Wanda Leaves for College


This takes place after “Wanda Viewing Party”.


The months that followed graduation were fairly uneventful. The very public nature of the events surrounding Wanda and Julie’s kidnapping and attempted rape made it very easy for Julie to claim self-defense. The excessive force Julie used to protect himself and Wanda was easily explained away once police gathered the evidence. Julie and Wanda were able to put it behind them pretty easy. Despite the fact that the would-be rapist had survived the beating Julie inflicted, the couple felt no fear of repercussions. Julie and Wanda had heard their attacker plead for his life and they were confident he would do everything possible to never cross paths with Julie again.

Julie was spending almost his whole day now in the gym since he finished high school. He was training harder than ever before. His father was arranging his pro debut and it was clear that Julie had a promising future in the ring. His biggest challenge was that the powerlifting was causing Julie to gain muscle weight. Julie wasn’t the tallest man and it would be challenging to compete against the height and reach advantages most fighters in the higher weight classes would have over him. The bail bondsman Julie had dealt with previously had contacted him about a job bringing in bail jumpers. The bondsman had heard about the efficiency Julie had used in disabling two very dangerous criminals and was willing to train Julie. So far Julie had refused the job offer.

Wanda was excited about college but she was sad about being away from Julie. She had gotten a job in a supermarket to earn money for dorm life. The job was fun but she resented the time it kept her from spending with Julie. The reality of coming separation cast a pall over Wanda and Julie’s summer. They did their best to enjoy themselves but even the fun activities they did together had a sad shadow over them. They made love almost every day. Their normally amazing sex life now felt like two starving prisoners receiving their last meal. Julie had become more gentile in bed in an effort to draw out every encounter they had left. Wanda, in turn, became more aggressive in her demands for sex. Wanda was constantly in the mood. It was like she was trying to make up for all the days she would be without sex once she was sleeping in her dorm room. The only thing slowing the two of them down was Julie’s intense gym workouts and the condom’s leaving Wanda rubbed raw.

Wanda’s family went to visit her grandmother the week before she was to leave for school. They would only have one last night before Wanda’s parents drove her up to school. As much as Wanda didn’t want to visit her grandmother for a week she was relieved to have a short break to heal from the constant sex she and Julie had been engaged in.

The trip also gave Wanda a chance to visit her cousins Tanya and Diana. They had always been close. Tanya and Diana were both a year or two older than Wanda and had grown up giving Wanda life advice. Tanya and Diana were thrilled to help Wanda plan the perfect last night of passion with Julie. Wanda tried to tell them that she and Julie planned on doing the long-distance thing. Her cousins just laughed at Wanda’s naivete.

They didn’t think there was any chance of a guy remaining faithful for that long if he wasn’t getting regularly taken care of. If Wanda wasn’t handling business someone else would.

“His dick ain’t gonna suck itself,” Tonya told Wanda.

“Julie doesn’t even like that,” Wanda tried to tell her cousins.

Tonya and Diana broke out in hysterics when they heard that.

“All men like getting their dicks sucked. If Julie doesn’t like it you must give the worst head in the history of the universe.” Diana told her.

“That or Julie might got some Anadolu Yakası Escort sugar in his tank. Actually though most gay guys I know love getting their dicks sucked.” Tanya said.

“Julie is all man you can believe that. He’s all about these titties.” Wanda said sticking out her giant rack.

The two sisters laughed at that.

“You sure are telling the truth,” Diana giggled.

“You got the same big old titties that run in the family. Big black titties catch dick better than any other kind of bait you can use.” Tonya said.

“I thought black guys were all about the ass?” Wanda asked.

“Flatchested girls are the only ones who believe that bullshit,” Tanya said.

The trio of girls agreed on the thing Julie would appreciate the most on his final night with Wanda would be a sexy new bra and panties set. The girls made a trip to the mall to hit up the trashy lingerie store. The sisters wanted Wanda to go super slutty but Wanda kept it fairly elegant.

Wanda returned home for her last night with Julie. Julie prepared a nice picnic dinner consisting mostly of a fancy cheese tray. They lied down in the park and spent most of the night kissing and feeding each other. Julie was obviously very sad at the prospect of Wanda leaving for the semester. Christmas break seemed a lifetime away. Julie was passionate but restrained in his kisses. He wasn’t pressing Wanda to go further like he normally would. Wanda was relieved to not be spending her last night with Julie wrestling his overly eager hands of her body.

Julie packed up the remains of their picnic and drove Wanda to his house. Julie’s parents knew Julie would want his privacy so they went away for the weekend leaving Julie with the run of the house.

Julie was still slow to start once they were alone in his room. The reality of their separation was clearly weighing heavy on his mind. Wanda felt bad for causing him pain. She had a secret weapon to fix Julie even if it was just a temporary fix. Wanda stood in front of Julie and peeled off her shirt. Revealing her sexy new bra. It was lacy and partially transparent. The powder blue color was perfectly matched to her chocolatey skin. Her dark areolas were clearly visible through the lace. Julie’s eyes bulged at the sight of Wanda’s lace encased tits. There wasn’t a trace sadness left in his face. Wanda braced her self against Julie’s dresser as she knew Julie was about to charge her.

Julie pressed her ass to his dresser. He kissed her hard. Wanda kissed back even harder. Their lips started to swell from the pressure. Julie parted his mouth and Wanda teased his mouth with her tongue. Julie planted his mouth below Wanda’s left ear. He nibbled softly on her dangling lobe. Wanda moaned in anticipation. Julie slipped her left bra strap down Wanda’s shoulder. The cup of her bra dipped low enough that the breeze from Julie’s ceiling fan hit her nipple and brought it to full attention. Julie was about to pull Wanda’s breast from her lacy cup when Wanda stopped him.

“This has to go first,” Wanda said tugging on the waist of Julie’s shirt.

Julie ignored her and bent his head to her breast. Julie wrapped his warm mouth around Wanda’s bra covered nip. The heat went right through the lace and Wanda sucked air in pleasure. Julie could feel the puckering of Wanda’s nipple flesh through the material. Wanda’s eyes rolled in her head. Jule was pushing the edges of her bra cup below her nip with just his tongue.

Wanda managed to shove Julie off her breast long enough to slip his shirt over his head. She ran her fingers over his grapefruit-sized bicep muscle.

“God! He’s more swoll than ever,” she thought.

Julie pulled both her bra straps down to Wanda’s elbows. Her magnificent Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan dark nipples were completely exposed now. Wanda loved it when Julie looked at her breasts like that. His pupils would get so dilated you could barely see the faint ring of the green iris.

Julie moved his head back towards Wanda’s breast. Wanda countered by ducking down so Julie’s lips met her neck instead. A slightly frustrated noise escaped Julie as he was denied access to Wanda’s breast. Julie recovered quickly and took the hint that Wanda needed more stimulation before Julie turned up the heat. As Julie was softly kissing Wanda’s soft throat it dawned on him that he didn’t need to be so gentle. In fact marking Wanda up before she left seemed like a good idea. He started sucking her neck harder and harder. Wanda’s breathing sped up as the pressure on her neck built up. Wanda knew Julie was bruising her skin but she was wrapped up in how good it felt. Wanda pressed her chest into Julie’s hard muscular body. Her nipples burnt against Julie’s hot sweaty skin.

Wanda was melting in her panties as Julie sucked on her neck. She started fumbling with his button-fly jeans but she was having a hard time with her fine motor skills as waves of pleasure were washing over her body. Julie had no problems working the button and zipper on Wanda’s tan slacks. He slowly lowered her pants over her sexy ass. He saw her reflection in the mirror and paused when he saw her panties. They were powder blue and lacy like her bra. The contrast of the light blue and Wanda’s skin gave Julie pause long enough that Wanda was able to compose herself long enough to work Julie’s fly. Julie’s baggy pants fell down around his knees. Julie was as hard as a rock. Wanda squats down and pulls off Julies socks and shoes. Julie steps out of his jeans and Wanda pulls Julie’s dick from his Jockey shorts. Before Julie can say anything Wanda runs her tongue over his warm member. Wanda is shocked at how smooth the head of Julie’s dick is on her tongue. Julie grunts in pleasure. Wanda quickly wraps her lips around Julie. The heat hit Julie in a wave and his knees buckled. Wanda actually thought she had a chance to work Julie over with her mouth for a change.

Wanda pushed Julie back on to his bed. She quickly shimmied out of her pants and Jumped on Julie. She attacked Julie’s cock again with her mouth. Julie quickly pried Wanda off.

“Come on Julie, why not?” she asked clearly upset.

“You know it makes me all anxious just laying here,” Julie replied.

“I want to do this for you once before I go away,” Wanda said seriously.

“I don’t understand your obsession with this,” Julie said.

“I don’t want you to find someone else to do this for you while I’m away,” She told him seriously.

“No one is gonna take your place. You’re my whole world. You have been since I first saw you,” He said serious

“How would you feel if I didn’t let you take care of me?” Wanda asked.

“It’s not the same and you know it. You love it when I’m taking care of you. You can’t hurt me. As hard as you squeeze my head, Have I ever complained? he asked

“Exactly, I let you do me even though I end up half crushing you when you put me over.” she reasoned.

“No no no, I love it when you clamp down like that. You would hate it if I thrust on you the way I want to the whole time you do me. All I can think is don’t thrust. Its no fun being passive like that.” Julie explained.

“You’re so frustrating sometimes,” Wanda complained.

“You want to complain or want to have fun our last night? Cause those are some really sexy bra and panties you wore for fighting. I can think of a lot of better things you could do with those drawers.” Julie joked

“Seriously, Escort Anadolu Yakası you don’t get to do me until you let me do you.” Wanda said.

“OK starting after you leave for college,” Julie replied.

“Deal,” Wanda said as sat on Julie’s face.

The heat from Julie’s mouth went right through Wanda’s lacy panties. Wanda shuddered as Julie’s tongue pressed through the material. Julie deftly applied pressure to Wanda’s clitoris. Wanda’s juices were already flowing down Julie’s chin. Wanda couldn’t help but grind into Julie’s face. She understood what Julie meant about it being difficult to resist the urge. Wanda was already close to orgasm and She was still in her panties. Julie gripped the sides of Wanda’s and was pulling them down her hips. The sensation of the lace sliding down her ass pushed Wanda to the brink of her first orgasm of the night. Julie’s head was pressed deep into the pillow as Wanda shuddered as the warmth flowed across her hips and stomach. Wanda collapsed next to Julie on the pillow. Julie was breathing heavily.

Wanda buried her face in Julie’s hot sweaty neck. Julie kissed her on the forehead. When Julie caught his breath he snapped the hooks on Wanda’s bra.

“Julie, give me a second,” Wanda pleaded softly.

“Shhhh” Julie whispered

Julie pulled Wanda’s panties to the side.

“Julie,” Wanda whispered softly in his ear.

“I’ll be gentle,” Julie promised

Julie’s warm penis slid tenderly into the warm velvety walls of Wanda’s pussy. Wanda took a deep breath as the warmth of Julie’s member flowed through her. It was like waters parting. Julie was fanatical about using condoms and Wanda almost never experienced the heat from Julie’s sex without the latex barrier. The heat felt so good as it flowed through Wanda. It was like a slow burn flowing through her.

“Julie” she whispered again as the heat was starting to have a serious effect on her.

“I’m OK” he reassured her.

“You promise?” she asked in a whisper.

Julie responded by kissing her deeply. Julie kissed her neck again. The waves of pleasure Wanda felt radiating from his lips were strong enough that Julie felt her constrict around him as they passed over her.

“I love you,” she whispered as Julie slowly made love to her.

“I love you too,” he said looking deep into her eyes.

Wanda constricted around Julie cock as he rocked slowly inside her. The head of Julie’s cock slowly slid across her g spot. The pressure and heat started to curl Wanda’s toes. Wanda’s velvety walls were getting hot and tingly as mini-explosions were running through her pelvis.

Julie softly bit Wanda’s neck and he could feel her crest. She was about to tip over into climax. The heat she was giving off was pushing Julie to his limit as well. He tried to slow his pace but Wanda was past the point of no return. She was bucking with all her might. Julie started to protest but felt a jolt run through his body. Wanda’s mouth hung open in shock as Julie spilled hot seed inside her edging pussy walls. The added warm lubrication made it possible for Julie to pump harder and faster as Wanda imploded around him in orgasm. Wanda felt her spirit leave her body as though she was looking down on her and Julie in bed.

Julie collapsed into Wanda’s soft chest. He was a sweaty mess. He was gasping for ai. Julie’s loins were still burning from the heat of Wanda’s lovemaking. He closed his eyes and fell fast asleep.

Wanda shook him awake. Julie didn’t know how long he had been out. Wanda had already gotten dressed.

“Julie I have to go finish packing for school.” she said sadly.

“Why did you let me sleep our last day together?” Julie asked upset.

“You used up a lot of energy today.” Wanda told him

Julie got up to hold Wanda one last time before he said goodbye till Winter break.

“I love you Julie.” Wanda told him fighting back the tears.

“Hey hey, I’ll see you at Christmas.” Julie reassured her.

“I’ll call you before we leave.” she promised.

“I love you babe.” Julie said kissing her before she slipped out his bedroom door.

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