Two Nights with My Daddy Ch. 08


All characters depicted are eighteen or above.

Carla gazed down at her mother’s raised buttocks. They were in the Spa, her mother was bent over a table, in a corner of the luxurious room.

For the first time, Carla had a cane in her right hand. Her mother, Lydia, spoke.

“Go on, Darling. As hard as you can.”

“But Mummy, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I want to be hurt, and so will our guest tonight. Now raise it above your head, and punish my arse.”

“I don’t think I can, Mummy.”

“Don’t be such a baby. Just fucking do it!”

Carla raised the wooden cane and swung it onto her mother’s black skirt. She had enjoyed spanking both men, and women, with her bare hands, but this was taking it up a level. Her mother was not pleased.

“Don’t fucking tickle me! Fucking hurt me!”

Carla struck her harder, the second time.

“That’s more like it, but still not enough. Now swing that fucking cane!”

Carla was becoming angry. She put everything into the third strike. The cane impacted on her mother’s buttocks.

This time Lydia arched her back.

“Again!” she hissed.

Carla let rip, three more times. She was beginning to enjoy it, in the knowledge, that her mother, was loving it. Carla was getting wet. She struck her mother even harder. This time, Lydia gasped, then laughed.

“Alright, Darling. We’ll take a little break.”

Lydia faced her daughter.

“Are you alright, Mummy?” asked Carla.

Her mother took her daughter’s left hand, and pulled it up her black skirt.

“What does that, tell you, Darling?”

Carla giggled.

“Oh, Mummy, you’re soaked!”

She slid her fingers slowly, up and down her mother’s, drenched crotch.

Lydia kissed her daughter, sliding her tongue, in and out of her mouth.

Carla continued to stroke her, until her mother, pulled away.

“Plenty of time for that later, Darling. We have a job to do tonight.”

She went on to explain, that one of her lady clients, was bringing her nineteen year old daughter, to be punished, and that Carla, would administer, maximum pain upon her.

“What has she done wrong, Mummy?”

“Her mother caught her sucking her father’s cock. She agreed with her husband, that her daughter had seduced him, and as good parents, they decided, that a good caning was appropriate. The daughter has accepted, that the punishment is befitting, of her sin.”

Both parents would bear witness, to their daughters beating, and all, would be involved in her humiliation, and shaming.

“Why would the daughter agree to it?” asked Carla.

“I have a sneaking suspicion, that she doesn’t actually see it as a punishment.”

Carla giggled.

“What shall I wear?”

“Black. Everything black. This is a serious business.”

Carla looked good in black. Carla looked good in anything, and so did her mother.

They had both put on, black skirts, blouses, heels, and black underwear. They had gone heavy with their makeup, and both wore bright red lipstick. They looked powerful, and incredibly sexy.

They complimented each other on their appearances, karataş escort and waited for their guests.

The husband, wife, and daughter, arrived at eight o’clock, on the dot.

“Drinks, anyone?” asked Lydia.

The woman spoke.

“No thank you. Let’s get straight on with this, ugly business.”

Lydia, and Carla, led the way to the Spa.

They all entered, Lydia shut the door. She eyed up the daughter.

“So. You’re the disgusting slut who sucks off her own father.”

The gorgeous nineteen year old gave a little smirk.

“I like the taste of his cum.”

“Whore!” shouted her mother.

The daughter smirked again. Lydia spoke, sharply.

“We’re going to wipe that smile off your face, young lady!”

She slapped the girl, hard across her left cheek. The room echoed with the crack of the impact. The daughter flinched, then smiled, and licked her lips.

“Oh, so you think you’re going to enjoy it, do you?”

Lydia grabbed a handful of the girls blonde hair, and pulled her face, close to hers.

“We’re going to make you suffer” she purred.

The girl smiled again.

“Do your worst, bitch. I have a very high pain threshold.”

This time, Lydia smiled.

“Good. You’re going to need it.”

The insolent daughter was wearing a red dress, and red heels.

“Turn around you slut!” Lydia snapped.

The girl did so. Lydia unzipped her, and the dress fell onto the floor. This revealed her lacy, red, underwear.

“A proper whore,” said Lydia. She was turned on by this blonde, beauty.

Carla, and the girl’s parents, were stood close by.

“This is my daughter, Carla. She will be administering your punishment.”

Carla said nothing, as she toyed with the cane.

“Very nice too.” She looked Carla in the eye. “Make it sting, bitch.”

“I promise you, I will.”

Lydia spoke.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” She looked at the girl’s mother.

“How many, to start?”

The woman replied.

“Five to start with.”

Lydia led the girl to the table.

“Bend over!”

The girl complied. Her perfect arse was in the air, and totally vulnerable.

Lydia turned to her daughter, and slowly rubbed the girl’s red cotton, covered buttocks.

“This, is the target area, Darling. She’s all yours.”

Carla was determined to do a good job. She stepped back, and swung the cane.

It connected with a loud, “thwack!”

The girl arched her back, clearly surprised by the force of the blow. Then she laughed.

“Is that, all you’ve got, bitch?”

Carla had plenty more, and was more than happy to show her.

The second, and third strikes, were far more powerful. The girl yelped, then began to giggle.

“Come on! Fucking bring it on!”

Number four, and number five connected. The girl panted. Lydia spoke, as the girl’s parents, looked on.

“Stop now, Carla. I think, she may have wet herself.”

Everyone looked at the girl’s soaking knickers. Lydia gently pulled the girl’s knickers to one side, and slid two fingers into her karataş escort bayan wet pussy. The girl didn’t move. Lydia pulled them out, then tasted them.

“Ah. It’s just slut juice. Carry on, Carla. Five more, then she must confess.”

Carla resumed the beating. The girl was clearly, loving it. On the tenth stroke, she screamed as she came. She panted, then pissed, through her panties, down her legs, then noisily splashing, on the floor.

“Disgusting whore!” Her mother shouted. “Carla, give me, that fucking cane!”

Carla handed over the cane. Her mother attacked the girl’s buttocks, showing no mercy. Her daughter grunted on receiving each blow, onto her piss, and cum juice, drenched panties. She stopped after ten more blows, totally breathless.

If she thought her daughter was about to show remorse, she was to be sadly, disappointed.

The girl stood up. Lydia snapped at her.

“On that chair, you slut!”

The girl sat down on a plastic chair in the center of the room. She was flushed, and breathless, but smiling, blissfully. She then stared at her mother, and began to “confess.” Her father hadn’t said a word throughout the proceedings. He had just gazed on.

“Look at Daddy’s cock, Mummy! Look how big it’s grown!”

All three women looked at the man’s, very evident, erection. The girl continued.

“You’d be amazed how often, that’s been in my mouth, my pussy, and sometimes, my bottom. Did you tell Mummy, when we were caught, it was a one off?”

The man’s wife, glared at him.

“Is this, fucking true?”

Her husband couldn’t speak. His wife was livid. The girl was loving it, and continued.

“Apart from the new car, do you know what else Daddy gave me, for my eighteenth birthday? I’ll tell you Mummy. He gave me a pussy full of sperm, didn’t you, Daddy?”

I had to go to school, with his cum dripping into my panties. I had to wait till break time to wash my pussy. It took me ages, Mummy. There was so much cum to deal with. I loved it though. After that, I let him fuck me whenever he wanted. He loves it so much, when I suck his cock.”

The woman spun on her husband, and slapped him hard, across his face. He recoiled.

“Take your cock out!” She screamed.

He unzipped his fly.

“If you want her so much, you can have her! Stick your cock, in your whore, daughter’s mouth!”

The girl smiled.

“Yes. Go on, Daddy. Let’s show Mummy how good I am, at sucking your dick!”

His daughter knelt on the floor. Her father pushed his hard cock into her mouth. He began to fuck, her beautiful face.

Carla, Lydia, and the woman, looked on, as the girl, expertly, sucked her father.

Lydia whispered in the woman’s ear.

“How does that, make you feel?”

The woman licked her lips. Lydia slid her hand up the woman’s skirt. The woman moaned. She was wet through. She had loved, joining in the beating, and was now, highly aroused, watching her daughter perform.

Lydia led her to the three seater sofa. Carla joined them. Lydia knelt in front of the woman, and escort karataş removed her white panties. The woman opened her legs, allowing Lydia to lick her steaming pussy. She began to gasp, as Carla, licked her face, lips, and neck, Carla’s mother, worked her magic. The woman gushed pussy juice, all over Lydia’s gorgeous face.

They then sat, and watched the father and daughter reach the end of their little show. The woman yelled.

“Come over your slut daughter’s face! You wont be fucking my pussy, ever again! Make the most of it, you bastard.”

He did as he was told. He spurted his cum, all over, his beautiful daughter’s face, and blonde hair.

“Lick him clean!” the woman yelled.

Her daughter did so She stared her mother in the eye, as she cleaned up his juice, as if, she was licking a lollipop.

Her father zipped himself up, and left the room.

“That’s right. Keep walking you bastard, and don’t come back!”

The daughter remained defiant. She was still kneeling on the floor, in her wet knickers, and cum, drying on her face.

“Have you finished with me?”

“Not quite,” said her mother.

She walked over to her daughter, and stood over her, pulling up her skirt.

“Pull my knickers to one side.”

Her daughter did so.

“Now, close your eyes, and open your mouth.”

Of course, the girl knew what was coming next.

Her mother released a torrent of warm piss, all over her face, and hair. It must have lasted for a good thirty seconds. Her daughter, was smiling, all the time. The woman only stopped, after the last drops, ran down her daughter’s face.

Carla and Lydia were both, extremely horny. Lydia looked at the woman, and pointed to her daughter.

“May we?”

“Of course. Do what you like with the filthy slut.”

Carla and Lydia, sat next to each other on the sofa. They removed each other’s panties. Lydia spoke to the girl.

“How would you like, two, hot, cunts to lick?”

The girl didn’t hesitate. She went to work on them alternately. Both Carla, and Lydia took extreme pleasure, in watching her piss soaked face, licking their delicious cunts. While she licked one of them, she finger fucked the other. It was an amazingly kinky scene. The two gorgeous whores, both dressed completely in black, with their skirts up. She brought both the women to orgasm, with expert use of her tongue, and fingers.

She kept her face, close to Lydia’s pussy.

“Go on, do it.”

Lydia let go, a steaming jet of piss, all over the girl’s face, whilst Carla, eagerly, waited for her turn. The girl loved it, and greedily lapped up the last drops off Lydia’s drenched pussy.

She moved over to Carla.

“Come on bitch, get on with it.”

Carla opened her legs as wide as possible, and sprayed the gorgeous slut’s face.

Her mother had cleaned up, and sat watching her daughter, pleasure them both.

When she had finished, the daughter kissed them both, then put back on, her red dress, over her drenched underwear. She didn’t bother cleaning up. The sperm on her face, had been washed away, by Carla’s, Lydia’s, and her mother’s piss.

They both left. Carla and her mother, couldn’t help but wonder, what the conversation would be like on their drive home.

They never found out. Neither of them, ever saw the father, the mother, and sadly, not the daughter, either.

They would often talk though, about this very, memorable night.

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