Until Next Time


I texted Eric, “6910.” Our special code. He will meet me outside his apartment in 10 minutes. We had developed a series of codes to communicate, so if his girlfriend ever finds his phone, she would have no idea what naughty things go on between us.

I pull on my knee-high leather boots, grab my keys, and run out the door. The strap of my silky camisole slips off my shoulder as I swiftly cross the street to my car, I could feel the heat swelling up inside me as I speed over to his place, taking each turn on only two wheels. I can’t wait to see him; I pull up my skirt and start rubbing my clit on the short drive to his place. I get so excited knowing that each time I see Eric; we’re more likely to get caught by his live-in girlfriend. The thrill of being caught really gets me off.

He meets me by the glass doors to his building, slams me against the rough brick wall and presses his lips and body against mine. A shiver runs down my back as he lightly bites my lower lip. My hand tries to caress his bulge, but he yanks my hand away and orders me inside to stand by the elevators. Waiting by the elevators, the windows to my right give a bird’s eye view of his building’s lounge. It is dark inside, except for a street light outside which highlights the pool table and large leather couches. I turn back to look behind me, wondering where has he gone. Click. The door to the lounge pops open. Eric grabs me by my elbow and pulls me inside.

“I thought this lounge locked at midnight.” I whimper.

“It does. That’s why I had to scale the brick wall outside to get in here” he replies.

He pushes me down the stairs, and spanks my ass. “Ohhh” I yelp. He eagerly leads me toward one of the large leather couches. He grabs both Bostancı Escort my hands, forces them above my head and guides me down onto the couch. I stretch my head up to kiss him; he leans in and then pulls away quickly, teasing me. I could feel my clit throbbing already. Oh god, these naughty night meetings make me so hot. I want to feel him inside me more than anything.

He continues to hold my wrists together, as if handcuffing me with his hand. I squirm beneath him just trying to get one passionate kiss from him. He continues teasing me. Using his free hand, he pulls up my miniskirt, revealing my black lace g-string. He pulls the string away from my moist pussy and then releases it, snapping at my clit. I let out a long sigh. Eric winks, “you like that, huh?” “Oh god yes.” He snaps the string once more. I shiver and yelp. Finally, he leans down and presses the hottest kiss against my sweet lips. I wrap my leg around his back, pulling him in closer. I could feel his bulge pressing against my throbbing mound. He finally releases my arms from his overpowering grasp. I caress the back of his neck and tug him in, our tongues fighting one another. I scratch at his back as we continue exploring each other’s mouths. I’m becoming so wet it’s like my pussy is crying. He pulls off my red satin camisole, my perky breasts pointing his direction. I reach for his pants, and he shoves me back. His hand snatches hold of both of my wrists and forces them behind my back.

He gently licks my right nipple. He sucks ever so lightly. The tip of his tongue plays with my little nub. My body writhes in pleasure. His free hand finds its way to my swollen clit. Using his thumb he slowly rolls my little knot, Bostancı Escort Bayan causing me to breathe harder, and deeper. He slides two fingers into my dripping pussy, stroking my g-spot. I don’t know how much I can handle. He vigorously attacks my g-spot while still rubbing my clit with his thumb; he clearly has done this before. I’m feeling warm inside; my mind goes blank, my body starts jerking uncontrollably as he brings me to orgasm. Rapid short breaths and all I can manage is an “Oh god!” My body continues to spasm. I gasp for air.

Suddenly Eric flips me over and spanks my perfectly rounded ass. This shoots me into a second orgasm; my body spasms beyond my control. I lie there paralyzed on the couch, shaking, as he continues spanking me. I let out a moan with each smack.

“You are so fucking hot, no one’s ass can compare to yours.”

“Are you finally done spanking me? Cuz I’m dying to suck that massive cock of yours.”

He gives me a devilish smile. I lean up to kiss him once again. I grab him by his shirt and push him down on the couch, then I roll us off onto the floor. I straddle him and undo his pants using nothing but my teeth; I bite and rip off his boxer briefs. He looks down in disbelief. I throw his torn boxer briefs at his face and I get to work on his enormous hard shaft. I grab it and stroke it for a minute, watching the expression on his face. I hear his breathing getting faster. I lick up and down the length of the shaft, using the tip of my tongue to play with his head. I start moaning as I take in the full length of his cock. I continue moaning, I love the way his cock tastes. I feel his balls tighten as if he is about to cum, so I stop. He jerks, Escort Bostancı but does not cum. I continue sucking his cock, and stroking his balls. He says, “I’m about to cum, I’m about to cum, oh god.” I stop once again – lean in to him and whisper, “You want to titty fuck me?” He pushes me down and starts fucking my cleavage like there’s no tomorrow. He comes all over my bare chest and neck. I love the jewelry he gives me, perfect pearl necklace.

I run my fingers through his treat on my chest, and lick them off seductively. His cum tastes like candy. He gets hard again just watching me lick his cum off myself.

“Fuck me on the pool table.” I command.

Without hesitation, he tosses me over his shoulder, and spanks me. He uses one arm to clear all the balls off the pool table before throwing me down on it. I put my legs up over his shoulders and beg for him to stick it in me. He carefully lines up his dick at my opening and starts pumping me. His large cock stretches my tight pussy walls; it hurts so good. My boobs bouncing rapidly as he rams me like a jackhammer. Pumping and pumping, harder and harder. My body is shaking, I’m breathing so fast, my heart is racing. The sheer force of his cock pushes me to orgasm again. My body shudders as I continue to ride his hard shaft. He pulls out and shoots his load into my moaning cum hungry mouth. I swallow down every drop, grateful for my present.

We lay side by side on the pool table for a minute, recovering from our long night of fun. I turn to him and ask, “So where is she tonight anyway?”

He spanks my bare ass, then looks me in the eye and answers “Passed out drunk in my bed 4 floors above us.”

“Eric, how can something so wrong feel so amazing?”

“The wrongness is what makes it amazing.”

He leans over and kisses me. I get up, collect my clothes and head for the door, leaving him there on the pool table recovering.

“Until next time.” I say, then look up and wink at the lounge security camera that has been filming us the entire evening.

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