Tickle Experiment


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“Anne please stop,” I said.

“Sorry little brother, we’re just getting started,” Anne said and her and Lizzy, her friend started tickling me again. At six two and one eighty, I was hardly what you’d describe as little. But I was only 19 whereas Anne and Lizzy and their friends were in their 20’s.

Even though I was tied down, Anne sat on my legs and was tickling my feet, while Lizzy sat on my stomach and tickled my armpits.

I was laughing like crazy, while trying to breath at the same time.

The girls were laughing at my laughter.

“What the hell is going on?” Mom said, bursting through the door.

“Mom, please help! They’ve been torturing me for hours!” I shouted.

“Anne, what’s going on?”

“It’s for my college psychology class. We have to do an experiment and I chose tickling. And Mike volunteered to let Lizzy and I tickle him, but now he’s being a baby,” Anne said poking me in the ribs.

“Mike did you agree to this?”

“Yes, but not for hours and hours.”

“Mom, it’s been like twenty minutes,” Anne said.

“Lizzy?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, Mrs. Hill, like twenty minutes.”

“So for lying, I’m going to help your sister and Lizzy tickle you. Girls get his feet, I’ll get his upper body,” Mom directed.

“Yeah!” Anne squealed and her and Lizzy ran to the end of the bed and attacked my feet.

Mom straddled my hips and said, “Are you ready?” then dug her fingers into my ribs causing me to burst out laughing. She ran her hands up and down my sides to my armpits and back down again. She’d stop every now and then to see if Anne and Lizzy were making me laugh while they tickled my feet. They were as my feet were ticklish too.

Then they switched. Mom went to my feet and Anne and Lizzy knelt on each side of me and poked and tickled my ribs and tickled my armpits.

I was glad I was wearing boxers because I started to get hard as I could see down Anne and Lizzy’s shirts. Anne had big tits and Lizzy had small tits.

I was fine until Mom started running her hands up and down my legs.

“Is my whittle boy ticklish?” Mom asked in baby talk while she tickled the inside of my thighs.

I was bouncing all over the place, then I heard my mom gasp. I looked down and noticed the head of my cock poking out of the hole of my boxers.

“What happened, Mom?” Anne asked.

“Your brother here is enjoying your little tickle session too much,” she said point to my crotch.

“Oh my God, you pervert!” Anne said.

“Your sick!” Lizzy added.

Mom pulled down my boxers, revealing my erect cock. “Oh my God, it’s huge!” She then gave it a couple of strokes and said, “Keep tickling him, I’ll be right back.”

For all their grossed out reactions, Anne and Lizzy seemed pretty curious about my cock. They took turns stroking it while the other tickled my balls.

Mom then returned with a pair of scissors and cut off my boxers.

“So you get turned on having your mom, sister and her friend tickle you?” Mom asked stroking my cock. Then Anne and Lizzy stroked it a few times, giggling the whole time.

“Anne, Lizzy tickle his balls, I’ll tickle his cock. Let’s see if we can make him cum.”

Anne and Lizzy started tickling my swollen balls, while mom tickled my cock, paying close attention to the head. Then, using my own precum, tickled just under the head and soon I started shooting my load.

Lizzy and Anne wasted no time in Bostancı Öğrenci Escort licking up the cum off my chest and stomach, while mom sucked and licked the head of my cock.

“I think it’s safe to say your brother is very ticklish,” Mom said poking me in the ribs again. They untied me and I ran from the room, both humiliated and satisfied.

“Mrs. Barrett?” I asked of the very big, but heavily boobed woman who answered the door.

“Yes?” she replied.

“My name is Mike. I’m Anne’s brother. And well yesterday your daughter Lizzy and my sister, Anne tied me up and tickled me for some psychology class. It was really embarrassing. I’m considering calling the police and filing kidnapping and unlawful restraint charges against your daughter, unless you allow me to tie her up and tickle her as payback.”

“How awful. And please, call me Carol. Well, look Lizzy isn’t home right now, but let me get you a drink while we wait and we’ll talk to her as soon as she comes home.”

“That sounds great,” I said, thinking, wow that was easy. She left and soon came back with a Dr. Pepper that was half poured in a glass. She handed it to me and I drank some. We made small talk while I drank the rest of the soda. Soon though, I started feeling lightheaded and sleepy.

I woke up tied to a bed, totally naked.

Just then Carol and Lizzy walked into the room. “What’s going on?” I asked, though I feared I already knew the answer.

“Did you really think I’d let you tie up and tickle my daughter?” Carol asked.

“But she tied up and tickled me first!” I protested.

“You volunteered!” Lizzy yelled.

“Look, just untie me and we’ll forget everything,” I pleaded.

“In a little while. I wanted to see if you really get turned on being tickled. I have my doubts,” Carol said. Then without warning they both started tickling me.

They worked as a team. Both started at my armpits and worked their way down to my feet, then back up to my ribs. When they got to my inner thighs and balls I was fully erect. Mainly because I cold see down Carols low cut blouse to her huge boobs. They took turns tickling my balls and stroking my cock. Suddenly the door bursts open and a girl with brown hair with blond streaks walked in. She looked like Lizzy.

“Brenda you need to leave. This is something Lizzy and I need to deal with,” Carol said the whole time stroking my cock.

“Oh is this Anne’s brother?” Brenda asked. She was Lizzy’s 25 year old sister who still lived at home even though she had a good job.

“Mom, I told her all about it. Let her stay. Six hands are better than four.”

Soon I had three women tickling me. One tickling my armpits, one my feet and one my ribs, though they always made sure my cock stayed hard.

Carol was sitting on my waist, tickling my armpits when she noticed me staring at her cleavage. “Oh would you like to see these big boobs?” She asked, then proceeded to take off her shirt and bra. Then she shoved the biggest pair of breasts into my face. Soon I was sucking on her big nipples and licking all around her huge areolas, which had bumps on them. Then I felt someone sucking my cock. I didn’t know if it was Lizzy or Brenda, but it really didn’t matter, they did a great job. At some point the other two removed their tops and I had to suck on their tits too. Lizzy’s were small, but she had long nipples. Brenda’s were medium, her nipples were fatter and not as long.

Then Carol said I would only be untied after I gave all of them an Bostancı Çıtır Escort orgasm with my tongue. She then proceeded to removed her pants and underwear and sat her big butt on my face.

Her pussy was hairy, but wet. I licked her for all I was worth, while her daughters took turns sucking my cock and balls. In no time she had a screaming orgasm. Then It was Brenda’s turn. Her pussy was trimmed but not completely hair free. She took longer than her mom, but she also screamed when she came. Finally it was Lizzy’s turn. She was totally shaved and had a sweet tasting pussy. Carols said I had to bring Lizzy off before I had my own orgasm or they’d tickle me for another hour.

Carol alternated between licking and sucking my cock. Then she’d suck on just the head and swirl her tongue around it. At the same time Brenda was licking and sucking on my balls. I sucked on Lizzy’s clit and brought her to an earth shattering orgasm just before I had my own. She swallowed it all, but Lizzy and Brenda licked and sucked on my cock getting some last minute drops for themselves.

After words they untied me and I went home, sore but satisfied.

Nothing happened for a couple of days and I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong. On Saturday my mom called me into the kitchen and I saw several women there most of who I knew.

“Mike, this is Mrs. Lee, Anne and Lizzy’s teacher. She wants to observe first hand how ticklish someone is,” my mom said. That’s when I realized what I was in for. I tried to make a run for it, but they caught me. So I was surrounded by women in the 20’s and 40’s.

They carried me to the living room where there was a massage table set up and I was quickly stripped to my underwear and tied to it. I was somewhat relived when they left my underwear on. I was hoping it would be a quick tickle session and my sister and Lizzy would get an A and that would be the end of it. But that wasn’t at all what happened. It was both better and worse.

The one’s who were there were, Anne, Lizzy, My mom Leah, Carol and Brenda, the teach Mrs. Lee and 4 other women Anne and Lizzy’s age – I’m guessing other students. They ran the gamut in the looks department. Some fat some skinny, some with big boobs some with small boobs, long hair, short hair, but they were all attractive in their own way.

Mrs. Lee wanted to observe Lizzy and Anne tickle me to see if I really was ticklish or if it was all hype for a good grade. They wrote a great paper, but the proof is in the pudding, so they say. They tickled my feet and worked their way up my body and I laughed the entire time. If this was all there was too it, I didn’t understand why everyone else was there.

After about ten minutes of nonstop tickling, Mrs. Lee said, “Okay I’ve seen enough. Good job girls. But lets take it up a notch. She then handed Lizzy and Anne a long feather and told them to get to it. Anne started on my feet and Lizzy on my armpits. It tickled but in a different way. When Anne started moving up my leg I didn’t really think too much about it, but then I felt the feather brush against my balls. When I jumped she did it again and again. Now my cock started to get hard. It might have gone unnoticed, but Mrs. Lee was right there observing their tickling skills.

“What do we have here?” Mrs. Lee asked, taking the feather from Anne and tickling the head of my cock which was now poking out of the top of my underwear.

“Let me help you with that,” Mom said and pulled out a pair of scissors and cut off my underwear.

“You’re Bostancı Elit Escort buying me a new pack of underwear,” I told my mom. “That’s the second pair you’ve cut off me.”

All of a sudden I was surrounded by ten women and all of them had a feather. And they all started using their feathers on my cock, balls, butt and thighs. It didn’t take long before precum started oozing out the tip. My mom leaned in and licked it off. After that they all took turns licking off my precum.

“Would you like some relief?” Mrs. Lee asked.

“Yes,” I said and nodded my head. My cock was throbbing.

She instructed Lizzy and Anne to just tickle the head of my cock with their feathers. She did the same. My mom and Carol though, started tickling my balls with their fingernails. That did it and soon I was shooting load after load of cum. The four women I didn’t know said they had to leave, but first wanted to help me clean up. They used their tongues to clean the cum off my body and cock before they left.

When they left the rest were getting read y to tickle me again, but I told my mom I needed to pee really badly. Thinking I could finally be alone and pee in private, I was surprised when my mom and Carol followed me into the bathroom, tied my hands to the shower and proceeded to tickle the actual piss out of me.

I was then led back to the living room, but tied up in the archway between the living room and the hallway with my legs spread and my hands above my head. I heard a buzzing and saw that everyone had an electric toothbrush and my body was soon attacked with the soft bristles. Now my butt was being tickled too.

I had another raging boner and every girl kneeled in front of me and sucked my cock for awhile. They each brought me to the edge then stopped.

I was brought back to the table and tickled some more. Then Carol mentioned how well I ate pussy and my tickle session took another turn. I was quickly blindfolded and my cock and balls tickled licked and sucked. After a few minutes the blindfold was removed and I saw that everyone was naked.

Once again I was told I had to give everyone two orgasms with my mouth and cock, but not to have one myself. Anne and Lizzy were first. Lizzy sat on my face while my sister sat on my cock. She either had a real tight pussy or just wasn’t used to a big, thick cock, because she was really tight and very wet. I quickly got her and Lizzy off then they switched. Next were Brenda and Mrs. Lee. Mrs. Lee’s pussy wasn’t as tight, but she sure knew how to work it on my cock. I almost lost it a couple of times, but somehow managed to hold on. When it was Brenda’s turn, she had a couple of tricks up her sleeve too, or pussy to be exact. I brought them both to orgasms twice, then it was Carol and my mom’s turn. Carol fucked me first and I brought mom to her first orgasm. Carol’s pussy was really tight. My cock felt great sliding in and out of her slippery box. When she exploded I almost lost it again.

My mom and Carol switched places and soon I was fucking my mom. She leaned down and whispered that I could cum inside her. I nodded my head so she knew I understood. I quickly brought Carol off with my tongue, so I could concentrate on mom. My cock felt great sliding in and out of that tight pussy. When she finally had an orgasm her pussy muscles squeezed down on my cock and I instantly came with her, filling her up with the biggest load of my life.

She screamed. I yelled. Everyone knew what just happened. As soon as mom got off my cock, Carol was between her legs licking the cum from her pussy, while Anne Lizzy and Brenda sucked and licked my cock.

“If you need help with an other school project let me know,” I told Anne, after I was untied. “I might volunteer again.” Then I walked into my bedroom, collapsed on the bed and fell instantly asleep.

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