Walk in Woods


I needed to get my soul recharged, so I took a day off work and went to the local nature center to walk the trails there. It was in the middle of the week and I saw only a couple of cars in the parking lot when I arrived at the center. Following the signs, I took the route of the longest trail thru the center. Spring had arrived about a month before so all of the trees had new leafs on them. I was glad that I took my jacket with me as it was cool in the morning but I was sure that it would warm up by noon. Just walking thru these beautiful woods was making me feel much better and the best part was that it seemed that I had it all to myself at that point.

Ahead of me the path curved to the left and I saw someone coming towards me. I was disappointed that someone was breaking my illusion that I had the woods to myself but when that someone turned out to be a gorgeous woman, I wished that I could walk with her. She was about 5’ 9” high with an exquisite 36e-26-36 body. Her hair was shoulder length blond and she was wearing shorts with a leotard type blouse. But she looked like she was in some distress and the other funny thing about her was that her breasts were clearly outlined from the rest of her top. It looked liked she had dipped her breasts only in some type of liquid.

“Hi Miss.” As I saw no ring on her fingers, I thought it would be the best salutation. “Can I be of any help?” I said. She said to me, looking at me with the dreamiest brown eyes, “Do you know from here, how long it would take to get back to the parking lot?”

“My best guess is that it would take 30-45 minutes from here.” I said with a smile.

She said with an uncomfortable smile, “Oh No! That’s going to be too long!”

I replied, “My name is Fred. You look like you are in trouble of some sort. Is there anything that I could do to help? Surely such a lovely woman like you shouldn’t be troubled in these beautiful woods?”

With those lovely eyes looking right into my soul she said, “Hi. My name is Becky. I feel like such an idiot. Somewhere back there I took a wrong turn and ended up out here a lot longer than I planned to be. A couple of months ago I had a baby and I am still breastfeeding him. My best friend is watching my baby while I took the opportunity to get some time to myself in these woods. What I didn’t Maltepe escort bayan plan on is now my breasts are now full and leaking like crazy and it’s painful.”

My mouth almost dropped open when I understood what her problem was and I replied to her, “Oh My Gosh! Becky. I think its every guys fantasy to suck milk from a woman’s breast. I would be willing to do that for you. But where could we do it out here without being seen by someone?

Now with a smile, she said, “ Thanks, Fred, you would be a lifesaver and I think I have an answer to your question. Just follow me.” She turned around and headed back the way she came and I followed her. 10 minutes later we were at a little clearing and there before my eyes was an Indian tepee and a garden of sorts. I could see corn and some other plants growing there. This must be some sort of educational exhibit I thought but I didn’t see any door on the tepee. So I suggested to Becky that we look on the backside of the tepee and there we found the flap into the tepee.

We entered the tepee and saw a hard dirt floor that was lit by the light coming down from the top. Becky was giggling, put her jacket on the floor and I put mine next to hers. With her back to me, she took off her top showing off her sexy back muscles and the white bra strap running across. Then she reached back and undid the clasp of the bra. Dropping the bra, she turned to face me with her hands holding up her breasts to offer them to me. Never in my life have I seen such perfect mouth watering breasts. Her nipples were standing out hard as a rock and I could see drops of milk falling off them. At least three fingers across and round, as a silver dollar was her dark aureole.

“Please.” was all she said and that broke the spell that she had woven on me. I came forward and put my lips around her right nipple and started to suck. This was the most erotic moment of my life. Here was this beautiful sexy woman letting me suck the milk out of her breasts. Could life get any better? I don’t think so. Her milk was so sweet tasting and I stared to caress her breast at the same time. Becky stared to moan and said, “That feels so good. Please do the other one too!”

So I switched to the other breast and started to enjoy the milk from that one too. Now I had the father of all Escort Maltepe erections threatening to put a hole in my shorts and then Becky started to rub her pussy up against my cock. If she kept that up I knew that I wouldn’t last long. So I use my hand to rub her pussy thru her shorts and Becky moaned her approval. All that mattered to me now was drinking the milk from her breasts like my life depended on it. Back and forth from each nipple I went sucking, as I had never did since I was a baby. I was lost in all of the sensations from the warmth of her breasts and milk.

Then Becky pushed against me and said, “Fred, take off your clothes and lay on the floor using our jackets for a pillow.” As I did so Becky removed her shorts and panties. I could see that she had a trimmed bush and her pussy lips were swollen and very wet. Looking at this woman, I thought to myself Hugh Hefner eat your heart out. Finally, I got settled on the floor and it felt like my cock was so tall and hard that it could have support the roof of the teepee all my itself. Then Becky stood over my chest and started to pull on her breasts and nipples to express her milk. Drops of milk started to fall all over my chest and face. It was so sexy to see this woman pouring milk out of her breast with such a look of lust on her face.

Now Becky position her dripping pussy right over my cock and she lowered herself down on to my throbbing member. Oh! Sweet Heaven! The muscles in her pussy gripped my cock like a boa constrictor and it sent such a thrill to my brain. Of course at that time my brain was in my cock. Then Becky lowered her breasts to mine and stared to rub our bodies together using the milk as a lubricant. At last she looked into my eyes with hers and then she gave me the most soulful kiss of my life.

I knew now that I had spent my life being incomplete and now joining together with Becky, I felt at last I was whole. Her pussy was bobbing up and down on my cock causing me to have the most indescribable feelings. My hands were running up and down her back then landing to rest gripping those buns of steel. I was trying to thrust deeper into her pussy as if I could touch her tonsils with my cock. Becky started to shake and moan louder at the same time. I reached between us and rubbed her clit. This put her over the edge Maltepe Rus Escort and she was having the orgasm of her life and I started to come too.

Now I knew what it felt like to be fireworks. To rise and explode in a burst of beauty only I was confined in that most glorious hot pussy. I was straining to come so hard that I thought I was having a heart attack and this pain felt so good that I didn’t want it to end. But it did and as I came back to earth I realized that Becky was laying on top of me breathing like she just ran the four-minute mile. Then I also realized that my cock was still hard and Becky felt that too and she grinned at me again thrusting her hips up and down again.

Becky raised herself up and now I could access those most bountiful breasts to my hearts content. I again started to suck the milk from that sweet lady. The taste and smell of this woman was driving me wild. To feel and caress those exciting breasts was heavenly. Becky bent her head forward and I shared with her some of the milk that I had just sucked from her breast with her. She moaned her approval and our tongues did a river dance together. I knew that I had found my life’s milk mate and I wanted to share my life with her.

Then all of a sudden, Becky lifted herself off my cock and I was bewildered and wondered what was going on. She spun around and now we were in a 69 position. Her mouth started to lick and suck my cock while she lowered her pussy to me.

For the first time, I could now taste the sweet nectar that flowed from her pussy and I could also taste the semen that I had just spilled into her. It was wonderful. I licked around her clit and I could feel her body shake when I did that. Her mouth and tongue was doing the most incredible things to my cock and I could feel the start of another orgasm. So I redoubled my efforts to lick and suck her sweet pussy so that we could both come together again.

It was fireworks time again. I put my tongue on her clit and make an all out attack on it. This worked for her and we both came again in glorious Technicolor fireworks. I was now spent as a gun’s discarded shell. Becky raised herself up looking dazed as a fighter who just lost the fight in the boxing ring. She turned around again and we kissed together for several minutes. “Becky” I said “ I came to these wood to get my battery recharged and I think that you just drained my charge right out of me!” “Oh Poor baby! “ she answered “You drained me of my milk so I think that we are even.” I hugged and kissed her again and hope that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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