Vignettes: She Asked Me To!


In retrospect, I still think it was a good idea, at the time, and Eli agrees with me. Eli is my wife, my friend, my lover of over 25 years. But, I digress.

In the early years of our marriage, when we were in our thirties, we became involved in the swinging lifestyle. Both of us had exes, and by the time we met, we had both been around the block a few times. My ex and I were in the lifestyle and upon hearing of some my stories from those days, Eli became curious and we explored for several years. All of that is told in order that you might get ‘into the moment’, so to speak.

The Idea…

It didn’t take Eli long to figure out that, in order of her personal preference, she liked having threesomes with other guys joining us, sucking cock, or cocks as the case might be, and eating pussy. We explored it all, with singles, with couples, at orgy parties, there was little that we missed. In was at one of these orgy parties that she broached the subject with me of her watching me suck a cock.

Oh, I had sucked cock before, make no mistake about that. It started with my ex and me partying with some couples where the guys were bi. One night, in a threesome with my ex and I, one of the guys had sucked me off as I was going down on my ex. Afterwards, the ex suggested that I, at least, return the favor. Being sexually energized by the activities between the three of us, that, plus the fact that I was stoned on some really good weed, I agreed with her and sucked my very first cock that night.

To my surprise, I rather liked it. Not as a steady diet, mind you, but for the occasional ‘something different’ in the feeding of one’s sexual appetite.

So anyway, at one of the orgy parties, we happened upon a room where the couples were having same-sex sex, both the guys and the gals in sixty-nines. Eli sat on a chair and watched the guys sucking each bayan escort other and began playing with herself as she watched. In a flash, she had come, a few times I believe, and then crawled onto the bed and joined the guys while I watched. Watched and received a very good blowjob from one of the wives.

It was all good.

On the way home from the party, Eli reached over to stoke my cock through my pants and mentioned that she’d like to see me do that, sometime.

“Do what?” I asked, enjoying the feel of her hand stroking my now-hard-again, cock.

“Suck dick, you know, like the two guys did back at the party, Ed and what’s-his-face,” she answered as she unzipped my fly to free my cock from my pants.

“Really, you would?” I answered as her mouth slid over my cock-head.

Taking a few sliding sucks on my cock, she lifted her head and let my dick fall from her mouth, but kept her hand stroking me, thankfully.

“Yeah, I would and I think Greg would be the one to be okay with it,” she said as she resumed sucking my dick.

Greg was a regular with Eli and I as sexual playmate and had become a friend, as well as a fuck-buddy for Eli and I.

“Okay,” I said as she deep-throated me.

She took my orgasm before she answered me.

“Let me call him and invite him to come and play with us next week,” Eli said as she licked my cum with her tongue, “and I’ll broach the subject and see what his reaction is.”

Two days later, she walked up to me after she hung up with Greg and, with a smirk, she said, “Guess what? I’m going to watch you suck cock,” walking off and chuckling behind my back.

The Night

As the night of our planned tryst grew nearer, both Eli and I became even more sexually charged than usual. For Ely, it was the anticipation of watching me doing something escort bayan that she personally loved to do, and that was sucking cock. Later she would say that her fascination with guy/guy sex was akin to the thrills guys get from watching lesbian action.

I can’t disagree.

For me, it had been quite a while since I had sucked a cock, years really, when I was with my ex. The more I thought about it, the more I looked forward to it. Simply stated, that was where my ‘head’ was, no pun intended.

When Greg arrived, we settled in to our usual pre-sex mode of a relaxing drink or two, and on occasion, a few joints of high-quality herb. This was such a night for both. The thing that Eli and I both liked about Greg was that he was like us, letting the dynamics and energy of the evening take charge and go with the flow. On some evenings, Eli would start the sexual play by fondling both Greg and I, followed by fantastic blowjobs. Some evenings, either Greg or I would start by kissing and fondling Eli, with the other joining.

It all worked, and that was what mattered.

On this evening, Greg and I started working on Eli, much to her delight, and it wasn’t long before the three of us were naked on the couch in our den. As I entertained Eli with my head and mouth between her legs, she was leaning over and sucking on Greg’s cock. Getting a sudden thought, I pulled my mouth from her pussy and lifting her by her arms, I positioned her with her back to Greg, and lowered her pussy onto his stiff cock.

Getting down on my knees between Greg’s legs as he pumped his cock upwards into Eli, her moans of pleasure becoming quite vocal, I started licking her clit and rimming her stretched pussy-lips. Her moans became even louder as I flicked my tongue across her swollen clit, pausing to suck it into my mouth at escort bayanlar times. As I paid oral attention to Eli’s pussy, I also let my tongue slide across Greg’s shaft as it moved in and out of Eli’s love box.

When Eli started her orgasm, I licked her clit and let my tongue travel down from it to Greg’s pulsing cock. Eli had three good back-back climaxes and after her last one, she lifted herself from Greg’s still-hard dick, and pulled my lips to the head of his cock. Without missing a beat, and as if he and I had done this a hundred times before, I took his cock into my mouth and slowly worked its seven inch length down my throat until I had him entirely in my mouth.

Slowly, I moved my head up and down, enjoying the feel of his hard cock in my mouth. Judging by his heavy breathing and hip thrusts, he was enjoying it as well. Out of the corner of my eye as my head moved up and down, I saw Eli sitting in an armchair, her eyes half-closed as she watched, one of her legs thrown over the arm of the chair, and her hand stroking and playing with her pussy.

I got into what I was doing more and more, and quickly had Greg ready to climax. And did he ever; a gusher, one that damned near choked me. Seeing my dilemma, Eli jumped to her knees with me and helped lick up the overflow, both from Greg’s cock and my mouth and face.

We rested, we smoked a little more, and were soon at it again, only this time the three of us had moved the party to our bedroom. Eli was damned near insatiable that night but between Greg and me, we managed to get her to say “Uncle”.

Before we parted company that evening, Eli got to watch Greg go down on me. I didn’t ask him to, but he wanted to, he said. He also said that I was the first cock he had sucked but I think that might be a little fib. He was way too good for a first timer.

For the remaining years that Eli and I stayed in the lifestyle, I sucked a few more cocks. Not many, just the occasional suck to spice it up a bit.

Oh, one of the other things that Eli found out about her sexual likes and dislikes was that she enjoyed black cock and pussy both. Who knew?

But, that’s another story, for another time.

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