Timmy’s Torment


As I wake, my dreams fade from memory, slowly remembering that I’m a 21year old virgin who lives at home with his dad and stepmom, Mindy.

Mindy the stereotypical stepmom, she wasn’t extremely nice to me. Add to that dad is a long haul trucker so I spend a lot of time alone with Mindy. She often calls me girls names which I find deeply emasculating. I’m not allowed friends over and my girlfriend definitely isn’t allowed in the house either.

Now all though Mindy is evil…by god she is attractive! Big beautiful breasts, large fat ass and she just oozed sex appeal. Not a day went past that Mindy doesn’t make it into my spank bank. Though she’s my stepmom, and therefore…kinda wrong she was too hot, and having an aggressive wank over her seemed to be the best revenge for being a complete bitch.

Everyday I have to get up an hour before her so she can have her coffee and breakfast waiting.

Fuck I hated this arrangement. Almost as much as the nickname “Cinderfella” she gave me.

Every morning Mindy will come down the stairs, often in very revealing lingerie. She’s always made a point of “feeling” proud of her body and made sure to critique me at every opportunity or at least question if she felt I “gazed” for too long. Even though she was the one pretty much naked! But this is my life.

I’m in the kitchen brewing coffee and making her an omelette.

“Good morning, Cinderfella. Mindy greets strolling into the room in a very revealing dressing gown.

“Please don’t call me that.” I sigh pouring her coffee.

“Oh it’s all in good fun. Don’t be so sensitive, Timothy. It’s a very unattractive trait.”

She sits down at the kitchen table, giving me a better view of her. No bra and a thong. Fuck she makes me hard. I place her coffee and omelette down in front of her.

“Oh do stop ogling me, Timothy. It’s extremely creepy.” She tells me as she shoos me away.

“I’m not!” I mutter. Although I clearly was

“I don’t know why you act this way, you’re obviously gay.” She says brazingly while sipping her coffee.

“I’m not gay!” I retort like a child.

“Of course you are! Seriously how long have you been Bethany now, 2 years? Still a virgin right? Just admit you’re a gay and let that girl off your hook.”

I.AM.NOT.GAY!” This time I shouted.

“Oh whatever helps you sleep at night, Timothy.” She says with a scoff cutting into her omelette.

I storm out of the kitchen and upstairs, anger seeping out of every pour. In my room I fire up my laptop. Truth be told, the constant emasculation from Mindy. Has sent me down the spiral of self loathing and created an addiction to cuckold porn. It started off with me drawing pictures of Mindy in a submissive role but my research into bdsm led me to femdom. Then to interracial and seeing big black cocks destroy white women.

My sketches evolved from Mindy being destroyed by big black to me being the cuck in the situation. My artwork became therapeutic for me. As I started to jerk to my drawings of Mindy. I kept picturing myself as the cuck, in that tiny plastic cage. I had purchased one on Amazon as a novelty, but found myself wearing it more and more.

What started with just caging myself during my chores, cooking and cleaning the house. Mindy’s berating had me leaking in my shorts and led to the most extreme orgasms. Although it is obviously affecting my mental health I somehow felt like I was in control as I had the key. The euphoria as I shoot my load hard into a tissue is quickly replaced with shame. What’s wrong with me? After a quick shower I head to Uni.

University is great. It’s a break from Mindy and my laptop of porn. I got my iPad to sketch on for class and I never have anything NSFW on there. I really enjoyed my art course and my professor thinks I had a future career illustrating. But the best thing about Uni is being with Beth. My super sweet girlfriend. Bright blue eyes, silky smooth brown hair, mall but perky tits and a tight little ass. Who I would love to sleep with, if I could just catch a break.

Beth’s parents are devout Christians and don’t even let us hold hands in their house let alone leave us alone, and not only will Mindy not let Beth in the house, I couldn’t possibly take the chance of Mindy abusing me in front of Beth.

As I walk into class there is Beth waving. She saves me a seat as always.

“You’re late.” Beth says staring at me.

“I know. Sorry.” I sigh unpacking my stuff.

“You’re just lucky the professor is running late also.”

I kiss her as I take my seat.

“So why are you so late?” Beth quizzes.

“I decided to take a last minute shower before school.”

“Hot or cold?” Beth asks, raising an eyebrow and biting her lip.

“What?” I ask befuddled.

“Just wanted to know if you were thinking about me.” She giggles, while chewing on her pen.

“Always.” I answer by taking the opportunity to kiss her again.

“THAT’S ENOUGH HANKY PANKY IN MY CLASSROOM MR MANFORD.” Shouts our professor strolling in 10 minutes late.

The next hour of art history is spent mostly Bostancı Fetiş Escort taking notes and playing footsie with Beth. The lesson ends and we start to pack up.

“You got gymnastics next, right?” I ask Beth while pulling my phone out to check for messages.

“Yeah and the coach says I’m lagging so I’ll probably skip our lunch date, if that’s okay?” She pouts at me while twirling her finger in her hair.

I put my phone away and wrap my arms around Beth. “Of course. You do whatever it takes to make the team, babe.” I kiss her.

“Love you. Walk me home after school?”

“Of course.” We kiss again and she walks away.

In art class practicing new techniques. The professor showed us how to transfer these skills from paper to digital sketching.

SKETCHES! MY SKETCHES, I LEFT MY LAPTOP OPEN! My blood runs cold. I jump up and start packing my stuff away in a panic.

“Everything okay, Tim?” My prof asks, concerned.

“Yeah…I…um…I’m…not feeling too good…I gotta get home!”

“Okay, Tim. Feel better.”

I don’t even bother saying goodbye. Just got to get home asap. Mindy is a nosey bitch, and would have no issue going through my things. But what if I left it open? Shit how long until it locks out? Wait I was charging it. Would the screen lock? I’m on the bus home trying to rationalise with myself.

If Mindy went on my computer she’d have called dad and dad would’ve kicked me out by now. Right? Shit please bus go faster.

I reach home, burst through the door and head up to my room. As I crash through the door, my laptop is closed.

“YES!” I scream as I fall onto my bed.

“Oh thank you sweet baby… ”

*phone buzzes*

Beth’s calling.

“Babe where are you?”

She sounds annoyed. Oh shit I was supposed to walk her home.

“I’m sorry. I forgot and was feeling sick and just went straight home.” Is my flustered attempt of an apology.

“Oh…okay. Well, I hope you feel better!”

“Um thanks. We can still chat if you want?”

“No, it’s okay. Coach said he’ll drive me home, so I’ll just grab a lift with him. Love you, bye.” The phone clicks off

I can’t even get out a “Bye, babe.” She hung up so quickly. Now to get back to staring at my ceiling.

“Oh, Timothy.” Rings out from the hallway.

It’s Mindy. I sit up in bed just as Mindy appears in my doorway. She’s wearing grey sweats. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in sweats before. But at least she’s dressed.

“Oh good you are home, thought I heard a girly scream. Your dad’s back tonight. He wants to do a barbecue. He’s bringing meat from wherever he’s been trucking. He said to tell you to invite your little girlfriend over!”

“Wait, what? Dads back and Beth’s allowed over? That’s amazing!” I blurt out.

Almost dancing with joy.

“Yes I thought you’d be happy. Now I’m going to get the garden ready. Keep an ear out for my delivery. It’s the supplies for the barbeque.” She turns to leave.

“Yes, Mindy…Oh and Mindy…could you please be nice to me in front of Beth…please?”

Mindy turns back to face me. A humorous look on her face. “Timothy, I’m never not nice to you!” She laughs walking away and down stairs.

Lying bitch I mutter under my breath. As I fall back onto my bed.


“DOOR, TIMOTHY!” Mindy shouts from downstairs.

I get up and make my way downstairs. Approaching the door, Mindy begins to follow me. As I open the door.

“Straight through to the back!” Mindy ordered the delivery guy.

“Show him the way, Timothy.” She barks as she disappears upstairs.

We unload the booze and food in the garden.

“Just need your signature, sir.” The guy asks.

“BE A LAMB AND SET UP FOR ME, TIMOTHY. I’M GOING TO HAVE A SHOWER!” Mindy calls from the upstairs window.

“Tough break.” The guy laughs, leaving.

So much for Mindy doing the work. Let me just give Beth a quick call and I’ll start.

“Hey”. Beth answers.

She doesn’t sound to happy, but I’m too excited to care right now

“Hey, babe. Guess what? My dad’s back tonight and he’s throwing a barbeque.”

“Um…okay. thats nice.”

“Babe…you’re invited!” I stress the importance.

“Are you sure?”

“YES! and my dads cool…So we may even be able to mess about too!” I tease.

“Hmm okay send me an uber and I’ll see you later.”

“Okay, babe. Love you, bye.”

I finish the garden and head in for a shower.


Not another fucking delivery. I open the door. “Delivery for Mrs MANFORD.”

“Yeah, that’s here.” I say as he hands me a yellow envelope.

“Thanks.” We both say simultaneously as he leaves.

Mindy descends down the staircase. She’s tarted up for tonight. Skin tight white dress, tits pretty much popping out. Stilettos, and her hair slicked back wet look and a black clutch purse. Who wears a purse to their own barbeque? I cringe to myself.

“That mine?” She nods towards the envelope.

“Yeah, just came.” Bostancı Gecelik Escort I hand her the envelope and make my way upstairs.

“Oh, Timothy…just a quick moment, please.” Her tone, nice but firm as she walks into the living room.

She’s asked…nicely. What the actual fuck? I think to myself I follow her into the living room.

“Please…have a seat Timothy.” She gestures towards the sofa

“Please?” I baffle back. Standing still in disbelief.

“Timothy.” She says sternly.

“Sit.” Are her orders, arms folded. As she taps her foot.

“You’re taking this being nice to me, well.” I tell Mindy as I sit.

“This…is actually…for you.” She hands me the envelope.

“You’ve never gotten me a gift, before” I quipped as I opened the envelope.

“You’ve never given me a reason too.” She tells me, feigning a smirk.

I tear open the yellow envelope. There’s maybe a hundred sheets of paper as I pull the wad from the envelope. The first page is blank. But the one underneath isn’t. It’s my artwork! I start furiously flicking through the papers…every picture…every comic I’ve made of her…She had printed them all. I look up at her. Tears in my eyes.

“I…I…I can explain.”

“No need. You’re a pervert! I actually owe you an apology. All this time me calling you gay. You’re not. So for that I apologise.” She says as she sits to face me.

“Th..thank…you.” I stutter.

“You’re just a pathetic…worthless…not really even male if you think about it. You draw yourself…in a room with ‘your stepmom’ being plowed by a man. That’s some next level loser shit!. Oh and you draw yourself locked in a tinnie tiny plastic cage! Now that’s sad!” She scoffs as she crosses her legs allowing one heel to hang half off her foot.

I just sit silently. She brings her hand to her chin. Fingernails painted red. She begins to tap her I sex finger against her top lip.

“You’re a virgin right?” She asks, hand dropping from her face. Her high heel still dangling off her foot.

“Yes.” I reply. Head hanging in shame.

“Why do you want to be locked in a plastic prison so much?” She asks, leaning back into her chair folding her arms.

“I…I don’t…it’s just a silly fantasy!” I begin to stutter.

“A fantasy to be my cuck?” She interjects, raising an eyebrow.

“No no no! The cage…I don’t know why I draw what I draw. Please…I’m sorry.” I plead.

“So you’re not interested in the plastic cock cage?” She sits up and increases tapping her legs.

“No…none…no interest at all!” Breathing a sigh of relief.

“See, how am I supposed to trust you when you lie?” She bends down to grab her clutch.

“I’m not…honestly!”

She opens her clutch and pulls out my device and throws it in my lap.

“For future reference, don’t hide something you don’t want to be found in your sock drawer!”

“I…I…I don’t..”

“Timothy, you have issues!” She says shaking her hand and zipping her clutch back up.

“Are you going to lock me in it?” I ask naively.

“If you think I’m going to physically put it on you, you’re even more perverted than I thought! I am not touching you!” Her eyes roll, as she looks around the room.

She shakes her head. Looking at me in disgust as she gets up to leave.

“Go get ready! This conversation is over!”

Are her orders as she walks away.

“Are you going to tell my dad?” I squeak.

She stops.

“Go…get…ready.” is all she utters as she walks out of the room leaving me holding my drawings and cock cage.

In my room mind racing. I start to hide the drawings. I pull a box out from under my bed. Empty half the contents out, drop the drawings in and put the stuff back on top. Seal the lid and slide it back under my bed.


It’s a message from Beth.

*Babe I’m super sore from gymnastics do you mind if we don’t mess around tonight?*

Is she serious? This is the first time in almost a year we could actually have some proper alone time!

*That’s shit! Can we still do other stuff? Maybe a blowjob?*

I message her back. It’s not too much to want a blowjob! It’s been 2 years and a dry hump is the best I’ve ever gotten.


*That’s seriously all you care about? I’ve just told you I’m in pain and your go to is “but will you still suck dick?” What happened to you being ill? But to answer your inconsiderate and selfish question no I won’t be sucking your dick as I’ll be staying home! Enjoy your bbq! Tell your dad I said hi.*

Shit! This is a mess fuck fuck fuck! I gotta message her back.

*Babe I’m soooooo sorry! Please please come! I shouldn’t have said anything I don’t know why I did. I’m just being stupid. Please I’m a moron. I love you so much.we don’t even have to hold hands. Please.*


*Fine, I’ll come. But don’t you dare make me regret it.*

Sweet she’s changed her mind and if she spends the night maybe she won’t be so sore in the morning and then…

“I’M Bostancı Genç Escort HOME!” My dad calls from downstairs.

I run to the landing to greet him

“Dad!” I shout with joy, leaning over the handrail.

“Hey, Bud. How’s it going? Look we’ll talk at the barbeque…but it has been a while! A man’s gotta check in with his woman, okay?”

“Sure, dad.” I answer as he runs off to find Mindy.

After a quick shower and getting ready now check my phone to find a message from Beth.

Just got in my uber should be there in 20 minutes

I check the timestamp on the text message. she sent it 10 minutes ago. The fact I’m not getting any pussy tonight anyway sets me off… maybe I’m better off putting the cage on?

It’s not like she’s going to touch me. Plus if I’m wearing the cage there’s no way I’ll bug her for anything and the thought of being locked and no one knowing is fun. I take the cage back out of my top drawer and start to put it on. left nut, right nut… slide my cock through the ring. Then I slip the plastic over my cock and padlock it shut.

I’m locked and the feeling of security around my junk gets me hot. I move in front of the mirror and look at the plastic cage on my cock. I start stroking my testicles enjoying the feeling.

The lock comes with two keys so I decide to separate the two keys. I grab a pair of dog tags my dad brought back from one of his trucking trips. Drop the tags off and put one of the keys on the chain and then clip it round my neck and drop it under my vest.

I make my way downstairs. Lots of people are already in the backyard. Oh wow Beth’s here too. She’s chatting to my dad who’s manning the grill.

“Hey, babe.” I lean in to kiss Beth but she recoils.

“Hey.” She taps my shoulder in an awkward greet. Mainly to keep her distance.

“Oooh loves tiff? My dad giggles, flipping the burgers.

“Nothing too serious, Mr Manford. Tim just needs to learn an important lesson is all.” Beth replies sipping a beer.

“Haha, I love it. Tim, she’s a keeper! And Beth call me Dan.”

“Oh…Haha sure, Dan.” Beth giggles.

Mindy struts straight past me and plants an overly inappropriate kiss on my dad in front of Beth and I.

“Oh how I have missed you.” Mindy purrs to my dad while biting his lip.

My dad whispers something in her and she laughs hard.

“Burgers are ready!” Dad announces to the cheers of his guests and people start queuing up.

I’m directly behind Beth. I try to caress her neck. But she swats me away.

“Don’t.” She growls back at me.

“Sorry. I sigh. She is really pissed.

Dad Mindy Beth and I are sitting eating together. Mindy asking my dad how long he’ll be in town for. But my main concern is Beth but even though we’re together she avoids me like the plague.

“Um, is there any salad?” Beth asks.

“Opps!” Mindy splutters. Mouth half full of food. “I’ve left it in the kitchen.”

Beth jumps up. “I’ll get it.” She waves Mindy back to sit.

“Don’t be silly, Beth. You’re a guest.

Please sit. I need another drink anyways.”

“I could do with another beer too.” Dad says as he polishes off his beer.

“Tim. Go help your mother!”

“Stepmother!” Both Mindy and I snap in unison. Dad just laughs.

I follow Mindy into the kitchen staring at her ass all the way. Her Phat ass is sexy as hell. My cock begins to erect but the cage stops it in its tracks, tugging at my ballsack. I let out a little well. Mindy looks back at me like I’m some sort of weirdo.

“Grab the salad and a bottle of wine from the bottom of the fridge.” She orders me as she disposes of my dad’s empties.

I put the bowl and bottle on the counter and grab some more beers. Mindy grabs the bottle and bowl then pauses. She cocks her head to the side and stares long at me.

“What?” I scoff.

She turns round, drops the items down soon back around and yanks the chain from my neck. The clasp gives instantly and she’s spinning my key around her index finger.

“HEY! What are you doing? That’s mine. Give it back.” I bark.

“Um…no! Now it’s mine.” Mindy laughs as she removes my key from the chain and pushes it into her bra.

“Mindy. Seriously…I…I need it back.”

Mindy turns back towards me and pushes me against the fridge. My heart starts to pound. She places the chain back around my neck and locks the clasp shut.

“You may keep the chain.” She purrs.

Before I can say anything she grabs my crotch.

“Tut tut tut. Who’s a naughty boy.” She licks her lips with delight.

“Mindy…what are you doing?” I begin to whimper.

“What?” She asks sternly.

“I…” She cuts me off.

“The way I see it is this. You want Beth to stay the night. This insures no deflowering of that poor girl, and if you try anything else tonight with, Beth you’re going to have to show her your little ‘device’ and then we’ll see if she wants a boyfriend who keeps his little pee pee in a cage.”

She is actively trying to ruin my relationship. “You’re a bitch, Mindy.”

“Oh, you brought this on yourself with those disgusting pictures you drew of me. Oh and more thing…a little fun fact.”

Mindy leans in and starts to whisper in my ear.

“You would not believe how many big black cocks have been inside your stepmom’s sweet pussy! The brothers love this PAWG!”

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