Tree Stand


Just a quick one for my friends.

It was a beautiful early autumn morning, opening day for hunting deer with bow and arrow. Awake hours before dawn, I hauled my gear to my tree stand, climbed the twenty feet to my perch, and settled in to wait for the sun.

I’d had luck in this location before. My stand was well situated. Close to multiple game trails with good line of sight in most directions. Enough branches below me that I was invisible from the ground unless you knew where to look, and painted to match the tree.

I had worn my orange vest over my camouflage on the way out to the sight but removed it once I was situated in the stand. With my face darkened with paint, I was virtually invisible. I tucked some homemade jerky in my cheek to soften and enjoyed the morning. Even on the rare occasion that I never saw a deer, I truly enjoyed being out in nature, listening to the sounds, taking in the views.

The hour before and after dawn are usually good for seeing the deer as they feed. But not today. Not even a hint of a deer today. I was just starting to consider when I should start packing up and heading home when I heard a twig snap. I slowly turned my head in the direction of the sound and listened, my hand gripping my bow. First nothing, then a leaf being stepped on.

At the edge of the clearing below me a bush shifted. I took a deep breath and raised my bow. The bush shook, then parted. A man stepped into the clearing. I lowered my bow.

“What the fuck…”

The man walked into the clearing with a Eryaman Escort blanket under his arm and a gym bag in his hand. He was in his 20’s, short and thin, with longish blonde hair. He stopped, looked around, and spread the blanket out on the ground. I groaned. Even if my visitor left right away, his scent was enough to keep the deer away.

I was trying to decide if I should say something or just give up and go home when the man pulled his shirt off over his head.

He was wearing a lacy black bra under his shirt. I stared in shock as he undid his belt and lowered his jeans, exposing a tiny pair of thong panties, a garter belt, and black fishnet stockings. He stepped out of his shoes and tossed his pants aside.

“Holy shit!” I whispered to myself.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He reached into the gym bag and took out a pair of black high heels and slipped them on. As I watched him walk around the clearing in his lingerie, his ass jiggling, his hips swaying, I was amazed at how sexy he looked. I felt my cock stir in my pants.

The sound of approaching footsteps reached my ears. Leaves crunched, twigs snapped, and another man stepped into the clearing. He was tall and muscular, with thick dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He stood there with his hands on his hips, watching our lingerie clad friend walk around. The smaller one stopped and froze. Slowly he turned and saw the large man staring at him. He smiled.

“Daddy! You made it!”

He Sincan Escort ran over to the large man, as best he could in his high heels, and leapt into his arms. ‘Daddy’ wrapped his hands around the young man’s buttocks and lifted him in the air. The youngster covered his friend’s face with kisses as he was held there, seemingly weightless.

“Don’t worry Baby … I wouldn’t have missed this for anything!”

‘Daddy’ walked over to the blanket and put ‘Baby’ down. ‘Baby’ dropped to his knees and undid ‘Daddy’s’ belt and zipper, then pulled his pants down to his ankles. A thick cock popped out, at least 9″ long and as thick around as my wrist. I realized my own cock was straining against my pants, and I quickly freed it, giving it a quick stroke before returning my gaze to the clearing.

“Tell me you want my cock Baby…tell Daddy.”

“Oh, Daddy! I want your big cock!”

And ‘Baby’ just devoured that massive cock! I had no idea how he fit it all in his mouth, but he did. I began stroking my cock, matching my movements with the bobbing of ‘Baby’s’ head as he deep-throated that monstrous member.

‘Daddy’ suddenly stopped, and pulled back from that sexy mouth. A string of saliva ran from ‘Baby’s’ lips to the throbbing cock.

“That was beautiful sweetie, but I want all of you today. Lie down in the blanket.”

He stepped out of his shoes and pants, and began unbuttoning his shirt. ‘Baby’ squealed, jumped up and ran to the blanket. He slipped his thong Etlik Escort panties down his legs and off. Bending over, he began to root through the bag. My eyes went back and forth between ‘Daddy’s’ muscular, mature naked body, and ‘Baby’s’ hairless, girlish ass. ‘Baby’ came out of the bag with a bottle of lube. After rubbing lube all over ‘Daddy’s’ cock, ‘Baby’ fell to the blanket and squirted it all over his ass and rubbed it into his hole with his fingers.

By this point, I had lowered my pants down to my ankles and had a firm grasp on my dripping cock. I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning when ‘Daddy’ got down on the blanket, lifted ‘Baby’s’ legs over his shoulders, and rammed that big cock into ‘Baby’s’ asshole.

The three of us moaned simultaneously as he bottomed out in that cute little ass. For the next five minutes they fucked like animals. I was so turned on as ‘Daddy’s’ ass pistoned up and down, ‘Baby’s’ feet pointing straight up in the air as he screamed for Daddy to go harder, harder, HARDER! Finally ‘Baby’ started to scream…

” Oh, Daddy! I’m CUMMING!”

‘Baby’ moaned and came all over his own stomach. ‘Daddy’ groaned and came loudly in ‘Baby’s’ ass. I whimpered and came all over my tree stand. For a few minutes we all sat there gasping and sweating. Eventually they stood up and started getting dressed. ‘Baby’ gave ‘Daddy’ a big kiss and hug.

“Thank you Daddy. Are you sure you don’t want to stay a little longer?”

“Sorry Baby, I’ve got to get back to my wife. But I will definitely come back tomorrow.”

Wife? Holy shit! I’ve got a wife too! I can’t ever tell her about this, or how turned on I was! I started cleaning up my stand as I watched them walk away, hand in hand. I realized that I never even learned their real names.

“Hmmm…” I thought to myself.

“I guess I’ll just have to come back tomorrow!”

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