Vicky’s Continued Pee Story


Vicky and Mark had been living together for more than a year. Their sex life was second to none. They had sex almost every day of the week. It was rare for them not to fuck. Once in a while she would give him just a blowjob or he would just eat her out but that usually led to sex anyway.

Mark was always doing thoughtful things for Vicky. He came home with a bag. Vicky smiled watching him unpack it. There was a set of blood red sheets and a high end waterproof mattress protector. Vicky smiled at the colour choice. From that day forward a day or two before Vicky got her period they switched the sheets and mattress protector over in case of any accidents. It wasn’t really fair to call what happened when Vicky got her period and the messes they made an accident. She would get so turned on that they both looked forward to when she would start to bleed.

Vicky woke up in the middle of the night feeling very wet and horny. She knew that she had her period. She moved her hand down to her pussy. She knew how she felt when she was wet versus when she had her period. While Mark was still sleeping she turned on the light on the nightstand. She looked at the blood on her hand. She smiled, placing her hand back to her pussy. She played with her clit for a bit then stuck her finger deep inside. She brought her bloody finger back up and traced a heart on her breast around her nipple. She dipped down for more blood and drew a heart on the other breast. She went back for more blood and drew an arrow pointing down to her pussy.

Mark was sleeping on his back. Vicky reached over and started playing with is cock. Mark was still sleeping but his cock responded to her touches. She moved down and started sucking on his dick. She felt him start to stir. She heard him moan in delight. Mark turned on the light on their night stand.

Vicky lay back down on the bed. Mark looked at her and noticed her drawings. “Are you giving me instructions?” He asked.

“I thought you might need some guidance.” Vicky said coyly.

Mark moved up and started licking her nipples. She was very responsive to his attention. He had one hand on her clit while kissing and licking her nipples. He moved the hand he had on her clit up to her other breast, the blood on his fingers acting as lube on her nipples. Her breathing started to pick up as he kept flicking her nipples with his tongue. He used the same technique on her nipples as he does on her clit. That was the first time that Vicky had an orgasm from nipple stimulation.

He continued to lick and pinch her nipples while she came. Once she was done cumming he moved between her legs. He slid easily into her. He loved how she felt. They fucked like animals. Vicky came twice more before she felt Mark pump his seed into her.

“Wow, I have never cum from nipple play before.” Vicky said. I’ve read online that it was possible but I always thought that was bullshit.”

“I could hear your breathing change as you got closer so I kept going. It was really fun making you cum like that.” Mark responded.

Vicky turned off the light. They cuddled up knowing there would be a mess to clean up in the morning but neither of them cared. When they woke up they laughed at the mess they had made. There was dried blood all over both of them. They got the sheets and mattress protector in the washing machine and got into the shower.

Mark watched blood and piss run down Vicky’s legs as he started the shower. He turned around to face Vicky as he started to pee. He aimed at her pussy. Vicky spread her lips giving a great view of the piss leaving her pussy. Mark aimed at her clit. He saw a shudder run through Vicky when his piss hit her clit. When they were both done pissing Vicky was breathing heavily. Mark quickly got on his knees and started to lick her clit. He could taste his piss on her pussy.

It didn’t take long for Vicky to cum. Her heightened sex drive with having her period served her well. As soon as she was finished cumming she got on her knees and had Mark stand up. She took his hard cock into her mouth. She moved up and down his length. She had one hand on his shaft with the other hand cupping his balls. She worked his shaft for a while and was rewarded with him shooting his load into her mouth.

Vicky heard Mark tell her not to swallow yet. He got her to stand up and surprised her by kissing her. She felt the cum in her mouth creep into his mouth. They made out for a while Mark was moaning and clearly enjoying himself when they separated they both swallowed Mark’s load.

Smiling at Mark Vicky said, “That was different.”

Mark looked at her lovingly, “I’ve wanted to do that with you for a while.”

“Have you tasted your cum before?” Vicky asked.

“Yes, I have tasted myself a lot but it takes a lot of trust to share that with another person.” Mark confided.

“and… have you tasted any other guys cum?” Vicky asked.

Mark laughed, “No, I am not gay. Just like you enjoy tasting yourself some guys also enjoy tasting themselves. Maltepe Escort Surfing online I realized that I am not the only one who is into tasting themselves.

“Well I thought it was hot.” Vicky said.

Mark had a three o’clock tee time. Vicky enjoyed it when Mark went out with his buddies. She got a chance to have some quality alone time. Vicky was half way through a cheesy rom-com when the doorbell rang. She walked to the door and saw two police officers standing there. She felt a cold pit of fear run through her when she opened the door.

Vicky didn’t remember much of what happened after that. She remembered opening the door then sitting on the couch weeping as they told her about the accident. They told her he didn’t suffer. This didn’t give her much comfort.

Vicky did her best to live her life. She knew Mark would have wanted that. Vicky had no idea how much time had passed when her mom told her that she needed to see a grief counselor. The counselor slowly brought Vicky back to the land of the living. She introduced her to group therapy. It took a long time before Vicky was comfortable talking. During her time there she became friends with Linda. Linda had suffered a great loss as well. They would often go for coffee after their group sessions.

After one group session Vicky asked Linda if she would like to go back to her place rather than their usual coffee shop. Linda agreed and followed Vicky home. They talked for hours. They were sitting side by side on the couch drinking wine. At some point during the evening they dozed off leaning on each other. Vicky woke up during the wee hours of the morning. She was cold. She shook Linda and asked if she wanted to move to the bed. Linda followed Vicky to the bedroom. When they got into bed they cuddled up and fell asleep again quickly.

This became part of the routine of their group sessions. They would go back to Vicky’s and eventually fall asleep in each other’s arms. There would be nights where Linda would comfort Vicky and nights where Vicky would comfort Linda. Linda helped Vicky get through the first anniversary of Mark’s death. They cried together well into the night before falling asleep.

Several months later Linda noticed a change in Vicky. She was smiling more and had lost the dark circles under her eyes. Linda noticed how pretty Vicky was. She had always thought that Vicky was pretty but now she found her attractive. Linda had no idea how to proceed with her new feelings had she realized that Vicky was developing feelings she would have known what to do.

Linda and Vicky had gone to bed. Linda had fallen asleep very quickly. Vicky was feeling something she hadn’t in a long time. She was feeling frisky. She rolled onto her back and slid her hand into her sweats. She wasn’t wearing panties so she had easy access to her pussy. She was slowly building her way to her first orgasm in a very long time. Her breathing started to get deeper. She was nearly there.

Linda had woken up. She thought she could hear Vicky crying. Vicky was trying to keep quiet but the bed was shaking a little bit and her breathing was rough. She rolled over and could see Vicky staring up at the ceiling. She moved her hand up to Vicky’s face and rolled Vicky’s head toward her. Vicky looked at Linda and smiled. She leaned in and started kissing Linda. Linda was shocked but quickly started kissing Vicky back.

Linda moved onto her hand and knees while kissing Vicky. She moved herself over Vicky lowering her pelvis on top of Vicky’s. Vicky’s hands moved to Linda’s ass. Linda moved her hand down to Vicky’s pussy. She could feel Vicky’s heat through the sweats. Vicky started pushing Linda’s pajama bottoms down. Linda lifted her hips up to help Vicky. Vicky was only able to push the pajama bottoms midway down Linda’s thighs. Linda pushed herself up on her arms looking at Vicky. She smiled and leaned in for a quick kiss. Linda lifted herself up to a kneeling position. She pulled her t-shirt over her head exposing her ample breasts.

Linda fell over Vicky’s leg trying to get her pajama bottoms off. They giggled light heartedly as they removed their clothes. Linda moved back on top of Vicky. She kissed her while caressing Vicky’s breast. Both women moved a hand down to cup each other’s pussies. They both slid a finger into each other’s slits. They were kissing passionately, barely able to breathe. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Linda was surprised at how wet Vicky was. Realization dawned on her.

Linda pulled back from Vicky, “I thought you were crying but you were masturbating, weren’t you?”

Vicky smiled warmly, “Guilty.”

They resumed kissing with Vicky’s breathing harder. Linda kept a steady rhythm on Vicky’s clit. She felt Vicky shudder beneath her. Feeling Vicky orgasming brought Linda’s orgasm. She bucked on top of Vicky ravaged by her orgasm.

Linda rolled off of Vicky and said, “I think we both really needed that.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Vicky added.

They Anadolu Yakası Escort lay side by side with their hands intertwined. Vicky said, “Would you believe that was my first orgasm since… and it was also my first orgasm with a woman.”

“I am honoured to be your first but being honest I fooled around some in college but it was never like this.” Linda responded.

They fell asleep shortly after their impromptu sex session.

In the morning Vicky woke up first but didn’t want to disturb Linda. She just watched Linda. The blankets had shifted. Linda was sleeping on her back with her breasts exposed. Vicky watched Linda’s chest rise and fall. She was looking at Linda’s face when Linda started to smile.

“Good morning!” Vicky said.

“Mmm, morning.” Linda echoed.

“I was thinking about hopping in the shower, do you want to join me?” Vicky asked.

“I would love to.” Linda responded.

Getting out of bed they got their first real look at each other fully nude. Vicky was still very slim but looked better now that she was eating properly again. Her pussy was covered in a matt of brown fur that matched her hair. Linda was at least two inches taller than Vicky. She wasn’t exactly heavy. Some might say she is a bit thick but in the best way. Vicky’s red bush matched her red hair. She had a lot of freckles on her face with some of them trailing down her chest.

Vicky noticed Linda looking at her bush. Vicky turned red and said, “I didn’t know we were going to be intimate or I would have shaved. I haven’t shaved since you know when.”

Linda said, “Don’t worry about it. I obviously haven’t shaved in a long time either.”

Vicky grabbed Linda’s hand and led her to the shower. Vicky started the shower pulling Linda under the water with her.

Linda said, “Oh, I should have peed before I got in here with you.”

Vicky said, “Go ahead and pee here, I don’t mind.”

Linda responded, “Really you don’t mind?”

Vicky said, “If I am being honest I have a bit of a pee fetish. So I might get a bit turned on watching you pee.”

Linda spread her legs a bit and started to pee. Vicky watched as Linda’s dark morning pee arced out in front of her. Vicky needed to pee as well. She spread her lips and let loose. The two streams met up as the women looked at each other. Linda finished peeing long before Vicky. When Vicky was done Linda said, “That was kinda fun.”

“I enjoyed that too.” Vicky said with a smile.

They took their time washing each other with one of Vicky’s scented body washes. They would stop to kiss from time to time. It was like they were starving and kissing was the only way to feel full.

“I have some waterproof clippers if you are willing to trim my pussy.” Vicky said.

“I would love to help you with that if you do me after.” Linda laughed at the double entendre.

“Of course!” Vicky said, trailing water to the cabinet. She grabbed the clippers and turned them on. She was glad they were still on the charger and worked.

They took their time trimming each other’s pussies. Once the long hair had been washed down the drain they took turns shaving their pussies smooth. Vicky was never happier that she had an on demand hot water heater.

When they got out of the shower they dried each other off hands lingering longer than they needed to. Vicky found a new toothbrush for Linda. They stood side by side brushing their teeth watching their breasts sway with the brush strokes.

They were back in the bed before long. Vicky was on her back with her legs spread while Linda inspected her shaving work with her tongue. She was happy to report that she had done a good job. Vicky told her that it was her turn to see how good of a job she did. Vicky and Linda traded places as Vicky moved in to lick her first pussy. She had tasted herself many times but Linda tasted different. Vicky loved running her tongue over Linda’s smooth pussy. She explored all of her folds, dove her tongue into her and paid lots of attention to her clit.

“Sixty-nine?” Linda asked, wanting to taste Vicky again but still wanting to be licked.

Wordlessly Vicky moved around the bed until she was able to lower her pussy onto Linda’s mouth. Vicky was still propped up on her arms looking down at Linda’s smooth pussy. Linda spread her legs Vicky watched as Linda’s pussy opened up for her. Vicky dove in and started licking Linda’s clit.

Vicky came first but Linda wasn’t far behind. When they were finished cumming they cuddled up on the bed enjoying each other’s company.

Vicky cleared her throat, “I never saw this happening but I am very glad that it did.”

Linda responded with a smile, “Me too.”

From that point on they spent a lot of time together. Their conversations became even more real as they talked about their likes and dislikes. Vicky told Linda about how deep her piss fetish went.

“You had Mark pee in your mouth?” Linda asked her tone neutral.

“Yes and I would pee in his İstanbul Escort mouth.” Vicky answered.

“Hmm, do you want me to pee in your mouth?” Linda asked.

“Only if you want to, I understand that it isn’t everyone’s thing.” Vicky responded.

“I like when you are turned on so if that arouses you then I am willing to try.” Linda said. She continued, “I don’t think I am ready for you to pee in my mouth but you can pee on me if you want.”

“Let’s take it slowly.” Vicky said.

They spent the rest of the afternoon drinking lots of water. Vicky had them flush their bladder so that if there would be any tasting it would be very mild. They were sitting across from each other enjoying spending the day naked. Linda could see the bulge of Vicky’s full bladder. She was starting to have to pee a lot as well.

“I am going to have to pee soon.” Linda said.

Vicky started to smile and felt herself getting wet. She spread her legs and pussy showing Linda how wet she had gotten.

“You got that wet just from my telling you that I have to pee?” Linda asked.

“Yes, I have always enjoyed peeing and hearing others pee. Tasting it just takes it to the next level.” Vicky stated.

Vicky led Linda to the shower. Vicky got on her knees in front of Linda. She had Linda put one foot high up on the wall, her pussy opening like a beautiful flower.

Linda looked down at her lover and asked, “Okay?”

“Whenever you’re ready.” Vicky said reassuringly.

Vicky saw a small dribble leak out of Linda. Vicky moved in and licked the pee off of Linda’s labia. Linda started peeing again. She heard the sound of a mouth filling up. She looked down to see Vicky looking up at her. Vicky closed her mouth and swallowed Linda’s piss. Linda’s piss sprayed on Vicky’s face while her mouth was closed. Vicky moved in closer and started licking Linda’s clit while Linda peed. Linda moaned at the feeling of a tongue on her clit as well as the relief she was feeling from holding her piss. When the piss stopped Vicky licked her for a little while longer but not making her cum she wanted her to be horny.

Vicky stood up signalling that it was her turn to pee. Linda got on her knees while Vicky put her foot high up on the way giving Linda a nice view of her pussy. If she started peeing now her piss would hit Linda’s legs then it would be up to Linda to move closer if she wanted. Vicky looked down at Linda with a question on her face. Linda gave a nod and Vicky started peeing.

Linda was surprised by the force of the warm piss that hit her. She lifted her hand up and watched Vicky’s piss bounce off of it. She shrugged and leaned forward. She stuck her tongue out into the stream. She found that the taste was not unpleasant. As the piss ran over her tongue she looked up at Vicky. Vicky was smiling down at her. Linda tilted her head so that piss went into her mouth. She just held her mouth open so that the pee entered but also flowed out. Linda lifted herself up so that she was closer to Vicky’s pussy. She moved up and started to lick Vicky’s clit feeling a tingle in her own clit as she did.

Vicky pulled Linda to her feet and started to kiss her. Vicky was still peeing, hitting Linda’s legs just below her pussy. Their kiss was very passionate. They held each other tight as they kissed. When Vicky was done peeing she stopped kissing Linda.

“How was that?” Vicky asked.

“I didn’t know if I could start peeing when you were below me. I peed a little and you licked me. I knew then that you were really serious so I let go. When you looked up at me and swallowed my pee I got a bit turned on. Then you moved up and started licking my clit. Holy shit I thought I was going cum while peeing on you.” Linda said with a smile.

“What made you decide to taste my pee?” Vicky asked.

“You were so turned on. You made me curious. I had always thought of peeing as kind of dirty but you’ve shown me the sexy side of it. I think I am willing to play some pee games with you since it turns you on so much.” Linda confided.

“I am glad that you are willing to explore my fetish.” Vicky said but holding back her period fetish. She didn’t think that Linda was ready to hear that yet.

They turned on the shower and rinsed themselves off. Once they were dry they went to the bedroom and made each other cum several times.

Laying there in post orgasmic bliss Linda turned to Vicky, “I have a confession of my own.”

“Oh?” Vicky responded.

“I used to like taking pictures of myself and posting them online.” Linda said.

“But you haven’t done it since…” Vicky trailed off.

“Yeah, like you I felt dead inside. But now that my passion is back I was hoping you could take some pictures of me.” Linda said.

“I would love to do that. Will you show me your posts?” Vicky asked.

“Of course!” Linda exclaimed. She took Vicky to where she posted. She loaded her page online and went through her post history. The posts there had lots of reactions. There were a lot of selfies but also some pictures where she posed for someone holding the camera.

There was a picture of Linda with her face covered in cum. Vicky looked at Linda. Linda looked a bit sad as she remembered when the picture was taken. Linda said, “That was before he got sick.”

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