Trailer Trash


There was no other way to put it: Heather was horny as hell. Since her husband had run off with that 20-year-old slut hair dresser from Charlotte six months ago, she had been left with three young children living in a 10-year old doublewide trailer, a 6-year old Pontiac, and a dead-end job as a nurses’ assistant at the free clinic in town.

On the rare occasions that she could afford a babysitter, she’d go out with the girls for a few drinks. But, she never seemed to meet any decent guys at the bars, and even if she did meet a great guy, was she supposed to bring him back to a trailer full of sleeping children? “Fuck,” she thought, “I’m never going to get laid.”

Heather stepped out of the tiny shower and eyed herself in the mirror. “Not bad,” she thought while admiring herself. At 32-years-old, she was still looking good despite being the mother of three kids. Her breasts were much larger than when she was younger, but they still looked okay. They only slightly sagged when she stood naturally, and when she put her arms up to wrap the towel around her wet hair, they actually looked pretty damn good. She had large nipples, and when excited, they were almost as big as a cigar butt.

Her hair was its natural dark brown and fell to her mid-back. At work she wore it in a ponytail high on the back of her head. When she had been married to that asshole, she kept her pussy completely shaved because he liked it that way, but since she was sure she was never going to get laid again, she had let her pubic hair grow back in and kept it trimmed nice and short using the electric beard trimmer the asshole had left behind when we ran off with miss fancy hair dresser bitch, whore, cunt, slut. She laughed at herself. “A little angry, huh Heather?” She now had a thick, trim triangle of dark pubic hair kept neat so she could wear a bathing suit…that is if she ever got the chance to wear a bikini again.

She turned around and looked at her shapely round ass in the mirror. Her hips were wider than before she had kids, but she still didn’t have a lot of excess fat on her butt. She slapped her own butt and watched the tissue jiggle for just a second and settle back in. She noted with satisfaction that there was not an ounce of cellulite anywhere to be seen and liked the look of the wide hips forming a nice teardrop appearance with her full cheeks. “At least the gym at the free clinic is a nice bonus.”

She pulled an oversized T-shirt over her head without bothering to put on panties, and walked out of the bathroom. She looked in on the kids, who slept in two bedrooms on the north end of the trailer. They were sound asleep, so she walked through the kitchen, poured herself a glass of white zinfandel, and plopped down in the oversized recliner the asshole used to claim as his ‘man thrown.’

She started leafing through a magazine when she suddenly realized that she was staring at an advertisement for men’s jeans. The model was shirtless and his body was ripped. “Fuck. I need to get laid,” she whispered to herself as she threw the magazine down on the coffee table and headed to the master bedroom located on the south side of the trailer. Since she was the only adult in the trailer, she still didn’t feel comfortable sleeping naked in case she was called out of bed quickly, but her naked bottom gave her quick access to her horny vagina.

Her nightly ritual involved a glass of wine, a small quiet vibrator, and visions of Tony, the stud 20-something who lived in the trailer next to her’s, doing all kinds of naughty things to her in her fantasies as she masturbated herself to sleep.


The triage nurse looked around the corner and yelled, “Heather! Please escort Mr. Martinez here to room 16. Dr. Johnson will see him next.”

Heather smiled wearily at Mr. Martinez since she was 12 hours into her 16-hour shift on Wednesday night. She had agreed to work back-to-back shifts so that she could trade with another nurses’ assistant therefore getting a three-day weekend. She reminded herself, “Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday OFF!”

After escorting Mr. Martinez, she returned to the nurses’ lounge and plopped down into one of the recliners along the wall.

“Girl,” LaToya Washington, RN said, “you look like a bag of smashed assholes!”

“Thanks,” Heather said as sarcastically as she could muster. “I’m exhausted. I’m really looking forward to three days off this weekend.”

LaToya and another nurse exchanged glances and said, “Three days off! Let’s go out Friday night!” All the nurses in the lounge quickly agreed and started making plans.

Although Heather was exhausted and her knee jerk reaction was to beg off, she thought that she would have plenty of time to catch up on sleep on Friday morning, and a night out with the girls was just what she needed. “I’ll have to get a babysitter, but count me in assuming I get can find one on such short notice.”

She walked across the hall into the nurses’ locker room because she knew it would be quiet at this time in the evening between shift changes. Anadolu Yakası Escort She pulled her cell phone from her frock, called up her babysitter’s cell phone number and hit dial. After a couple of rings, Stacey answered the phone. Stacey was her next door neighbor and the older sister of Tony, the 20-something who formed the basis of her nightly masturbatory fantasies.


“Stacey, this is Heather. Would you be available Friday night to watch the kids for me? I’ve been invited to go out with my friends. I won’t be out too late.”

“Heather. Hey. Sorry, no. I’m not available. I have a date on Friday. But, my brother may be free. Should I ask him? He’s standing right here.”

Heather was immediately unsure. She had never used a male babysitter and frankly she was worried about the possibilities. Then she started thinking about all of the very naughty things that Tony had done to her in her fantasies. After a few seconds pause she asked, “Tony?”

“No, Heather, my youngest brother, Paul. He still goes to Central High School. He’ll be graduating at the end of this year.”

Heather didn’t say anything for several seconds while she thought about it. She liked Paul, but had not really thought too much about him. Paul was very quiet and very much unlike Tony. She was sure Tony would end up in construction on some manly blue collar job, whereas Paul was studious, with a quiet demeanor. He seemed to be very shy around her every time she said hello to him in the yard. She made up her mind. “Yeah, Paul would be great. Please ask him if he’s available on Friday night, say around 7 o’clock.”

She heard Stacey place her hand over the phone while she spoke with Paul. “He says he’d love to help out.”

“Great! Thanks for your help, Stacey. You’re a lifesaver. Please tell Paul thank you for me.”

After she hung up the phone she went back to the lounge to tell the girls she was a go for Friday night.


Heather really wasn’t sure what to wear. She was standing in front of her mirror in a lacey black bra and panty set looking at her bed, which was covered with clothes. She looked down the hall and saw that the older child was doing a pretty good job of watching the other two.

After a lot of changing and evaluating, she finally decided that the little black dress was perfect. She put on a pair of reasonable pumps, and applied just the right amount of makeup. “There,” she said to the image of the pretty lady looking back towards her from the mirror, “I look nice.”

She looked at the clock on her nightstand and saw that it was 6:55. Right on time she heard a knock on the door. She yelled to the kids, “Wait! I’ll get the door. It’s probably your babysitter, Paul.”

When she opened the door, Paul took her in from the top of her head to the pretty feet in her black pumps. He immediately blushed, lowered his eyes and said, “Ms. Lease, you look very pretty.”

Heather smiled broadly and said, “Thank you, Paul. That is very nice of you to say. Come on in.”

He almost stumbled over himself trying to avoid eye contact with her as he came into the living room.

“Kids, you know Paul from next door.” Heather walked through the living room leading Paul into the kitchen. “Okay, Paul, bedtime is at 9 o’clock. They’re going to try and talk you into letting them stay up, but I really don’t want them cranky tomorrow, so please make sure they go to bed on time. I’ve left $40 here on the counter for you to order pizza. The kids all like cheese pizza only, and you order a large of whatever you like. I can always eat it for lunch if you don’t finish it. They’ve already had their baths. Any questions?”

Paul shook his head and then suddenly realized he did have a question. “Can I please have your cell number in case there is an emergency?”

“Oh, right. I left my number right there by the phone. Call if you need anything. Please.”

Paul smiled at Heather and said, “We’ll be fine. I’ve brought some homework to do, so stay out as late as you want.”

With that, Heather headed out for her date night with the girls.

As usual, she had a good time with the girls, and several guys bought her drinks, but they all seemed a little too fast, like a one night stand was the most she could expect. She had seriously considered bringing one of them home for a quick fuck, but in the end she decided against it. I mean, was that really appropriate behavior for a mother of three?

Around midnight the girls broke up the party and Heather climbed behind the wheel of her trusty old Pontiac. She’d had several glasses of wine, but she felt alright to drive. But as she started home, she realized that driving was actually a pretty bad idea because she was feeling a little buzzed. She was relieved when she pulled into her trailer park without an incident. She put the car in park, turned off the key and sat in the car thinking about the night, which necessarily led to her thinking about her life. She stared at the trailer and thought, Kadıköy Escort “Will it ever get better?”

After feeling sorry for herself a few minutes more, she climbed out of the car and up the stairs to the trailer. She quietly let herself in, and all was quiet. She looked over at Paul who was asleep on the couch, an Organic Chemistry textbook on his chest and his glasses lying off to the side of his face. “Poor guy,” she thought.

She left him sleeping on the couch and walked back to the kids’ rooms to check on them. They were all fast asleep, so she pulled the doors to their rooms shut and walked back into the kitchen. From the kitchen she could see the living room. She slipped off her pumps, poured herself another glass of wine, and walked into the living room, plopping down in the recliner.

She looked over at Paul’s relaxed face and thought he looked like a little angel. Then she noticed that he had a raging hard on tenting his shorts, and that thing looked huge! “Holy fuck,” she thought, “what in the world is he dreaming about and what in the world is he packing under there?”

Her very under-appreciated pussy immediately notified her that her thoughts were turning from angelic to downright demonic. “What the fuck am I thinking? I can’t seduce my teenage babysitter.”

At that moment, Paul stirred, looked around, and saw Heather sitting in the chair.

“Sorry,” he said yawning and sitting up, pulling his glasses back into place, “I must have dropped off. How long have you been here?”

“No worries, sweetie,” she said smiling at him, “I just got home.”

Paul suddenly realized that he had a hard on, so he grabbed a pillow and put it in his lap. “Maybe she didn’t notice,” he thought, but he felt a blush coming to his cheeks.

Heather had clearly seen the pillow go to his lap, and she watched as his cheeks became ruby red. “Sweetie, you don’t need to be embarrassed. We cannot control our dreams and what happened to you is perfectly natural.”

Paul was mortified! He’d been dreaming of Heather, but there was no way in hell he could tell her that. He’d never been with a girl, or even kissed a girl other than his mom and sister on their cheeks. The dream had been vivid, and he was lucky he had not had another wet dream like the one he had had just two nights ago.

“Come on, Paul, we’re both adults. Wait? You are an adult, right? How old are you?”

Paul couldn’t meet Heather’s eyes, and mumbled, “I turned 18 last month.”

“Wow,” she said very sweetly, “you are very shy, aren’t you?”

Paul didn’t say anything, but kept staring at the floor.

Heather put her glass of wine on the end table, got up from her chair, and sat down next to Paul on the couch. She could see that he was very nervous. She gently took him by the chin and raised his face to look into his eyes. “Relax, baby. Really, it’s alright. Breathe.” She reached down and removed the pillow from his lap, and then took his right hand into her hands.

Paul was able to hold her gaze for a few seconds. He noticed she had very pretty hazel eyes and a really cute nose. She smiled at him and he thought, “Her teeth are perfect. She has a very pretty smile.” But, then he became self-conscious and looked back down at her hand holding his hand.

“Paul. Paul. Look at me.”

He did as she asked.

“You’re a very nice looking young man and,” she looked down at the text book he’d placed on the coffee table, “you’re obviously smart, too. But, you’re so shy. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Paul again looked down at their hands before he answered, “No, ma’am. I’m not very good with girls.”

“I see,” she said smiling. “You really seem to lack confidence.”

He looked up into her eyes and said, “Yes, ma’am, I do. I just don’t know anything about girls. Tony is always giving me a hard time about it, too.” He quickly looked back down at his lap.

“Hmm. I see.” She paused for several seconds making up her mind. “Paul, would you like to learn how to kiss a girl? Would that help you out?”

He looked up quickly with wide eyes. “Do you mean kiss you?” His voice was a bit higher than before.

“Well, yes, if you think it would be helpful.”

“Ah, okay, yes…I think…I mean, I’d like…no, ah…”

“Calm down, sweetie,” she said smiling broadly. “Take a breath.”

She reached up and removed his glasses and set them on the textbook. Then, she leaned in toward him and he puckered up like he was going to kiss his grandmother.

“Okay, first lesson…relax your lips. Look at my lips. See?”

He relaxed his lips but was self-conscious and had no idea what he was doing. She leaned in again and he could not believe how soft and warm her lips were. She left her lips on his for a few seconds and then pulled away from him.

“Okay,” she said, “that was good. This time I want you to close your eyes and just relax your mouth. Do what I do.”

She leaned in to him again and he shut his eyes. Again he was amazed by the softness of her Ataşehir Escort full lips. She kissed him more passionately this time, and he returned her kiss.

“Ah, much better. Okay, this time I’m going to use a little tongue. Don’t be freaked out and just go with it.”

She leaned into him for the third time and kissed him passionately, just letting the tip of her tongue touch his lips and the tip of his tongue. She pulled away slightly and said, “Stroke my hair while we kiss.” He wasn’t quite sure what to do, so he placed his hand on the back of her head as she leaned back in. This time she placed more of her tongue in his young mouth. He let his fingers entwine in her hair, and she moaned her approval. After about 15 seconds, she pulled away.

“That was nice,” she said. “Did you enjoy that?”

He smiled broadly and said, “Yes, ma’am! That was great!”

She grabbed his hand and stood him up. “Okay, this time let’s try it standing. Put your left hand on my hip and your right hand behind my shoulder. Yes, just like that. Now kiss me.”

This time the kiss was a bit more passionate and Paul felt a lot more comfortable. She was aware that his erect penis was pressing against her stomach at about the same time that Paul became aware that he was hard. He quickly disengaged their kiss and turned away from Heather.

“What’s the matter, sweetie?” she asked, knowing exactly why he had turned from her. “It’s perfectly natural to become aroused when kissing someone. Really.”

“It’s just that…you’re so pretty, and soft, and your…breasts were pressing against my chest. I don’t know. Maybe this is not such a good idea after all.”

“Paul. Paul. Paul, please, turn around and face me.”

He slowly turned around and she could still see the massive tent in his shorts. “That’s better. Sweetie, it is really nice kissing you and I enjoyed it, too. Really.” She smiled at him and looked down at his erection. “For girls, it is easier for us to hide it when we become aroused. But, for boys,” she pointed at his pants, “it’s a lot harder. Especially, for boys like yourself who are well endowed.”

Paul turned bright red and Heather couldn’t help but be amused. She knew she couldn’t laugh because he would be hurt, not understanding what was meant.

“You’ve never been with a woman, have you Paul?”

“No, not really.”

“What does that mean, ‘not really’?”

“Not in real life…I’ve had dreams…you know, messy dreams.”

“Ah, yes. I understand.” She was sure now that she needed to help this poor boy out. “Paul, have you ever seen a woman’s body?”

“What? Wait. What?”

“Paul, sit down in that recliner there.”

He was like a zombie, moving unsteadily towards the chair. When Paul had sat down, she moved to the center of the living room and faced him. She locked her eyes on his, reached down to the hem of her dress, and ever so slowly pulled it up and over her head. Paul’s eyes were locked on her black panties and bra.

“Do you like what you see?”

Paul nodded his head without a word.

“Would you like to see more of me?

“Please.” It was a barely audible whisper.

Heather reached around her back and unfastened her bra. She let it slip off her breasts and down her arms to the floor. Her large breasts swayed and she was excited that Paul was staring at them like she was a Playboy model. She reached up and took both breasts in her hands and kneaded them. She then pulled on the nipples and they began to harden. “What do you think?”

“They’re…so big…and beautiful.”

Heather grinned broadly. “Thank you, Paul. That’s very nice to hear.” She placed her hands on top of her head so they sat nicely on her chest. Paul was staring at them like they were the only thing in the whole world.

“Can I…um…can I touch them?” Paul croaked.

“Of course you can, sweetie.” As she walked to the recliner, her big breasts swayed with each step. She stopped right in front of Paul so that his face was only about a foot away from her swollen nipples. She placed one hand on each arm of the recliner and bent forward at the waist.

He reached up and gently lifted one breast. “They’re so warm and heavy.” He began to knead them, smashing them against her chest not really knowing what to do.”

She said, “Let me show you. She placed her hands on top of his and said, “The nipples are the most sensitive parts, although you kneading them also feels nice. Take you forefinger and thumb, and roll the nipples between them. Perfect, just like that.” She began to moan as Paul’s inexperienced fingers rolled her nipples. “Now, sweetie, pull them. Harder…harder..harder. Yes, just like that. You’re not going to pull them off. That feels amazing.”

Paul was shocked at how hard he could pull on her nipples without hurting her, but by the look on her face, it felt really good.

“See how hard you’ve made them, Paul? Look how big and swollen they’ve gotten. Would you like to suck on them?”

She moved her left breast so that it was just inches from his mouth. He leaned forward and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. She moaned, “That’s nice.”

He was amazed at how soft her nipple was, and how rigid the actual nipple was in his mouth. He sucked hard and it seemed to grow even longer.

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