Vampire Queen


Lugging my suitcase back into my apartment that Monday night, I immediately noticed something different. The air had a smoky screen within in it, coupled with a warmth they tried to emanate to make victims feel comfortable. One of them was here. I changed my thoughts to the first thing I could think of — work. Trying to act normal, I flipped on the light switch. Only the light didn’t come on. Great. Moving Ankara escort toward the kitchen cabinets for some spare bulbs, I flipped those switches up. Those lights didn’t come on either. What the hell? I turned around to go look for a breaker box, and I saw strange boots in front of my leather chair. Tall, black suede stretched upward, to a pair of fishnet legs. My Ankara escort bayan heart leapt through my throat. A beautiful, bronzed face whipped into the single sliver of light, cast from between the blinds. Dark, long black hair cascaded down a red trench coat. Glowing yellow eyes looked at me. “Hello, Bree,” the beautiful vixen spoke. “Come sit at my knee.” Just Escort Ankara as a scared person would do, I gave her what she wanted. I let the thought cross my mind of whether to scream, run or go for my phone.  Just as I expected, she read my thoughts. “You don’t want to do that. Come.” “Who are you? And why are you in my house?” I asked, making my voice sound stupid. “Someone you don’t want to piss off.” Very slow, I walked over to her, and sank to my knees. With sharp-edged metallic fingernails, she reached out and ran her her nail along my face. Moving it down my cheek, along my jaw, she pushed the pointed metal of her cat nail into my flesh, stopping it at my throat. “Hm,” she purred.

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