Unexpected Company


Tanya was idly clicking around on the internet at her kitchen table. The light from the window reflected off her laptop and danced in her shoulder-length hair, that was falling into her face. She brushed it away without thinking, her movements pulling her wife-beater taunt against her full, thirty-eight C breasts. She shifted restlessly in her little pink, cotton shorts, a sigh escaping un-noticed between her lips. Her blue-green eyes skimmed over the computer screen, not really taking in what she was seeing. She clicks on her email for the millionth time as her phone suddenly voices Donald Duck in the throes of passion from an apparently over-enthusiastic blow job. She quirks her lips slightly in amusement as she reaches over and flips her cell phone open, cutting Donald short right before his final moan of climax. She opens her message, already knowing who it is before she reads it. It is Mark, messaging her from the field where he has been for the past two weeks, leaving her alone, bored, and horny. She reads the words and her heart speeds up a bit as she subconsciously runs her tongue ring over her charmingly snaggled front tooth, a faint twinge stirring between her thighs, “Baby, I’m back!”

She whirls around to her laptop and quickly opens her calendar.

“Oh shit! He’s a day early! Thank Goddess I already shaved!”

She texts him back, “Oh yeah? Where are you?”

She sends it and waits anxiously, her foot thumping against her chair. She runs her hands through her hair and grabs her cell phone and a cigarette and heads to the front porch for a smoke. She fights with the stubborn door knob, cursing quietly before ripping it open triumphantly and hitting the screen door handle with her palm. She looks up distractedly and gives a little yelp, her eyes widening.

“Mark!” She exclaims.

Mark grins, his dimples popping out on his lightly freckled face, his skin reddish tan from the two weeks in the hot Texas sun. She blinks up at him towering over her five foot four inches, his sexy hazel eyes twinkling merrily at her. She takes a slight step back into the house and smiles back up at him, her heart pounding she mindlessly tosses her phone and cigarette on the couch by the door and opens her arms just as he swoops down to grab her up. She giggles and tries to kick the door closed with her foot, her arms circling around his neck. She snuggles her self against him, her legs clamped around his waist, over the top of his baggy, low ride jeans slung over his lean hips. She leans forward and runs her tongue teasingly over the side of his temptingly tan neck, his blonde neck hairs like strands of gold next to the bronze of his skin. She relishes the salty taste before breathing deeply of his male scent. He locks his hands under her rounded ass, holding her against his lanky body. She purrs and flexes her hands like a cat, her nails lightly raking over his shoulders through his white t-shirt as she leans back and angles her face up at him. She runs her tongue over her lips, Maltepe Escort savoring the last bit of the salty taste as he smirks at her.

“Did you miss me?” He asks lazily, cupping her tighter and inadvertently squeezing her ass in the process.

“Not a bit!” She replies. “Why, did you miss me?”

As an answer he leaned in, covering her mouth with his own, their lips moving lightly against each other as she runs her hands over his buzzed Army hair cut, cupping one hand behind his devastatingly sexy neck, her left hand grasping at the middle of his back. She moans low in her throat as she feels his tongue part her lips and slide searchingly into her mouth. She runs her tongue seductively over his, suckling gently at it, and nipping his with her teeth as the kissing becomes more aggressive, all the pent up hunger of the last two weeks without taking over.

He staggers backwards slightly, his muscles flexing as he sits back on the couch, moving her to straddle his lap, their kiss barely breaking contact as they adjust positions slightly. His hands slide up her shirt, his large palms running over her bare back, almost spanning the whole width. She moans at the touch of his warm, rough hands moving over the sensitive skin of her back, arching slightly. Her already hot, wet pussy was almost leaking through her cotton shorts as she squirmed over the huge bulge throbbing in his jeans.

He keeps moving his hands up, his palms covering her shoulders as he works her wife- beater up. She reluctantly breaks the kiss and leans back, holding her arms up and shaking her hair back into place as her top goes sailing across the room. Her breasts bounce free in front of his face, her dog tags clanking quietly into place between them. Her nipples tighten in the cool air, teasing and beckoning him as his hands come up and cup them both, his thumbs brushing lightly over the already hard nipples. She shudders and moves her hips more suggestively against him, her hands grasping his shoulders tightly as his mouth moves over first one breast and then the other. His hands rub and massage them, his tongue circling around each nipple in turn, sucking and biting gently at them.

She runs her nails over his head and down his neck, her lazy, half-lidded eyes watching him as he devours her tits. She gasps at each small bite, moving her hands down his sides, her fingers playing over his ribs before she pulls away, tugging impatiently at his shirt. She rips the shirt off his head and tosses it aside, crushing her breasts against his bare chest, sighing softly at the feel of skin against her skin before capturing his mouth with her again. Her hands move frantically over him as she whimpers quietly, his hard cock almost bruising her through their clothes.

She pulls away finally, panting softly as she tries to stand on unsteady legs. She hooks her thumbs into the top of her shorts, shimmying them down over her curved hips. She gets down on her knees, running her hands Maltepe Escort Bayan over his chest, her fingers playing lightly with his nipples before she leans forwards and captures them in her mouth, her hands running over his hips as her breasts crush against his lap, running over the bulge of his cock. She kisses her way down his stomach, her hands unfastening his belt and pants. She sucks gently at his hips before tugging his clothes down his legs and shoves them across the floor. Her eyes glaze over slightly as his huge erection springs to life in front of her face. She growls in the back of her throat, her hands grasping his thighs as she leans forward. She nestles her face into the crease of his thigh, flicking out her tongue as she breaths in the musky male scent of him. She eyes him greedily before flicking her tongue over the tip of his cock. She grasps the shaft with her right hand, running her fingers softly over the velvety skin. She takes the head into her mouth, sucking and licking eagerly at it. She keeps sucking and licking, taking it into her mouth little by little. She squeezes her thighs together, her pussy wet and throbbing, almost crying for his massive dick inside of it.

She sucks him up and down in smooth motions, her tongue flat on his shaft and coming up to swirl around the head, flicking under the helmet ridge with every stroke. He groans and moves his hips helplessly, burying his hands in her hair. She peers up at him between the satiny locks of her hair, watching him as he leans his head back on the couch, moaning quietly as his hips pump himself into her mouth.

She pulls away gently, planting a kiss on the tip of his bobbing cock before climbing up into his lap and positioning herself over him. She braces her hands on the back of the couch, her breast swaying in his face as he gazes up at her. She lowers herself slowly, running her slick pussy over the top of his cock before rotating her hips and slowly taking him all the way inside herself. She moans loudly, her head thrown back with the pure ecstasy of having him completely filling her and stretching her open. She wriggles in his lap, allowing her body to adjust to the massive length and girth of him. He hisses as her hot wetness clenches around him and sheathes him in slick silken folds of flesh and muscle. He grabs a hold of her ass, one cheek in each hand, pulling her down as he thrusts upwards to bury himself completely.

She leans down and kisses him, their tongues entwining as she starts to move against him, moaning into his mouth. She rides him hard, her breasts swaying as she rocks back and forth, grinding down on his cock, the head scraping the end of her tunnel, pushing until there is a nice mix of pleasure and pain. She presses her forehead against his, her back and arms flexing and a sheen of sweat glistening on her skin as she works over him. He rocks against her, thrusting his hips upwards as he pulls her down with his hands. He holds her ass Escort Maltepe spread wide, pulling the flesh at the back of her pussy tighter against him. She moans loudly, her pussy wet and slick as she stabs herself repeatedly on his hard as steel sword sheathed deep inside her. She starts making small moans and whimpers as she feels her climax approaching. Her whole body clenches around him as she thrusts down and back, her pussy tightening around his cock. She arches her back and jerks, her head back as she screams out her release, her orgasm spiraling between her legs and washing out in an explosion over her body. She digs her nails into his shoulders as she moves in small jerks, her last gasps and moans buried in his neck as she licks and sucks on it, her body trembling. Her juices cover their thighs as her pussy muscles spasm over his cock, her orgasms starting to wind down.

He wraps his arms around her back and picks her up gently, turning and laying her on her back on the couch. She spreads her legs and arms up in the air, her whole body inviting and welcoming him. He looks over her body as she lay panting softly, her body flushed and glistening, her hair all wild and spread around her head. His stomach tightens as his cock bobs eagerly. He kneels between her legs, her calves over his shoulders. She grabs her thighs and pulls her legs back, spreading herself wide for him. He leans up and kisses her greedily as he plunges himself roughly back into her, causing her to stiffen, her small scream muffled in his mouth. He ravishes her mouth as he slams powerfully into her pussy, his own passions heightened by witnessing her reaching her pleasure. He breaks the kiss and grabs her shoulders, folding her in half as he plunges into her as hard as he can. He buries his face into her hair, his own breaths now coming short, his body sweating and slick across hers.

She lets go of her legs, her ankles locked around his neck. She buries her claws into his back, her loud moans and whimpers echoing around the room as she takes him into herself. His own noises becomes louder as her nails rake across him, and she feels his cock pulse and swell inside her with the coming of his own climax. She becomes more excited, clamping onto a nipple with her teeth to help push him over the edge as she squeezes her pussy muscles around him, milking him. He roars as his body finally shudders, spilling his seed inside of her. He thrusts slow but roughly a few more times, emptying himself completely before collapsing on top of her, breathing heavily. She relaxes her legs and holds him in her arms, trying to wind down and relax her body and her breathing. She finally moves him a little so that she can try to sit up. She looks around the room for a minute, dazed. She looks down at him and he is laying on his side, smiling at her.

“You sure you didn’t miss me?” He chuckles.

She throws a pillow at him and stands up, laughing. “Nope. Not at all, baby. Why, did you miss me?”

He sits up and runs his hands over his head, stretch out a bit. “Give me ten minutes babe, and I will show you again, since you didn’t seem to understand my answer the first time.”

He grins at her as she gives and exasperated sigh and walks crookedly into the bathroom. He hears her soft giggle before she closes the door.

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