Train of Thought 2


My experience with Jennifer caused me a few sleepless nights. My thoughts were steeped in self-denial, kidding myself that my impulsive attraction to her girlish flirting was so out of character for me that it must have more to do with my imagination than an actual event. I wouldn’t do that but in reality, I did.She was pretty in a girly kind of way, I knew her name was Jennifer (Probably Jen or Jenny to her friends) and she’d given me her mobile number. I was so stunned by being found out when she gave me her number, I didn’t offer her my name in return. I thought; well, no harm was done, she doesn’t know who I am or have my contact details. I breathed a sigh of relief, no backlash or consequence for me to worry about.Then I thought again; for how long did she know I was doing it? Once she knew, the little minx must have been doing it deliberately.I turned over and over in bed determined to stop thinking about it any longer, I needed to get some sleep. Fortunately, in the early hours of the morning, I must have drifted off.Jennifer came towards me staring at me with lust filled eyes using her body to ease me back against the wall.“So, just how curious are you?” she asked.“I’m not,” I answered. “I just couldn’t stop myself from looking.”“Well it’s too late no backtrack now, I’m going to have you.”She placed a hand around my neck, leaned in and kissed me fully and passionately forcing her tongue between my lips, her other hand moved swiftly down grabbing my breast and pinching my already hardened nipple through the thin material of my top.“Oh,” she cooed, “We’re getting more curious by the minute.”She returned to kissing me strongly and using her tongue. Releasing her hold on my neck and breast her hands moved down over my hips and under my skirt, cupped my pussy and teased my clit with her thumb through the thin fabric of my knickers. My legs instinctively opened and she wrenched my knickers down to my mid-thighs, void of any gentleness her hand went between my legs and two fingers were thrust inside me making me gasp at the sudden intrusion. Even if I wanted her too I was powerless to stop her as she pumped her fingers backward and forward making me weak at the knees and my legs were close to folding up beneath Beşevler escort bayan me.She spun me around and pushed me so I landed on my back on the bed then crawled on top of me, firmly pinning me down and looked at me with the satiated grin of someone who knows they are about to complete their conquest.I woke up with a start and two of my fingers deep inside me, my knickers were part-way down my thighs and I was in the throw of a breathtaking, sweaty and heart thumping orgasm.As I came down from my place from up high, I suffered a pang of guilt. I had just masturbated to orgasm in my sleep dreaming of being sexually conquered by another woman, Jennifer.A few days past and I couldn’t get her out of my mind so I decided to contact her initially by text, introducing myself as Katie from the train. After a few polite messages, we shared a voice call and arranged to meet at a coffee bar on Saturday in Woking. I was very keen to speak with her, hoping she could help me understand this sudden and impulsive attraction, dispel my fears and we could go our separate ways with no harm done.Apart from that, my instinct was to want to know more about her. Was she Lesbian or Bi? Was her friend on the train her partner? What process did she go through or did she know her sexuality from an earlier stage in her life? How did her family and friends react? Did they know or was it a secret?That week went by but not quickly enough as I had a compelling fascination to engage in a real face to face conversation with her, discover her personal characteristics and qualities. I could have let it go and put it down to being a bizarre one-off experience but unfortunately for me, that isn’t how my mind works.***We met as arranged on Saturday afternoon at a cosy independent coffee bar. We both agreed that we preferred them to the international chains who avoid paying taxes, plus I like to support local traders.Getting dressed for the occasion wasn’t a big issue as it was just going to be a friendly and enlightening conversation after I had apologized for my actions.At our previous encounter, I was in my work clothes, smart, formal and conservative. I didn’t want her to think I was a frump and Escort Çankaya based on what she had worn on the train, I settled for an elasticated white skater skirt, black sleeveless camisole top, white thong and no bra (I like to ditch the bra at weekends) and white peep-toe sandals, a silver chain necklace with complementary earrings and I applied subtle lip and eye make-up.I realized that my choice of clothing might give off the wrong signals but I wanted her to see how I like to dress socially and preferred that she remembered me that way rather than in my work clothes.On arrival at the coffee bar, I found that Jennifer had gotten there before me and had secured us some nice seating tucked away in the far corner. I was surprised to see that Jennifer was wearing exactly the same outfit she had been wearing when I first saw her.I walked over to her and there was a nervous exchange of glances, smiles and a quick peck on the cheeks. An order was placed for two cappuccinos which were soon delivered. I started the conversation as I intended to by apologizing for looking at her in that way on the train which she brushed away with a shrug and a wave of her hand.“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’d had a few drinks at lunch, I was feeling a bit naughty and once I had spotted that you looked like you were embarrassing yourself by enjoying glimpses of my underwear I got a thrill out of it, so I kept going. If my friend Carol hadn’t been there I would have taken you home with me.”I flushed with embarrassment and felt a tingle of static electricity run through my body. It must have a cheap carpet!Noticing my reaction, she immediately apologized saying, “I’m very sorry, that was very forward of me, subtlety is not one of my virtues.”I lowered my voice and steered the conversation to the comment she made about helping me when handing me her phone number. I explained that prior to seeing her I had never, in my life, been stimulated in that way by looking at a woman.Jennifer looked at me with an incredulous smile and explained that there was nothing for me to be scared of. At school, she had only been interested in boys. When she went to university she had been hit on by a few girls and was Cebeci escort intrigued and flattered by their sexually motivated interest. Eventually, curiosity got the better of her and she went through an experimental phase with girls.She took to it so easily and naturally and concluded that she must have had hidden tendencies before without realizing it. She was also still very much attracted to and has sex with men so regarded herself as being bisexual. She’d never come out to her parents and only a few friends knew, Carol, being one that was in the know and thought she was being an outrageous flirt with me.“As a side note,” she said “I enjoy flirting with women more than men because it’s a lot more challenging.” This period of discovery in her life led her to do some research and she found that women can go through a process called Sexual Fluidity, this is where they can be neither straight or gay but fluid, changing as they go through the stages of life. Men apparently have a much lower level of fluidity.Women can experience a sudden change with no forewarning or event in their relationship with men that caused it. It can be motivated by love, physical desire or both. We think we’ve identified our sexuality earlier in life and just get on with it. However, for some women in their twenties and thirties or even later in life, it’s not uncommon to experience a sudden shift and that’s what she believed had happened to me. Whether we act upon it or hide it away is, of course, our own decision.“So, that’s the about me and sexology lesson over. You simply experienced a perfectly natural behaviour which happens too many of us and it took you by complete surprise. My knickers were instrumental but are not to blame it came from inside of you.”“Oh, good,” I said, “so it was just a momentary or flash in the pan thing, I haven’t suddenly become changed in my sexuality.”“More like a flash in the knicker department,” she chuckled. “No, but you haven’t necessarily become straight again, you could go for weeks, months, years or forever now having desires for women or never again. Who knows?”“That’s kind of scary,”“It’s not scary,” she said, “not for me anyway because I’ve got your interest and you certainly have mine. It’s a shame we have a table between us I could get you all worked up again or you could return the favour,” she said smiling seductively and stroking the inside of my knee under the table.I took a few sips of lukewarm coffee to interrupt the thrill I felt from her touch and her seductive turn of phrase.

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