Watching the Bull Pt. 02


Disclaimer: This story involves themes of BDSM, deepthroating, forced gagging, cuckolding, BBC, and rough sex.



My hands are cuffed to the clothing rod above my head in a closet in the hotel room where my wife and her bull are having their night out. Stacy’s bull, Kaleb, invited me to watch their night out as long as I was cuffed, gagged, and stayed quiet in the closet. I knew my wife was a size queen who sacrificed being sexually satisfied to be with me. Being her cuck only seemed fair and so far I was loving it. This was not their first night out, but it was the first time I was present or seen what really happened.

I had just watched my wife submit to her bull. She had crawled out in red high heels, full fashioned stockings, garter belt, no panties, black harness bra, collar and leash, with sexy makeup and her gorgeous red hair made up in a single braid.

After licking and spitting on Kaleb’s dick, she placed it on her face to present to her bull. He approved of her work and deemed her worthy of testing her skills. She was instructed to lie on her stomach on the bed. She reached back and grabbed her high heels and gagged hard when his massive cock invaded the back of her throat. After some mishaps, Kaleb removed her heels, letting her grab onto her stockinged ankles and tested her deepthroating skills.

Determining that Stacy’s deepthroating abilities had declined and after Stacy literally begged to be punished, Kaleb placed Stacy in a spider gag harness that stretched her mouth open to its physical limits.



Kaleb lay on his back, naked on the bed, legs hanging off the side of the bed, and cock pointing straight at the ceiling. 10 inches of manhood. Stacy, with her hands cuffed behind the small of her back and a spider gag forcing her mouth open, straddled Kalebs face, facing toward his feet. Kaleb reached up, grabbed her head, and pulled her down an inch from his cock, ready to impale her mouth with his cock.

“Open wide,” Kaleb said with a chuckle. The punishment and training had begun.

Stacy was ordered to look straight ahead at the closet and to keep her eyes open. If Stacy knew I was behind the closed door, she didn’t let on. I watched through the closet door blinds as Kaleb fucked my wife’s face. At a steady pace he guided her head up and down, tickling the back of her throat.

She tried to keep her eyes open, but was struggling. When she was able to open her eyes they were squinted and her eyebrows raised. Her eyes were red from the gagging, tears, and lack of oxygen, as if she had been crying all night. At times, she would look right at me, then her eyes would go cross while her head bobbed up and down, and they would roll to the back of her head, only to close again.

Her head bobbed up and down in different rhythms as Kaleb controlled her head. Her mouth was stretched open by a silver spider gag that was wedged between her teeth. Teeth exposed like she was biting the gag. The ring was just barely big enough to fit Kalebs cock. Black leather straps attached to the spider gag and wrapped around her head, pulling tight on her face. With her mouth forced wide open, Kaleb was free to work her throat open.

“Come on! Breathe at the top, time the rhythm.”

He paused a little longer this time, giving her a little break. Drool flowed out her open mouth onto Kalebs massive 10 inch cocks as she panted, working to catch her breath. She was breathing hard, like she just ran a marathon. The leather straps of the gag harness hugged the skin of her face tight, the gag wasn’t coming loose.

“Ready?” he asked in a firm tone.

“Uh huh,” she said through the ring gag. She was ready for more. How could she do this so long? The ball gag in my mouth was making my jaw ache and it wasn’t even stretching my mouth like it did hers. When she looked up while getting air I could make out her uvula at the back of her throat. I watched it dance as she tried to swallow some of the excess saliva.

“Alright, find the rhythm,” he slowly guided her head down onto his cock. He started slow this time, going down as far as he could, resting there a moment then bringing her back up. He didn’t let her up all the way, instead leaving about 3 inches in her mouth.

“Breathe when you go up. Breathe around my cock. Come on, you can do it baby girl,” he said encouragingly.

Stacy’s eyes were fluttering now. She was trying so hard not to gag and breathe around his cock at the same time. She started finding the rhythm and breathing at Anadolu Yakası Escort the top and making wet plunger sounds at the bottom while he fucked her face.

He pulled her back down and started a new rhythm. Pump hold, pump hold. Each time trying to force more of his member in her mouth. Saliva and bubbles oozed out her mouth as she neared the base. Picking up the pace her gagging got louder. Thick, white mucus formed around Kalebs cock, strings connecting to Stacy’s mouth and gag.

He raised her head again asking, “Think that’s enough?”

“Finally,” I thought to myself. This was so amazingly hot, but there’s no way she wanted this. She can’t enjoy this.

“Nuh-uh, nuh-uh,” she said, shaking her head vigorously, causing the strings of spit to swing back and forth.

“You sure, we can stop if you want.”

At first, I thought she nodded her head yes, but realized that she was bobbing her head up and down, ready for more pounding, either way she wanted this.

“Haha alright, you’re gonna regret that dumb bitch. Better hold your breath,” he said as he leaned to the side to wink at me. I noticed his face was glistening too, nothing likes Stacy’s face. She must be so wet that she’s dripping right on his face. He continued his brutal assault.

This time he not only slammed her face down onto his dick, he started to thrust upward too. He was trying to get as deep as he could, stretching her throat out. He slammed her head down hard and fast while trusting, then bringing her all the way up, and back down again. He continued this rhythm for a while. Only giving her a split-second to get any air.

Each hard thrust caused my wife’s head to jolt back. His dick was literally punching her throat. She let out a rough cough with every assault to her tonsils.

Kaleb had let out the occasional moan and grunt as he fucked her sloppy little face, but his noises had really picked up. His feet were flat on the ground, giving him some power behind his trusts. Every muscle in his legs was working overtime to give him that extra power. This guy worked out for a living and it came in handy right now. I would be exhausted after a minute of this trusting, but Kaleb basically has been training for this.

He was really enjoying this. Her stubbornness must have turned him on, because he was about to cum.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Yeah, baby. Take it. Take it. Make. Me. Proud. Take. This. Dick,” he said in unison with each thrust.

Stacy’s wrists were starting to flail behind her, twisting like she was trying to escape the bonds. Her back arched outward as her body spasmed from the retching. Her legs kicked out wildly, stockinged feet trying to find something to push against. She was twisting her body, trying to escape, but Kaleb held tight to her head.

Kabel brought her head down and held it there. Stacy’s throat was filled with 8 inches of BBC. He stopped thrusting and just held her there. I watched carefully as bubbles and saliva collected around the base of his shaft.

At this depth she couldn’t make much noise. I could hear the rough, lurching sounds coming from deep within her as she gagged hard. Her face turned purple, neck and forehead veins on the verge of rupturing. Her eyes were red and rolled back as her eyelids fluttered uncontrollably. Tears flowed down her face mixing with mascara, spit, and Kalebs pre cum. Bubbles, snot and saliva started running out of her nose, forming a sticky, goo-like substance.

“Oh oh oh oh OOOOH. Fuck baby girl,” he screamed. He lifted up her head. She let out a gargled burp as a puddle of her facial juices expelled from her mouth onto Kaleb’s slime covered dick. She was finally able to throw up, not actual vomit, but all her spit and his juices that collected down her throat and stomach.

Kaleb pushed her off of him onto the bed and stood up. Lying on her back she took deep, desperate breaths. Gasping like she was a single second from drowning on her own saliva. Just as Stacy and I thought it was over.

Kaleb grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her toward him, letting her head hang over the edge of the bed, still on her back. He gripped her neck with his massive hands and held her head there.

Still catching her breath he thrust his cock forward, burying it deep in her gaping mouth. This caught her off guard, she thought she was done. He timed it just right, so when she breathed in her throat would be fully opened, no resistance.

His balls slapped against her face, becoming wet and sticky with her spit.His balls sounded Kurtköy Escort in a constant rhythm.

There Kaleb stood in front of the closet door as I watched him face fucked my wife. I could see her watery eyes staring at the closet door just as ordered. Between Kalebs bent knees Stacy’s head bobbed as he continued to pound her throat now with more force and passion.

Drool ran down her face, now a sticky mess of white transparent slime. Holding onto her neck with both hands he said, “yeah baby, I can feel that bulge. Relax your throat bitch.” He wasn’t squeezing, rather petting and stroked her neck, coaching her to relax her throat muscles.

He relaxed his grip, placing his hands on his hips to give him optimal movement and power. With each aggressive thrust she slid further back onto the bed. With her head now back on the bed Kaleb climbed on, putting his knees on either side of her head, pinning it in place. Kaleb plunged his cock down hard.

The base of his cock neared her mouth. She was taking just short of 9 inches in her mouth. Stacy’s legs were kicking all over the place, finally planting her stockinged feet firmly she lifted her hips, trying to get leverage and buck him off. She let out a choking sound with her eyes closed and brows furrowed not in anger, but in determination.

Kaleb leaned forward and placed his hands on either of Stacy’s lower thighs, just above her knees. This pinned her waist and legs down to the bed. She tried to kick, but instead her feet just shook side to side.

“Stop fighting!” he growled through clenched teeth.

In one beautiful moment, her throat truly opened. I watched in wonder as Kalebs cock slid the rest of the way down Stacy’s teeth and the gag. She actually took his entire cock in her throat. Her teeth flush with his pelvis. His crotch came down on her face, his balls covered her eyes.

Her face was covered in a sticky mass that was expelled from her mouth and throat, a beautiful cock tale of her juices. It ran down her face toward her eyes, dripping on the floor. If she could breathe, she would really drown in her own mouth juices.

Kaleb growled and spasmed as his knees held her head firm, locking her in place. He arched his back, and froze. Not completely still, he was giving tiny little thrusts, like a rabbit humping. More like a spasm. He came hard down her throat, cock pulsing with every blast of cum. Come to find out he hadn’t touched himself for two weeks either. That’s two weeks of cum that he stored up for her.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhh,” he screamed, then finally raised up on all fours. Two more ropes of cum shot out as his cock popped out her mouth, shooting cum across her chest and abdomen, and his stomach too. He rolled over to the side, collapsing from exhaustion.

Stacy’s tight, fit stomach raised and fell as she breathed heavily, working hard to catch her breath. Massive cum bubbles forming with every breath. Her face was covered in spit, snot, and cum, like a slutty glazed donut.

Kaleb sat up and removed the gag harness carefully. Webs of slime dripped off as he peeled it off her face. Still breathing hard Stacy stretched her jaw, then gurgled the cum in her mouth, awaiting orders despite her near passing out. I had to admit, she was disciplined.

“Swallow,” he let out while panting.

She swallowed hard and smacked her lips, letting out a refreshing, “aaahhh.” She licked her lips seductively, her chest rising and falling with every breath. “Thank you master for punishing me and thank you for the yummy treat. You are too kind.”

Kaleb rolled Stacy over to one side to undo her bonds. The cuffs still secured to her wrist, with small chains hanging from them. Kaleb laid back, followed by my wife. She noticed the cum on his stomach. She moved down to his stomach and lapped up the cum from his abs like a sexy kitten, while keeping eye contact with him. Her face was still covered in her slimy mess.

“Here, clean up,” he said, throwing a towel to her after wiping off his own face that shined with her juices. I’m pretty sure he didn’t eat her out, but during all the excitement she was so wet that her pussy juices dripped all over his face. She quickly wiped at her face revealing red depression marks left from the tight gag harness.

Stacy threw the towel to the side, and they kissed deeply and passionately. It was strange seeing how he used her so viciously one moment, Stacy practically begging for air, then kissing each other like it was the most romantic thing he could have done for her. Pendik Escort The hot wife and the bull laid there for a while, just holding each other.

“How’d I do?”

“You did magnificent baby girl. I know I pushed you hard, but the way your throat tightened around my cock at the end,” he said while tracing his finger up and down her neck.

“I know right. I literally felt it slide in, like, ah, like a condom around your cock, or a glove. Like it was accepting it and giving it a hug. I don’t know, that sounds kinda dumb,” she said shaking her head and covering her face with a hand.

“No, no. That was perfect. I like that,” he said brushing away a strand of wet hair out of her face. “I can’t believe you took all 10 inches. Girl, when my balls slammed into your nose and your face splattered in all the mess. Fuck, I came hard.”

Stacy giggled, now turning on to her stomach, Kaleb’s arm under her. She playfully kicked her stockinged legs in the air, like a girl talking on the phone with a crush, tracing one finger over his chest. “Really, I can’t believe I took it all. That’s gotta be a pretty big deal right?” she said while starting to blush. “So, what. Am I the fifth person to ever take it that deep, huh.”

He rolled toward her, locking eyes with her, his arm propping his head up. “Well, actually. You are the first to ever take it all.”

“What…what do you mean,” she said puzzled, sitting up on both elbows.

“I mean no woman has even taken it that far, let alone the whole damn thing. I’ve been with my fair share of women, all of them wanted to try and take it all down, like a personal challenge or something. They all wanted to be the first, but it’s pretty big ya know. Some of them even had difficulty taking it in their pussy.”

Stacy looked up, thinking about different questions she could ask, feet still kicking playfully behind her, knocking her heels together. “What… what is the farthest someone has taken it?” she asked while trying to hide her smirk. “Down their throats,” she clarified.

“Well, despite their eagerness, most struggled to get past 5 inches. They never learned to open their throats. A few could make it to 7 inches, that’s probably why I pushed you so hard. And none of them ever slobbered like you.”

Stacy glared at him, raising her brows in defiance. “You’re avoiding the question. Before me, what was the farthest someone took it and who was it?” she asked.

Kaleb blew out a breath and finally said, “8 inches. And man could she hold her breath.”

“Who!” Stacy said, hitting Kaleb’s chest playfully.

“Amber, alright. She was able to take 8 inches, maybe 8 and a half, and hold it like an Olympic swimmer,” he said while trying to hold back a smile.

I could tell that Amber was a sore subject for Stacy. Was she that jealous of this other girl that it bothered her that much?

“Well 8 inches doesn’t sound so deep,” Stacy said pettily.

“Yeah, but she could take it all up the ass, balls deep. She really loved anal.”

“You know I don’t like anal, that’s not fair!” my wife exclaimed in frustration.

Kaleb touched his forehead to hers, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I know you have your limits and I’ll respect that. Besides I’ll make you scream in other ways. Speaking of screaming…” Kaleb got off the bed and reached for something under the bed, pulling out 2 massive bags. Kaleb apparently had an unlimited supply of sex toys.

“What’s all that,” asked Stacy, sitting up on her knees, hands in her lap.

“Well, you took your punishment so well and just broke a major record. I think you deserve a reward. Whatever my best girl wants tonight, she gets.”

“Really sir?”

“Oh yeah baby. Let’s go get in the shower, have some more to drink, and you can decide what we do next ok.”

“Ok, ok, ok,” she said giddily and making her way to the shower after giving him one last deep kiss and rubbing his soft cock.

Kaleb approached the closet once she was gone. He opened it with a smile.

“So, were you expecting that.”

I shook my head no. I had no idea she was this addicted to cock. Maybe it was only his cock, but still, it’s a side of her I could never have seen on my own.

“Are you ready for more?”

I nodded without hesitation with desperation in my eyes.

He reached up, removed the gag, and gave me the key to the cuffs. “There’s a bottle in the corner behind you. Take a piss in it, then go drink some water, stretch out a bit. You got 10 minutes to be back in this closet. No gag or cuffs, but you better stay quiet, do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I said, not even meaning to call him sir.

“Ain’t Trey a good little cucky,” Kaleb said, giving me a smack on my face. Then he grabbed two more drinks and made his way to shower with my hot wife.

End of part 2.

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