Tinkle Bell Ch. 18


It was early evening when we made the island. The dock master guided us in, assigning us a nice wide berth as we secured the boat. Bella and mom soon after getting dressed into some casual, but still very sexy evening attire as we headed on, into the island for some sightseeing and dinner. It felt nice holding Bella’s hand, walking around peering in windows, sometimes going inside to browse. It felt good, it felt right…and I was again reminded this was only temporary.

Bella and mom both were wearing similar outfits. Both had on a pair of white shorts showing off plenty of leg along with their respective tans. Bella also wore a white bikini top, though she had a white blouse on over that, open at the moment, buttoned later as we went in to settle down for dinner. Mom too had on a white shirt, but hers was tied in a knot just beneath her breasts, though she had opted for a regular bra worn beneath it. Dad and I in printed shirts and khaki shorts almost as though the four of us had purposely coordinated our attire. Maybe the girls had, but we certainly hadn’t…similar tastes perhaps as we laughed about it later looking at one another.

Needless to say the girls looked fabulous anyway, receiving several looks from appreciative admirers as we walked along, sometimes Bella and mom holding hands walking up in front of dad and I as we held back admiring the two of them.

“Gives you thoughts doesn’t it?” Dad said at one point not being bashful at all about what he’d obviously been thinking, though I had in fact been thinking the very same thing myself.

“Many,” I said simply chuckling as we continued walking along admiring the two girls as they admired the surrounding scenery. We walked a bit further, the girls stopping for a moment to look at something in the window of a small little boutique.

“So…you ah…wouldn’t mind, I mean…would it bother you if you were to, to…ah, see you’re ah…”

“You mean watch mom and Bella going down on one another?” I said a lot more easily, seeing the relief in dad’s eyes when he heard me come right out and say that. He grinned.


“No, wouldn’t bother me to ‘watch’ them,” I said emphasizing the word. “I think we’ve already established that much. As far as actually doing anything with mom? No…admiring mom for how she looks, and enjoying that, even enjoying seeing her being excited, being pleasured is one thing. Going beyond that? No. I do have to draw a line someplace, and she is my mom…sexy yes. But…she’s mom.”

“Sorta the same way I feel about Bella,” dad said. “Almost feels like a daughter to me, especially with her living with us. That and the fact that you two are obviously romantically involved now.”

I almost responded to that but didn’t. Romantically involved had a lot more meaning behind the word than the way I felt Bella felt about us. Intimately involved would have been a better word to use perhaps, but I let it go, once again falling in behind the girls as they spotted another shop they wanted to look in just around the corner from the restaurant we were heading to. Once again we stopped, and I smiled inwardly as dad took that moment to cast a quick brief glance about ensuring no one else was looking in order to readjust things just a little.

“Me too,” I again laughed, and then did the same. Just thinking about that, as wicked a thought as it was had definitely started to arouse me. Obviously it already had dad. Even after repositioning, there was a pretty good hint at what he was sporting, though his shirt and mine did a good job of hiding our sudden discomfort.

“So…maybe later then, if ah….well if things sort of go in that direction, you…you ah wouldn’t be, wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable seeing something like that?”

“As long as you wouldn’t feel equally as uncomfortable watching your own son jerking off his cock while I was watching it,” I informed him. “Because I seriously doubt I’d be able to sit there like a monk and not do that if you know what I mean.”

“Good…because I’m sure I would be too. So as long as we’re both on the same page here.”

“Oh…I think we are for sure in that regard. And for another then, let’s see if we can’t steer the conversation around in that direction at some point. Maybe plant a few seeds, see what grows.”

“I don’t think that will be too terribly difficult,” dad said. “We sort of discussed it already, earlier on out on the deck. Once I’ve teased your mom a bit with what has obviously already grown,” he said giving himself another minor adjustment as we walked along. “I’m pretty sure that will remind her of what we discussed…and then some.”

“Well it certainly shouldn’t be a problem convincing Bella,” I said. “I think she had the hots for mom after the first day she arrived here. And now look at the two of them. They’re looking and acting more like sisters, or best friends than anything. Look how much mom’s changed already too, and how she’s dressing these days. Mom looks hot. And I don’t mind saying so, she does!”

Dad Bostancı Grup Escort smiled almost proudly. “Yes, she does. And I must say, I do have Bella to thank for that. Your moms reawakened a side of me that I didn’t think would ever exist again. But now that it has…I want to take advantage of it every chance that I get.”

“I hear that,” I told him, speaking more to myself when I said it. Just then both girls had stopped, each one leaning over to peer more closely in the window. Dad standing a few feet away and behind, both of us looking at the tempting targets being presented to us simultaneously.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?”

We both checked again, and then made another simultaneous adjustment to ourselves. Obviously…we were.


Though busy, the restaurant wasn’t remotely crowded. As a precaution though, mom and dad had made reservations. As the hostess began directing us to a table somewhere in the middle of the main floor, dad stopped her, holding out a twenty towards her.

“Is the second floor available?” She smiled nodding her head taking the twenty and then led us up a short flight of stairs. It wasn’t nearly as busy up here with only a few tables seated. Directing us to sit wherever we preferred, we walked over to a more secluded table overlooking a nice view of the ocean in the open air, yet still sitting inside. It felt good to have a fresh breeze still blowing in your face, the promise of cool night air just ahead as we gave our waitress a drink order as we began thumbing through the menus.

“Cute isn’t she?” Bella asked as I glanced up once again watching our waitress walking off in order to place our drink order before coming back to us.

“I guess…why?” Though I hadn’t really looked at her all that closely, obviously not as closely as Bella had.

“Because she couldn’t take her eyes off you the entire time she was taking our orders, that’s why. Must be because of all those pheromones you and your father are giving off,” she then stated.

I shook my head…”Pheromones? Where’d that come from anyway?”

“I think it’s coming from the two hard-on’s you two are sporting…that’s where. Your mom and I saw those nonchalant little adjustments you both made. Why’d you think we stopped at that store just before getting here to have a peek in the window?” she laughed conspiratorially glancing over towards mom, mom smiling broadly acknowledging the ploy. “We decided to give you two a further tease, see what happened. Obviously…it did. Let’s just say neither one of your shirts were hanging down straight when we came in here. And I’m willing to bet your still in the same condition now.”

“I’m never betting with you again,” I told her, though once again nodding at our waitress as she approached returning with our drinks, leaning over to whisper. “And not betting…just saying, I think she was probably looking at you more than me,” I then winked.

“Oh yeah? Well let’s have some fun with her then, see what happens, if she’s actually interested.”

“In what?” I asked quickly just as she arrived with the drinks though Bella didn’t answer. Leaning off to one side a little as the waitress moved in between us, placing our drinks down. I noticed as she did that, she undid one of the buttons she’d done up on her top, revealing a bit more cleavage, even though she was wearing a skimpy bikini top underneath. Sue noticed when she turned back to face Bella, smiling, though purposely looking down Bella’s blouse as she leaned forward a little, obviously flirting with her.

“Are you ready to order yet? Or do you still need a minute?” The young woman asked. I noticed that she was wearing a small imprinted name badge over her right breast with the name “Sue” engraved on it, though dad spoke for everyone, still glancing at his menu, not really taking the young woman in the way Bella had, and the way I obviously was now.

“Not yet I think,” he said smiling now looking up at her, smiling even more so. Dirty old man…I snickered. “Perhaps another minute or two…Sue,” he said spotting her name badge. Once again she smiled in return, catching my eye, and then Bella’s again…and again purposely noticing that yet again Bella had undone another button.

“I’ll give you a moment or two more then,” she said still looking at Bella obviously smiling at her.

“Was that a wink? Sort of anyway?” I asked as she turned once again heading off.

“Definitely a wink…a quick one maybe, but a wink. Like I said, I think she was flirting with us,” Bella said openly now raising even more curious interest from mom and dad.

“Flirting with you maybe…certainly not me. But she was definitely looking at your tits,” I said almost a little too loudly, causing mom to “shush me” though she laughed after doing that.

Sue was certainly attractive, long dark hair currently pulled back into a ponytail, and tall for a woman too, easily 5′ 9″ or so by casual observance with long well toned legs which Bostancı Manken Escort appeared even more so coming out of the short black uniform skirt all the waitresses were wearing. She was perhaps a swimmer, if not a daily jogger but her muscular looking calves and long legs certainly were attractive. And though it was hard to tell the actual size of her breasts perhaps being encased in the somewhat frilly white blouse she had on with pleats running down the front of it, hinted at a more than ample bosom.

“I think we could have a bit of fun here, unless I miss my guess. But I’m almost certain she’d be up for it,” Bella told me. “How much money have you got on you anyway?” She then asked.

“You mean in cash?” I asked, though I’d brought just under two hundred with me when we’d left home for just in case. Though I usually used plastic.

“Well yeah cash. I don’t think she’d be too willing to do much if you were to wave a plastic card under her nose. I was thinking along the lines of something else,” she stated as dad of course overheard and then asked.

“Like what?” He said curiously, though even mom seemed to lean further into the table wanting to hear the details.

“Let’s see if she’s willing to play with us a little,” Bella said wickedly. “Though it might get a little expensive here,” she then added. “I think I’ve got almost a hundred myself in my wallet,” she said starting to reach for it, when dad grinned, waved her off.

“Don’t worry about it…trust me. I’m sure that between all of us, we can cover it. Now…what are we betting on here anyway?”

“Ah dad? For one…we’re not betting. And two? You don’t want to be making any bets with Bella…trust me, you’ll lose.”

“Not always,” mom suddenly spoke grinning…blushing as she said that. “I happen to recall one certain bet she made that she did lose.”

Recalling it myself now, I smiled. “Maybe, but Bella has a way of winning, even when she supposedly loses,” I offered, which made Bella smile, winking at me when I said that. “Like I said…” I added turning back towards dad. “Don’t bet with her…trust me.”

“Ok, so we’re not really betting here, but what have you got in mind?” Dad asked curiously.

“Have you got a fifty?” She asked me. I did. A couple of those and a few twenties as I pulled out my wallet, handing her one. Bella promptly tore the bill in half!


“Don’t worry,” she said easily. She then took out a pen and a small piece of paper hurriedly writing something down on it, and then tucked one torn half of the fifty-dollar bill inside of that, and the second half of the fifty underneath her nearly empty drink glass. Seconds later we saw Sue returning to take our orders, which she did.

As Sue stepped around behind Bella as Bella gave her, her order reading off the menu, she handed it to her, along with the hand written note, folded over what was obviously a bill. Sue’s eyes widened at seeing the “fifty” peeking out of the corner, accepting it along with the rest of the menus.

“I’ll be back in a moment to see if you’re ready for more drinks,” she assured us, and then once again headed off. No doubt seeking a place where she could more privately read her note.

“Ok, so what did you write?” I asked worriedly, nervously…especially knowing Bella.

“I told her, that if she was interested in the other half of that fifty, that all she had to do was bring us back the panties she was wearing, hand them to us…and then prove to all of us that she didn’t have any on.”

“Oh my!” Mom exclaimed, blushing again, but then giggling too. “That’s…so naughty!”

I looked at mom, though more surprised at her reaction. “I can’t believe you just did that!” I told her…”What if…what if she gets upset or something? Says something?”

“She won’t. I could tell. But even if she returns her half of the fifty, we’ll still tip her well for the service anyway. I assure you…I don’t think she’s going to be upset however. If anything…she’ll probably get a laugh out of it later if nothing else. But odds are…she will.”

“I bet she doesn’t,” dad said.

“Dad?” I said turning towards him. “I wouldn’t go there…seriously.”

It was several minutes later before Sue returned, heading our way again, with a smile on her face carrying an empty tray with her.

“Your dinners shouldn’t be too much longer,” she informed us leaning over to pick up dad’s empty drink glass, and then mine. As she did, she dropped something in my lap, which she’d been palming beneath the tray. I looked down having sensed something, and saw what appeared to be a pair of black lacy nothingness. She again smiled, walked around the table now with her back towards the majority of other diners and workers. Picking up moms almost empty glass, she then reached down, the slit in her skirt just high enough to fold upwards. When she did, she revealed the fact she didn’t have any panties on. A small thin strip of pubic hair showing just above her otherwise Bostancı Masöz Escort shaved pussy. It was brief, but long enough to ensure that each and every one of us got a knowing look. Only then did she pick up Bella’s empty glass along with the other half of the fifty-dollar bill. “Is there anything else I can do for you while you’re waiting on your dinners? More drinks?”

“Yes…please,” dad said an obvious catch to his tone of voice. “And ah…maybe some more napkins?” Now dad was blushing.

And then mom shocked everyone…including Bella.

“And another fifty to see your tits when you come back? Maybe?” She asked blushing even more, though having so boldly spoke. Even Sue seemed surprised by that. I know I certainly was…sitting there with my mouth open, still holding onto Sue’s panties.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Sue stated and then winked at mom, heading off with the tray carrying our empty glasses.

“Nice one Grace!” Bella said giggling. “No bets she doesn’t either. You’d best get that other fifty out David, something tells me, we’re going to be looking at boobies here shortly!”


Sure enough, just a few minutes later Sue came walking back towards us, one hand holding a tray with our drinks on it just over her shoulder. The other…already reaching up as she began undoing the buttons on the blouse she had on. She had obviously removed her bra ahead of time. By the time she got to our table, the front of her entire shirt was open. She then handed us the drinks standing in one place for obvious reasons as we took them passing them to who they really belonged too.

“Let’s see,” dad said getting into the act suddenly. Her tray now empty, she slipped it beneath her arm, carefully opening her blouse more fully with her free hand, showing us her bare breasts which I surmised where roughly the same size and shape that Bella’s were, though Sue’s nipples were more of a rosy color, and very erect as she stood there proudly displaying them.

I held up my other fifty giving it to her.

“I must say, you’re certainly the most interesting…and possibly lucrative table I’ve ever waited on,” only then deftly doing up her blouse again. “I’ll be back with your orders…and anything else that you think you might be able to come up with,” she said turning once again heading back towards the kitchens.

“See? I told you she was interested in playing. So…what do you think we should try and have her do next then?” Bella asked.

“I know!” Mom suddenly exclaimed grinning. “Harold…get out your wallet!”


We were just finishing our meal, Sue having left after bringing it to us with yet another note, and this time one half of a hundred dollar bill which dad had given her. The problem was, no one but mom knew what she’d written on the note. Bella finding it amusing to wonder, dad and I curious, though I was once again more concerned than anything else. After all, Sue hadn’t returned to even check and see how dinner was. If nothing else, I had assumed she’d either bring back her half of the hundred, or return for the other half, depending upon whatever the hell it was mom had written down, which she still wasn’t telling us. When at last we had finished, another waitress, a totally different one came over to our table, checked on how dinner had been asking us if we wanted anything else.

“Shit!” I said silently to myself, feeling for sure now we had all gone too far with this bizarre little game. Except for the fact mom was in an exceptionally good mood for some reason, which Bella likewise realized, though still not asking…simply accepting whatever the hell was going on.

“Ready?” Mom stood after dad had paid the bill and left a small but reasonable tip for the new girl.

Dad pocketed his half of the hundred-dollar bill, shrugging his shoulders upon looking at me no doubt seeing the still confused expression on my face. We then left the restaurant and wandered back through town towards the docks and where we’re moored the boat. As we drew closer, I looked up…Sue was standing on the bow waiting for us. Mom grinned.

“I think you can give her the other half of that bill now,” mom said. “As well as another fifty for even being here,” mom continued grinning, “Oh…and don’t forget to give her the tip money for dinner either,” she added to that. Mom then turned towards Bella. “And hopefully you don’t mind dear…but I told her you’ve got the most amazing tongue ever!”

Bella burst out laughing. “No Grace…I don’t mind you telling her that at all, do you David? Harold?” She asked us.

Dad was too busy fishing out his half of the bill to respond back to her, while I on the other hand just shook my head again. It looked like it was going to be one hell of another interesting night after all.


Dad was busy pouring everyone a glass of Bella’s wine in the main lounge cabin as we stood there making small talk. Sue spotted the bottle of wine, commenting.

“Oh, we have that one on the wine list!” She announced. “It’s a really good one though a little expensive.”

“I know…I saw it,” Bella announced without elaborating further though no one else did either.

“So…your note said that the two of you wanted to undress me, and then have your way with me then yes?” Sue asked hotly.

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