Two Hours


I meet you at the hotel; it’s the same one as last time. This time, I meet up with you while you are checking-in at the lobby. It is weird, I feel like I know you so much, but each time my eyeballs rest on your face I’m surprised by how you look. We make our way to the elevators where you graciously grope me. First my boobs, a pinch on the nipples and then hands on my ass. Oh, I do love being treated like an object. I’m already getting turned. I guess that was the point 😉

We make our way to the room and walk in. I’ve barely set my bag down and your hands are all over me. I went without bra and panties, just like you asked. You are spreading my thighs open and I’m trapped against the wall and your body. Your hand comes up under my skirt. There is a tremendous urgency and need for you to do this.

You bend down to kiss me (oh those amazing kisses! I can’t wait – I want to drown in them and I want them to be endless and and…) and your fingers are exploring my pussy. Past the labia and at the opening of my vagina. Oh, yes, I am wet. I am so wet. You take my wetness and you spread it around and onto my clit. You play with it for a bit and then your fingers dive in for another go and this time you take your drippy wet fingers and you touch our lips with them and together we taste my juices. So fucking hot. I suck them clean for you.

I want to start sucking your cock, so badly. Please daddy, please let me Ataşehir Escort suck you off first. I pull your hand and we move over to the couch. We get naked at this point and we find the best position possible for me to start tasting you and sucking on you.

We end up on the floor and I’m between your legs with my boobs bouncing against your thighs as I slowly lick and kiss your cock and your balls. I start to get really into it but you want to slow things down a bit so I back off and reposition so my pussy is within easy reach of your right hand. You work on my super wet pussy with your fingers and you’ve hit my g-spot just right and you let me fuck your fingers until I come. This requires my attention so I’m not sucking on you while all of this happens. Once you know I’ve come the first time, we get up and move into the bedroom. Mostly because your cock wants to experience all of me.

I get up on my knees at the edge of the bed. My ass is sticking up in the air and my face is down on the bed. You slip your cock into my pussy first. Mm, it feels good. You’re amazed at how tight my pussy is. You wonder how it is even possible. Actually, you don’t really care. You are in me and you are pounding and it feels good but this isn’t where you want to come but before you reposition, you manage to help me come again. I’m starting to turn jelly now. So relaxed, so at peace. You pull out of my pussy and plunge into my Ataşehir Escort Bayan asshole. Mm, your cock feels good in my ass.

You start going in and out slowly and then you decide to lube up. Once lubed and slippery you fuck me like I’m a bitch in heat. Holding onto my hips you pound in and out and omfg; I’m coming again and you are coming and we are both coming and we still have hours and hours to spend together. While I’m passing out on the bed catching my breath and being one with the universe you clean yourself up.

Turns out you have surprises for me. I’m a rag doll at this point and you pull me over to the side of the bed and bring out your amazing bag of toys. I trust you explicitly to make good choices for me and you decide to help me stay mindful and focused by blind folding me. We then play the “what is this” game.

You suck on my titties for a while and of course, this is amazing. Absolutely fucking amazing. My body responds accordingly and then you start pulling my nipples up and twisting and then I hear a jingle and feel cold metal on me and then OH FUCK – the first clamp goes on and I’m stunned by the wonderful intense pressure of it and then the other clamp goes on and you start pulling and playing with the chain.

You notice my ass squirming and my legs parting. One hand goes down to play with my clit. The other hand is busy elsewhere, I’m not really sure. It sounds like you Escort Ataşehir are doing something. I think I heard the lube tube pop open. Now you are playing with my ass. You are inserting a plug and playing with my ass with it. I’m not sure I can take it but I can’t close my legs either – you’ve made sure of that. You work it in and keep playing with my clit and soon I’m grooving with it. My animal noises are getting more intense. What are you going to do next?

“Lay down on your back and bring your head over here to the edge.” Oh fuck yes, I get to suck on you some more. You are too good to me. Yes, grab the chains and make my nipples scream. My tongue brings you back up to nearly ejaculating again. You let me suck so long on it and you loved fucking my throat like that.

With the plug still up my ass, you have me lie in the middle of the bed on my side. You straddle one leg and hold the other one up in the air. You sink your cock into me and start thrusting. Mm, this is almost too much. Can I come again? Oh fuck yes. I can feel the plug filling my ass, the clamps jump every time you thrust into me and your cock is rubbing just the right spot in my pussy. This is the best ever.

I love it when you fuck me like this. When you use all of me and intensify my sensations.

Now we are both spent but this is nice too. This time I get to lie next to you with my head on your chest and hand cupping your balls and my fingers running around your tummy and legs. The corner of my eye catches the clock. We still have another 2 hours together. My mouth moves over to your nipple and I start sucking and biting while my hand caresses your cock. Two more hours.

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