Unexpected Holiday


I know it’s a bit late for a holiday themed story, but it’s still winter, damnit.

So here’s a story that for once isn’t based around non-consent.

Contains: M/F, oral sex, big size difference, or “size play”, and cute, hot fluff. Proceed only if you are okay with these things. Otherwise, enjoy!

He wakes up in bed

Lust fogs up his head

For a creature was stirring, – making a fuss

He scratches himself, his hair all a muss

It’s Christmas morning, just to be clear

And it’s awfully early, although no clock is near

The man stretched, stroking his morning wood. He heard a faint tinkle, shortly thereafter realizing that this was the noise that woke him. He rose from bed with a yawn, deciding to investigate, silently making his way to his living room. As for what he saw, he wasn’t quite prepared for. He stood there, head tilted to the side in disbelief and wonder. Under his Christmas tree, amongst all the other colourful packaging he had acquired during the holiday months was a tiny little girl — an elf with her wrists and ankles dexterously yet neatly bound together, hogtied with golden ribbon — naked as the day she was born.

She looked at him wide-eyed and a little whimper came from her mouth that was also bound and presumably gagged. She mewled again and struggled, causing the tree to sway ominously, fake snow falling onto her distressed, elfin face. An ornament fell as the tree jingled again, shattering on his wood floors. This seemed to snap the young man out of it, and he needlessly looked around his flat to make sure that he was alone and his blinds and curtains shut.

Overwhelmed, he approached her tentatively as if she would disappear like a dream – eyes roving across her body hungrily. Sensuous curls draped across her bare shoulders and back, covering her proportionally pleasantly sized breasts. She was shaped exactly like a woman — a perfect miniature of a nineteen year old or so right down to her dark little eye lashes. The only difference was her long, pointed ears.

“Hlllmmmpphhhh…” she said again, eyes pleading.

He ignored her then, and slowly leaned down to examine her more closely, his cock already swelling with excitement and apprehension.

A little tag was attached to the ribbons at her feet.

“TO: E. S.”

A slow grin spread across his face.

Well, he wasn’t going to let a perfectly good present go to waste, he thought. With that, he hoisted the girl onto his shoulder and carried her back to his room. Dropping his squirming parcel onto the bed, he checked his nightstand’s clock; it’s early, but it was Christmas morn, so why shouldn’t he be able to begin unwrapping his gifts…? Turning back around, the expression he was wearing must’ve been one that wasn’t terribly comforting, for the girl’s eyes widened and she began to struggle and cry. He leaned in and she froze, swallowing dryly and quailing under his lusty gaze. Oh what had she done to deserve this? Why would Santa send her to a full grown man on the naughty list? The tall man interrupted her thoughts,

“My, my it looks like this is my lucky day! Ol’ Saint Nick really does know how to get a man exactly what he wants!”

To her relief, he untied the ribbon around her mouth, jaw aching. She spat it away, also expelling a small stocking that had been lodged in her mouth for who knows how long. The tiny thing began babbling at once, speaking in a strange accent that sounded like a musical combination of British and Slavic. It strangely reminded him of the tinkling of bells:

“This is a mistake! I wasn’t supposed to be sent here! Let me go, I need to get back home, I need to get homeee-“, she said, tears springing from her eyes just as quickly as the poured out her words. Ethan, not knowing what else to do, placed a large hand over her mouth.

“Shhhhhhhh. It’s okaaaaaay.”

He waited until she seemed to be done crying before slowly lowering his hand. She sniffed as he began to untie her legs.

“T-thank you sir… so kind…

“I just don’t understand what happened… I’m not a toy….”

Ethan smirked inwardly at this, begging to differ as he worked at undoing the central knot. When he was done he sat up again, and instantly felt something like shame. She looked at him as if he had all the answers, shivering and looking pitifully confused and terrified in this foreign place. God, she was adorable…

“Don’t worry, dear. I’ll treat you well.”

He began to şişli escort stroke her umber curls, making low mming noises. She didn’t seem to notice, and had her knees up to her chest and arms wrapped around them defensively, head down and facing the other way. She nodded gratefully, still trembling.

“You look so tired and cold! Why don’t we warm up so you can calm down?”

She looked up and smiled weakly — but still a smile nevertheless. All she could think about was

sweet peppermint tea or hot chocolate with warm blankets and reindeer fur. She nodded politely, tentatively.

“It’s a long way from the north pole. It must have been a while since you’ve had a nice warm shower…”

Evidently she wasn’t as naïve as he thought, for she tightened her upright fetal position and wrapped her hands around her soft little breasts he so badly desired to see.

“Heyyyy. You’ll like it, I promise.”

She glanced nervously at the curious tent in his boxers, but didn’t seem to know what to make of it.


He guided her across the hall into the adjacent bathroom. The squeak of the faucet and warm steam that began to build across the colorful tiles and glass doors made her a bit more comfortable. She glanced behind her and was also happy to see Ethan a meter or so behind her, trying not to seem interested. She stepped inside, drawing snowmen and polar bears on the glass and felt overcome with homesickness yet again. She turned to see Ethan kicking off his festive candy cane boxers and closing the door behind him, stepping inside behind her.

“Woah, wait- nn…”

She blushed fiercely and backed into the furthest wall. Judging by his casual demeanor, she supposed that this was a regular thing… that and the thick, swollen looking appendage that throbbed between his legs. She dismissed it uncomfortably, supposing that it was just another weird difference in human and elf anatomy. While she went through this internal conflict over Ethan’s presence, he simply stood, eyes closed in the stream of steamy water. He opened an eye to see the girl’s expression.

“What’s wrong? Water too hot…?”

“N-no, the temperature’s lovely…”

She stood there, face pointed at her feet as he regarded her curiously. When it was obvious he was waiting for an answer, she finally said, “I’m just not used to this… in the North Pole boys and girls don’t shower t-together… I don’t think…”

The longer his gaze lasted, the more she became aware of how big he was compared to her, for her face barely reached past his bellybutton.

“You’ve never seen a boy naked before, have you?”

She shook her head, blushing again, absently working conditioner into her wet hair. He laughed shortly, “Aw, that’s cute… Oh, here, let me help…”

He took one of several loofahs from the wall, paused, deciding which of many soaps to use. He chose a minty one, attempting to find something comforting and familiar. Working up a bunch of suds, he began washing her back.

The girl just stood there, docile but awkward, for she also hadn’t been helped with bathing since she was very young… She nearly protested, but figured it would be rude to deny help. Her back tingled with tension, feeling as though he would do something nasty to her… She felt increasingly nervous no

matter how hard she tried to calm down. She nearly slipped when she felt his hands on her sides, but he meant no harm.

Ethan simply turned her around, kind but clever hazel eyes meeting hers with an expression she supposed was meant to be soothing. He gently pulled her arms from around her chest where she had been clenching them all this time and pulled them up toward him to their furthest length, washing them too. He knelt down nearly face-to-face with her now, and much more slowly began to soap up her front. He didn’t take her eyes off of her, and she smiled nervously.

“T-thank you…” she said fumblingly. He just continued on looking. She glanced down, noting that his manhood seemed to jump a little every second or so. He placed a hand on each of her soft tiny breasts, squeezing them gently. He looked up to see the expression of subdued panic that had emerged. She averted her eyes and stepped backward, arms coming up to clothe her again. She felt strangely tingly as she looked at the floor tiles, face pink with shame. Ethan paused for a moment, and then took hold of her arm, bringing her close to him. She whimpered, but he didn’t hear over the sound of rushing water. He ran the loofah down her legs, circled to the back and up to press against her round bottom, and finally pulled it between her legs, flitting past that spot she’d never let anyone else touch or see.

She gasped, jerking backward and breathing fast, her little heart pounding. What was this… pleasant tingling she felt? Either way she stored the thought onto the highest shelf in her thoughts and quickly rinsed.

“A-all done…” she said, pointed toward the door. But the man moved into her path.

“Oh, but I’m not, though! You’re not going to help me wash?”

She looked up at his daunting, gigantic form. In some way, though, it reminded her of her beloved reindeer she had at home, all big and gentle.

“I… Uh… I… Sure…”

Ethan smiled warmly at her, but with a hint of something else in his expression…

She took a much longer time than he did to bathe her, but eventually — and with his help – she found herself with every bit of him clean except for his genitals, which she didn’t really want to touch. He looked at her expectantly, though, so she soaped up the loofah and tentatively began to wash his sac, cradling his balls and base of his cock with the bathing utensil. She looked curiously the entire time, as if deciding which pieces to use next for assembling a puzzle. Next she moved to rub his hard candy cane, but did so quickly, for she felt very uncomfortable. She was relieved when he mentioned nothing of it, and instead rinsed off and thanked her.

Ethan draped a towel around his shoulders and began to dry her with hers. To his great amusement, he discovered that she was ticklish as he passed over her belly, and tortured her for some time with that knowledge. He pulled her close to him as he dried her ass, squeezing each cheek through the towel. She stopped laughing now and became visibly rigid.

“Could I… could I perhaps borrow some clothes? Just a shirt would do…” Her voice was however drowned out with his immediate reply: “I don’t think I have anything that will fit you! Why don’t I just get you a blanket to wrap yourself up in while I make us some tea?”

She stood there in a pool of her own reluctance for a moment.


pleasurable noise, nuzzling the back of her neck before rising and walking toward the kitchen, gently

dragging his fingertips across her cheek as he drifted by.

She debated whether to continue standing there, and decided that even in the warm, glow of the tealights all around her in the soft darkness, she would rather be with her new friend, even if he did regard her so strangely.

He reached into his cupboard and handed her a box full of various types of tea. He turned on the stove to heat some water in a kettle.

She chose Darjeeling, the name of her favourite reindeer.

“which one would you like, sir?” She asked politely.

“Please… just call me Ethan…. Mmm… Give me something mintyyy… oh, and my god — what’s your name? I still don’t know what to call you!”

“I’m Mila…”

“Ohh. That’s a pretty name.”

She turned pink for the umpteenth time that morning.

“Thank you.”

* * * * *

A half hour or so later both Ethan and Mila leaned on the headboard, warm and full of tea. It was about 4:00, and the elfin girl was very sleepy. She yawned, nestling into her fleece cocoon. Moments later and she was too tired to protest when Ethan surrounded her with himself. She squeaked nervously, but was so exhausted and warm she couldn’t seem to make any words leave her mouth.

Somewhere in the tangle of blankets she felt something big and firm growing against her inner thigh… She squirmed drowsily, but that only seemed to make it grow bigger and faster. She heard Ethan moan somewhere above her, and felt his chest vibrate.


She suddenly felt him tighten his grip on her small body, feeling a strange pulse somewhere as she wriggled about. He suddenly pulled her blanket back, exposing her. She cried out torn between covering herself with her hands and attempting to wrestle her blanket back.

“Calm down, Mila… Just let me do this. I promise you will like it…”

“But- but I d-don’t… nn…”

His hand emerged from some folds in the blanket and headed for her; she pressed her legs together, curling up into a hard ball. Ethan frowned, pushing her down and peeling her appendages off each other one by one, pinning each.

Looking into her terrified eyes, he lowered his mouth to her breast and engulfed her nipple with his lips. He could’ve taken nearly her whole breast in one mouthful if he tried, Mila observed, suddenly becoming very hot. Her eyes widened as she felt his big tongue swirl about her areola. She felt like butter softening on a countertop. Her toes flicked as he sucked her breast off, her eyelids fluttering and a gasp escaping as he moved onto the next, giving it a similar treatment. He slowly released her legs now that she was relaxed, and he instead used his hands to gently caress and squeeze her breasts, kissing down her soft belly.

Mila was in an alien heaven, a virgin to the prowess of male seduction.

“W-whh… What are you doingg to mee?”

She rubbed her thighs against each other, hips working subtly, that tingling feeling spreading to her belly as he neared her nethers.

“Shhh… no words…” was all he said. He soon parted her legs with little resistance, and careful to avoid her nook, (which was now puzzlingly becoming slick and so warm…) kissed her inner thighs.

Mila watched him with all of her attention, fascinated at how he operated her body as if he’d already memorized the manual. His explorative lips crept closer and closer to her sex, and she even lifted her hips slightly, as if to offer herself to him. He paused momentarily, his mouth close enough that he could feel her heat on his lips. Without wasting another second, he planted a wet kiss on her slit. She bucked instantly, gasping as pleasure bloomed from her loins, her naturally bare cunt rising to press against his face. He pressed his tongue in between her darkened lips, lapping all of her ladybits — running his tongue between her labias and up to her tiny pink clit. He suddenly pushed his tongue between her innermost lips, causing Mila to spasm and cry as it immediately fills her, her tiny fingers curling in his hair. She laid openmouthed, overwhelmed with bliss as his thick, slick appendage snaked its way into her. He just rested his tongue inside her at ¾ length, playfully flicking it every so often and causing Mila to yelp, for he was more than big enough to stretch her insides.


Her tight little cunt flexed around his tongue, pulling perhaps a half centimeter in. Taking this as a hint, Ethan lifted her lower body, a hand on each butt cheek, kneading them as he propelled the rest of his tonguelength into her nethers, Mila spasming excitedly. She tensed around him as he pushed all he could into her, twisting and twirling his thick tongue around powerfully. He began stimulating her clit with his upper lip as she moaned, her whole body at his mercy. She made little fists in his hair as he began to flick in and out shortly. She came suddenly, screaming and pressing his face against her smooth mound as he filled her wholly again and again.

Ethan finally withdrew his tongue when she had ended her convulsions nearly a minute later, giving a final kiss to her tender parts. Careful not to crush her too much, he laid over her and kissed her mouth, pushing his tongue into it and sharing the flavor of her pussy. Mila pushed on his throat, for he was choking her with his tongue. He rolled over, chuckling good-naturedly. Rattled by the immense intensity of her orgasm, she asked, still panting,

“W-what… what was that?

Ethan felt a surge of pity at her naivety.

“You’ve never felt that before?” he inquired, not unkindly. “Don’t you touch yourself? Don’t elves do that do each other?”

“Well… I’m only 28, so no…”

She realized by the bemused expression you give her that there were some discrepancies in human and elvish aging.

“What…?” she asked, finally.

“Humans are adults when they’re 18, and a lot do this sort of thing before then…When do elves touch each other?”

“We become sexually mature at around 30 and reach adulthood at 42. And… we usually wait till we’re married.”

“…How old are you?” Ethan asked, looking at her full breasts, wide hips and round ass.


“You know what? Don’t even answer that.”

They both laughed at this. After some time, Ethan noticed Mila’s uncontrollable yawning and pulled the blanket over the two of them.

“You need to sleep now, don’t you?”

She nodded, very tired and a little apologetic.

“Mmm… Alright. Don’t worry, there will be many more orgasms when you wake up in the morning.”

She nodded and smiled, toying with the new word in her mind.

“Orgasm… ” she whispered to herself before she dozed off.

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