Time Together


Looking up at her as she gently bounces up and down, her hips moving… almost involuntarily. Her hands gliding across her thighs, caressing the curve of her belly… running up into her dark hair. As she drops her hands to her sides, her fingers glance across her nipples and she lets out a moan, deep from her core. Was it the fingers – or the tongue?

That sound causes my cock to strain… my hips pushing… and my tongue moving from a gentle caress of the slick lips in front of me, to flatten over that beautiful nub of a clit – on top of the hood – just enough to be felt. My eyes look up from that sweet mound, its dusting of hair tickling my nose. I flatten my hands and push against her taut tummy, letting my fingertips feather caress the bottom of those beautiful nipples – tight, crisp, pointing to the sky. My tongue becomes more insistent… tapping and moving away. She cries out.

Sara – my beautiful, glorious, sensual, beloved partner and wife – has folded over, her hands resting on the bed. Her hips are rocking almost violently, her pussy pressing down – rocking – sliding – pushing hard. Her clit has pushed past its hood, her lips full and red. She is so wet… so aroused.

Reaching out, I place my hands on hers, interlacing our fingers. As she leans down to kiss my head, her nipples brush soft skin – and she begins to come.

My tongue moves faster… Escort Sincan and she begins to come. With moans and tears and deep gasping breaths, Colleen cries her orgasm into Sara’s pussy.

Colleen… petite, lithe, fresh… our little lover.

I’ve enjoyed both of their orgasms… their energy flowing over and through me – bathing me with excitement and joy… and making me harder than I’ve ever been before.

Gracefully and slowly sliding off of Colleen, Sara kisses me. She smiles, tasting the incredible lightness of being Colleen has left on my chin and lips. As she snuggles in close to Coll’s side, I see their hands touching and caressing. Sara looks at me, nodding. As she leans in to kiss Colleen, I realize that Sara knows – far better than I do – that the first spending had simply been a prequel.

Before raising myself up, I make sure that my cock is coated… the head and shaft slick and slippery. As Coll slowly spreads her legs wider, she snakes an arm around Sara, holding her close. My fingers dance around her pussy, spreading her wetness out and around. They slip in past her vulva, a fingertip entering her… a thumb… two fingertips. Not deeply… just gently caressing her entrance.

The head of my cock is full – engorged in a way it hasn’t been since the first time Sara lay in front of me like this. Open… willing… Eryaman Escort ready. I slide it up and down, the coolness of the air counterbalancing the warmth coming from Colleen’s wetness. As the glans moves across her lips and clit she looks into my eyes and says, “Please, Marc. Please, now…”

I lean forward and, as our lips gently touch, my tongue meeting hers, my cockhead pops into her. The sensation is wonderful – and… sudden! In a moment of shock, we both pull our heads back and look at Sara.

She smiles. Her look encompasses both of us as she whispers, “Yes. Now.” I turn my head, to share a kiss with her. As she passes the kiss on, I sink deeper into Colleen’s pussy. She moans into Sara’s mouth.

And we begin the dance.


All three of us, to our rhythm.

My movement is slow and certain… sliding into her until I feel my pelvis touch hers. Then drawing back and ever so slowly sliding forward again. Becoming used to the feeling of a cock – my cock – filling her, her hips begin to move in counterpoint to mine.

Sara watches.

I pull back, sliding all the way out of Colleen. A look of confusion crosses her face, until I push back in – just the head. I pull out and push in. Pull out and push in. Pull out… and… push… in, my cockhead and shaft grazing her clit in the process. The gasps become louder… Keçiören Escort deeper. Air being pulled in for a powerful explosion. Her eyes tightly closed, she reaches one hand to grip Sara’s ass, the other claws at the sheets below.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Sara’s fingers sliding down and around and in her mound. Her thick black hair hides what’s going on… but her face and flush tell their story.

As she begins to build – and as she begins to build – I feel my own peak coming closer… and… closer. As I begin to slide deep again, Colleen opens her eyes. As my pelvis rubs against her clitoris, she looks deeply into Sara’s eyes. gasping, “I love you.”

“I love you,” Sara replies.

I kiss my beloved deeply, whispering, “Je t’aime, mon amour…” Sara smiles, putting her lips to my ear, moans, “And I, you… forever. Let her know how you feel, my love… and come inside of her.”

I nod. My hands have been caressing Colleen’s hair as I pump, gently and powerfully into her once-virgin body. The push and rock and roll has brought us to this moment. I look down at her… and let her know how I feel.

How we feel.

Tears of joy are falling down the sides of her face. Sara kisses away one, I kiss away the other. With our ears by her lips she moans, “I love you both.”

Touching each other, tasting each other, feeling each other… we meld – separate and together… Sara’s hips rocking against my thigh, Coll’s nipple between my lips, my cock rubbing and expanding her pussy… building and building and building until…

our orgasm…

Our orgasm… carries us away.

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