V is for Veronica Ch. 03

Big Dicks

Author’s Note: Okay, so listen. Whew. This took forever unlike Ace of Hearts which I basically vomited out. This took forever because it felt like literally every character was shouting at the same time and I had a hard time sorting out the timeline and what to keep and what to toss.

I did my very best to stay consistent, but lmao i have written rewritten rerewritten so. Mea culpa. As a reminder, content is literally all the things: this chapter includes group sex, het presenting sex, promiscuity, etc. Love you all so much. Thanks for chillin with me.



I shove her against the wall while she’s ripping off my shirt and throwing it on the floor. She’s got this throaty laugh and gritty voice that makes me wet.

“Holy shit, you are fucking strong!” those husky giggles spill in my mouth and I knock them back like tequila. Her tongue swirls with mine and I’m up on the balls of my feet in order to make this happen, pinning her by her tits.

“Just cuz I gotta tailor my pants doesn’t mean I can’t whoop your ass,,” I smirk and flick my tongue against her lips. “Find out.”

“Yessssss, pleeease,” Her low laugh and hum remix to make an ‘mm-h-hm-hmmm and makes me wanna get all up in her shit. I stay wanting to fuck her up.

“I like this,” she purrs and snaps the straps to my bra. It’s lacy, sexy and a dark purple. On purpose.

She pushes me back onto her desk, her sketchbooks and pencils flying everywhere. (This is also how you know I’m down for this bitch because all I can think about are these sharp ass pencil shavings stuck in my panties.) Her fingers skim along the lace that barely holds my breasts.

I like the way her chipped black nail polish contrasts her pale fingers. I like the way her full sleeve tattoos are vibrant and bright and cover the backs of her hands, her throat, her chest.

She reminds me of the multi colored crayons my abuela would make with the broken leftovers at the end of the box. Castaways rebuilt and remade into something new and unapologetic and undefined.

I also like how she’s vibrant and bright and covers me with her mouth, tu sabes? Eyy.

She pulls on my hair. Her diabolical chuckle from my gasp just fuckin spreads my legs further.

I pull her tank top off. No bra. Never any bra. Right away, I rake my nails lightly over her nipples that are so pale, they’re almost invisible. The only unmarked part of her; I can see the green blue trails winding to her heart.

I trace those pathways up and up, circling around her nipple with the tip of my nail, and I’m rewarded with a yummy sigh. Those barely pink nipples tighten and she lets out her breath in a whoosh. The tip of her tongue peeks out between her naked lips because she likes how I touch her.

I touch this bitch a lot. This one is gonna be hard to deal with when it blows up. Which is soon, but I’m not going to worry about that today.

“I’m wearing it for you, boo,” I grin and her eyes get so wide, the irises are almost eclipsed, and our mouths are locked again with her moaning in mine.

Yeeeeea mami, you know I understood the assignment.

Her lip ring presses against my bottom lip when she uses her tongue to push the barbell in my own.

She’s pissing me off. I’m going to lose my shit if she doesn’t put her mouth on me right the fuck now.

“Happy birthday to me,” she grins and she’s traveling down my body. I moan and this bitch hasn’t even gotten there yet. My thighs are already slick with anticipation, ready for her mouth.

With a smug chuckle in her chest she glides the tip of her tongue from the center of my belly down, down, until she gets to my skirt.

She can read every twitch of my body.

Her eyes glitter with intent underneath the bottle black of her long bangs and my stomach flips. She shoves my skirt up to my hips, eyes on mine and I’m doing my best to not writhe or wriggle yet but the intensity in her gaze almost feels like a touch. She runs her fingertips over the matching bottoms I was waiting for her to find; she groans at the sight.

She makes me feel so fucking sexy, the way she looks at me. Like how Veronica does.

She breathes me in. My clit throbs. She says mmmm but the way she says it in her throat it sounds like she’s purring like a cat and I push my hips forward. She drops and I spread my thighs for her, shuddering with her nuzzles over my panties. They’re heavy, saturated by my need to fuck her face.

The heat from breath is fucking torturous.

“Stop making me fucking wait,” I snap and reach for my own puñetera pussy. She slaps my hand away and cackles.

“It’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want to my girl,” she grins and begins to kiss my cat over the lingerie. When she takes a mouthful of my panties and sucks, I thrust my hips against her face, frustrated. The fucking tease. She pulls back.

“Good things come to those who wait, gorgeous.” gaziantep jigolo Grinning, she rubs her face over my clothed crotch again.

“I don’t want to fucking wait,” I snap. I’m being petulant, and I don’t care. It just makes her laugh and making her laugh makes me smile.

“I guess it’s a good thing I like you, huh?” She runs her tongue along the seam and I roll my head back. “And that I like giving you what you want.”

Fucking tease, God.

“Yes, hello, so fuck me please?” I grit.

She laughs. I hate her.

“I hate you,” I inform her.

Now she belly laughs. Fucking insufferable.

Finally, FINALLY, she peels my underwear off and puts them in the back pocket of her jeans.

…I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t just squeal.

I love how she looks down at my bald snatch in awe. Always awe. Like she could never have imagined a puss so divine; this is high grade pussy I’m serving.

She spreads my lips apart and gently blows on my clit and it makes me want to kick her. Her eyes fall on my face. They narrow–with glee.

Coño diablo, she’s about to play games. I swear to God–

“Do not try me,” I warn her. I have pencil dust on my back, do not.

Her stupid fucking talented mouth spreads into a smile slow like molasses and sharp like a shark’s.

“What?” She flutters her lashes at me.

I–this bitch.

“Like this?” She watches me as she slides the very tip of her tongue along my folds.

“Or…this?” Her eyes dance and sparkle when she flicks my clit hard with her tongue, like a slap.

“Hija de gran puta, you about to get that ass beating I promised,” I growl.

She grins and plays with my hood piercing, wiggling it up and down with the tip of her tongue. I shudder, thrusting my hips up at her but she keeps the distance. Light kisses dust my thighs. I know what this is, the fucking brat.

“You wanna hear me beg, don’t you?” I accuse.

Mara gives me a coy look.

“I do not beg. I take, ¿ya entiendes? I take without apology. Not one soul has any power over me,” I glare at her. She smiles and says nothing but kisses the crease where my leg meets my pelvis like the cabrona that she is.

She licks her lips.

“Please,” I mumble. Her breathing is heavier. She does nothing though.

“Please, baby, please, look at my pussy,” I hiss. Quiet, though, so the devil can’t hear.

She looks. She looks at my swollen clit and lips. She looks at the damn near mirror shine from how fucking wet I am. She runs her fingers over the shimmer of that same wetness that paints my inner thighs.

“Baby,” I whine. Fuck, just her looking at it. I bring my legs up so that the heels of my feet are on the desk edge (shout out to yoga, the real MVP) and she watches as I open myself up for her wider and wider until my knees are almost in a horizontal split. My cunt is sloppy-wet, pulsing, and engorged.

“Look at what you do to me,” I gasp in a near panic, and it isn’t an act because I am literally going to fucking die from her bullshit and guess what, she’s going to prison for it.

Her nostrils flare with my scent and I bite my lip. She slowly starts to lower her head and–

“FUCK ME, YOU SLUT” I scream.

The sound I make when she grabs my hips and buries her wicked tongue in me probably has someone calling for a priest. My elbows fly out from under me, I barely miss hitting the back of my head on the desk and I scrape my arm on the edge– but I do not give a fuck. I wrap my legs around her head. It feels so good and it’s so intense that I start to laugh amidst my whimpers and moans.

I’m shaking, shes fucking me up, she’s fucking gorging herself on me. I can barely breathe, gasps strangled in my throat and chest. I thrash and grip her hair hard with both hands. I grind my pussy on her fucking face for making me wait like that; I don’t give a shit if she can’t breathe, and she knows it. I’ll kill a bitch, watch.

She’s moaning, and panting and furiously rubbing herself.

The bra was more for show than anything, so when I crush my arms together and hold her head, my nipples pop out and the rough lace grazing up against them sends me over the edge. I cry out from the intensity and speed of my first orgasm.

She does the same into my pussy two seconds later, the sound of my orgasm her trigger and she reflexively sucks my clit hard. I choke on a scream.

I hear the front door close.

Liam’s home.

Mara either didn’t hear or doesn’t care. I try to wrench her off my twat but she just fucking keeps going and I’m dizzy and hot and on another planet.

I hear his footsteps approach just as she plunges her fingers into me and I can’t stop the loud sudden moan. The steps stop.

Liam comes into focus after a moment, standing in the doorway and his name tumbles from my mouth. He looks at me flushed, sweaty, with tits half out and his girl buried in my snatch.

“What the fuck you doing over there smiling?” I growl at him and jigolo gaziantep lick my lips. I’m feeling the tension building again, the fire stoked from watching his pants tent. I know what’s behind door number one and I want it.

I don’t take my eyes off him as my gasps become rhythmic and pick up speed, and I see his breath hitch. He catches his bottom lip between his teeth. I feel a very fucking problematic ache in my heart at the sight.

When I’m rocked with the explosion of a combined orgasm for a split second our eyes lock. My eyes slam shut and I’m fucking loud all over again, my hips rising, my back arching until I’m almost in a full back bend.

“FuuuuUUUUCK,” I scream.

A huge hand clamps over my mouth and when I look I see his gorgeous deep chocolate eyes with the black outer rim and copper around his pupil. His eyes are off the hook and I’m breathless.

The orgasm is still coursing through me and all I can do is open my mouth in a silent o.

Liam trails feather light kisses on my throat and Mara pushes the orgasm further by pressing her tongue hard and flat against my clit. I can’t take anymore, I think that was three? Four??

He brushes his lips against mine in a whisper of a kiss and runs a thumb over my exposed nipple, nudging the spiked barbell. He moves, kissing me properly this time with an unbelievable amount of tenderness. The contrast is overwhelming my senses.

It’s her fucking precision that kills me. Her ability to just fucking know when to slow and when to speed up and exactly how much pressure to apply.

I’m panting and she’s easing me back down, slowing her descent, lazily lapping up her spoils. I can feel the satisfaction rolling off of her.

My legs are jelly. I can feel the sweat that’s pooled beneath me from my back, the drops running from the backs of my knees over my calves.

Liam looms over me. He touches the well where my collar bones meet, and drags his pointer finger along my throat, over my chin, to my mouth. I close my lips around it and his dark eyes flash.

I wonder if he’s imagining my lips wrapped around his cock. I am.

“Janessa,” he murmurs and his voice is so raw I could use him as a vibrator. He says my name like that’s the only word he knows. I don’t know how to explain it.

I’ve been missing him, I notice. I tell him, both because it’s true, and because I know it’ll make him feel wanted. One of his rare smiles cracks his serious exterior; I can see in his eyes how smitten he is and it gives me a rush. I reach to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

“Hi,” I beam.

“Hi,” he murmurs. Pretty boy.

Mara straightens and leans over to give him a kiss–and a taste. I am working him out of his zipper, though not easily.

He kisses her deeply and she rubs my pussy juice onto his face and he sighs, “Happy birthday, gorgeous.”

“Jesus, your jeans are so tight,” I huff.

Mara laughs at Liam’s blush.

I finally free his glorious manhood and groan. Coñoooo, every time I see his cock is like the first time. You know how some motherfuckers just have good looking dicks? Liam has a pretty dick, with a pretty Prince Albert.

It’s cock o’clock.

Abruptly, he gasps and pants when slide him past my lips. The angle is lovely, and when he lines my throat with his dick I close my lips around the base and hum. His hands slam on the desk to hold himself steady when the hum vibrates the curved barbell in his cockhead.

Pretty, pretty cock.

“Shit,” he gasps on an inhale. “Ness…”

He turns red and rocks his hips forward. I reach around my head to grasp his hips, digging my long nails into his flesh. I guide him in and out while he white knuckles the edge. He’s so vocal. Men are always quiet all the time but Liam gasps and whimpers and lets out sudden moans.

He pumps my throat and tears are running down my temples into my hair. I’m beyond turned on because I can imagine what it looks like and it makes me feel like a fucking slut and everytime my bra scrapes against my nipple I feel it all over again.

I don’t know where Mara is. But Liam curls over me and kisses my belly and down (up?) to my mound. He gets so deep his balls slap my nose and I have to shove him backwards so that I can survive this blowjob.

He pulls out from my throat just fucking covered in my slobber and I gasp for breath with a laugh.

“Oh my god your dick is so fucking ridiculous,” I exclaim. He frowns and I rush to explain, gliding my hand up and down his shaft.

“Like good, it’s good, that’s a compliment,” I grin. I sit up and he looks at me a little unsure when I turn around so I’m facing him. I climb up on my knees so I can kiss him.

I wrap my arms around his neck, raking my nails along the nape and the back of his head. He presses his lips to mine and picks me up, his arms tucked under my ass. I wrap my legs around his waist.

His tongue is gentle and probing and so sweet. He carries me into the bedroom. He’s taking my breath gaziantep escort away with his kisses. In one smooth motion without my arms ever leaving his neck we’re on the bed and he’s on top, pushing into me. He holds my knees to my shoulders.

My eyes fly open and he’s looking at me with intensity. I feel his jewelry rake against me inside and I cry out but he’s fast to clamp a hand over my mouth. He bottoms out, pulls back and slams back into me to bottom out again. I scream into his hand.

Goddamn, he fucks me so good.

Again he rolls back, and again I shriek and it’s all muffled by his palm. He is watching my eyes and I’m fucking insane with the lust. He’s never fucked me like this before. I stare back at him, eyes wide, and he picks up the pace, the bed rocking hard.

He straightens and pulls my legs over his shoulders. He grabs my hips and I clench around his cock.

Oh my god, he’s about to fuck me up.

The look in his eyes is fierce and almost angry and I am trying to manage this full and stretched feeling.

“Cover your mouth,” he demands and I obey without question, alarmed by his flashing eyes. I’m panting and straining and I can barely move my body.

Liam plunges deep and I am hollering in my hands. I grab a pillow and cover my face. Like a jackhammer he fucks me with a very nearly painful speed and I’m writhing and thrashing and begging for more.

A sound not unlike a siren bursts from my chest, beginning low and rising in pitch so loud that I’m pretty sure cars must be pulling over outside while Atila the Dick pillages my pussy.

He thumbs my clit.

My eyes roll back in my head and…I think I see the white light. The tunnel. Oh, look, the angels are coming to take me home; here lies Janessa, died of the D.

WAIT! No, no– here lies Janessa, died por ser puta, because this is the moment the pillow is ripped off my face and replaced with a hot wet pussy. I immediately curl my tongue against her because if being a whore is what kills me, I’m gonna make it a good death. I’m starving.

I give her a tonguing worth the ride.

Mara huffs, whimpers, and squeals and her eyes are on mine, wide as saucers. I burrow my face, shaking my head back and forth working her over, giving her back what she gave me. I hook my arms up around hips grasping her thighs, and grunt into her when Liam gives my nipple a hard pinch. All at once he strains and cums hard, his cockhead crushing against my cervix leading me into a hard moan that buzzes her cunt and my mouth floods with her sex.

There’s something about being completely full at both ends that just destroys me.

Like a fucking lunatic, Liam doesn’t stop his thrusting, and cum escapes from around his dick, dribbling down my crack. He uses It like lube and works a thick finger into my asshole and I cum with the violence of being electrocuted.

Mara cuts off my air supply when I freeze, grinding against my mouth and nose, staring at me hard. I have pussy juice in my nose, mouth, and throat, and I slap her thigh hard, though the loss of air is somehow intensifying the orgasm.

She drops to all fours freeing up my chin and I gulp air through my mouth before doubling down on her pussy, trilling my lips against her clit until she squeals, until her moans fill the room as she spasms against my face, until her voice breaks, until she’s dripping down my chin.

Liam is running his hands all over my body, smoothing them up my sides, his dick still inside me despite its softened state.

Mara flops over, because she is, in her words, “One and done,” when it comes to orgasms. She’s panting and I’m laying there reeling, enjoying the feeling of being an absolute fuck toy.

Liam pulls out, and it all gushes out like he unplugged a dam. He’s never cum in me before.

“Ey, cabron, get me a fucking towel or something, coño,” I exclaim. Cum is so fucking messy.

Mara, panting heavily, glances up, “Me?” She’s studying her own cum on my face.

“No, him, for the mess he made–EY, you better not put that dirty ass teeshirt on my coochie! Get me something clean, are you crazy?” I shout, clapping my thighs together. Like he’s worth a fucked up snatch, please.

He tosses me a box of tissues instead, rolling his eyes and I sigh and roll mine back. Fucking boys. I look at Mara for solidarity but instead she’s staring at him.

Ugh, I know that look. Well, shit. We’d been having such a good time, too.

I stuff fistfuls of tissues in my chocha and hobble to the bathroom attached to the bedroom, scrambling to sit on the head so I can properly clean this mess up.

“You came in her?” I hear Mara ask.

I wince. Here we go.

“Yes? So?” his reply is already defensive.

“What do you mean, so? That’s a big deal, that’s fluid exchange!” her voice pitches upward.

“Well, what’s the fucking difference? You exchange fluids every time you two fuck!” he exclaims.

She’s going to say it’s different now. I use toilet paper to blow my nose filled with pussy.

“That’s not the same–“

Because I can’t get pregnant–

“I can’t knock her up!”

Mmhmm, now he gonna say something about balance–

“You know she isn’t though, so how is this fair?”

Does he really know that? I mean, I do, but no one asked me. Anyway, now it’s time for her to bring up something unrelated.

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