Virgin Summer Ch. 2


(Please Read the pt. 1 of this story so you will have some understanding of this story)

It had been a few days since me and Nicole had our first time, and the world seemed kinder. I was nicer to my brother, my parents, and just everybody in general. I worked harder in my 2nd Semester of college and at work. Nicole on the other hand seemed to be having trouble adjusting. She kept telling me that it felt like everybody was staring at her, like she had done something wrong. I told her that she was old enough to have sex, and she shouldn’t feel that way. She continued on by saying that she wanted us to stop seeing each other for a few weeks so she could get things in her life figured out. I really didn’t want to leave her side, but knowing that this could stop future sexual encounters with her I reluctantly agreed. We said our good-byes over the phone and that was that…but not really

Just before we “broke up” Nicole told me that she had been planning a final sleepover with her best friend Misti on Friday before she left for college. I was going to sneak over to her house, and surprise her. Friday finally came and with it a sense of excitement. I had planned out every aspect of what was going to happen on Friday. When I would leave my house, when I would arrive at her house, and when I would get back home without anybody knowing. As the time went by I felt my insides starting to fell funny. I looked up at the clock in the living room. 11:45. By this time Nicole and Misti were probably giggling, eating popcorn, and watching a movie or something on the TV. I mocked yawned and went up to my room, and then climbed out my window. I walked quietly down my roof, and hopped onto the soft dirt just outside the kitchen. Feeling that I had accomplished phase one of my plans, I walked confidently down the street. I reached her house about ten minutes later and noticed that both of her parents were home, which was something that I hadn’t planned for. I hid behind a parked car and thought about how the hell I was gonna get inside the house of forbidden pussy.

Suddenly both of her parents exited the house, said their good-bye’s and left the house. They got in one car and sped away. This just got a whole lot easier, because with them gone I could just go through the backdoor instead of using the grappling-hook that I had hid behind there garage. I walked to the back door and knocked on it a few times. Thoughts şişli escort started to race through my mind. I didn’t know what would happen when the door opened. Would she be relieved to see me, or pissed off that I didn’t listen to her.

The door slowly opened and to my shock Nicole didn’t answer the door. It was her friend Misti. Misti was about 130, 5 foot 6, with tan skin and dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was much more developed in the chest than Nicole which made her more popular in school with the guys. She was wearing a pink T-shirt with a flower in the center with matching PJ bottoms. Like I said her chest was more developed and like the old saying goes, “Tits always look better in Pink” and she was no exception.

After snapping out of my daze, I asked if Nicole was around. She said that she was, but it would be smart if she didn’t see me now. I asked her if she could just tell Nicole to call me so I could just see how she is doing. Misti who was a real nice girl for being so hot agreed to give her the message.

“Who is it Misti?” asked Nicole from the Bathroom

“Ahh, just nobody.” she answered

She walked outside and the shut the door behind her, she had a wicked smile on her face. I backed up slowly but she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a slow, sexy kiss on my lips.

“Nicole is a dummy, not to stay in touch with you. If we were dating it would be terrific” she said before sucking on my bottom lip.

“Well, me and ‘Cole are really dating right now” I said hating myself for saying that

She grinned, and kissed me softly on the chin

“In that case why don’t we get together sometime…Like tonight”

My cock was swelling slowly with every word that came out of her mouth. Should I sleep with my friend’s best friend? Am I really that lucky?

Yes. Yes I was

“Ok here’s the plan,” I said taking charge of the situation. “When Nicole leaves the bathroom you need to open the window. When do you think that you two are gonna get to bed?” I asked

“In about 45 minutes.”

“Ok, just before you go to bed go to the bathroom. When you get in there flip the lights a few times. I’ll hop through the window and we should have all the privacy we need.

“So you want to fuck me in the bathroom?

“Do you know a better place?”

“Well, not really just as long and Nicole doesn’t find out it should be ok.”

“Ok I’ll see you in 45 minutes.”

“I’ll be ready and waiting,” she said

And with that she kissed me again on the lips and she went back in the house and I went into there garage and drank a few beers. I looked out one of the side windows on the garage and notice the bathroom light flicking on and off. I quickly finished my beer and ran to the window. I quickly looked through the window and saw Misti massaging her clit at a fever pitch.

I hopped through the window and she quickly pulled her hand out and placed it in my mouth. Her juice trickled down my throat and made my fleshy pole rock hard. As I sucked her fingers dry her hands began to paw at my growing crotch. I leaned up against the wall to brace myself. She took off her shirt and revealed the most beautiful set up breasts that I have ever seen in my life. She gave her nipples a quick pinch and then removed my shirt. I was quick to lean forward, and I began to suck her hard nipples. She arched her back in pleasure then gently pulled her nipples out of my mouth. She then began to lick both of my nipples, then slowly worked her way down my stomach. When she reached my jeans she unbuttoned, and unzipped them with her mouth, and deftly pulled down my boxers to free my cock.

“Nick has been thinking about me, hasn’t he?

“Hell Yeah!” I said.

She smiled and rubbed my dick against her warm face.

“I’ve had dreams about sucking off Nicole’s boyfriend in this very house.”

And with that she began to lick the head, and then slowly worked her way down to the shaft and began to slowly go down and come back up. After a few moments I placed my hands on over her ears that stopped her bobbing, and began slowly thrusting my hips. She took the hint and let me fuck her face. Her tongue danced around my hard member while I controlled the pace of the fuck. I pulled out completely and hit her on the nose with it a few times with my hard prick. Her tongue lashed out trying to get a taste, but I quickly shoved it back into her mouth. She lubed up my cock and blatantly said,

“Fuck me now.”

I pulled out my wallet and grabbed a rubber. I placed it over my dick and she unrolled the Trojan over my cock. She then torn down her bottoms and to my great surprise she was completely shaved. I quickly got on my knees and began to lick her pussy at great speeds. Juices gushed into my mouth as she had her first orgasm.

“Ah Ah Ah…Crap, Crap. I love th- I love this feeling…FUCK FUCK..I LOVE YOU!”

If I wasn’t so goddamn horny I probably would have stopped to think about what she had just said, but I wanted her so bad, and her soaking wet clit proved to me that she wanted me even more. When she regain her composure she stood up and switched places with me and stuck her luscious tan ass out. I stood up with my erect member, placed my hands on her hips and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. After just a few seconds of this she screamed.


She was a virgin too! I felt the blood hit my balls as it ran off the condom. She quickly covered her mouth realizing that Nicole might hear her. We moved over in unison as she locked the door and resumed the sex. I felt the walls of her vagina begin to milk my cock. I slowed the pace and she moaned in pleasure then it hit her.

“O, O, Ohhh, Ohhh my, Holy Shit, Don’t stop Don’t Stop, Shit, Shit, Shit. HOLY SHHHHHIIIIIITTTT”

Her orgasm slammed against my dick, the pressure forced me to pop as well. As she began to come down from her sexual high, I was reaching the peak. I fired my hips hard against her ass forcing her head to knock against the door. I slowed down the pace and finished with Misti panting heavily. Suddenly beyond the door I heard footsteps. It was Nicole. She was up and apparently had to use the bathroom. Misti slumped against the door and I quickly got rid of the condom and flushed it.

“Misti, are you alright you’ve been in there for awhile.”

I got dressed in record time and helped Misti to her feet. She sat down on the toilet and gave me a quick kiss goodbye. She leaned back and rested against the back of the toilet. Just before I ducked down to hide from Nicole she winked at me. I heard the door opened just a few moments after leaving the room.

“Christ, Misti what happened.”

“I got extremely horny so I came in here to get myself off. I hope that I didn’t wake you. It just wouldn’t have felt right if I did it in the same room with you.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Well to tell you a secret I’m horny too. I wonder what Nick is doing right now.

“I’m sure he is at home, thinking about you”

And with that I walked home, with the biggest smile on my face. I knew what I did to Nicole was wrong but at the same time I got to fuck her best friend. I hoped the last condom in my wallet would be used by me on one of them, but I didn’t know just how lucky I was.

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