Virgin Beauty Nude n Bedroom Window

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Amari a young virgin coed looked at herself in the mirror. She loved the color of her skin like a beach tan, with a slightly olive taint. Her lips were a precious natural pink. Her small dark nipples were slightly puffy with a point. Her breasts were small but firm. Her black hair matched her black pubic hair. Amari turned so she could study her side profile. Her own beauty turned her on. Her frontal view was spectacular with a pussy mound that expressly blended with her curves and pussy cleft, and her clit stood out surrounded by her bushy pussy hair. She was ravishing and she knew it.

Amari walked about her room doing little chores and passing by her open second story bedroom window in a tantalizing nude exhibition if anyone happened to be looking.

In the alley below, Donnie a well practiced cat burglar and thief, walked along in the twilight. He looked up and saw an open window with a light on, just missing the glamorous naked body of Amari. He new someone was home by the light, but upstairs, and he might be able to slip in downstairs for items of value. Donnie sneaked through the back yard along the fence line. He crept up to the back door and checked it. The door knob wouldn’t turn. It was locked. He quietly jiggled it, and the worn door jam allowed the door to slip open.

Donnie let himself in and used a flashlight to look around. On the top of a washing machine he saw a pair of frilly panties just the right size for a dainty female. Snatching them up and sniffing them deeply, “hmm,” he quickly stuffed them in his pocket. There wasn’t any thing else of much value and it was early in the evening so he didn’t want to get into the main part of the house where the occupants appeared to be awake. He saw a purse and a nice pair of high heeled shoes by the door. He grabbed them, put the shoes in the purse and thought that at least he could sell those if he didn’t get anything better that night. Quickly he looked around, saw a bra and a blouse hung up to dry. He took those and quietly slipped out the door.

Amari passed by the window again. The night air and a slight breeze felt so good that she was tempted to stand in front of the window and just look out into the night. Instead she folded some clothes by her dresser.

Quietly Donnie glanced up to the window with a light. Seeing nobody he quietly went back to the alley. Almost Şerifali Escort past the property a dog started barking.

Amari heard the dog disturbance and called the police.

Donnie slipped past the dog and it finally got quiet again. He started looking up into other yards looking for anything of value to steal. He was only a couple houses down when he heard a car coming down the alley. It was still pretty far away and sweeping a spotlight across yards. Donnie jumped a fence and went up behind a house looking for shrubs or any thing of cover. The police car was getting near and the spotlight swept the yard next door. Donnie found a patio door open and quickly went inside looking over his shoulder to his left.

Suddenly an arm from behind his right side grabbed his arm and pulled it up behind his back, and another arm quickly stuffed a cock gag in his mouth. A nude man with a lace mask over his face unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, effectively shackling him by the ankles. The man pulled Donnie’s underwear down, and produced a pair of hand cuffs. The two men handcuffed Donnie’s hands behind his back. The two men didn’t talk and seemed well practiced.

Donnie was pushed over on his stomach on a small serving bar that had a padded covering. Donnie felt the naked skin of a man behind him pushing against his butt. In the dim light he could see a naked man with a hard cock in front of him. As he felt a cock rubbing up and down his butt crack he felt the cock dildo being pulled from the mouth gag, and a human cock tentatively pushing in. He tried to block the opening with his tongue but the action was only like licking the cockhead, which leisurely explored his mouth. Donnie was humiliated. The man in front held his head tightly by the hair.

Behind him Donnie could feel a finger pushing a cool slick substance on his virgin asshole. As his head was pumped up and down on the cock in front of him, the cock behind him was rubbing on his ass while a finger was working lube in. No one had ever finger fucked him before. He didn’t know what to think of the sensation. Thankfully the person didn’t hurt him and took their time. Soon he could feel the cock pushing against his asshole, smearing the lube with small pumping motions. Then he felt a steady push.

Donnie’s attention turned to the Göztepe Escort front again as it seemed like the man in front was desperately pumping to the back of his throat. Distracted he felt a cock slide into his ass slowly for a long time. When it was all the way in the one in his mouth erupted with several good shots of cum. This was the first time Donnie had tasted cum, and the first time he swallowed cum. First time swallow. He realized it was his first time being fingered in the ass, and the first time anal, being fucked in the asshole.

Gaining his senses, he hoped the police car was gone, and hoped he would be able to get out of this.

Suddenly he realized other men had just walked in. Now here he was in public view with a cock in his mouth and a cock up his ass. They were all naked, and one came up from behind to fondle his ass, and balls.

One of the men said, “This is a great private bathhouse. Where is the private Glory Hole? We are ready to party.”

“Right here,” said one of the first men spanking Donnie’s ass, and cock slapping his face. “The party just started.”

“So he is into bondage we see.”

Donnie’s eyes got wide but he couldn’t say anything or move. One of the new arrivals scooped more lube and shoved it into Donnie’s ass, soon following with a hard cock. Now his asshole was adapting and the cock behind him slid in and out firmly but with a little slosh. Donnie took several more cum shots in the mouth, and had to swallow it. He was beginning to get used to the taste.

One of them said, “Hey looky here,” and held up the frilly panties that fell out of Donnie’s pocket. The were fitted with snaps so they could be snapped in place while standing.

Another one found the high heeled shoes in the purse. “He is a cross dresser!”

It may have been hours and Donnie took many loads in both ends.

This was Donnie’s first time anal, and he had never been exposed to BDSM or bondage before. He realized it was bareback anal. Some of the men seemed to enjoy massaging his prostate with their cockheads.

One of the men ran his fingers through Donnie’s hair and said, “You are a great bottom, you can come any time.”

On the back wall someone was playing a video on the wall. Donnie looked up and saw it was him in the movie with a cock in his mouth. You could see the Ümraniye Escort cum vein pumping and not long after you could see his throat swallowing the cum. The scene switched and you could see his virgin asshole being applied with lube, finger fucked, and then his first time anal. It was erotic.

One of the men said, “I can’t wait to show that to my loving wife. She loves anal, especially if it is a straight man or twink first time.”

Another said, “My gay friend loves cross dressers. He is a voyeur of cross dressers.”

Plunging his cock into Donnie’s ass, another one said, “This is pure lust!”

One of the men took a whip, and whipped Donnie’s ass good, “Let’s put those panties and high heels on him!”

They didn’t have to strip him, the frilly panties snapped on around him, and the high heels slipped right on.

A knock came on the door, “Police!”

A police officer came in and walked amidst the nude men. When he saw Donnie he said, “Let me see his face.”

One of the guys had his cock in Donnie’s mouth and was concentrating so hard he hadn’t noticed the cop, but about this time he shot his load in Donnie’s mouth. The cop saw Donnie swallow.

“Let me see his face.”

Pulling his cock out, the man lifted Donnie’s head by the hair. The cop said, “That’s him. Get him up he needs to come with me.”

Donnie was led to the cop car and taken down town.

After getting booked and pictures taken with pants around his ankles, in panties and high heels, he was let to his cell. Receiving many whistles he was locked into his cell, and the cuffs he had been wearing all night couldn’t be cut off until the next day. There was no key for them.

One of the inmates motioned for the guard to come over. “Leave his door unlocked tonight and I will suck your cock.”

The guard replied, “suck it now.”

In the public aisle the other prisoners saw the guard getting sucked off. They knew better than to say anything.

That night Donnie still had his pants down around his ankles and high heels. The prisoner paid a visit to Donnie. “You look mighty nice in those panties.” Reaching over he squeezed Donnie’s ass cheek. He looked Donnie in the eyes, and let his hand slip under the panties and stuck a finger in his ass. It was still slick with lube and cum. “Honey you can suck my cock later but right now I need a nice piece of ass.”

Donnie was weak with fear and submitted to the prisoner’s every desire. He thought to himself, “whatever got me into being a burglar and a thief.”


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