Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 03


Jazmin woke up the next morning at 11am, 2 hours before she had to be at work. She wanted to be at work an hour early because of preparation for her presentation. She noticed that she was laying in bed alone. Looking around the room, she got her bearings, lying back she remembered the night before and smiled to herself. She got up and did her normal morning routine, of going to the bathroom, and fixing her hair in the mirror.

She went over to the closet and got out one of her dress suits, and slid into the familiar clothes, thinking to herself “I’m going to be so glad when I can just get up and walk around in a thong and that’s it for a week.”

She looked through her clothes for a tight, sexy outfit in which she would be kidnapping her boyfriend in later that day. She did tell his boss Matt that she would come in to kidnap him and she wasn’t going to go back on her word.

She finally decided to go with a form-fitting top that had a v-shaped neck that ended with the V showing off most of her breasts, with that shirt she wouldn’t be able to wear a bra or it would show. Then selected a short skirt that, flairs out at the bottom. She knew from wearing it before that it barely covers her ass cheeks, and decided that since she would probably not wear this for very long and that she would wear a thong with it.

She placed the outfit in a bag that she would keep in the car while she was at work. She also added in one of the few garter belts that she had with some thigh-high stocking, thinking it would be a good addition to the outfit.

Picking up her things and making sure she had everything she walked downstairs to see Steve making a quick breakfast of eggs, and toast, with coffee, in just his boxers.

She ate, having plenty of time that morning to make it to her afternoon meeting. “Don’t you have any clients at the gym today? You aren’t dressed.”

He looked up from his breakfast and said, “I only have one today, and I don’t meet up with them till 4pm. Matt took the rest of my clients today. He told me it was because you had a surprise for me, and that I was suppose to be there, and would only have the one client, but not to worry if I didn’t get finished with them before you got there. Is there something you want to share?”

Looking at her with that suspicious look on his face, already knowing they were going to have the week together, he didn’t know about the kidnapping that she had to perform in front of everyone, to fulfill the agreement she had with Matt.

She gulped down the mouthful of eggs she had in her mouth she answered, “Umm, no. It’s probably because he knows today is the day of my presentation and wants you to be available when I’m done.” She tried to cover her guilty look, and leaned over to kiss him. She finished up her meal, and cleaned off the dishes before heading out for work. The whole way into work thinking over all the details of her presentation in her head, going over the graphs that she made up, thinking of all the questions that would be asked by each department of homeland security.

All of her worries were all in her head, because when she got to work, she set everything up, and all the department heads loved everything that she had to say. She won them over with charm, and her eye for detail. Everything went smoothly it went much better than she planned. Her boss was impressed and congratulated her.

She left the office, at 4:30pm, knowing she had only a short amount of time to get over to the gym before Steve was done with his client. She got to the gym with time to spare, at just before 5pm. Since his training sessions lasted an hour she would get changed and be able to kidnap him just as he was finishing.

She went up to the front desk girl that she knew and told her not to tell Steve that she was there, she was going to go into the locker room and change first. The 20 something girl in spandex that always greeted Jazmin warmly had told her she wouldn’t let him know she was there and inform the other girl at the desk the same.

Jazmin sneaked into the locker rooms without being noticed by anyone, getting a bit excited by knowing all of Steve’s co-workers were going to see her in the outfit she had chosen. She pulled off her work clothes, and slid on the tight-fitting top, the garter belt and stockings, clasping the stockings to the garter belt with ease. She stepped into the skirt, and looked into the mirror.

She thought for a second that something was missing, and finished off the outfit finally by putting her hair in braided pigtails that fell over her shoulders.

She walked out of the locker room after storing her suit in the locker she had. Looking over at the receptionist that she talked to before, she got the look from her that made her blush, the receptionist gazed at her lustfully, and licked her lips seeing Jazmin’s breasts full and almost bursting out of her shirt, and the cheeks of her ass peeking out from under the skirt. Jazmin finally got her to look Kütahya Escort at her face and mouthed, “Where is Steve?” The girl motioned toward the back of the gym.

Jazmin thought, “Of course Matt would want to let everyone in the gym get a look at me before I got to Steve. Matt is such a perv!!” She sucked in a deep breath and made her way as confidently as she could to the back of the gym.

Getting looks from all the guys, and a few from the girls that were working out there, she smiled back at them all, and giving a couple of the girls playful winks. She finally reached Steve at the back of the gym. His back was to her, but his client, which was a 45 year old business man from the looks of him, stared up with his mouth open.

Jazmin reached down and tapped on Steve’s shoulder to get his attention. When he finally looked up in the mirror that covered the back wall she saw the same open mouth expression on Steve’s face at the recognition. He almost slapped his client out of the gawking look he was giving his fiancé but thought against it and just said, “Umm, dude, she’s my fiancé I told you about.”

Steve’s client blinked a few times to make sure he wasn’t seeing a mirage, and said, “Damn, lucky man.”

Jazmin pulled Steve’s arm, till his stood up, and gave him a kiss pressing her body up against his. Whispering in his ear, “Sorry baby, but I got you the week off with this stunt, I told Matt I would kidnap you at the gym.”

She looked down at his client, and said, “Sorry, to interrupt, but he started something this morning that I want to finish.” Blowing a kiss to the client she took Steve by the hand and led him out of the gym, with all the other people staring as they walked past.

Before they could get out to the receptionist area Steve pulled back on her arm, stopping her, and pulled her into another embrace, lifting up the back of her skirt to show her sexy ass to the gym as a whole. He broke the passionate kiss, and said, “Well might as well show off your sexy body, especially dressed like that.”

Slapping her ass he let her continue to pull him outside to the awaiting car.

“It wasn’t much of a kidnap as you coming willingly with me but at least I did what Matt asked of me. Now, we are off for the next week with no interruptions. Anywhere you want to go first? Besides, home?” She teased as she pulled out of the parking lot onto the streets. She turned up the heat of the car; her legs were freezing from being uncovered while walking outside into the winter weather.

He ran his hand up and down her leg, running his fingers along the straps of the garter. “Not really, all I can think about is taking you from behind with that garter belt on. Although, we could always stop by Pricilla’s to get you a new outfit. And maybe a new toy or 2 for this week to celebrate, since I already know that the presentation went well from you showing up.”

He moved his hand up her thigh, and reached between her legs. Her lips parted and let out a small gasp, feeling his fingers begin to work on her. She tried her best to pay attention to the road, pointing the car in the direction of the nearest adult store.

She thought to herself that thankfully it was only 5 minutes away. She didn’t know if she would be able to pay attention to possible icy hazards that were on the road if he played with her too much.

She let out a soft moan, as she turned into the parking lot of the store, Steve’s fingers moving slowly and seductively on the outside of her panties. He lifted his hand up to his nose and sniffed at her aroma left there, and said, “Damn baby, you are ready for this week to start aren’t you.”

Jazmin parked the car, and replied, “More than you know, my love.” She opened the car door and stepped out, lifting up her skirt and wiggling her bottom in his direction before he got out. She walked up to the store, waiting on him at the door.

He finally got out of the car, after taking a couple seconds to compose himself and to make his hard on go away. The sweet aroma on his fingers, got him going, and even though he was about to walk into an adult store he didn’t want to have his cock pointing the way.

He met Jazmin at the door and grabbed her ass as they walked in. The girl behind the counter had recognized the couple and smiled at Jazmin’s outfit, looking her up and down.

The girl at the counter had always flirted with Jazmin and Steve, she licked her lips seeing the couple, especially with the outfit Jazmin was in.

They walked to the back wall of the store and looked through the selection of dildos and vibrators. They had a decent collection at home, that included, the new butt plug, a dildo that they made out of a clone a penis kit, it was a replica of Steve’s penis so they could enjoy double penatration without another guy. The collection also included a pair of vibrating panties with a remote.

They hadn’t been able to use the panties out in public yet, but that Kütahya Escort Bayan was on the list of things for Steve to do this week.

What they were looking at now was a dildo that was thicker than anything she has had inside her pussy. Jazmin looked at it with wide eyes, thinking it was too big but would try anything for Steve at least once. It was 12 inches long and 5 inches around, with a suction cup on the end of it.

Steve picked up the phallus, and whispered in her ear, “Can you imagine this sliding in and out of your pussy. Spreading apart, pressing deep inside you.” Standing behind her. He rubbed his hand up the back of her leg along the garter belt strap that was over her ass.

The girl behind the counter was watching the couple intently, watching the touching and whispering. She felt herself get wet watching them, and always enjoyed fantasizing about the couple using the toys after they left.

Jazmin sighed softly leaning back slightly against Steve. Reaching behind she felt him getting hard thinking of her pussy being filled up with the giant phallus.

He pulled her over to the sexy lingirie that was hanging on racks. She had looked a black number the other times she had been in the shop. It was a corset that zipped up the front, with lace along the sides. She had mentioned it to Steve a couple times saying she always wanted a corset outfit. She loved the feel of the fabric squeezing around her.

He picked out the exact one she had been thinking about, and held it up to her body. “Well, well. I think this is a good outfit for you darling. At least the zipper would make for easy access, one zip and your exposed to me. Guess you should wear it under something at least to get more than 2 min wear time in for it.”

She looked up in his eyes and said, “I don’t know how you took me last night was pretty good, and you didn’t have to remove the teddy. Although, this outfit is good since there is no panties to it. It stops at the hip baby.” Showing him where it landed on her hip with the garter straps hanging down over her thigh. ” She looked down at the alluring outfit then back up at her fiancé and said, “And anyway, can’t you imagine me, kneeling between your legs, sucking your cock, while riding that giant dildo at the same time?”

He groaned, making one of his many happy sounds, and said, “mmmmmm, I think that would be absolutely delectable.”

She was already feeling extremely wet, and knew if they didn’t leave the store, she would be leaking down her leg with all the fantasies going on in her head. Her cleavage was very revealing and the skirt managed to stay in place, but she knew she was showing off some her ass while walking around the store. The exhibitionist in her made it all the more exciting.

Steve walked Jazmin back to the video wall, and told her to pick out any video she wanted. She looked through them and finally chose a Jenna Jameson flick called “The New Devil in Miss Jones”. She always thought Jenna was sexy, even with fake tits she was one of the sexiest porn stars she could think of. Jazmin always had a bi-side to her, and never let it out much, but she couldn’t help picking porn movies because of the girls instead of the guys.

Steve looked over her shoulder and saw the selection his sexy lover had picked and said, “Ahhh Jenna again I see. She is sexy, but not as sexy as you my love.” He moved the pigtail away from her neck and lightly brushed his lips along the base of her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

She turned around and headed to the counter. Getting the hurt puppy look from him following right behind her. The girl behind the counter put the selections into a bag and handed it to Jazmin, taking the money from Steve.

Jazmin headed out the door, with the girl staring at her ass the whole way out. Steve watched her staring at Jazmin, and said, “What’s your name, we see you in here all the time, but never caught it.”

She said, “Umm, my name is Samantha. Why you ask?” Her mouth had gone dry, and seeing Jazmin’s ass sway side to side just barely being covered by the skirt made her weak in the knees.

“Well its because I noticed you watching Jazmin and myself walking around the store, and didn’t know if it was because of me or her? She is beautiful isn’t she?” Seeing the somewhat scared look of a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar plastered across her face.

“Well sir, it’s because of her, I’m a lesbian no offense. When she comes in here, I can’t stop staring at her. Sorry if it bothers you I will stop.” Looking down at the ground shy about being found out about her longing to touch his fiancé’s legs, and smell her scent in her nose, everything about her was irresistible to Samantha.

He took a piece of paper from the cash register, and wrote down his cell number. He slid the piece of paper over to her and said, “Today is your lucky day, and I have a proposition for you. You help me surprise her sometime this week while Escort Kütahya you are off, and I will make sure you have her any way you like. As long as I can videotape everything, and join in at least to get my rocks off with her.”

Samantha’s jaw dropped she couldn’t believe her luck. “Are you kidding? That would be awesome, yeah; I’m off this coming up Monday, if that works for you. You want me to call you on Sunday to get all the arrangements together?”

He smiled at her warmly; he had always thought she was pretty. Tall, pretty, not boyish in anyway, hell he thought she was completely straight. He pictured her as the stereotypical lipstick lesbian; that liked other girls of her type as partners. She had long blonde hair; that came down to her waist. Large breasts that Steve guessed at 34 DD that pointed out from a small hourglass figure down to a nice round, plump ass. His eyes devoured her figure, slowly and he imagined the 2 lovely ladies in his bed while he videotaped their intimacy.

“That works perfect. It’s going to be a surprise she won’t be able to resist.” He couldn’t help but smile walking out the door. He got into the car and shut the door.

“What took you so long babe?” Jazmin thought it was odd that he stayed behind to talk to the girl, she thought it was an innocent exchange, and didn’t see the piece of paper with his number being slid across the counter.

He shrugged, and said innocently, “Nothing, darling. Just wanted to see what the girl’s name was. We see her in here all the time I thought I would introduce myself and you, but you rudely walked out before I could manage it.”

“Oh, Well, what’s her name, she is a cutie. Slender, large breasts but not fake big, nice ass, I love her long hair and those long legs.” Her cheeks turned red when she realized she had gone on a few words too many about the girl.

“Really now? That just gives me ideas. Well, her name is Samantha, and I do believe she thinks you are rather hot yourself.” He sat back and watched the expression on her face turn from embarrassment to enjoyment, with a hint of naughty which he loved.

“Wow. Really?” She put the car in reverse, and started towards home. She felt his hand on her thigh again, moving up to her panty-clad pussy, moving his fingers lightly over the fabric again. She moaned, her face flushing slightly at the thought of the younger coed and what she could do to her.

“Yeah, really. She was watching your sexy ass walk all over the store, and when I caught her watching you sway your hips left and right as you walked out the store, I had to ask her name. Does the idea of her head between your legs get you even wetter baby?” He pushed the fabric of the panties to the side. Looking down at her crotch he could see his fingers sliding up and down on her slit easily with the super short skirt hiked up.

She moaned softly trying to keep her eyes on the road. She just nodded, so that she didn’t have to concentrate on speaking as well as driving and the mounting passion between her legs.

He ran a finger down her slit to the opening of her pussy sliding in one finger then two into the soaking wet hole. He removed his fingers to lick off all the juices that clung to his fingers. He moaned softly at the taste of her. He reached over, not caring if there was any traffic on the road, or who looked in the windows, and pulled the fabric of her top off her right breast so he could suck on her nipple.

He moved his head down to her chest, and lightly flicked at her nipple, making the ring move up and down with each light flick. He sucked at the nipple, moving his hand over to the other breast, squeezing its soft flesh in his hand. He nibbled at the nip that was closest to him and made the flesh pucker and harder under his taunts.

Jazmin was breathing hard under the teasing she was receiving and squirmed in her seat. She had moved her right hand down to her pussy and was beginning to finger herself, while Steve was sucking on her nipples. She had worked, 2 fingers into her hole, fucking them in and out, massaging her palm against her hard clit.

Steve moved his hand down with Jazmin’s and helped her by inserting his two fingers into her as well. She removed her fingers and began working on her clit with her fingers. Hearing the sloppy sounds of the assault on her pussy, and her aroma fill the car, Steve was swimming in pheromone heaven.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Baby, do you want the chance to taste that sweet young girl from Pricilla’s? Lick on her pussy, while I fuck you from behind. Maybe, even have our new friend in your pussy, while I take your ass, getting all your holes assaulted at one time. That sounds pretty damn good to me.”

The thought of eating another girl out again, made her almost lose her concentration driving. They were almost home, and she was beginning to cum right then and there. Her mind clouding over in a haze of passion, feeling her body tingling all over, as the waves of her orgasm worked her over. Steve worked his fingers in and out of her pussy. She managed to keep the car on the road, and not slide on any ice. She pressed the pedal down a bit more to get home that much faster so that she could fully enjoy the rest of the day with her man.

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