Timmy Pt. 05


Pt. 05- Barb spies on her son


Barbara’s Morning:

Barbara flew her Cayenne into the parking lot in a fury and slammed the brakes just before it dove into the manicured hedges. Her mind was racing too – how could that bitch, Marie, do such a thing, corrupting her son, Timmy? Sure, Timmy was 22, but he was so sweet and innocent. How could that harpy prey on him? Was it even him? Maybe it wasn’t! Maybe it was one of Marie’s other boy toys playing along.

That video was appalling, she thought. Marie writhing on that lounge chair, slick with oil, saying the nastiest things into the camera. Who says such things? Could that really have been Timmy recording it? He wouldn’t have, would he? And all that foot fetish talk. Did Timmy have a foot fetish? She remembered a few times she caught him staring at her bare feet. She hadn’t thought much of it at the time, but now! And all that “momma” talk, she couldn’t even go there in her mind with that one.

As all these thoughts plowed through her head in rapid fire a hint of guilt also crept in – was it her fault for blaming Marie of seducing Timmy in the first place that pushed Marie to do it? Damn, why did she accuse Marie before she had real evidence? She was supposed to be smarter than that, more cunning than that. Damn it, how did that bitch outplay her?

Barbara was in a state, to say the least. Thankfully, she had a massage lined-up for today, she thought. But how could she possibly relax until she knew for sure? Timmy was like a vault, or simply left the room when Barbara’s probing became too obvious. Clearly, she couldn’t address it with Marie again. No chance she’d give that slut the satisfaction. Damn it, how was she going to find out her mind shrieked as she pounded the steering wheel with both fists.

One thing Barbara would not let enter her head again, ever, was the animalistic thoughts that flashed across her mind as she viewed the end of the video – wow, what a cock and damn that was a hell of a lot of cum! The possibility it might be Timmy’s was just way too much to connect that urge with.

She screamed to herself, and then looked around to make sure no one in the spa parking lot saw her raging. She calmed herself down, pulled down the visor mirror and slowly applied some muted red lipstick to her collagen-plumped lips. Her mind cooled a bit as she looked at her reflection. She was still stunning, with the high cheekbones, large emerald-green eyes, and the deep auburn hair stylishly cut for a woman in her early 50s. She dabbed her lips on a tissue to remove any excess lipstick and stepped her long, beautiful leg out the car door.

Barbara’s legs were a wonder. At 6′ tall and slender, she was all legs. She knew her legs were her best assets and she worked them out religiously. Anyone looking just at her legs would swear she was 25 and wearing nude nylons. They were simply perfect. The length, tone and color couldn’t be matched – not a blemish. Sure, she thought to herself, she didn’t have the circus funhouse features Marie totted around. Those absurdly oversized balloons Marie called breasts and that rear-end that looked like it belonged on a racehorse. Even if Marie’s assets were all natural, they were still for frat house boys, not men, Barbara told herself as she walked through the spa door.

Marcus was waiting in the massage therapist lounge with his head in his hands. Why did he agree to do this he asked himself? Of course he had the answer – Marie. Why did he let her talk him into this? Again, he knew the answer? She was smarter than he was, could talk a man into anything, and if all else failed use her lips to great success. That made him smile; Marcus did love the feel of her mouth on his cock. That pretty much summed-up why Marcus was about to risk his job and reputation for her. If this Barbara woman reacted the wrong way the spa would kick him to the curb and he’d no longer be able to work in a reputable spa again he thought. It probably would be back to that little shit town he came from in southern Italy.

As Marcus was bemoaning his state of affairs, Barbara was angry again, only this time with the poor girl at reception who was trying patiently to explain that Barbara’s normal therapist, Anna, was unavailable. (Of course, Anna had been available but Marcus paid her $300 to call in sick at the last minute. Actually, it was Marie who paid).

“What do you mean she’s not here,” Barbara gritted through her teeth? “We always have a Thursday at 10 appointment.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Graham, she called in sick.”

“I just confirmed an hour ago,” Barbara stated in a huff!

“We do have someone to cover for her of course. One of our best therapists,” the girl at the counter said as she wanly smiled.

Barbara was seething inside, nothing is going my way she thought. Normally, she would just walk out, but she really needed to relax. She had been counting on Anna. Anna was perfect – strong hands, never talked, all business. She had been seeing Anna consistently for two years. The girl was a wonder for Barbara’s piece of köle escort mind.

“Whatever, I can’t be bothered with more of this now. Same room, as usual?”

“Yes, Mrs. Graham.” The girl couldn’t be more relieved when Barbara stormed-off to the women’s lounge. Let Marcus deal with her now she thought.

Barbara hung her purse in the locker. This time of day the spa was quiet, so she had the lounge mostly to herself. She didn’t notice since she was so preoccupied with her thoughts. Could that really have been Timmy? His father’s cock wasn’t that big, so where could he possibly have gotten such a large penis? She pushed the thought from her mind with a shudder. Even considering that she may have seen her son’s erect cock spurting fountains of cum was just too much to handle.

She stepped out of her short, white dress and hung it with her purse. Next off was the lacy bra and the matching thong. She enjoyed nice undergarments she reflected. Not that Richard noticed anymore.

As the thong slid off from around her foot she admired the new french manicure on her long toes. Reaching for the robe she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Sure, her chest was only a B-cup, but those long perky nipples could still cut glass. She gazed lower. Somehow, despite dark auburn hair, her pubic hair was actually a bright red. When she was younger it embarrassed her and she shaved it. But over time, as more men buried their faces in it and delightfully remarked how unusual it was, she decided to show it off. So while she did trim it around the edges (she wasn’t a heathen) she let it grow full. Her rear, while not large, was firm – athletic even. With her height and figure she was statuesque, no doubt about it. She smiled. She liked what she saw (most people who saw her did too).

She wrapped the robe around her nude body and headed for her normal massage room. As she rounded the corner, she was startled when she saw Marcus standing in front of her room. “Um, I must have been told the wrong room.”

“No, Mrs. Graham. You’re in the right place. I’m Marcus.”

“You’re my therapist,” Barbara asked skeptically?

“Yes, ma’am. Didn’t they tell you at the front desk?”

“No, they most certainly did not. Are there no woman available to cover for Anna,” Barbara asked a bit perturbed?

Marcus thought to himself that this was a very bad start and his mood dropped from nervous to despondent when it dawned on him that Marie would not be giving him any “special bonus” for failure.

“Sorry, no. But I’m very experienced Mrs. Graham. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.” Of course he didn’t believe that at all. This woman looked difficult – gorgeous, but difficult. He smiled at her, but he sighed to himself – this was not going to be a good day at all.

Barbara didn’t like this one bit. It didn’t seem right to let a young man, barely older than her Timmy, put his hands on her body. Richard had been the only man who had touched her in years. Although, she couldn’t remember the last time he had. Despite the money, having married a guy fifteen years her senior didn’t seem so great these days.

Well, she thought, just this once. “Fine,” and with that stepped past Marcus and into the treatment room.

She closed the door behind her, disrobed and slid her long, nude frame between the white sheets and took a few deep breaths.

A half a minute later she heard a soft knock at the door and then Marcus let himself in. He dimmed the lights and adjusted the sheet over her body. “Any specific area of focus today Mrs. Graham?”

“No,” she responded with her eyes tightly shut.

About ten minutes into the massage, Barbara had to admit to herself that Marcus wasn’t half bad. His hands were strong and he had a good rhythm. But she still wasn’t comfortable with a strange man’s oiled hands gliding over her tense muscles.

About twenty minutes in her mind was back on Marie and Timmy. Try as she may she couldn’t focus on the massage.

Marcus could tell she was still very tense. He had worked her neck, head and arms so far and she was still as wired as when they started. Marcus was not optimistic that he’d accomplish what Marie had wanted. Maybe if he moved to her lower half, he thought.

He lifted the sheet above her feet and started to rub each of them with real effort. Barbara began to relax a bit. She loved having her feet massaged.

He then removed the sheet from her right leg and then the left. She was a tall woman, only a few inches shorter than he was. Marcus admired the length and lovely musculature of her legs. He kneaded each of her calves, then her thighs with extra attention simply because he enjoyed touching such lovely legs.

When he finished her thighs he realized he had spent way too much time admiring them and was now going to be short on time. He had her turn face down so he could work on her back quickly. He decided against that and figured he would just spend more time on the her perfect legs and began to work her hamstrings instead.

Try as she köle escort bayan may, Barbara was still stressed, despite Marcus’ efforts. Had it been any other day she’d be on the verge falling asleep.

She had to get rid of these images filling her mind of Timmy doing unseemly things with that temptress. There was one way she might be able to distract herself, or rather be distracted, but she wasn’t sure she had the nerve for it. But she was so tense and frustrated, she had to try something lest she go crazy. So while Marcus was working diligently on the upper part of her hamstrings and adductors she spread her legs a few inches wider.

Her movement didn’t escape his notice. He had worked at some rather less reputable places before here. That leg movement at that time was usually an indication of wanting something more. He paused, he wasn’t sure. Misreading the situation could be catastrophic to his continued employment.

He chose to ignore it, just to be on the safe side. But then she spread those long legs even a bit further.

Barbara held her breath. This was crazy, what was she doing, she thought.

Marcus decided there was no ignoring the second movement. But he decided a test was in order, just in case. He pumped more oil onto his hands, enveloped her lovely thigh just above the knee and slid his hands all the way up to the juncture of her upper leg and her vulva, and paused to gauge the reaction.

When his hands, wrapped firmly around her leg, rapidly pressed up between the crease of her vulva and her thigh Barbara let out a little gasp.

Marcus heard the slight gasp, felt a quick tensing and then a complete letting go. There was no outburst from her, no recoiling, no clasping her legs together. Damn, he thought, he may fulfill Marie’s request after all.

Not wanting to risk a changing of her mind Marcus quickly slid the palm of his hand completely between her legs and cupped her vagina. He let the tips of his fingers spread into what seemed to be a surprising amount of pubic hair. He gently began to massage the area with the flat of his oiled hand.

Barbara let out a long exhale and melted her upper body into the massage table. She lifted her pelvis slightly to give him more access and his strong hand slid further underneath her. His hand was so warm that her vagina immediately began to moisten. She could be a bit of a water-works down there and it wasn’t long before the entire area was slick with her sex and the massage oil.

After she became more fully aroused his hand motions became more specifically focused. A couple of fingers began to run back and forth along the length of her slick lips and he expertly probed the folds. Soon she felt one, then an second finger slide into her. Shallow at first then working deeper, rhythmically moving back and forth. Barbara let out a soft, long moan. It had been so long since she had been properly touched.

Eventually, she began to grind her hips in sync with his hand movements. She reached down with one hand between her legs and started to fondle her overlarge clit while he worked her pussy. As she lifted her hips higher he slid his other hand to replace hers. He used one to focus on her now pulsing clit, the other to slowly pump her pussy. She then felt the thumb of the hand working her pussy pressing against her butthole. She let out a loud gasp. Marcus applied more pressure and his thumb popped quickly into her butt.

How could he possibly know she loved having her rear probed, she thought. She was as stimulated as she could be down there. One of his hands working both holes, the other massaging her throbbing clit. Within a minute of his thumb entering her ass she was screaming in ecstasy as orgasmic relief hit her.

Marcus was amazed. When her orgasm hit, both her holes spasmed like vice grips on his fingers and thumb and a wave of liquid drenched him halfway up his forearm. She let out a scream he was sure was audible in the adjacent rooms. He managed to seduce Barbara as Marie had requested but now he was worried that they would be found out because this supposed prim and proper woman orgasmed like a banshee.

When the blood returned to her head Barbara realized what she had done. She jumped up, grabbed her robe, quickly covered herself, and ignoring Marcus, burst out of the room towards women’s lounge hoping that no one saw her, because she had no doubt that they had heard her.

Later that morning she received a text from Marcus thanking her for the generous gratuity she had left at the front desk on her rush out the door.

Barbara’s Afternoon:

After pushing her behavior to the back of her mind Barbara spent the first part of the afternoon quite relaxed. That massage was exactly what she needed, but she promised herself it was a one-off diversion. She’d continue with Anna and forget about that handsome, talented young man.

She met Steph for a leisurely lunch, of course failing to mention how she spent her morning. She couldn’t let such wanton behavior define her.

By escort köle late afternoon the thoughts of Timmy and Marie were back as the euphoria of her “massage” wore off. She figured the only way to stop these intrusive thoughts was to determine definitively if that had in fact been Timmy in the video.

She forced herself to rewatch the video a few more times trying to discern if the groans of “oh Marie” were Timmy’s voice. But with Marie moaning like a two-dollar whore it was impossible to hear the guy clearly. And then of course there was the ending where the guy turned the camera on his large, throbbing cock as it shot cum like a geyser. That visual couldn’t be any clearer.

Without giving it too much thought she decided to act. She headed into Timmy’s room and stripped the bed of all its sheets. While passing the thermostat in the hall she raised the cooling temperature. She figured his habits and laziness would work in her favor. It did.

On days like today, when he worked the morning shift at the pool, Timmy liked to shower then take a nap in the afternoon before going out most of the night.

When he arrived home to find the sheets removed from his bed he searched for his mother. “Where did my sheets go, mom?”

“Oh, I got the days mixed-up. I thought the housecleaners were coming today. I stripped the bed so they could put on fresh ones. But actually they come tomorrow. You can change them.” She knew full well he wouldn’t.

Timmy showered to get the sun protection spray off his body and then simply flopped himself down on the bare mattress with a towel wrapped around his waist.

About a twenty minutes later Barbara slowly opened his bedroom door to peer in. Sure enough he was out cold with just a towel covering him. She left the door open a crack, went back down the hall and raised the a/c temperature a couple more degrees.

Another half hour after that she returned. The door was only wide enough to see him from his waist down. As she had expected the warming house got him moving around in his sleep and the bath towel had fallen to the floor. Unfortunately, he had his back turned towards her. She smiled when she saw his cute, nude rear-end. But she dared not enter the room to get a look at what she was angling to see.

She sent the thermostat up another few degrees and waited. Another twenty minutes went by and she quietly made her way back to his room.

He had rolled over and now she could see him full on. She had to stifle a gasp when she saw his penis. It was hard and enormous. It wasn’t just the length, which was at least an impressive 8″ but the girth was unreal. She had to admit that was possibly the cock in the vid with Marie. What she wouldn’t admit was how seeing it made her tingle where she shouldn’t. She slowly stepped backwards to leave, but the floor creaked. She paused and held her breath. Not wanting to move, she waited.

Timmy shifted around a bit and slowly awakened. Had he heard something? He blinked his eyes and looked around – nothing. When he realized he was hard he figured he might as well take care of it before trying to doze off again.

Barbara swallowed hard when she saw him move his hand towards his cock. Oh please no, she thought! She considered slowly backing away but was afraid the floor might creak again. So she didn’t make a move. She also couldn’t bring herself to look away.

She was mesmerized. His hand looked small compared to his over-sized phallus. As he began to rhythmically stroke it she became curious to see it through. His face was obscured so she could try to imagine it wasn’t her Timmy. It was just a huge nameless cock being stroked.

As he began to pump faster, her heart started to race. Eventually, a torrent of cum shot out of his saliva slick cock. It didn’t seem to stop – burst followed burst.

He let out a sigh of relief which snapped Barbara out of her trance. When she felt the moistness of her panties between her legs she just had to get out of there. She raced back to her room. Fortunately, Timmy was a bit too lightheaded to hear the floor creak again.

Barbara closed the door to her bedroom and leaned against it. Her heart was pounding. She felt ashamed but incredibly aroused. The latter feeling won out. She hopped onto her bed, pulled up her dress and slid her right hand underneath her now soaked underwear.

She wanted to feel completely unimpeded so she worked the wet thong down her legs and kicked it to the floor. She dropped her knees wide and started furiously rubbing her large, engorged clit. Barbara had a standout sized clitoris, another source of embarrassment when she was younger. But she was also blessed with volcanic orgasms. Whether one had something to do with the other she wasn’t sure. But this big clit gave her so much pleasure she had gotten over her embarrassment of it ages ago.

She was very close now. One more move to put her over the top. She licked the middle finger of her left hand to get it lubed and then quickly worked it into her tight asshole. That combined with the images in her head of that huge cock spurting never ending amounts of hot cum triggered a violent orgasm. Her asshole snapped tight on her finger and a wave of sex flooded the sheet between her legs. She had to bite down hard on her lower lip to keep from letting out a scream that would surely have roused Timmy.

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