Waking Up to a Dream Come True

Big Balls

Dorm life was always interesting. People sort of came and went as they pleased, privacy was something that was left back home, and finding strange people in your room was not all that uncommon. With that being said, you had to learn to expect the unexpected and take things as they came, and that is what this story is all about.

It was a Friday afternoon around 3:30 when I was walking back to my room after a soccer game. I played in an intramural league and we had just busted our asses and won in a shootout, so I was in a good mood. On my way back to my room, I remembered my roommate was headed back home for the weekend, so I would have the room to myself for the weekend. I didn’t have anyone I was seeing at the time, but it was college life in the dorms, so no roommate was a rare opportunity for a little privacy if you could find someone or a little quiet time if not, so I looked forward to the idea. I had been talking to one of the girls who lived on my floor, so I figured this would be a good weekend to try to hook up with her.

When I got back to the dorm I went and showered off before I went down the hall to see who all was going to go out that night. I showered off and went back to my room to dry off and get dressed. I was already thinking about the possibility of hooking up that evening when I got back to my room and was getting hard thinking about it. We had already gone past innocent flirting and I was imagining what I was going to do to her. The more I thought about it, the harder I got. All of the moving around while drying off, thinking about what might happen that evening, and paying attention to how hard I was getting, I didn’t notice that I hadn’t pushed my door all the way closed.

Now, I need to tell you about my R.A., Julie. She was one of those bubbly types, always in a good mood and fun to be around, not the weird, ditzy types. She was cute in every sense of the way, beautiful smile, bright blue eyes, short brown hair, small but perky tits, but she had one amazing feature. She had one of if the most incredible asses that I had ever seen. It was so nicely shaped, not too flat, not too big, just amazingly shaped and set off by a tiny little waist and legs that looked longer than they should have as short as she was. Many a time I had thought about her as when I had gotten myself off, imagined grabbing hold of it while she rode me, it was a favorite fantasy of mine. However, she was a few years older than me and had a steady boyfriend who lived off campus at one of the frat houses, so she remained a fantasy.

Back to the story, it was a standing rule in dorm life that if the door isn’t locked, it was safe to enter, and I hadn’t locked my door. I heard the door open and Julie walk in, already talking as she entered the room. “Hey Kyle, are you going to go …” She stopped dead in her tracks when she walked in the room and saw me. I was standing there, gerçek porno drying my hair with my towel and nothing else on. I was mostly erect at this point from my thoughts about the girl down the hall for tonight, but that was about to change.

Julie looked at me at first in shock that she had walked in on me naked and froze for a minute. She looked at my face at first, trying not to look away. I stood up straight and slid my towel off of my head and put it around my neck, hanging on my shoulders. I did not move to cover up, I did not move at all, well, almost not at all. After what felt like an eternity, but probably was only a few seconds, Julie began to look down at my cock. It was still semi-erect, but that was rapidly changing. I kept looking at her while she stood frozen, staring at my cock. I was getting more excited, this beautiful woman who I had masturbated to many times, stood staring at my cock. As she watched, it began to swell more, bouncing as my pulse increased, until it stood fully erect, all the while, I never took my eyes off of her and she never took her eyes off of it. I watched her intensely, I could see her breathing had quickened and had grown shallow, her face was getting flush, her nipples visibly hardening under her tight shirt. All of this excited me more. I stood there, fully erect, my cock bobbing lightly with every heartbeat. I never looked down at it, but I could feel a drop of precum forming on the tip. When this happened, Julie breathed in heavily and slightly bit her bottom lip. She then quickly looked away and said hurriedly “I’ll talk to you later” turned, and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

I stood there, hard as ever, from something that seemed to last an eternity (which was probably about 2 minutes total) which neither one of us moved until she left. I reached down, and started to stroke myself, using the precum as lubricant. Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind, flashes of her riding me, wishing she had come over and taken hold of me and started sucking, wanting to pick her up and screw her against the wall, imagining if she had run back to her room to masturbate as I was now doing. It was that image that sent me over the edge, the image of her running down the hall, closing the door behind her, unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans as quick as she could, pulling them and her thong off as quickly as she could and fingering herself with one hand while playing with her clit with the other as fast and hard as she could and cumming in a shaking orgasm that pushed me over the edge. My body began to shake, my knees started quivering, I could feel my balls tightening up. I fell forward against the wall, catching myself with my left arm, holding myself up as I shot spurt after spurt out, my hips bucking uncontrollably. After I finished, I cleaned up and sat down for a few, trying to catch gay porno my breath and take in what just happened.

I went out later that night with the people down the hall. Katie, the girl I originally had in mind for the evening, ended up going home for the weekend, so when we got back to the dorm, I hung out with everyone for a little while, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier that day. When I had had enough of the evening, I went back to my room and hadn’t even finished getting undressed before I had a raging hard-on from thinking about that afternoon. I got some lotion, got in bed, and thought about that afternoon. I replayed the whole scene again, this time though I imagined her standing there, me walking over to her, quietly undressing her while she never says a word, just keeps looking at my face, I pick her up, her eyes close and we fuck on the desk, when she cums she leans back, arches her back and has a quivering orgasm. This image causes me to cum, sending ropes of cum up onto my chest and stomach. I lay there for a few minutes to catch my breath, clean up and quickly fall asleep.

Saturday morning came and I was only half awake. Before I opened my eyes all the way, I could tell I was hard. Great, a wonderful case of morning wood I thought, still not having opened my eyes. I rolled from my side onto my back, my dick pressing against my shorts, begging to get out. It was then that I felt a hand start rubbing the underside of my dick, cupping my balls lightly, stroking up and down on the fabric of my shorts. I thought for sure I was still dreaming, but I didn’t want it to stop. I smiled, my eyes still closed, still believing this to be a dream, when I felt the covers get pulled off and someone moving on my bed. I opened my eyes to see someone crawling away from me down my right side. She was wearing a loose white tee shirt with no bra and very short, red shorts with no panties which rode up on her, exposing her ass and pulled up tight, slightly spreading her pussy lips, showing how engorged they were already. I reached up and put my hand on her ass and slid it down her ass crack and over her pussy lips as she crawled away.

When she got to my feet, she turned around and I saw that it was Julie. She moved in between my legs and reached up and tugged on my shorts. I raised my ass up as she slid them off of me, raising my legs as she pulled them off my ankles. She got up on her knees, reached down and pulled her top off, exposing her perky little tits. She then leaned back, and slid off her shorts, exposing her shaved pussy. She tossed both off of the bed got up to her knees, then leaned forward on all fours, sliding up me, but just barely touching me the whole way up. As she went by my dick, she slowed to lick it once from the bottom all the way up to the head, then continued sliding up me, my dick rubbing between her evli porno tits as she passed. As she slid up me, my dick rubbed over her pussy and she moaned slightly, but kept sliding up me. I eagerly sucked on her right breast as it went by, and she stopped there for a few seconds. I took this opportunity to suck on her tits, but that was secondary to what I wanted. I reached around with both hands and grabbed that wonderful ass of hers and squeezed. I massaged and kneaded it, spreading her cheeks out and grabbing tightly. I could feel on my stomach that she was soaked as she was dripping onto me. I reached my right hand around and easily slipped two fingers inside of her, causing her to moan slightly. As I slid them out I ran them up her ass, causing her to push her ass out farther, pressing against my hand as my finger went past her hole. With our bodies both lubricated now with her juices and our sweat, she slid down me now, her full weight on me. I reached around her and grabbed hold of my cock and pointed it upwards as she slid down me. She slowed when the head of my dick pushed up against her lips, but then she slid down again, with me easily penetrating her.

She raised up now, her body at a 45 degree angle to mine, her knees on the bed, riding me slowly, my hands firmly gripping her ass. She closed her eyes and dropped her head forward, moaning deeply with each thrust. Our hips moved as one, both of our breathing heavy and hard with each thrust. I could feel her rock her hips against mine with each thrust, rubbing her clit up and down on me as she slid up and down on my cock. I was in pure extacy, doing everything I could to keep from cumming. I moved my hands up from off of her ass to on her hips, my thumbs pressing in on her pubic mound. This brought an instant change in her actions. She bent her back forward further than before, her breathing became a guttural grunt every time she came down on me. She began moving up and down faster and faster and I could feel her body begin to shake. Her stomach muscles began to quiver and then she straightened up, arching her back just for a moment, then her orgasm hit her. Her stomach muscles tightened all at once, her whole body quivering. Her pussy clamped down on me in rapid succession, bringing about my orgasm, my body bucking on the bed with her slumped forward on top of me, both of us moving together in the throws of our orgasms. While our orgasms were fading but before they were gone, our mouths finally met, she took her hands, grabbing my face, our tongues trying to explore every inch of each other’s mouth, our bodies still spasming from our orgasms. As soon as we both calmed down, we pulled away from our kiss, she laid her head down beside mine, on my shoulder.

We laid there panting for several minutes with me still inside of her until I finally slid out. She raised up, gave me one more deep, hard, kiss, rolled off of me, and got up off of the bed. She stood up and walked across the room to retrieve her clothes. She picked them up, put them on, walked back over to me, kissed me one more time, smiled, then walked out the door with never a word said.

My fantasy had finally come true.

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