Trip Tease


I grabbed self consciously at the lapels of the trench coat as I wound my way through the throngs of people in the airport. My eyes were scanning the crowd looking for his familiar face. My face felt hot, I was sure I was blushing as the people milled all around me.

Did they know?

Would he know when he saw me?

I smiled to myself and kept looking, I felt dangerous, sexy, reckless. The cool silk lining of the coat brushed against my already hard nipples with each step I took, reminding me that other than the coat, and a black lace garter around my hips holding up sheer black stockings, I was completely naked.

My breath caught as I saw him, my heart beat sped up a little bit. The last few steps I took towards him were more of a run as I dropped my suitcase and all but jumped on him, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him soundly.

He held me close, chucking a bit at my enthusiasm, and kissing me back.

I got lost for a moment in him, the feeling of his tongue rubbing against mine, his body pressed close to me. I felt the familiar fluttering in my stomach as it clenched and my nipples hardened a little bit more, almost to the point of pain.

I wanted him, and I wanted him now!

But I knew I’d have to wait…well for just a little bit anyway.

He took my hand and led me from the terminal. We made small talk. How was the flight? What kind of crappy food did I have to eat on it? Did I remember to bring everything I needed? He commented on my coat, saying it was a good idea I’d worn it as the rain had been off and on for the last few days. I just smiled and nodded, concentrating on putting on foot in front of the other when all I really wanted to do was rip the coat off, throw him down and ride him in front of god and everyone.

I refrained and concentrated on the sound of my heels clicking on the pavement.

Once we reached his car he opened the passenger door for me and leaned in to kiss me again. I moaned low in my throat, pressing myself hard against him and kissed the hell out of him, loving his mouth long and slow like it was the first time our lips had ever met.

As I slowly sucked his tongue into my mouth, I couldn’t seem to stop my hands as they moved over his back and down, sliding over his denim clad ass and giving it a little squeeze. His hands slide over my coat and moved to my breasts, pinching my nipples through the heavy woven fabric.

I felt his cock stir as he pressed it against my hip. I rubbed against him like a cat in heat and felt my juices start to seep from me; the warm wetness evident on the insides of my thighs as my pussy seemed to throb with each stroke of his tongue against mine.

“Get in the car,” he pulled back from kissing me abruptly and growled in my ear, “I need to get us out of here or ill bend you over and fuck you right here…to hell with the spectators.”

I half smiled as he voiced my own thoughts; I let my hand brush against the bulge in his jeans as I slid into the passenger side of the car, making sure the coat was closed so he still had no idea of my near naked state.

My whole body was sensitized as he pulled out of the airport and on to the main route. I waited until he had slid the car into 5th gear, then half turned myself towards him, putting my back against the window and just smiled. I took a deep breath as my stomach did somersaults. I slowly lifted my hands to the top button of my jacket.

“It was really cool when I left this morning…” I let my voice trail off as I slid the first button through the hole and unhurriedly moved my hands down to the second. “But its even hotter in here.”

He looked at me sideways, not understanding what I was talking about…yet

“What are you on about? It’s chilly as fuck.”

“Yes, outside,” I grinned as I pulled the lapels slowly apart, “But it’s hot in here baby, and I think I need to take off this coat.”

I let my breasts come into view and reached down to cup them, making small circles with my palms over the hardened tips.

“What the fuck!?!…My god….YOU’RE NAKED!”

I heard his words as I closed my eyes and leaned back, my tits in my hands, squeezing the soft flesh and tugging lightly at my nipples.

“What the….What the fuck are you Göztepe Escort doing woman? You want me to crash this car?”

I looked up as his eyes darted back and forth from the road to me. I smiled a little smile as I played, spreading my legs and moaning a bit.

“Mmmm…What baby?”

I tried to sound innocent as I moved one hand and pulled the bottom of the coat a bit higher, letting one of the stocking tops come into view.

“I just can’t help it …its soooo hot in here.”

I spread my legs as far as I could in the small space and pulled the coat higher, gasping a bit as the cool air in the car hit my heated sex.

His sexy blue eyes looked at me, and then looked down at my mostly shaved and very wet pussy now in plain sight, then back at the road.

“Awww fuck baby…”

I smiled at his exclamation and let my gaze drop to his crotch; I licked my lips at the sight of his hard cock pressing against the denim. I bent my leg and put one foot on the seat beside me, the other on the floor as I opened myself for him. My pussy, I knew, looked shiny and wet, as I moved my hand down and cupped myself there. I started moaning as I lightly tapped at my clit then slid lower and pushed two fingers deep into my cunt.

“Ohhh god yessss…that feels so good.”

My words came out on a long breath as I moved my fingers in and out of my slick hole. I could smell my arousal in the small space as I played, bringing myself higher. I watched him through lowered lids as he glanced back and forth from the road to my moving hand, making sure we weren’t going to crash while watching my fingers slip in and out from between the very wet, very aroused, deep pink folds of my pussy.

I was close, but I didn’t want to cum quite yet. And when I did, I wanted him to be the one to take me there.

I stopped touching myself, lifting my fingers to my mouth and slowly sucking them inside as I watched him, tasting the salty sweetness of my desire on my fingers. I moved then, getting onto my knees and slid closer to him, one hand moving slowly up the inside of his thigh and coming to rest against the outline of his hard cock through the jeans,

“Think you can concentrate on the road baby?”

I teased him; letting my bared breasts press against his arm as my fingers gripped his waistband. I tugged hard, popping the buttons on the fly open in one smooth motion.

“What the?….What are you?…What?”

He sounded a little confused, but he didn’t stop me as I reached in and wrapped my hand around the thick shaft of his cock. I leaned in and licked his neck, then bit down as I freed him and began to run my hand slowly up and down his length.

“Aww fuck baby…God yessss.”

His words were more of a groan then actually spoken. Then they got a little stronger,

“Christ baby….I ‘m driving for fuck sakes!”

He said it to me as though I had absolutely no idea of what he was doing.

I laughed lightly until felt his hand on my thigh, I glanced at his face. His eyes were on the road but there was a little mischievous smile on his lips.

Apparently he’d decided more than one could play this game.

I moaned as his hand moved leisurely over the smooth silk of my stockings and the soft skin of my inner thigh before he lightly brushed against the lips of my sex. He ran his fingers up and down the slick channel, flicking over the hard nub of my clit them back down. His eyes never leaving the road.

I bit his neck again and worked my hand faster, loving the feeling of him in my hand as I moved it over his rock hard shaft. I squeezed the tip, taking the small drop of moisture there and bringing it to my lips, tasting him.

“I want you in my mouth baby.”

I whispered in his ear, smiling as his cock jumped a bit at my declaration. My hand dropped back to his cock and I started to work him again.

He let out a noise that can only be described as a growl as his fingers played with my soaked pussy, he was quickly taking control as my hips moved of their own accord against his hand, silently pleading for more. I groaned as he teased my clit, pinched the sensitive nub gently before moving lower and pushing two fingers inside me.

I moaned loudly as my Göztepe Escort Bayan pussy clenched tight and my back arched a bit. He moved them in and out of me, my juices coating his fingers as he found that special spot just inside and began rubbing. I cried out, my body stiffening…I was so close. My hand stopped, and I held tight at the base of his shaft as I countered his strokes with my hips, almost riding his fingers as I brought myself closer and closer.

It snuck up on me and I cried out as I came, my muscles grabbing at his fingers as my nectar ran down his hand. He slid deeper and deeper, keeping pace as I rode out my orgasm and my excitement started to build all over again.

I moved myself away from him then, my arms shaking a bit as I shimmied down, positioning my head into his lap and laying my body across the passenger side as best I could.

I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to have him in my mouth….I had to taste him.

I looked at him for a moment as my hand stroked up and down his length, sliding the skin back and forth…god I loved the feeling of him in my palm, so thick and hard…so hot.

I opened my mouth, letting my tongue flick across the head of his cock and glide slowly down the underside of his shaft. I pulled back up and let my lips close tightly over the tip before taking him gradually into my mouth. Making sure he felt every hot, wet inch as I let my lips slide slowly down his length.

I moaned as the tip of his cock brushed against the back of my throat. I pulled back sucking hard as I felt one of his hands tangle in my long , thick hair and his hips lift slightly as my mouth slid up… then moved back down.

I loved the sensation of his cock between my lips. I ran my tongue over the ridges and veins, tracing them as I moved my mouth up and down. My pussy clenched again and again as I thought about how good he would feel buried deep inside me.

I heard his moans as I bobbed my head… starting slow, but then building…getting faster with each pass, letting my hand trail behind my lips, my fingers locked around him as I stroked him and sucked him at the same time. I forgot where we were, forgot about the car and the traffic and just concentrated on his pleasure.

“Awww fuck baby…”

I barely heard his words. I was lost in the taste of him…the wrapped satin over steel texture of his foreskin moving against my lips. I slid one hand down into his jeans and I cupped his balls, he opened his legs for me giving me a bit more room as I rolled the sensitive flesh between my fingers, my mouth never stopping.

I didn’t hear the car slow. Didn’t feel him gearing down.

Hell…I didn’t even notice we had stopped until his hands were pulling my mouth from him and tugging me out of the driver’s door.

He pulled me along behind him; I took a moment and looked around. We were in some kind of a rest area off the expressway. The noise of the cars whizzing by was close but I couldn’t see them through the thick brush. There was a lake or a river, I wasn’t sure, but some kind of body of water and then he was pulling me up onto some kind of a viewing platform. It was a small dock type thing with railings all around it, perched on the edge of the water.

He pushed me up against the railing, his hands taking mine and placing them on the worn wooden bar with a silent command to leave them there. I felt his hands move over me then, reaching around and grabbing my tits as he pressed his cock into my ass, he was in total control now.

I moaned, not caring where we were, pushing back against him and rolling my hips, grinding back against him as he pinched my nipples between his fingers and sunk his teeth into that spot on my neck that drives me crazy.

I felt one of his hands moving lower as he lifted the back of my coat, bunching it up and pulling it slowly out of the way. I bit my bottom lip as the cool afternoon air caressed my ass and moved over my hot, wet cunt. I arched my back as he ground back against me, feeling his hard cock pressing again and again into the soft cushion of my ass.

He tucked the bottom of the coat into the belt, leaving me bare from the waist down and then moved his hand lower, dipping into me. Before Escort Göztepe I knew what he was doing, two fingers were buried into my pussy as one hand squeezed and kneaded my tits.

I was on fire, so hot and so ready for him. I was begging him to fuck me as he teased me. I locked my knees, gripping the railing as he moved a little closer. I spread my legs as I felt his cock replace his fingers and the shaft slide slowly, maddeningly against the soaked lips of my sex…but not inside me where I needed him the most.

“Please baby…” My words came out on a moan as he moved to tease me with just the head of his cock, letting my juices coat his length as he moved back and forth, mimicking what I wanted. “Please….fuck me!”

“Aww…here I thought you wanted to tease baby.” He whispered into my ear as he slid the head of his cock back and forth along the slick channel of my pussy, bumping my clit and making my hips jerk.

“Please baby…I need you inside me…please!” My voice was raw and needy, I didn’t care…If he didn’t get inside me now I was going to turn around, push him down and jump on him.

It didn’t come to that and I all but cried out as he finally pushed inside me, filling me with one hard stroke. My pussy clenched tight around him, clamping down hard as he slowly pulled out then slammed back in.

I cried out over and over as be bottomed out, not caring who or what was around us as he started to slam into me. His arms came around me and he grabbed both of my tits, squeezing them, pinching my nipples between his fingers as his cock pounded in and out.

I could hear the slapping of his stomach against my ass, feel his cock inside rubbing me deliciously deeper and deeper. I met each of his strokes, lifting myself onto my toes and rocking back against him. I took one hand off the railing and reached around, digging my fingernails into his ass, holding him inside me as I felt my pussy contract and felt the tell tale fluttering in my lower abdomen as my orgasm approached.

He felt it to and slowed a bit, thrusting harder…once…twice…three times….I cried out as I exploded, moaning his name as I coated his cock with my wetness, clamping down tight as he kept moving, riding it out. His grunts of pleasure low in my ear as he felt the hot, sleek velvet glove of my pussy close tightly around him, felt the spasms of cunt rippling up and down his length. One of his hands slid down, his fingertips rubbing my clit in circles, prolonging my orgasm as he kept slamming into me. I bucked my hips, my pussy contracting again and again…milking his cock as he teased me, bringing me closer to the edge again.

My knees locked as I came again, pushing back hard against him as he buried his cock deep inside me and let my contractions take him over the edge. I felt his cock jump inside me as I squeezed him, his shaft pulsing as he pushed in deep and exploded, his fingertips still working my clit, making me come one last time with a long low lazy moan.

He collapsed against my back, his breathing heavy in my ear as he kissed me lightly on the side of my neck and pulled out. I could feel our juices mixing and slowly running down the inside of my thighs.

I turned towards him and watched as he tucked himself back into his jeans, doing them up and then stepping toward me, gripping the lapels of my coat. I expected a kiss but instead, he dipped his head and latched onto one still hard nipple taking it between his teeth and biting gently.

I couldn’t help but moan again as I watched his lips close over the tip of my breast and gave it a little suck before he straightened up and pulled the lapels together, smiling at me while he straightened my coat and covered me, sliding the buttons through the buttonholes.

I took that moment to look around me at the natural beauty of the lake where we had stopped, the mountains in the distance. He took my hand as we walked back to the car.

“God its lovely here baby, the view is amazing!” I said as though I’d never seen it before, which I hadn’t.

“It is,” He turned and grinned playfully at me, then pulled me close and kissed me lightly on the lips “But Not half as nice and the view of the ceiling in the bedroom and as soon as we get home…Ill give you a guided tour.”

I shivered a bit as we started walking again…by the time we reached the car and he opened the door to help me inside, my body was starting to heat up again. My mind full of images and thoughts of what he would be doing to me while I enjoyed that particular view.

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