Venus’ Secretion


Me and my wife had our first born son 5 months ago. He’s the sweetest little baby and I never have felt so much love being a father and a husband than I did when we welcomed him into the world. While we are grateful for his miracle and being parents to our little boy, it definitely comes at a cost. Being at the ripe age of 28 and my wife at 29, I thought life would just be bliss being a father but it’s a big time commitment. I don’t go to the gym near as much anymore to watch over him and also having to accommodate Megan staying at home now. I work a regular office job so I don’t get much activity outside of that. I used to be a muscular beast but only some bulky arms and the slightest definition of what can be considered pectorals serve as the last memory. My wife, Megan, used to be in good shape as well but that all changed after gaining 20 pounds in total before and after pregnancy and having just the slightest bit of belly fat. There’s one thing I can’t complain about which is her tits that have grown from a once modest 36b to 36d bra cup from lactation.

After her pregnancy, it became a rather strange sight for sure when we have sex. It was odd at first seeing her leak milk from orgasm or if I thrust into her too hard. It wasn’t a turn on or a turn off but it became frustrating because it became hard not to get a taste of her milk when kissing up on her boobs. She offered to let me try it once and I found the weird, lukewarm, sweet taste bizarre to the taste buds and unsatisfying. Megan dealt with an overfilled supply and engorging rather frequently so I offered to buy her a top of the line pump but it doesn’t always help.


It’s Friday night. I’ve had a long week of work and Megan has been busy with her mom stuff. She manages to put down the baby early so we decide to cash in as much as we can on some much needed sleep if possible. We turn in at only 8 immediately after a quick dinner. I expect that Megan or I will have to wake up to take care of our son so I drift off into sleep as quick as possible; spooning my wife wrapped into my arms with her already in dreamland.

I’m stirred awake from a gentle nudging on my shoulder. In the darkness on Megan’s side, I see the crib just barely illuminated adjacent by the alarm clock reading 12:43. I can’t see much else but I can feel the hot breath of Megan and the sound of her whispering.

“Honey.” Kadıköy Olgun Escort I hear her faint murmur.

“Yeah?” I barely mumble.

“Goodness, I have been pushing on you for a minute. I thought you wouldn’t wake up.” She softly speaks.

“Is George alright?” I question.

“Yeah.” She voices in an undertone. “Frank, can you help me?”

“What do you need?” I respond.

“Can you….ummm…suckle me?” She almost stutters.

I shove my face back down in the pillow. “You can’t use your pump or something?”

“It’ll be too loud. George might make it through the night and I don’t want to interrupt him.” She slurs in her breath.

I dread knowing I’ll have to taste that odd substance again but I know she needs it.

“It won’t be for long. I promise. I’m so engorged.” She adds.

“Fine.” I mutter.

“It’s like I’m a cow.” She continues.

I move and shrug around in the bed and find Megan. I lay halfway on top of her from my pecs up and my head overtop her chest. I watch in the darkness as my eyes adjust to Megan pulling my undershirt she likes wearing off and ripping the bra out from under her back. With the little light from the moon peering into the window, I see the magnificently round shape of her breasts etched onto her skin and the bright colored nipples pointing up towards my mouth. I look up at Megan and see a smile on her face with her green eyes shining in the dark.

“Left one’s the worst.” She murmurs.

I place my mouth on her left breast and go to work. Gently, I begin rhyhmically suckling her nipple and her milky secretion pours into my mouth. It makes me want to gag from the unusual sweetness but I continue on. I feel her nipple grow in my mouth as I continue and the stream thickens some making it a little easier to swallow down. I make sure my sucking motion is slow but strong; trying to just get her to a point where she isn’t so engorged and can go back to sleep. I then feel Megan’s smooth hand running in my hair and I allow my eyes to shut as I continue.

Strangely enough, I feel the whole session become soothing despite what alarms my brain is telling me about what I’m swallowing down by the spoonful. I notice then our body heat mingling together and our skin pressed up against each other. It’s wonderfully calm and intimate. I begin to lose track of time but it doesn’t Kadıköy Sarışın Escort seem long before Megan vocalizes.

“My god.” I hear her barely under her breath.

I stop for a moment and look up at her and find her staring directly at me.

“What?” I ask.

“I’ve always wanted to breastfeed my husband. It’s so hot watching you drink my milk.” She explains.

“You’re a horny little mom, aren’t you?” I assume.

She holds back a giggle and nods.

I then reach my hand down her stomach and into her panties. It’s a faucet down there. Feeling her pussy lips arouses me but I can’t give into temptation for now.

“Switch to the other one.” She instructs.

I do so and her milk fills my sucking mouth as expected. This time, it’s flowing much more on her right side than the left side. It’s amazing seeing her breasts do such a thing. I get so lost in the comfort, I don’t even begin noticing the taste anymore as I slowly drain her boob. Some minutes later, I stop.

“Thank you.” She whispers.

“You’re welcome.” I respond.

“I love you.” She mumbles.

“I love you, too.” I vocalize.

I then go up to kiss her and we smooch a few times, our lips gracefully brushing on each other’s.

“I can taste my milk in your mouth.” She grins.

I just return the smile and continue kissing her. I can’t help but to get more aggressive as our tongues sweep in between our mouths and making my way down toward her neck.

“God, I need you to fuck me.” She claims.

“At this time of the night?” I ask.

“I need to feel you inside me. I can’t take it anymore.” She can barely mumble.

I go immediately down her belly and pull her panties off finding her pussy filled with her natural juices. I slide my boxers off and I begin rubbing over her clit as I watch her.

“Condom.” She mentions.

“No.” I turn her down.

A look of surprise washes over her face but then turns to bliss.

“So you do want another baby.” She guesses.

“Did your period start again?” I ask.

“Only just 2 days ago.” She mentions.

I nod and continue teasing her.

My cock becomes rock solid as I glide it over her lips and I can tell by Megan’s facial expression, she’s too aroused to go any longer. I hold my cock and slide it deep inside her, separating her lips and Kadıköy Şişman Escort into her pussy. My cock is greeted to her wet, exposed walls and all of her natural lube allowing it to thrust freely. I throw my hips into her pelvis back and forth. Megan begins to huff and puff and I instinctively shove my hand onto her face. She moans through my palm but it’s muffled enough to stay quiet. The look of what’s like a starved animal comes into her wide open eyes and I pound into her even more.

It’s at this moment, I’m taken over by a massive primal craving I haven’t felt in nearly a year and a half. It’s like I’m an animal that needs something so strong and so powerful, it’s intoxicating. There’s no stopping me now and I can’t bring myself to a halt until completion. I lay down on top of Megan; continuing to slam my cock inside her as deep as it can go.

Whispering in a commanding voice, I tell her. “I’m going to knock you up again.”

The look on her eyes is a mix of pleasure and terror. She had always talked about having multiple kids so she’ll get her 2nd wish of the night granted. Her breathing in her nose becomes almost raspy and animal like. Her moans intensify as my hand masks them. I then feel her pussy spasming around my cock. It’s strong and relentless almost like a muscle cramp as it tightens onto it like a sheath. She’s cumming hard and she tilts her head back as her eyes shut tight. I then feel the climax building up in me. I can’t turn back. This is going to happen. I’m going to cum inside Megan’s begging, little twat.

I shove my cock in as far as it can reach and hold it there. I feel my balls pull back as if they want to bury into my skin. I feel the rush from under my pelvis flow and I feel my cum travel through the shaft and jet into her. Megan moans each time my load spills into her. It’s like I have used her as my little breeding slave and that’s what she will be. Pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen just as I liked her only 5 months ago.

I finally pull out of her with a dried up cock and release my grip over her jaw. She breathes intensely but slowly as she falls into the afterglow. She snuggles up next to me and we hold each other in warmth as we feel sleep wanting to overtake us again.

“Did we just make another baby?” She asks.

“I think so.” I claim.


Surely, it was the case as Megan got 2 red lines on her pregnancy test she took 2 weeks later and her belly began to grow again with another creation from the both of us stirring in her womb. She had that same feeling again being that age old anxiety from what is unknown and only the joy of holding her in her arms 9 months later would tame it.

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