Today’s shower fantasy


I had turned the water on HOT so that when I got in it would be steamy inside. I let the water run all over me, including in my mouth so then it would run down the front of my body. I rubbed my hands all over myself, from the top of my head, around, around, all the way down to my feet, circling, rubbing all the way. As I was bending over to get my legs, and feet, I turned around to make sure the hot water porno izle was shooting right at my ass. When I straightened back up, I turned again and imagined you there, so I opened my lower lips and let the water spray right on to my pussy and clit. I imagined you kneeling on the shower floor, watching me, then asking, leaning in, “Please, let me be your water. Let me wash you with my tongue, amatör porno my body, my cum.” When I stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, I pictured you standing just a bit away, far enough that you couldn’t touch me. I unwrapped just one breast and circled the nipple with my finger, looking out as if looking at you. I licked my finger and began tracing the anal porno other nipple and imagined you watch as it got hard, pointing toward you as if beckoning. Of course, by this time, you would be hard and dripping yourself, almost bursting without even a touch…. … I then licked my finger again, and traced around both breasts then traveled downward and I stopped just after I found my wet slit and circled slowly around. I held my finger out to you and sweetly asked, “You want?” You couldn’t even say a word, but only squeaked a little moan. I chuckled and softly told you to stay where you were, and put my finger back into my mouth, tasting my wetness.

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