Volleyball Team Ch. 04


I had gone to the beach with my camera to get pictures and maybe hook up with women. I got more than I bargained for. I found Sandy and offered to take nude pictures of her. At first I thought she blew me off but then she showed up with her entire volleyball team and they offered to let me take pictures of them at their home.

The picture taking turned into a full blown reverse 10 on 1 gang bang and I was the “1”. After I shot my wad I expected to leave but they invited me to spend the night, sleeping with one of them, in the nude since I had not brought any sleep wear.

I picked the names of five of them from a basket and was told that I was to sleep with them in order and needed to change beds every time I came. I fucked Jennifer that night but was so tired I fell asleep with sandy and fucked her in the morning. I had breakfast downstairs. The next two on the list were Tara and Darlene. Darlene was kind of the head of the house and wanted to pull rank and have me fuck her first.


Amazon at the Pool

I retrieved my camera and went out to the pool. They had clearly ignored my statement asking them to wear their bikinis. I wanted some photos of that and then of them stripping. So I would just have photos of most of them naked from the beginning.

I set up the light umbrellas in a corner where they could catch sunlight and direct it into an area that looked good for some posed shots. Then I went over to the pool and started taking candids.

I had my first chance to really appreciate their beauty. There wasn’t even a “just good looking” woman in the bunch. Sure some had smaller breasts but none were flat and none had breasts that sagged or did anything other than point right out at me. They all had good figures with nice waists and decent hips. Some had smaller butts and some had nice full ones but none had tummies that protruded or really big butts. Their arms and legs were also in great shape, no toothpicks here nor any showing signs of fat.

I took photos as the women, now all naked, sunbathed and swam and dived. I had a waterproof container for one of my cameras and I used it to get underwater shots of women entering the water after dives, swimming underwater, and, of course, pictures of naked bodies underwater with heads invisible above the water. They gladly exposed every part of their bodies to me, spreading their legs as I came close and reaching down to spread their pussy lips or slip their fingers inside.

I had more fabulous shots of fabulous women in a few hours than I usually would get in a year of effort.

I went over to my light umbrellas and invited the ladies for posed shots. The first one over was Lauren, Jennifer’s roommate. She came out of the pool like an amazon or the daughter of the gods. She is easily the largest of the girls, almost six feet tall and built, as they say, like a brick house. Starting from the top her wet hair fell in straight tresses to her shoulders framing her perfectly oval face and light brown eyes. She has a thin, moderate sized nose and a wide but thin mouth. She had easily the largest breasts of the group, a pair of round honeydew melons which showed no sign of sagging. Her large aureoles were almost invisible, being only slightly darker than her uniformly tanned skin, surrounded by a thin ring of lavender and sporting two dime sized nipples, both in diameter and height. Her arms and legs showed evidence of being worked out, not large but clearly muscular. she had large hips and her body thinned obviously at her waist but it was not slender. Later, I asked if she knew her measurements and she told me “40-30-44”.

She asked me if I would be taking all the pictures standing and when I told her I would like to get some of her lying down or sitting she went to the pool and brought over an inflated pool raft and one of the plastic patio chairs.

I asked her to pose like the amazon she was standing with her arms in various positions. I took pictures from all angles. Then I asked her to lie on the mat. On her back, the curve of her abdomen dove into her hips and an obvious hair covered mound marked her pubes. Her breasts flattened only slightly and separated to each side.

I had her position herself with her cunt to the camera and separate her legs to get good pussy shots. Her pussy hair covered the large labia lightly but not around the slit where her fleshy, pink and brown inner lips protruded prominently. I reached in to spread the lips slightly and felt that her hair was like a light down covering soft pillows of flesh. My cock hardened as I separated the moist inner lips. They enlarged and spread apart at my touch, revealing her reddish pink opening.

I tried to get her nipples erect but, even though Ataşehir Escort they hardened, they didn’t stand out much from her breasts. However her aureoles firmed up, wrinkled, pinkened and stood out, forcing a slight dimple in the center of the nipples.

Black Beauty

As I was focusing on posing Lauren’s body and getting pictures, someone came up behind me, reached around and stroked my cock. I turned to see Tara, her chocolate body gleaming in the sunlight. “Sweetie, You should get some sunblock on this ivory snake,” she said. “You will be very uncomfortable if it burns. It looks like it’s been in a cave for it’s whole life.”

I had to admit that I had definite “tan lines.” Most of my body was lightly tan from weekends at the beach but there were farmer’s tan lines on my arms and the area around my crotch and privates was pale as snow.

“Let me take a few more pictures of Lauren,” I said.

“I have time to grease you up now,” Tara replied. “And I believe I’m next to use your cock.”

I decided not to hesitate and told Lauren, “I’m finished for now.”

Tara had me lie on the inflatable raft and began spreading the sunblock she had in her hand on my back and then my my legs and then my butt. She pushed it inside my butt crack and rubbed it on my shit hole and balls. She asked me to turn over and carefully covered my face and neck then my shoulders and arms. She worked her way down my body and worked on the front of my legs before paying attention to my cock.

She licked and sucked my cock until it was hard as a rock and then gently and expertly gave me a hand job using the sun block as lubricant.

Sensing that I was about to cum she stopped. “I think that will do for now,” she said. “How about taking my picture and then let’s fuck.”

“Darlene says she’s next,” I said.

“That girl always wants to take control,” she said. “We know I’m next. If you’ll be sure to do her before you leave she won’t care anyway. That’s all she wants — a cock to fuck — sometime today. If there was another guy here then she’d be just as happy with his.”

I had her stand in the sun to take photos. The tone of her skin shimmered and changed in the light from dark to light chocolate with golden brown highlights depending on how she stood. Kind of like the way velvet gets darker or lighter depending on the viewing angle. I tried to get still photos that would show the differing patterns of light but knew they wouldn’t really show the shimmering effect so I picked up my video camera. I noticed the tape was almost full. They had taken a lot of video of last night’s gang bang. I rummaged around and found a blank. I had Tara move around to catch the sun but could tell from the display that the effect was not the same on video. I hoped that it might be visible on a bigger screen but suspected the effect needed to be seen in person.

Then I had her lie on the raft. I had been so absorbed in the play of the light on her dark skin I hadn’t noticed her lovely curves. And her eyes! They were round and a sparkling deep brown set in a round face with black, shoulder length, curly hair. She had large, half cantaloupe sized breasts with deep black aureoles and nipples. She had a deep black bush of tightly curling hair at her crotch obscuring everything behind. She was slim and tall, maybe five-eight with a very tiny waist and slim hips.

As I positioned her for photos of her pussy I could see she had dark black inner lips peeking out from large, fleshy, chocolate outer lips with very little hair between her legs. I reached in to spread her lips and as I did so she said with a lilting tone, “If you get to feel, I think I should too!”

“Later,” I said, feeling my cock rising to the implied challenge. Her vulva was soft as velvet but with somewhat coarse pubic hair. The inside of the almost black inner lips was a delicate pink, darkening toward her vaginal entrance. I couldn’t resist spreading her vagina with my fingers to see that the pink deepened almost to red the further in I could see. Maybe it was just the light.

I took a couple of pictures of her spread and she called out, “Ariel, come over here.”

A short woman with brown hair, handful sized breasts, rings in both nipples, a partially shaved clam for a pussy and a voluptuous figure (a perfect hourglass but a bit wide for her height) came over. Tara motioned her over and whispered in her ear. She went in the house and returned just as I was finishing my spread pussy shots. She put a handful of condoms on the ground next to Tara.

“My turn,” Tara said. “Give Ariel your camera.”

Cherry Fuck

Ariel reached out her hand and without thinking I gave the camera to her. She immediately Ataşehir Escort Bayan focused on my semi-erect penis and fired off a couple of shots.

“Let’s see,” Tara said, examining the condom selection and picking a red package. “Yum, cherry!”

She opened the package to reveal a bright red disk. “Come here, white boy.” I obliged and she licked my penis to harden it and then quickly and expertly unrolled the disk giving me a bright red cock. “Cherry popsicle!” she exclaimed and sucked the whole thing into her mouth.

I felt her tongue exploring every square millimeter of my cock. She licked gently and then vigorously and then gently again, lapping at the tip and then around the sides and making firm circuits around the sensitive area just below the head. Meanwhile she frequently sucked in on it. It was the most exquisite blow job I had ever experienced. I leaned my head back and felt my knees start to buckle.

She pulled her mouth away to say, “don’t give up on me now, white boy.” And returned to work.

I grasped her shoulders to steady myself and she moved my hands to her breasts. They were soft and lubricated with sweat. I grabbed then firmly, feeling the aureoles and nipples harden in my palms. Her tongue movement quickened and pushed more firmly on my cock. I felt the cum rising inside and gasped.

She quickly released her mouth and grabbed the base of my cock tightly with one hand. “Not yet, sweetie, I need you inside me.” I felt a couple of drops of semen squeeze through her grip but she held on and my climax abated. I took several deep breaths.

She swung around and crouched on her knees and elbows presenting her ass to me. “Come on sweetie, put that red and white popsicle inside!” she told me.

As I knelt behind her and positioned my cock for entry I noticed we had a crowd. Ariel was still working the still camera. Jennifer had picked up the video camera and was shooting the action. Another five or six of the girls were watching with interest, two of them stroking away at their clits.

I tried to ignore the audience and focused on the chocolate ass in front of me. I rubbed my finger over her vulva, gently pushed the lips aside, and pushed two fingers into the warm, wet gap. I pushed my cock against my fingers and let them guide it to the target. It slipped all the way in without resistance.

I grabbed her hips and attempted to pull out in order to begin my stroking. She tightened her vaginal muscles bringing me an incredible feeling of pleasure to my entire cock. She had me so tight I couldn’t pull out.

“No, baby,” she said. “Just move it around inside, save the in and out for later.”

I found that by moving my hips I could cause my cock to push against different parts of her vaginal walls and began with a circular motion.

“That’s it baby,” she moaned, “now up and down, now left and right, up, down, around. Ahh! that’s the spot, sweetie!”

She stopped giving directions and I kept moving it around inside her as she moaned lightly while moving her ass to increase the movement. Then she said, “You white guys need directions for everything don’t you. Don’t just keep your hands on my ass. My tits and clit need attention too!”

I bent over her and moved my hands to those incredible large nipples, rolling them between my fingers and she pushed up against me moving her upper body so my hands stroked her breasts while my fingers played with her nipples. She shifted her weight so she could bring her left hand up to mine and pushed it down to her crotch.

I took the hint and moved my fingers to her clit. It was large but soft. As I pressed against it and started rubbing I realized that there was a rock hard nub inside which was shifting around inside the softer covering. Her moans increased and she began pushing against my finger not against my cock. As passion overtook her she released her vaginal grip on my cock and I felt it slide out. I jammed it back in and immediately felt the cum rising inside. I pushed in, hard, rather than pulling out and continued to massage her right breast and nipple and her swollen clit.

She began moving her hips so my cock was sliding in and out. I let her hips do that work and concentrated on moving up and down, side to side to press against the walls of her vagina as it slid by. Suddenly I orgasmed, cum streamed out and I grunted loudly, jamming my cock inside her cavity and just pressing hard on her breast and clit. She kept moving and moaning as my balls emptied into the condom.

I collapsed onto her back and she pulled away allowing my shrinking, red covered cock to fall free. She turned to me, grabbed the condom and pulled it off. Semen was still Escort Ataşehir dripping out. Ariel shoved the camera into the hands of the woman next to her and quickly began licking the semen from my tip. Then she engulfed the entire thing in her mouth and sucked it dry.

Tara held the condom in front of me, “Have a taste, sweetie,” she said.

Not knowing what else to do, I opened my mouth and she squeezed the contents in. It did taste of cherry. “Not bad,” I lied to her.


“So, you got your time in with Tara,” Darlene was standing there. She grabbed the condom from Tara and sucked it dry, wrapping it around her tongue to get every drop. “Now it’s definitely my turn!”

“Not until I get my orgasm!” Tara insisted, dropping back onto the raft and pulling my head to her cunt. “69! Give me that white worm!”

I gently moved my fingers into her black muff and spread the lips to expose the pink inside. My limp cock dangled above her head and she grabbed my hips and began licking at my pee-hole, nowhere else, just the hole, pushing the tip of her tongue slightly inside.

I pushed two fingers into her vagina and began rubbing her soft round clit with my thumb, rolling the hard nub back and forth. She arched her back and moved her hips up to my face. She pushed her fingers into my butt crack and began massaging my asshole, still licking at my pee-hole.

Two pairs of hands were pushed under my tummy and I realized a couple of the other women were massaging her breasts. A strand of hair brushed my face, someone was using one of the cameras to shoot close-ups of my actions at her pussy. Then another pair of hands started gently fondling my balls.

I pushed four fingers into the pussy at my face. They went in with some resistance. “That’s like it, white boy, but use your tongue, use your tongue.”

I licked at her vulva, there was a strong flavor of cherry from the condom mixed with her sour, almost lemon-like pussy juices. I began to lick her clit as hard and fast as I could, forcing my entire hand inside and rotating it to rub her g-spot. I began stroking my hand in and out, my thumb coming free on the out stroke and pushing it in, against resistance. She began moving her hip in unison with my strokes. “That’s it, white boy!”

Remembering how she wanted me to move my penis inside her I pushed my hand in as far as it would go, almost to the wrist and then worked it side to side and around while wiggling my fingers inside. “Oh, yeah! white boy, you learned, you learned.” She started writhing her entire body moving, completely neglecting my cock in her face.

I kept licking hard and fast at her clit, moving my hand in and out as fast as I could and moving it around each time it went all the way in. She began saying “yes! yes! yes!” softly each time I had it all the way in.

I made quick thrust in and her hips jerked hard into my face as she tightened all her muscles. “YES!” she yelled out. Her cunt tightened around my hand so I could hardly move it. “YES!” she yelled again as her tummy began quivering and muscular waves pulled at my hand inside her cunt.

The she began writhing again, moaning in delight as the waves of passion pulsed through her vagina and body. She relaxed, her vagina released its hold on my hand, and she whispered, “Good, white boy, very good!” I moved my hand around inside her and licked her clit a few mote times. She tensed up and moved with seeming pleasure so I continued for several minutes. She licked at the tip of my cock and began moving her body back and forth.

“Okay, enough, when’s my turn.” That was Darlene.

“Don’t stop, white boy,” was Tara’s response. I didn’t.

I didn’t move my hand out, I just moved it around inside, wiggling my fingers. Tara kept moving her body back and forth and came again. This time her body didn’t tense up. Her vagina suddenly tightened around my hand and began pulsating strongly. She sucked what felt like my entire cock into her mouth and held it in until her vagina released me again. I continued stroking inside her until all the vaginal twitching had subsided and then pulled my hand out and raised my head, bumping Jennifer’s head. She was holding my video camera only a few inches from Tara’s cunt. I wondered if there was any possibility that she had the focus right and held my pussy juice covered hand to the camera and then stuck each finger in my mouth in turn to suck the juice off.

Tara, remained on her back, smiling, “Oh my! … White boy, when you coming back?”

I knelt down beside her put one hand on a breast, massaged the nipple between its with thumb and forefinger and kissed her full on the lips. She inserted her tongue and swept it around my mouth. As she withdrew her tongue I reciprocated and she sucked it inside. I gently pulled away, moved my hand to her crotch and inserted a finger inside. She clasped her thighs together around my wrist as I withdrew my hand, sliding my finger firmly up her slit and over her clit. I arose, sucking the pussy juice off my finger.

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