Vanilla Dreams and Chocolate Oil

Big Tits

James stood before her, topless, wearing only black suit pants. His put his arms around Tamara’s waist, and her little black dress suddenly felt as if it would merely crumble at any moment between his large hands. He gently drew her to him and begin to plant soft, sensual little butterfly kisses on her lips, focusing on her lower lip.

“Mmm, you taste good,” she playfully told him as she pulled her head away from him, cocking it to her left. She then grabbed his freshly ironed, white dress shirt from off of the bed and put it around his broad shoulders, fitting each arm into its own sleeve, and began slowly buttoning it up, never taking her eyes off of his. They stared at each other intensely for a few lingering moments, and he began sliding his hands down the side of her body, stopping at her shapely ass to cup both cheeks in his beautiful hands. He loved the shape of Tamara’s voluptuous ass; through her skin tight dress, he marveled at the way her panties were enticingly clinging to her skin, just barely covering the entire area.

Tamara stared up at him coyly, with a come-hither twinkle in her mocha colored eyes and a teasing smile upon her pouty lips. It seems that was enough for James; in the flash of moment he skillfully grabbed her roughly and turned her around, quickly pressing her backside up against his front – she could feel his rock hard, massive cock pressed up against the slit between her ass cheeks now, and holy fuck was it arousing her. She bit her lower lip in anticipation and began arching her ass up against his raging hard-on, teasingly inviting him to throw her down and have his way with her right then and there. James stared at her intently for a few moments, looking her up and down, just standing there in that skanky little black dress he himself had personally picked out for her. He knew had to have her right now.

In the matter of a few seconds, he had shoved her into the bed like a play rag doll almost meanly and began undoing his belt and then unbuttoning the pants, finally skillfully and calmly sliding the garments off, all the while gazing at her with his piercing blue eyes as if he were a man in a trance. Tamara landed against the side of the bed with an “oomph” and caught her breath – his ferocity had caught her off guard, and she turned her head to the left so she could better see what he was doing out of her peripheral vision. In the flash of a moment, he was suddenly standing right behind her in nothing more than his unbuttoned shirt, his massive hard cock pointing directly at her, all ten inches Etiler escort of his ample girth.

James was in an almost drugged up daze that he had never quite felt before. He knew only that he was determined to take what was his, and the fuck ever if that sexy, tight ass of hers wasn’t his to do as he pleased. She still clung helplessly to the side of the bed where she had landed; suddenly, she felt him grab her waist and roughly begin hiking her dress up to just above the panty line of her arched up ass. Although James had seemingly almost attacked her with a determination that wasn’t his own, Tamara never felt unsafe with him for even a moment – she knew he would never truly harm single hair on her lovely body that he had always worshipped, and she implicitly trusted him with her mind and body. Feeling utterly safe despite the ferocity with which he gazed at her now, James was a man with a mission, and he knew that her body belonged to him, dammit.

James reached for a beautiful crystal bottle filled with a dark brown liquid on top of the dresser beside their bed. He unscrewed the cap and the air of the room was instantly flooded with the strong scent of rich milk chocolate, their favorite edible oil to play with. He slathered the translucent brown liquid all over his burning hot meat and turned back to unbelievably sexy sight of Tamara’s beautiful arched up ass on the edge of the bed, just waiting there to meet the full length of him.

Tamara gasped as the head of his cock began slipping into her anus and the muscles of her sphincter enclosed his hard-on. At this stage, James could hold back no more – almost as if he were in a drunken stupor, he allowed himself to slip into frenzy, slowly pummeling her tight ass in and out for the first thirty seconds, and then really driving his cock in. As his thrusts increased in speed and urgency, he held firmly onto her hips, occasionally grabbing the exotic olive colored skin of her rear by the handfuls and kneading it as if it were his dough.

Her tight ass rose to meet his every thrust, and her incessant moaning sounded like positively wonderful theme music to the soundtrack of their lives at this very moment in time. She was panting and breathing hard, but the relentless sound of her high pitched moans let him know that she couldn’t be enjoying herself any more than she currently was, as their bodies united and hammered each other in unison, rhythmically syncopated together perfectly. As their bodies undulated together, James’ cock grew even harder, thicker, Beşiktaş escort and fuller then anything Tamara had felt before. His balls slapped against her ass, and her incessant moans turned into screams of pleasure as he began spurting his seed into her, filling her up with his juice. When he had expended every last drop, he collapsed of top of her cradling her from behind in his strong arms.

“Mmm…” he softly purred into hear ear, lightly nibbling on her ear lobe and planting sloppy wet kisses onto her neck, “that was amazing, darling.” James was lying on top of her now, propped up by his strong arms. He lowered his face to hers and slowly kissed her for what felt like a lifetime. Tamara was glowing – they were both glowing — and giggling like little school children discussing what had just happened at recess. As they reflected on the events that had just transpired, they both wore ear to ear grins and shared the beauty of their laughter with one another.

“I don’t know what came over me,” James exclaimed, “you really weren’t even a little afraid of me for a few moments?” he asked her in amazement.

“Not even close. I mean, I DID ponder whether or not I should have been scared or not, because I knew that it just wasn’t like you to be so forceful with me, but I never really questioned my safety. I trust you more than anyone in this world for a good reason, sweety…” she confidently proclaimed as she tilted his chin downwards for another deep kiss. As they slowly kissed each other, savoring each other’s flavor and inhaling the scent of each other’s skin, they kept their eyes wide open, staring at each other intently, lost in each other’s eyes.

Finally, James kissed her one last time and sat up on the bed. “I’ll be right back, sweet heart, I’m going to go jump in the shower for a few minutes” he informed her, and she simply smirked.

“Good” she replied sweetly, “go on now. I wanted to show you a little something you’ll like anyways.”

James gave her on inquisitive look, as if to say “What is it?” But then he simply resigned himself to his shower, grabbing a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt from the closet. As if to explain his choice of casual wear, he said, “You know, I think we missed the dinner party.”

Tamara glanced up at the clock on the dresser, “Oh well. I’ll just tell my friends that something came up and we had to stay home tonight.” James winked at her and then closed the bathroom door.

She waited a few minutes until she heard the sound of the shower turning Taksim escort on before getting up and digging out a pretty large package that had been resting in the closet.

She opened the box and began peeling back layers of red tissue paper before finally seeing the gleaming latex body suit she had ordered resting at the bottom on the box. She held it up in full view now, marveling at the beauty of the suit, which was composed entirely of black shiny latex with a single silver zipper in the center that ran down to the crotch.

As she stood admiring her body in the full length mirror, she heard the shower faucet suddenly come to a halt. She looked at herself one last time, doing a full turn as she examined the skin tight latex suit to make sure it fit perfectly. The black high heel boots were a perfect touch, and she almost wished she had a whip to complete the outfit. Chuckling to herself, she crossed the room and took her favorite bottle of perfume from the dresser, generously spraying it onto her neck, and even spritzing the skin between her thighs. It was James’s favorite fragrance on her; she smiled as she thought about how he had always buried his face in her neck upon coming home from work every day and took a cute little overly-dramatic whiff of the fragrance mixed with her natural scent, always with a huge smile upon his beautiful face.

Suddenly the door opened and a towel-clad James came sauntering out to open a closet door right next to the bathroom. As his eyes scanned the shelves for the item he had come in search of, he suddenly realized that the room was abnormally quiet. He slowly turned around. When his eyes rested on Tamara, he could now see that her arms were on her hips as she stood and stared at him sternly. She had left the zipper undone so that her cleavage peeked out intentionally to add to the suits sexiness, but she wore an expression that told him she meant business.

She extended her finger to beckon him forward, and a stunned James obliged her wholeheartedly.

“On your knees” she calmly ordered, and without a moment’s hesitation, James dropped to both knees. Slowly but deliberately, Tamara strode across the room to where he was on the floor.

“Tonight is MY night now, got it?” she spoke with authority. “And, well,” she said like a sweet little girl, “I’m going to ride you until I’ve had my fill, until I’m through with you, capiche, James?”

By now he was so stunned at this almost abrupt shift in the power dynamics between them that he could only nod his head obediently. “I’m glad we understand each other” she said with as a deceptive gesture of good will. Nodding toward the bed, she spoke once more. “What are you waiting more? I want you lying on your back like a good little boy…”

James silently complied with her demands.

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