Two for One Master!


This is a dream I had a few nights ago and thought I would share, so enjoy.

I show up to your house and kneel at the front door and knocked. You open your door; I lean down and kiss your shoes and thanked you for the opening. You snap your fingers and tell me to get dressed up you going to take me for a ride.

I crawl to the bathroom and get myself all dolled up, hurrying up cause I want your cock in my mouth so badly. I get all done getting dressed and makeup done. Tight purple dress, white nylons and black heels, bright red lipstick. My finger nails done in bright pink and a toe ring on reading “sissy” and an anklet reading “cum slut”.

I walk up to you and reach out to grab your cock when you slap my hand and push my shoulders down, telling me to kneel before you.

You buckle a bright pink dog collar on me and hooked a leash on and laughed. You tell me to get up and open the door and get in the truck. I look at you shocked and said, “Its day light out someone might see me.”

You laugh and said, “I don’t care. So get in the truck were running late.”

I hesitate a second before you grab my collar and spanked my ass multiple times, telling me to move. I run outside and get in the truck. You get in and unzipped your pants and pulled your hard cock out, looked at me and said. “Put your head down here. No sucking. I want you to inhale my scent all the way there.”

I lean over smelling your musk as you drive and laugh at me with your hand resting on my head.

I am licking my lips, starving for your cock as my cock strains in my pink cage.

We get there before you put your cock back in your pants and zip up; you point for me to get out. We walk up to the door you grab my leash and pull me down telling me to kneel. As I kneel, you knock on the door and another sissy opens the door.

She is beautiful. She is wearing all pink and white. Her blouse and plaid skirt are pink. Her nylons and heels are dazzling white. She too is wearing pink polish and bright red lipstick.

She reaches out and grabs your cock and gave it a squeeze and looked down at me. You tell me to kiss her feet and thank her for letting us in. So I obey kissed her feet and looked up and thanked her

She grabs your hand and leads you in you pull my leash making me crawl behind you. You have me close the door and precede to follow you both to living room.

She turns around and drops to her knees and unzipped your pants as you step out of your shoes and pants. She sucks your cock quickly. You pull me over and tell me to kiss your shaft.

You look down, watching our bright red lips wrap around your shaft. As our lips touch each other lips kissing one another. Working your shaft up and down as you look Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort down, moaning.

Then you yank me off your cock and said, “Ok pet bitch enough.”

You look at her and said. “Start sucking but don’t you swallow it.”

Her head is bobbing up and down as her hand strokes your cock. Hearing her slobbering on your cock when I see you grab her head and cum in her mouth.

My mouth waters. You tell her to show me your cum and she does and you tell her to swallow. She stares and smiles at me as she swallows. You laugh and tease me I didn’t get any.

You tell me to go fetch you both a glass of water. I fumble around getting glasses and filled them. I walk back in, both sitting on couch. I hand you both your drinks. You tell her to get on all fours on the floor. She obeys and you look at me and said, “Get her boy pussy nice and wet for me to fuck.”

I crawl over to her and start licking her ass, getting her as wet as I can while you watch us. After a few minutes, I feel you pull my leash back telling me that is enough.

I watch you kneel behind her and push your cock deep into her boy pussy. You smile at me and say, “My little pet bitch would love master’s cock deep inside her, wouldn’t she!”

I nod yes.

You slap my face and tell me to answer while you fuck her. I say, “Master, I need your cock inside me.”

You smile with both of your hands on her hips, plowing her hard. You tell me to beg and say, “I need master’s cock and I crave master’s cum.” Over and over.

You tell me to get under her and watch a real man fuck. I get under her and look up watching your cock slamming her boy pussy. You tell me to stick out my tongue and just lick the tip of her cock, but not allowed to suck it.

I obey, teasing her cock with my tongue as your balls are slapping my forehead. I feel her teasing my balls and poking at my caged cock, laughing and kissing my balls as she moans.

Her pre-cum is dripping up and down my face with every pump of your cock. When I watch your balls tighten up and I whine as you grunt and push deep in her ass. I watch your cock throbbing as I moan, “No.”

You pull out and tell her to stay there as you watch your cum ooze out on to my face. She raises up and pulls her ass apart some and smiles at you, thanking you. You have me lick her ass. You’re watching my tongue lapping hungrily for your cum licking her ass.

As you watch you laugh and say, “You will do anything for me won’t you! You want to obey me! You want my cock don’t you my pet bitch!”

I reply, Yes master.”

You have her stand up and say, “Baby, make our pet bitch suck you off! But first get over and clean my cock, my pet bitch.”

I Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort crawl over and start licking your cock and balls. You make me look you in the eyes as you sit drinking your water. Then you push me off, you buy my forehead off your cock and tell me to suck hers.

She walks over and grabs my hair and starts fucking my mouth, moaning out loud. I look over at you when you say, “Look at her, not me.”

She says, “Can I cum please!”

I hear you say, “Only if you pull out and jack off on her face and put a little on our pet bitch’s lips she don’t get to feel a cock throb tonight where training her to want it and need it understand!”

She pulls out and with one hand starts stroking her cock fast and the other holding my hair as her balls tighten I hear master say, “Close your mouth, bitch!”

I close my mouth as cum explodes on my eyes and forehead and then another on my lips, holding me there. After her cock stops throbbing, she shoves it in my mouth and makes me suck her clean. I whine, I needed to feel a cock throb in my mouth. I am getting robbed.

You look at her and say, “Go get a dildo for me, please!”

She leaves you have me crawl over to you and made me stop by putting your foot on my face. You swirl your toes around my face, smearing the cum and making me lick it off your toes.

She comes back holding a dildo and sits down next to you, watching as you both giggle.

You laugh and say, “Turn around and spread your ass apart if you ever want my cock.”

So I obey and I feel you drool on my ass crack and shove your semi soft cock in my boy pussy and say, “I got to pee and I don’t want to get up!”

You shove it in best you could and I feel warm pee filling my insides up. After your done, you pull out and make me hold it in and had me spin around to lick your cock clean again.

She watches and moans as she licks her dildo. You then tell me I can crawl to the bathroom now. I crawl there and let out your pee from inside me. I try to jerk my cock, I so want to cum.

I crawl back hearing you both talking but can’t make it out. When she tells me to back my ass up to her as she sets her empty glass down. She smacks both of my ass cheeks and tells me to spread my pussy hole apart again.

I feel her shoving her semi soft cock into my boy pussy. She grabs my hair and makes me look into her eyes.

She takes her fingers and smears the cum on my face and makes me suck it off her fingers. Moaning in my ear as I feel her peeing inside me now too. She kisses my ear and whispers, “You’re my pet bitch now too!”

She stands up and grabs my leash and makes me clean her cock. Then tells you she taking me out to the backyard Kadıköy Ucuz Escort to let me pee.

I crawl behind her as you watch both our asses sway. You look out the window watching her make me squat and pee outside, you’re feeling so proud as you stand there with your hands on your hips watching.

Your standing in the center of the living room and tell her to stick the dildo up my boy pussy. She grabs it and pushes it deep inside me. Your cock is getting hard and so is hers.

You both start making me suck both your cocks. Both hands on my head, making me take turns. She does not last long looking down at me; she demands me to stare into her eyes as she throbs in my mouth without asking you. What a feeling it was, I moan on her cock. She pulls out and lays down spent.

You grab my head with both hands and start fucking my mouth hard, telling me I need your cock; I need your cum over and over. I am gagging so hard, tears a flowing down my cheeks.

When your cock swells up and balls tighten and explode into my mouth, I moan waiting all day to feel your cock.

You pull out and sit down and motion me over. You say to me, ‘If you want to cum you need to prove it and fuck yourself with that dildo.”

I position the dildo holding it with my feet and start fucking it. I feel your feet rubbing my balls.

Five minutes go by and I can feel the tension starting to build when you say, “You have one more minute’ cause it is time to go!”

I ride harder I am so close!”

Right when I hear you say, “Stop.”

I cum on your feet right at the same time.

You pick your foot up and make me lick my cum off your foot in front of her and you. With me not being horny anymore, you keep training me to crave it and training me to do anything for your cock.

After I cleaned it you make me dress you while you sit there. She laying on the floor spent moaning. You tell me to crawl over and have her pull the dildo out. So I obey as she smiles as she pulls it out.

You say goodby and I look at you and say, “Can I wash up?”

You laugh and said, “Nope ain’t my problem, and it is time to go so move!”

You hold my leash until we get outside and get in. I was about to lie down into your lap and you say, “No, you will look out the window and show people what a whore you are.”

On the to your place, people noticed my cum covered face. Some give me a disgusted look as others laugh. You laugh the whole time.

We get to your home; walking up to the front door and stop you tell me kiss your crotch and thank you for a good time if I ever want your cock again.

So I drop to my knees, leaned over and thanked you and kissed your cock.

I was about to stand up when you shove me back down and tell me to kiss your feet also! So I obey, kissing both of your feet.

I ask if I can change in your house you say, “Nope, drive home like that.”

So I grab my clothes and head home.

I am sure I will have another dream soon and finish this story for you all that enjoyed!

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