Visit at the Trailer Park Pt. 04


Steve stood there watching Rob’s girlfriend eat Rob’s cum out of his wife. Rob jumped out of bed and put his finger to his lips, indicating that Steve should stay quiet. Deb had her ass in the air, her cunt exposed, as she twirled her tongue around Barb’s clit. Barb was moaning, “Oh Jesus. Ahhhh OMG Deb, my cunt is on fire. Your tongue is making me cum. Oh, Oh fuck, this feels so good”

Steve couldn’t resist. His little cock was hard as he moved toward Deb. Rob thought he was going to fuck her, but instead, he bent down and began tonguing her ass. As far as he knew, this was the first time Deb has ever been rimmed. She didn’t know Steve was there and thought Rob was tonguing her. “OMG, Rob!! Oh, your tongue feels so good in my ass. Please don’t stop!! Oh Barb, my boyfriend is tonguing my ass. Turn over. I want to do you.”

As Barb turned over, she noticed that it was not Rob, but her husband tonguing Deb’s ass. She wanted to say something but Rob and Deb had gave her more sexual pleasure than she ever had in her two years of marriage, so said nothing. Deb said, “Oh, this feels nasty. Oh Jesus Rob, how can something so nasty feel so good? Oh Rob, baby, it feels so good, Bostancı Escort don’t stop. Oh, Oh, fuck!!”

Deb looked at Barb’s crinkled brown asshole and had second thoughts, but only for a second. She knew that if Rob’s is tonguing her ass, he would expect her to be compliant enough to do the same to her long-time girlfriend. She dove in, her tongue going deep into Barb’s ass. Barb moaned, “Oh, fuck yeah. God damn your tongue feels good. WOW. I hope my husband sucks my ass as well as you do.” Barb hoped Steve heard that as he was tonguing her girlfriend.

Steve had Deb wet and as he kept sucking and tonguing her ass, he was fingering her cunt. Deb was going nuts. He had two fingers sawing in and out of her cunt to the rhythm of his tongue. “Fuck it Rob. God it feels so good. Oh fuck, Oh fuck!! Steve raised up, lined his 4” cock with Deb asshole and pushed in.

“What the fuck. What are you doing? No Rob. Your cock is too big.” Deb looked over her shoulder and saw Steve. “Get off of me. I don’t do that. Oh, you are a fucking pervert!!”

Steve had a tight grip on her hips and Rob watched as he buried his cock in her asshole. “Oh Bostancı Escort Bayan God. No that hurts. Barb, Steve is fucking me in the ass. Tell him to stop. Please stop Steve. It hurts Ouch, oh shit. Where the fuck are you Rob? Get him out of my ass.” Steve was on a mission. He was going to fuck this lady until he shot in her ass.

Rob watched in amusement as Steve was power stroking his little cock into Deb’s virgin asshole. He figured he was getting her primed for when he insisted she take his big cock in her ass. While Deb was complaining, Barb was moaning, almost screaming, as Deb continued to tongue her ass. Barb said, “Oh God, OMG, Deb don’t stop. I think I am, Oh shit, I’m cummmming!!”

At the same time, Deb was actually beginning to enjoy the small cock in her ass. It hurt then began to feel oh so good. She too was ready to cum and told Steve, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck me harder Steve. Fuck me harder. Ooooh, OMG, your cock feels so good. Aaaah, Rob. Hold me. Hold me. I think I am going to cum.” Steve lunged one more time, Deb yelled, OOOOOH, Ouch, Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!!” Rob watched as Steve had all 4″ buried in Deb’s ass. Escort Bostancı His ass flexed and he shot his load as deep as he could go in her ass. Deb screamed, “WOW. Oh fuck. His cum is so hot. He shot his cum in my ass, Barb. Your husband just shot a load of his cum deep in my ass.”

Barb said, “Good for you baby. Good for you. Did you like fucking Deb’s ass?” Steve just smiled at his wife. He knew it was a rhetorical question as he always like fucking his wife in the ass.

Deb rolled on her back, laying side by side with her childhood friend. Both of their pussies were wet and cum was dripping out of Deb’s ass. Steve was smiling when Rob said, “Hey buddy. You think we ought to join them?” Rob lay by Barb as Steve joined Deb.

Rob’s cock was throbbing from watching the last 45 minutes and Barb reached over and began sucking his cock. She couldn’t get enough of Rob’s big cock and knew it wouldn’t be around forever. She got between his legs, took 5″,and gagged, but kept sucking. Her eyes, although moist, had that dreamy look one gets after already cumming multiple times. Rob turned to Deb and told her to suck Steve’s cock. She whined, “Rob, he just fucked me in the ass. It’s dirty.” He gave her THE look, the look that said he was not asking again, and she began sucking Steve’s cock. Both girls were between their legs, they were leaning back, and Steve had the biggest grin on his face.

Rob decided right then that the visit with the married couple has just begun.

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