being thrown onto the floor in front of them and she wondered how far she would go before the two boys accepted the challenge.

Mike released his gentle grip and then began to unbutton her silky pink blouse. The soft mounds of her breasts were slowly revealed as he released each button in turn. Reaching her skirt he tugged out the blouse to undo the final button. Sandy watched them with a sultry expression, “Watch out boys,” she thought to herself as Mike pulled the blouse open to fully reveal the white lacy balconette bra and the hidden treasure beneath.

“Oh my God!” whispered Gary to himself as he began to squeeze his rapidly growing hard-on within his trouser suit. But Mike continued with his seductive de-clothing. He placed his fingers beneath the elastic and raised her bra cups up and over her breasts and lay them back to rest on her sternum. The full beauty of Sandy’s mounds with their crinkled ariolae and volcanic nipples were now fully revealed. Then he leaned in, caressed, kissed and began to suck.

Gary succumbed, jumping from his chair he dashed across to Sandy and standing above her he tentatively began to feel the soft flesh of her right breast like a schoolboy. He felt the erect nipple rub upon his palm and then delicately he played with it between his fingers.

The sensation of her nipples being sucked and fondled by two men began to turn Sandy into a sexual frenzy, the drink had lowered her inhibitions to the point that she now wanted to be penetrated. It was impossible for her not to notice the huge erection beneath Gary’s trousers as he stood in front of her, she felt her hand drawn to it. She ran her fingers over the silhouette outlining its dimensions while listening to his groans. She reached out and unbuckled his belt then slowly unzipped him allowing his trousers to fall to the floor. Gripping the huge bulge still hidden within his shorts she pulled him closer and sank her teeth into his shaft. Gary reacted to her needs and squeezed her nipple hard causing her to arch her back, she bit harder as the pain and pleasure shot through both of their bodies

Mike allowed Gary more access and released his mouth from her nipple and sat back on the sofa. He took hold of her left leg and laid it across his lap revealing her matching lacy white panties to the virgin Darren still sat in his chair facing them. He hoisted up her skirt and began to stroke the gusset with his middle finger. She was aroused, the creamy discoloration of her panties made that obvious and the wet, smooth stroking of his fingers only served to spread it.

Mike watched Darren closely. “Come on boy get it out! Let me see what you have,” trying to project his thoughts.

Darren’s eyes moved rapidly between the creamy delight of Sandy’s panties and her mouth now enveloped around Gary’s exposed penis. She was gripping his shaft and taking it deep. He was aroused by what he saw.

“Yes!” thought Mike to himself as Darren extracted from his trousers a huge erect snake, long and thin with an intruiging curve.

Darren began to stroke as he watched the others play, unsure of his thoughts and his newly kindled desires. Tantalised. Not knowing what to do next. He did not hesitate as Mike wagged his finger invitingly to come across and share.

“Help me to remove her knickers,” Mike suggested as bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan Darren crawled across the floor and knelt at Sandy’s feet. Mike watched Darren remove Sandy’s panties and lift them to his nose, breathing in the pheromones of her sex and becoming intoxicated by them.

The movement caused Sandy to lose the grip of Gary’s erection in her mouth as her body tilted sideways. Someone was now licking her legs and she did not care who, the sensation only served to make her want more. She now found herself looking up at Gary’s scrotum, two tight wrinkled little sacs that were temptingly inviting. Without hesitation she began to lick, her tongue stroking from one to the other, tasting. She was now filled with an overwhelming desire to do something she had never done before; she wrapped her lips around them, taking his balls fully into her mouth and began to suck hungrily. At the same time she felt a similar intrusion of a tongue upon her folds, she felt the cool rush of breath as someone spread her petals and began to eat. She groaned with sheer pleasure not caring who it was.

Mike watched his wife devouring the scrotum but was distracted by Gary’s huge erect penis pointing towards him. He was drawn to it. Wrapping his left hand around it he tilted it down and sucked upon it feverishly as he squeezed Sandy’s right breast hard.

Sandy was now on the brink. She was trying hard to swallow the balls in her mouth. The sensation of Darren’s eager tongue on her nub and the pain/pleasure grip on her breast made her cum as never before. She felt the surge from deep with, cataclysmic contractions made her shudder and tremble. She released. Darren took it all on the face, a huge spray of female ambrosia shot forth and covered him.

Gary came at the same time. His hot jizz shot into Mike’s mouth, the overflow oozed down his chin and dripped onto Sandy’s neck. His semi-erect cock slid out and dangled onto her lips, she opened her mouth to drink the remaining cream. She needed more. Looking up at her husband she pulled him down and began to lick and kiss. Her hungry tongue demanding every last drop, licking the jizz from his chin and probing deep into his mouth to retrieve it.

Suddenly she felt herself being raised by a hand from the sofa.

Darren was now lying on the floor with his long, thin, banana shaped cock touching his belly button. She crouched astride it as Mike gripped and held the intruiging shape as vertical as he could to allow entry.

She felt the intrusion inside her, spreading her walls apart and sliding in deep, deeper. The curve touched and pushed against her G-spot, she held it there allowing the sensation to ride her final and ultimate orgasm.

Mike stood before her as he unzipped and revealed the demanding shaft of his penis. She savoured his tip with her tongue before deep-throating, her teeth anchored and grating along the hard flesh to control and direct. From the corner of her eye she noticed that Gary was kneeling with a fresh erection and was tossing himself off over Darren’s face.

They were combined in a sexual heaven. All four intent on satisfying themselves and each other. Hands carressed and mauled, there were no barriers now, fingers explored and probed where fingers do not normally go…..

…. Sandra stirred slowly in her bed as she awakening from her slumber. She felt content yet frustrated as she recollected the wet dream she had experienced in her sleep. It had been many years since she had been so sexually aroused that her mind had created a fictitious situation and then acted it out in a dream.

“Shit! Why have I woken up?” she sighed in a half-awakened state of mind, “All the man cum was about to flood out and I missed it!”

She closed her eyes again and re-imagined the curved cock of Darren inside her, whether or not it was that shape was immaterial, it was the thoughts in her mind that mattered right now as her hand reached down and rested upon her gender. She was wet, very wet.

The simple fact was that the two young men staying the weekend with her and Mike had allowed her thoughts to run riot and she was intent on creaming her imaginary and erotic desires for them. She turned onto her right side and brought her knees up to the fetal position as she kept her hand firmly wedged between her thighs, her eyes quickly glanced at the bedside clock. It was 9 am and, although she did not remember going to bed herself, she surmised that no one else would be awake for at least another hour or so.
She could hear the deep sleep breathing of her husband lying behind her, indicating that she was safe to continue with her sexual fantasy.

Her middle finger began to stroke the clitoris as escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan she closed her eyes and began her dream again from the moment when she had woken. Her sexual thoughts and creative mind were now in control of the direction of this dream, and sexual fantasy was something she possessed in abundance…

She looked down once more at Darren’s blue eyes and short blonde curly locks as she sat upon his immaculate erection thrusting deep inside her. She took her hands from the carpet and leaned back and felt the banana-shaped penis pushing into her vaginal wall. The gush from Mike’s cock shot into her mouth at the same time as she saw Gary cream over Darrens face. She imagined the feeling as Darren shot his warm cum inside her.

Now she was controlling the action being played out in her mind and she replayed the triple cumshot again and again as she rode the orgasm that was building up inside her. She allowed her fantasy to progress.

Mike knelt back, still panting from his own release and then looked at Darren’s face covered in Gary’s jizz. He was drawn to it. He closed in and began to lick, his tongue tasting tentatively before feverishly beginning to devour and swallow the white sticky cream. Darren responded to Mike’s hungry attention by opened his mouth to reveal his cum covered tongue. Mike’s fingers delicately carressed Darren’s cheek as they merged together as one to share Gary’s gift, their tongues lapping against each other, eating.

Darren reached out with his hand, running it downward along Mike’s spine before resting upon his buttocks, his middle finger found the tight entrance and began to toy with it. Slowly his finger disappeared inside

As Sandra watched with lustful imagination, Gary sat beside her. In the mind’s eye of her dream she saw his gorgeous brown eyes, jet black hair and his handsome tanned face in close proximity. She felt his tongue licking Mike’s bukkake from her hair and forehead. His tongue danced over the bridge of her nose and down across her lips. She felt his intrusion as he forced his taste buds into her mouth to retrieve the cream.

She began to groan as she masturbated to the visual images in her mind, oblivious to the stirrings of her husband in bed behind her.

Gary’s tongue was now slowly licking down her body, over her breasts and tummy, his intent; to seek out and drink Darren’s cum from within. She allowed herself to be pushed back onto the carpet and her thighs to be opened wide.

She felt the hot sticky ooze of Darren’s cum running down over her ass as his fingers spread her petals apart. She felt his cool breath as his face closed in, and then his tongue eagerly devouring the cream pie, the sound of his lapping filled her ears. She frigged her nub as she sensed his tongue entering as deep as it could to retrieve the nectar.

She was on the brink and riding a huge orgasm, one that she wanted to hold onto for as long as possible. Her dream-mind now went one stage further.

Gary’s tongue moved down and began to lick the cum that had escaped. His tongue now began to tickle and probe her asshole. The imagined sensation and the total pleasure of the thought took her to the limit. She emitted an unmistakably noise, the earthquake that eminates from deep inside the body, a deep exhalation of breath with vibrating vocal cords that is the essence of the full female orgasm.

But she had given the game away, Mike’s penis that had layed recumbant and asleep behind her was now aroused and was demanding a piece of the action. She felt it rub along her petals, spreading them apart and then entering. The dream she had been having had now turned into semi-reality as she fantasised that Mike’s cock was now Darren’s. In her mind it was also Darren’s hand reaching over to play with her breasts and squeeze her nipples. The shaft of his penis filled her vagina and began to pummell. Her mind’s eye was believing that a young guy half her age was now fucking her.
In her dream she had wanted a real fuck and now she was dreaming that reality was a fantasy fuck! Can the human mind ever be sexually sated? she pondered briefly as she heard the deep groans behind her. The erection inside her faltered and paused, pending its release.

She felt the warm jizz strike her cervix. The dream had reached its peak and she came like never before. Her body trembled and shook as she climaxed, the contraction of the spasms gripping onto his shaft and sucking his balls dry.

Continuing to lie on her side with Mike’s cock inside her she slowly came down from her high. She tensed her vaginal muscles trying to keep it inside her for as long as possible, feeling it shrink and retract, its limp body retreating to escape.

But now she had been left with a pang of guilt, she had lived a fantasy and now she had to turn over and face her husband. She could never confess to him that she had imagined it was someone else who had taken her to the best orgasm she had ever experienced. Slowly she turned over to express her love and gratitud towards him.

But her heart stopped. Her mind in total confusion.

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed.

“Good Morning,” said Darren.

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