Two Worlds Collide Ch. 03


The next week passed in a blur. Anna kept her head down at work and avoided Molly’s phone calls. She could have done with the extra cash right now but her heart simply wasn’t in it. Not that it ever really had been. The job had always been a means to an end and she had simply shut herself off from what she was doing. Sometimes she’d met people she actually would have dated on a personal level; most of the time her clients had been men who she wouldn’t have looked twice at. But it had paid well, and Anna had been extremely grateful to Molly for giving her the opportunity to earn a large amount of cash over a short space of time.

On the flip side, Molly was now extremely pissed off to lose one of her most requested girls. But she was a pragmatic woman; she realised that if she kept her mouth shut, there was every chance Anna would soon be back on her books. The girls always got used to the extra income and most of them hated to lose it. So she stayed quiet and merely said to Anna, fine, have a holiday and we’ll find you work again when you want it.

As far as Anna was concerned, enough was enough. She had been lucky this time; Sean was unlikely to say anything, but she might not get away with it again. The thought of turning up for a stag night do and being confronted with half the guys from the office, was not a cheery one.

When the opportunity arose to travel to Paris to meet some potential clients, Anna took it immediately. God knew she needed to get away from London. A couple of days worth of meetings might be hard work, but at least it would be in more attractive surroundings and she could maybe fit in a visit to the Louvre if she had any spare time.

The flight landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport Wednesday evening and she took a taxi straight to the hotel. The company travel agent had booked her into a decent 4* one, the room was pleasant enough and she had until the following morning to relax before the first scheduled meeting at 10pm.

After a shower and a change of clothes Anna was hungry, so she made her way down to the bar hoping for a snack and a drink. It was too late for the restaurant to still be open and although she could have ordered room service, she felt like the company of other human beings, if only for an hour or so.

She took a seat at the bar and ordered a gin she had no desire to be sucked into a pointless conversation and be put into the position of having to rebuff an unwelcome advance. She’d been there before and it wasn’t much fun; the male ego was a fragile creature and never handled rejection terribly well.

Eventually the baguette she had ordered materialised in front of her and she wolfed it down. There had been a snack on the plane, but it had been virtually inedible and she was starving. Another gin washed the last of the food down and she actually felt human again. She also felt tired and was just about to stand up and head back to her room, when a tap on her arm startled her.

“Excuse me,” said a man’s voice. She turned to face one of the businessmen who had been watching her. He was a greying middle-aged man, smartly dressed and not unattractive. “I wondered if I might buy you another drink, seeing as we are both alone in such a romantic city.” He smiled at her hopefully.

Inwardly Anna cringed. She really didn’t need this; she was tired and ready for sleep and now she was going to have to offend this poor man.

“I’m sorry…” she started to say, when she was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Darling! Sorry I’m late; I hope you didn’t have to wait too long?”

Sean took her arm and kissed a shocked Anna on both cheeks in the continental fashion. The businessman looked rather taken aback, but immediately moved away from her.

“Sorry to bother you, I didn’t realise you were with anyone,” he muttered sheepishly and shuffled off miserably.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Anna demanded icily, inwardly seething. She grabbed Sean’s arm and pushed him away. Without thinking of the consequences, she tossed some Euros on the bar in payment for her drinks and snack, snatched her bag and stormed out of the room, incandescent with fury.

What in the hell was he thinking of turning up like that, he may well be the boss but it didn’t give him the right to stalk her – there were laws against that kind of thing! The lift opened just as she reached it and she stepped in gratefully. Unfortunately, just as it was closing, Sean stepped in after her.

“Look I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, pushing his hand back through his dark hair. “I didn’t mean to offend you like that, but I thought that man was bothering you.”

“He was but I could have handled it, I didn’t need your help thanks very much.” Anna glared Anadolu Yakası Escort at him furiously and silently made herself count to ten, before she was tempted to tell him where to shove his job once and for all.

“Ok, so I made a mistake.” Sean sighed and leant back against the wall, arms crossed in resignation. He could see how mad she was and he seriously began to regret the whim that had brought him to Paris. He had had more than enough work to do at home without flying off on a mad jaunt to France. The trouble was, he hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind for the last week and he knew damn well she had been avoiding him. He’d expected to have a decision from her by now regarding the job, but she’d said nothing all week. It was entirely possible of course that she’d decided she couldn’t trust a damn word he said and had no intention of allowing herself to be seduced again, but he really hoped not.

When he’d heard that she had been asked to go to Paris for the ‘Saint-Delain’ meetings, he had manipulated his manic schedule to accommodate his own trip despite much raised eye brows from his PA, Heather. (She knew something fishy was going on but she didn’t quite have the nerve to say anything out loud). He had hoped to be on the same flight as Anna but, unfortunately, it had been fully booked so he’d been forced to catch the next one.

Anna mentally willed the lift to hurry up and reach her floor. Being in a confined space with Sean was deeply disturbing and she was desperate to escape. How on earth he had managed to turn up at the same hotel defied belief – he must have engineered it just to see her, the arrogant bastard.

She had managed to push him defiantly from her head rather successfully in the last week. Of course putting in thirteen hour days wasn’t the most ideal way of doing it, but it had worked. When she heard his wife had turned up on that fateful evening in his office, it had only reinforced the point that Sean was a non-starter no matter how good the sex was. ‘Never mix business with pleasure’, was a time worn motto, but it was a very sensible one. Anna had absolutely no intention of becoming his floozy on the side; it was a recipe for disaster as she of all people knew.

Thankfully the lift door finally opened on her floor and she practically flew out of the door. She didn’t dare look to see if Sean had followed her; she just prayed to God he hadn’t. When she arrived outside her room door, she checked behind her but the corridor was empty and she breathed a huge sigh of relief. Hopefully he had gotten the message that she wasn’t pleased to see him. She really had enough on her plate at the moment without him acting like an idiot. Two fucks hardly equalled the love affair of the century. In fact, make that one – the first didn’t count as it was purely a business arrangement. Bloody men, she thought angrily as she stripped her clothes off in the marble bathroom.

There was a faint knock on the door and she heard a voice saying, “Room-service, Madame,”

Crossly she glared at her reflection in the mirror. Oh for fuck’s sake, I didn’t order any Goddamn room service, she said to herself. She could almost hear her Mum scolding, watch your language girly! This very nearly made her smile as she pulled the hotel’s complimentary bathrobe on hurriedly.

“There must be a mistake…” she said as she opened the door impatiently.

Sean stood on the threshold with a rueful grin and a bottle of Champagne, and she quickly realised the only mistake was that she had opened the door.

“Can I come in and talk to you?” he asked softly.

“No you can’t.” Anna replied firmly, but he ignored her and stepped in anyway. The door swished shut behind him and he walked over to the table and plonked the bottle down, before turning back to her and saying apologetically,

“I really am sorry you know; about before and about what happened in my office.”

Anna snorted in disbelief. She knew damn well he wasn’t sorry about what happened in his office. They had had sex – end of story. Ok, so it had been great sex, but she wasn’t going to let it happen again. He was too complicated and she didn’t need complications. Men were always trouble and she was far happier without them.

She pulled her robe tightly around her body and wondered how long it would take him to get the hint and go. Just to make it more obvious, she turned her back on him rudely and walked over to the window, ignoring him completely.

The lights of a million cars sped up and down the busy Paris boulevard as rain pattered and dripped down the window, distorting the myriad of reflections. She felt rather than heard Sean move up behind her, placing his hands Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan on her shoulders and lightly squeezing them.

“Don’t ignore me Anna…” he breathed softly into her ear, his breath tickling the tiny hairs on her neck.

Instantly an alarm went off in her head; such close proximity was fatal. In their brief relationship to date, bodily contact had precipitated immediate sexual contact; rather like a match igniting petrol and just as wilfully destructive.

He smelt faintly of tangy aftershave and for one traitorous moment, her body tingled in lustful anticipation before she firmly rallied the last vestiges of her common sense, and moved away from him shakily.

“Look, I’m tired and I really wish you would go away now,” she said in a flat voice; looking past him into the middle distance – anything to avoid being hypnotised by those deep blue eyes.

Sean held his hands up in resignation; he wasn’t quite ready to beg for her forgiveness just yet and he knew damned well that he had overstepped the mark earlier. Maybe it was time to leave.

“Ok, I said I was sorry and I meant it, but if you want me to go, I’ll go.” He turned and headed for the door before pausing for a brief moment. “By the way, the job is still yours if you want it – but I need to know by Monday evening.”

Anna watched in silence as the door shut behind him and suddenly she felt like shit. Maybe she had over reacted just a little. Maybe she should have taken advantage of his body and THEN asked him to leave? Maybe she was a stubborn bitch at times… She sighed heavily; she knew she was going to have to decide about the job soon, but it could wait until the weekend, and more to the point he could wait too. He had no right to push her like he had, it wasn’t fair and she wouldn’t be bullied like that.

First she needed to get some sleep, so she brushed her teeth and finally climbed between the cool sheets of the king size bed, exhausted and thoroughly fed up. For ages she lay tossing and turning in the dark, mulling over the events of the last week and listening to the faint traffic noise outside. She found her thoughts drifting back to Sean again; annoying as he was, she couldn’t help but remember how he’d fucked her in his office.

The memory of that encounter made her instantly horny and she slipped a hand between her thighs as she lay curled up on her side. Gently she probed her finger inside the folds of her pussy, feeling the slick juices and hot heat of her arousal. The slow delicious ache spread though her body like warm treacle and her nipples tightened until they were hard little buds. With one hand she reached up and stroked the curve of her breast, her imagination conjuring up a man lying next to her watching, as she played with her nipple, pinching it and squeezing it hard.

Her imaginary lover, (it really didn’t matter who he was), was gloriously naked and slowly rubbing his hand up and down a deliciously hard cock, its thick veins standing out in relief on the throbbing purple shaft. He reached over to lick her nipples, sucking on them, and she sighed quietly, almost feeling the warm wetness of a mouth on her breasts.

The ache intensified between her legs and she writhed under the duvet, legs kicking it off as her body heated up. Fingers rubbed her clit, feeling it swell as she became more aroused. She opened her legs wider, sensing her orgasm gathering pace within her as she rubbed faster, fingers becoming a blur of movement. With her free hand, she reached to pinch her nipples hard and her eyes closed, imagining her lover sitting astride her and pushing his cock between her breasts. She could picture the head of this huge cock sliding up and down, cum leaking from the dewy hole at the end, as it fucked the luscious channel between her creamy flesh. Her lover gave one final groaning thrust and cum splattered out over her chin and up into her hair as her mouth opened joyfully to catch some of the creamy liquid expelled.

The thought of this made her gasp out loud and she came in a hard rush of pleasure, rubbing her fingers furiously over her pussy as the contractions gripped her body in endless waves. Slowly the orgasm subsided and she curled up on her side, sated, the duvet tucked up under her chin. Sleepily she wondered what Sean was doing, as she slipped swiftly into black oblivion.


Sean was laid in his king size hotel bed, cursing his stupidity for boarding the plane to Paris. He pretty much figured he had blown it with Anna as he couldn’t see a way of breaking down the ice wall she had constructed around herself. He still didn’t really understand what his attraction to her was – yes she Escort Anadolu Yakası was gorgeous, but so were any number of other women he’d dated. Her choice of extra curricular career should have been enough to put him and most other men off, but for some reason this only added to the attraction. He really felt like there was something she was hiding; either that or she had a serious money problem. There had to be a damn good reason why she did what she did – he just needed to figure out what. The colder she acted towards him, the more he wanted her. Sod’s law – we always want what is unobtainable. And Anna was definitely unobtainable right now…

Sleep seemed a forlorn hope as he tossed and turned, flicking through the hotel porn channels. He was horny as hell and he wished to God he had Anna there with him; he could vividly remember the feel of her skin and the taste of her sweet flesh. Just the thought of it gave him a raging hard-on that wouldn’t subside no matter what inane rubbish he forced himself to watch.

It just wasn’t working; what he really needed was the real thing but he wasn’t going to get it. He hauled himself off the crumpled bed and decided to go find an open bar – alcohol might work and there certainly wouldn’t be enough in the mini-bar to sustain him for long. It was well after midnight and the hotel bar was long since closed. The night receptionist helpfully mentioned a small club that wasn’t too far away and he headed out into the Parisian night in search of alcoholic anaesthesia.

‘Club Kitty Kat’ was rather a salubrious looking place, but it sold alcohol and that was all that mattered. A large black man lurked menacingly on the door, but he let Sean past with barely a second glance. Inside, the place was sparsely lit with seedy looking décor and a small stage where a couple of girls half-heartedly danced to pop tunes. Sean ignored them and headed straight for the bar, quickly downing two whiskeys; one after the other. He ordered a third and took a seat, turning to look around disinterestedly.

There was a mixture of clientele ranging from lone men nursing drinks, through to a few student types huddled in intense groups, discussing who knew what. Sean wasn’t terribly interested in any company however and spent the next hour trying to get seriously drunk. The problem with that plan was – it didn’t work. For some inexplicable reason, he still felt sober despite the near full bottle of whiskey he’d consumed at an exorbitant price. He was constantly tormented by visions of Anna and he began to despair that he would ever get shit-faced enough to sleep.

He was sat looking deeply miserable when a woman took the empty seat next to him. The barman sidled up and looked patiently at him. Sean glanced at his unexpected companion and was surprised to see a very attractive brunette smiling at him coyly. He looked around wondering if she was with anyone, but she didn’t appear to be. Out of innate politeness he said wearily to the barman,

“Give the lady a drink, whatever she wants.”

“A whiskey beyond the next few months, who knows…” Sean sipped his drink morosely. The constant moving around suddenly seemed incredibly depressing. It had always suited him before; never having to make much of a commitment in relationships because the business took him all over the world. Of course, he had tried it once – commitment that is. His marriage to Diane had lasted two years and produced a daughter. She was the only thing they had left now – apart from mutual hatred. If it wasn’t for Jasmine, he would have cut her out of his life straight after the divorce. Trouble was, she had him over a barrel. He had to play her stupid games or she denied him access to Jasmine. He was still mad as hell she’d had the nerve to turn up at the office last week and pretend they were still married. God she was a bitch.

“Sounds exciting…” Monique commented while Sean’s attention slid away on dark thoughts of Diane. “It must be interesting seeing new places.”

“No not really,” replied Sean flatly. “It’s just damned lonely most of the time.” He downed his drink in one gulp and looked down the bar to see where the waiter had gone. Time for a refill, he thought.

A hand on his thigh caught his attention and he looked down to see Monique stroking his leg suggestively.

“It would be très terrible for you to be lonely tonight in Paris. Maybe I can do something about that?” She smiled seductively at him and slid her hand even higher until she was under no illusions that the level of his interest.

Sean was taken aback by her forwardness; he wasn’t used to women coming on quite so strong. The idea was certainly a tempting one; maybe Monique would help to exorcise Anna’s potent memory and at the very least he might actually get some sleep.

“Where are you staying tonight?” asked Monique, sliding even closer to him and nuzzling his neck with her lips.

“Hotel St. Julien.” Sean was struggling to keep a clear head; what with the alcohol he’d consumed and this woman draped over him, he was fighting a losing battle.

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