Water Park Fun Ch. 03 – The Surprise


*Thank you to WAT456 for editing this story for me*

Amanda popped the trunk open and I set the shopping bags down, with a sigh of relief. She started to load up her bags. I stared at the Victoria’s Secret bags and tried to catch a peek at what was inside of them but, other than a flash of color, I didn’t learn anything.

Amanda saw me trying to look into the bags and closed them up.

“Come on, can’t I just see what you got?” I asked.

“Nope, like I said, then it wouldn’t be a surprise,” Amanda replied as she closed the trunk. I opened her car door for her.

“I think that you just like having this to drive me crazy with curiosity.”

“That’s just an added bonus,” Amanda said with a smirk as we started to drive away.

We held hands and talked the whole drive back to Amanda’s house. It was only around four o’clock when we got back to her house, so I wondered what we could do next.

“Want to go swimming?” she asked after we lugged her bags up to her room.

“Yeah,” I said as I tried my best not to sound winded after lugging all the books she bought at Barnes and Noble up the stairs.

“I’m going to go into the bathroom to change,” she said.

I had hoped that she would change in front of me. I stripped down and put on my swim trunks. I sat waiting for her, dying to see her in a bathing suit.

Amanda came out and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a navy-blue bikini that showed most of her cleavage and barely covered her pussy. She saw me staring, as she walked out of the bathroom with a couple of towels over her shoulders. Amanda did a little spin for me to show off her backside; I could almost see her entire ass. The bathing suit was made of thin fabric, so I could easily see her nipples poking through the material.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“You look amazing.”

The outfit looked familiar to me. Amanda smiled.

“Did you just get it at Victoria’s Secret?”

“Yep. This is your first surprise.”

Amanda walked towards me and pressed her body against me. The press of her soft, warm body started to make me get hard as Amanda stretched up to kiss me. Her lips were so soft and her being nearly naked turned me on so much. She had only seemed to want to give me a small kiss but, as I kissed her harder, she responded to it. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer into me. Amanda hugged me back. I slid a hand down her back and cupped her ass. She let out a sigh as I started to massage her cheeks through the thin material of her bikini bottoms.

Amanda reached down and rubbed my erection through my shorts. “I guess you really do like this bathing suit.” I kissed her deeply to show her how much I liked it.

After making out for a bit and feeling up her ass, she pulled back slightly and broke the kiss. “Down boy, we didn’t even make it to the pool, yet.” She had that satisfied smirk on her face; she seemed to love turning me on and teasing me.

We walked out to the backyard. The pool was in a fenced area that stretched along most of the yard. There was a seating area, with a couple of tables, a few pool chairs, and at the back corner of the yard, there was a stone waterfall.

Amanda set the towels down and played some music on the sound system. She pulled out a bottle of sunblock and after squirting some into her hand she handed it to me. While putting on my own I watched as she rubbed it into her skin. I couldn’t look away as she worked her way up from her arms and started to apply it to her chest. She caught me looking and smiled. She had been working it into her skin quickly, but now she took her time as she rubbed it into her breasts. I was caught up in watching her that by the time she was finishing up her legs I realized that I had barely applied any of it to my skin.

“Hurry up and finish so you can get my back for me.”

I quickly finished and then started to rub some into her back. I massaged the sun block into her back, taking more time then was needed. From Amanda’s sighs and how I could feel her relaxing I knew that she wasn’t complaining. I worked my hand under her the string of her bikini top and I started to pull the knot loose. The playful look Amanda shot over her shoulder emboldened me. As I applied the sun block to her lower back, I slipped my fingers inside of her bikini bottom and started to massage the top of her cheeks.

“I don’t think you need to apply any there,” Amanda said.

“You can never be too sure. I just want to make sure you don’t get a sunburn.”

“Um hum, sure,” Amanda said coyly. She didn’t pull away, so I slid my hands down further until I was massaging her entire bottom. She let me touch her for a few glorious minutes until she stepped away. “Turn around,” she said as she grabbed the bottle from off the chair. She massaged the sun block into my back. Not only did her touch turn me on, but she really seemed to know what she was doing. I made a mental note to ask for a back massage later. I closed my eyes as she worked her way down my Ataşehir Escort back. I opened them again when I felt her hands start to slip inside of my swim trunks and then she started to massage the sun block into my cheeks.

“Relax, wouldn’t want to get a sun burn, right?” Amanda asked.

What she was doing did feel good. “Right,” I agreed. I closed my eyes again to enjoy her touch. When she pulled her hands back out of my shorts I promised myself that I was definitely going to ask for that massage sometime soon. I was still relaxed so when Amanda spanked me once playfully on the ass it took me completely by surprise. I spun around to spank her back, but she was already heading towards the pool.

Amanda dove perfectly into the water. “Come on in, the water is perfect.”

I was about to get in when she splashed me. “Hey!”

Amanda responded by splashing me again.

“That’s it,” I growled. There was only so much I could let her get away with.

I stepped back from the pool. Amanda was asking me what I was doing when I jumped and cannonballed right next to her. I heard Amanda squeal, but then the sound of it got muffled as I sank. The water was incredibly refreshing.

When I surfaced, Amanda and I got into a splash fight. As we splashed at each other, we got closer and closer. Amanda reached out and grabbed at one of my arms to get me to stop splashing her. I managed to pull my hand away just in time and grabbed hold of one of her wrists. Amanda grabbed my other one and we started to wrestle as we tried to dunk each other. We were both laughing as we played with each other. I was surprised at how strong Amanda was and I had to work to keep myself from being dumped under the water.

Amanda was laughing, when I finally managed to submerge her under the water. My moment of triumph was short-lived because Amanda tugged on my swim trunks, pulling them halfway down my thighs.

As I was trying to pull my swim trunks back up, Amanda surfaced and then jumped onto me, pressing down on my shoulders to push me under. I managed to take a breath right before I went under, so it wasn’t so bad, it allowed me a moment to take in her beauty below the water. I quickly pulled my shorts back up but, before I surfaced, I reached up and undid the knot on Amanda’s bikini bottoms as I swam back up to the surface. Amanda grabbed at the strings to hold it in place.

“You jerk!” Amanda yelled, hitting me on the arm playfully when I surfaced.

“Hey, you started it!” I hollered back.

Amanda lunged forward and tried to pull down my shorts again. She was handicapped by the fact that she was still trying to hold onto her bikini bottoms, while I had both hands free. She got a hold of my shorts and started to pull them down but, while she did that, I wrapped my arms around her.

I drew her in close and undid the knot in her bikini top, causing her to cry out again. All the close contact between us had me hard and, as she started to pull my shorts down again, her hand brushed against my erection. Amanda stopped crying out as her hand wrapped around my cock, and she began to stroke me through my swim trunks. I slid a hand down her back, slipped it inside of her bikini bottoms and started to rub her cheeks.

Amanda kissed the hollow of my neck and, as she worked her lips up, I leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was sensual and deep. I couldn’t stop kissing her.

Our playing switched over from innocent to sexual quickly as we both got quiet and focused on what we were doing for each other. After a few minutes of this, Amanda let go of me and swam back out of my reach. She held eye contact as she raised her hand up out of the water, holding up her bikini bottoms as she did so. She threw them to the edge of the pool, where they landed with a wet splash. Next, she finished untying her bikini top and threw that to the edge of the pool. I loved the way the sunlight reflected off the pool water and onto her body.

“Aren’t you a little overdressed now?” Amanda asked.

“I guess you are right.”

I had never been skinny dipping before and was nervous about it. I had such a huge fear of one of Amanda’s parents coming home to catch us naked but I remembered how she said that they were out of town. After taking a breath, I pulled my shorts free and threw them next to her discarded swimwear.

I thought, now that we were naked, that we were going to go back to fooling around. Amanda had different plans. She let me drink in the sight of her petite naked body for a few seconds, then she splashed me again.

Before I could retaliate, she was already swimming away. Her nude body, in perfect form, quickly carried her away from me. I swam after her to catch up but she was too strong a swimmer and easily kept away from me. I was the one who eventually called for a truce.

For the next hour, we alternated between swimming laps in the pool and just floating around in it. Swimming naked was awkward at first, but the longer I did it, the more Kadıköy Escort comfortable I got with doing it. I was used to worrying about my swim trunks coming loose when I went swimming so it was nice to already be naked and not to have to worry about it happening.

Once I got past the initial awkwardness, I found that I liked swimming naked and it was easier to swim quickly. It was the lack of clothing and the pointers that Amanda gave me while we were swimming, that helped me swim faster.

There was a diving board at the deep end of the pool and I watched with rapt attention as Amanda climbed out of the pool and then onto it. I loved seeing her wet body bounce up and down, as she got the momentum she needed. Her dive was perfect.

“Your turn.”

“I don’t know how to dive.”

“Come on, you must know how. Give it a try.”

“You won’t make fun of me?” I asked jokingly.

“I won’t make fun of you,” she promised.

I climbed up the ladder out of the pool. I was intensely aware that she was looking at my butt as I climbed out. I walked awkwardly to the diving board. When I got on it, it took me a moment to start to jump up and down on it. I wasn’t normally comfortable on a diving board, so being on it while naked made it even more awkward.

“I’m waiting,” Amanda said in a sing song way.

“Don’t rush me,” I sighed and then started to gently bounce on the board.

She gave me a look, so I started to bounce higher. I became intensely aware of Amanda’s gaze as my erection bounced up and down in a slightly delayed tempo behind my bounces. I couldn’t take her gaze any longer and, with one last bounce, I jumped into the water. I knew I landed awkwardly; my entry into the water was the complete opposite of Amanda’s graceful dive. For a moment, I wanted to stay under the water but, sadly, I needed to breathe.

To Amanda’s credit, she didn’t say anything when I surfaced but the look on her face said it all. I gave her a look back. “What? I didn’t say anything,” she smirked.

She told me how to do a better dive, explaining what to do with my body and then demonstrated again. I didn’t care much for perfecting my dive but I loved how animated Amanda got when she was talking about this stuff. She mentioned how she had been on the swim and dive team in high school. Also, it allowed me many more times to see her dive into the pool as we would take turns doing it.

With each dive, I got a little more comfortable with both being naked and diving. After about ten times, Amanda no longer had that look on her face of holding back from laughing. We swam some more laps and then floated around for a bit, on matching pool beds, holding hands.

While we were floating, I could see that she was starting to doze off. I was tempted to splash her or tip her over. I held back for just a few seconds. Amanda realized what I was doing, but not in time to be able to stop it as she slipped under the water. She called me a jerk, and we got into one last brief water fight before we both called a truce and decided to get out of the pool.

I followed Amanda over to the hot tub. It was big and was sunken into the ground near the pool. I sat next to Amanda and she nestled up against me, as we enjoyed the hot water and pressure jets. I closed my eyes, savoring the warmth and her body pressed up against me.

After a couple of minutes of relaxing, I started to become increasingly aware of how her nude body felt against me. I leaned down and smooched Amanda on the cheek. I then began to nibble towards her lips. She turned towards me, so that I reached my destination early. Our kiss had a slow sensuality to it that told me better things were about to come. When I felt her hand wrap around my shaft, I knew that my prediction was correct.

As she started to jerk me off in long, slow strokes, I began to play with her breasts, which were just below the bubbling surface. She leaned into my touch, so I started to use more pressure as I kneaded her breasts. Amanda’s tongue slid against my lips and I met it with my own. As we French-kissed, I started to pull harder on her nipples, causing her tongue to falter for a moment.

I lowered my hand and started to rub her clit and pussy, doing my best to match what she was doing for me. After being hard nearly the whole time we were doing our naked swimming, I wanted to cum as soon as possible but I was also enjoying the slow approach that Amanda was going for. It made each stroke feel that much better, rather than just being a means to an end, each one filled me with pleasure. I pressed a finger slightly inside of her lips, and she held her breath as I slowly penetrated her. When my finger was entirely inside of her, she finally let out her breath in a wispy sigh.

Amanda started to increase the speed, so I did too. There was just something different about us getting each other off this way. I enjoyed all that we did together but I loved how, when we played with each other, it seemed more personal. It Bostancı Escort allowed us to take things slower and really figure out how to please one another. I told Amanda that I was getting close and she sped up even more so I had to match her speed. When I lowered my hand to slip my finger back inside of her, I felt her rubbing her clit with her other hand. I did my best to hold back so that she could catch up to me. I heard Amanda’s breathing become more labored as her orgasm approached. I added a second finger inside of her. Amanda began to hump against my hand and her breathing became even more ragged. She started to moan and then her body locked up, after she humped against my hand one last time. I kissed her chin, then started to kiss and suck on her neck, throwing even more fuel onto her fire.

Amanda clamped her legs together, trapping my hand between them. I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers as she came. She seemed unsure if she wanted me to stop or continue fingering her as she tried to pull my hand away, but then locked her legs even tighter around my hand when I hit a sensitive spot. Her moaning drove me on to continue fingering her. She finally let go of my wrist and laid back to enjoy my touch as her pleasure waned.

Amanda leaned against me as she recovered from her orgasm. I was so close to cumming and I couldn’t take the wait any longer, so I took over jerking myself off. I held back from making myself cum instantly in the hope that, when she recovered, she would take over for me. She started to kiss and suck on my neck, gently at first, but then harder. I wondered for a moment if she might end up giving me a hickey and got excited. She started to play with my balls. It felt too good and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. I grabbed her hand and pulled it up to my erection. She jerked me off for barely thirty seconds and I felt my orgasm building up. The next stroke put me over the edge and I started to cum. It felt weird cumming into the hot water. I couldn’t see how much I was cumming but it felt like a lot, after being turned on for so long and then the slow buildup to release.

We sat in the hot tub for another five minutes and then lounged on the pool chairs and let ourselves dry off in the sun. There was a slight breeze so the heat from the sun wasn’t as overbearing as it usually was this time of the year. It only felt like we were in front of an open oven door rather than inside of it, like it usually felt this time of year.

I dozed off for a little bit but woke up before too long. When I turned my head to look at Amanda, I saw that she had fallen asleep, too. I gazed at her, enjoying her beauty in profile and the contented look on her face. I seemed to be hyper-aware, in this lull moment, of all the incredible things that had happened to me this weekend from reuniting with Amanda.

I knew that these were moments that I would look back on so I tuned in to all these sensations. My body was fully relaxed after being in the hot tub. I could smell the chorine and the remnants of our sunblock, but also the smell of rain and ozone as the possibility of yet another summer storm loomed off in the horizon. The sky and distant clouds on the horizon were painted deep purples, reds, and pinks as the sun set. The strongest thing I was feeling at that moment was inside me. I knew that it was crazy to be feeling these things towards someone that I really just met but the more time I spent with Amanda, the more time I wanted to spend with her.

She woke up and saw me looking at her. “What are you looking at?” she asked, trying to sound tough, but failing through her grogginess.

“Just admiring how beautiful you are,” I grinned.

“Are you trying to flatter me?”

“If I was, is it working?”

“Yes,” she said with a smile.

“Then yes, I was.”

Amanda sat up on the pool chair and yawned as she stretched her arms out, giving me a great view of her tits. She caught me staring and gave me a pretend-disapproving look but I could tell she liked that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

We put our clothes up to dry and then walked back into the house. Even though we were now better sheltered, I felt more vulnerable while walking through the house naked, with Amanda. I only prayed that her parents didn’t have some hidden cameras or a nanny cam that she didn’t know about. If so, then she was going to have an incredibly awkward conversation with her parents in her near future.

Amanda led me back up the stairs to her room so that we could get dressed. If I thought that her ass looked great the last time I followed her up the stairs, she looked even better now that I had an entirely unobstructed view.

Getting dressed, I watched Amanda as she pulled on a new outfit that she had gotten today. It was a loose, blue blouse and that pair of short, denim shorts that I had been fantasizing about seeing her in. I was sad to see her cover up her nudity but it was oddly nice to see her put on her new outfit. It was like I was being given access to something very personal. I decided to put on the new shirt that she had liked so much. I still wasn’t used to the way it fit on me, but when I looked in Amanda’s full-length mirror, I had to admit again that it did look good on me.

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