Toni Encounters Greg


Anthony Lorimer was aged in his early thirties. Over the last year or so, he had progressed from occasionally putting on his now estranged wife’s underwear when she was not at home, to the stage that he was now at of going out fully dressed and made up as a woman. When dressed Anthony became Toni and, in part due to his build and bone structure, he became a very attractive female.In the early days, he would wank whilst wearing his wife’s knickers but now he had become so adept at becoming ‘she’ that he would go to a club in a neighbouring town and get picked up by males of varying ages. This often culminated in the male either getting a wonderful blowjob or ejaculating in Toni’s asshole.His wife had left him for another man but she, to the best of Anthony’s knowledge, had and has no idea of his liking for ‘becoming a woman’. Anthony himself had had a couple of nights of sex with women, as a man, since his wife’s leaving, so he now classed himself as bisexual.Anthony’s progression to full-on Toni was gradual, through putting on skirts and blouses as well as underwear to adding make-up to venturing nervously outside and then to a first encounter with a male. This first encounter did not go well and Toni hurried away with the man yelling a load of not very complimentary expletives after the man discovered that ‘she’ was a he.It took a couple of weeks or more after that before Toni was confident kumköy escort bayan enough to go out dressed again. But in those days in between, the face that looked back from the mirror had become far more female looking. The second time was much better and Toni satisfied a middle-aged man with his/her mouth although at the end of that particular encounter Toni was unsure whether the man knew that he had just been blown by another male or not.As confidence grew, Toni ventured further afield because although there was a bar that catered for quite a cross-section of sexual tastes in the local town, he/she did not want to risk coming across someone they knew. So he/she started using a similar bar in a nearby town. Over time, Toni became very popular with the clientele in that bar and there were a number of men that had snogged and groped this very attractive lady and a few of them had got to insert their penis into Toni’s ass.We are now nearly up to date, and Toni, looking ravishing, was cruising not too far from her home when to her horror she saw a workmate approaching from the other direction. The workmate was Greg Akers who was a similar age to Anthony and as the gap between them closed Toni started to panic a bit. She put her head down and hoped that Greg ignored her but, although married, Greg had an eye for the ladies and he looked at the attractive kumköy escort woman as they passed each other.Greg did a sort of double-take before saying, “Tony, Tony is that you?”Toni froze and could not respond even if she/he wanted to.”Tony, it is you isn’t it?” Insisted the confused Greg.Toni got her voice back and blurted, “Greg, please don’t tell anyone,” as she blushed as only a woman could.”No, no, I won’t tell anyone, you look fucking gorgeous,” said the workmate.”Don’t take the piss, Greg,” said the slightly trembling Toni.”I am not taking the piss, you do look gorgeous… look at that if you don’t believe me,” said Greg indicating the pronounced bulge in his trousers.Toni was mesmerised because although whilst dressed many a bulge had been induced in a man’s trousers, this was the first time that one had been induced in a workmate.”Tony, you should know that I dress too but I never look as good as you,” confessed Greg.”Really, you dress? But you are married!” Said a shocked Toni.”Yes, but so are you married, sort of,” said Greg but by now another couple was approaching so, without further words, Toni and Greg continued their journeys in opposite directions.Greg, however, was so turned on that he went into a nearby clump of trees and relieved his erection with a series of fast jerks.The next day at work, Anthony and Greg were both a bit subdued escort kumköy and unsure what to say about the previous evening although they both had the feeling that something had to be said. At lunchtime, they got together although there was still a feeling of confusion and embarrassment.”Well, last night was a night of surprises wasn’t it?” Said Greg at last.”Yes, you will not tell anyone, will you?” Insisted Anthony.”No of course not mate. I have got my secrets too haven’t I?””Yes, I had no idea,” replied Anthony.”Obviously, you really did look gorgeous, though,” confirmed Greg.”I still think you are taking the piss,” said Anthony.”Hardly, because after we parted I went into the woods and had a wank,” confided Greg.Anthony was not sure whether to believe him but any further discussion was curtailed by the arrival of another workmate.At the end of the working day, Greg approached Anthony and said, “I have been thinking. Perhaps we could get together dressed? If you want to, of course.”Although Toni had frequently been in the company of other crossdressers and transvestites she had never been with one on a one to one basis.”Well, I am not sure. You mean we just get dressed, or do you have anything else in mind?” said Anthony.”I have never had sex whilst dressed but seeing you last night really turned me on. I don’t know what I mean, really.””I have been fucked by men several times but none of them was dressed and none of them was someone that I knew,” said Anthony.”We do not have to have sex, just get dressed and maybe see what happens,” said Greg.”Okay, but where and when?” Asked Anthony.”My wife is away this weekend so I was wondering if I could come to your house?” Asked Greg.

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