Three Stoner Chix – Blue Moonshine



This is the second part of the Summer Sweethearts series. You don’t necessarily need to read the first part to enjoy this one, because it takes place the following morning, and thus stands alone quite well.

If you find anything in this story familiar, it story began its life as “It was the Beginning of Summer” on Laurie’s page, but this is an expanded and improved edition, with new characters and sex scenes. Enjoy!



JUNE 9th 2011


After what seemed like only a few moments of sleep, Amy was jolted awake by the sudden sound of music. She fumbled for her phone in the darkness.

“God, fucking, damn, it.”

She knew it was her Dad, because the ringtone was ‘Born to be Wild’, so she answered, worried that it might be an emergency. But she was so dazed with sleep she forgot to say, “hello.”

“Hey Cottontop. You there?”

She yawned, “Yeah, Dad. What time is it?”

“Fuck. Sorry. I guess it’s pretty late. I just wanted to give you an update.”

Amy closed her eyes and yawned, “Where are you?”

“Richmond. Just finished delivering a flatbed of pipes. Andy’s hooking up our Jacksonville load right now, but I don’t think we’ll get on the road till morning. I’m thinking about heading over to the local watering hole. I’m feeling lucky tonight. So we probably won’t be home until after dark. Maybe six or seven. Maybe later. Don’t wait on us for dinner.”

Amy nodded, but was so sleepy that she neglected to answer out loud. After several seconds of awkward silence, Dad said suspiciously, “What’s up, Amy?”

Amy mumbled, “Up?”

“Something’s wrong. I hear it in your voice.”

Amy shook her head, trying to wake up. “No, I heard you. You’ll be home after dark.”

“You’re not in my room, are you?”

Amy sighed, “No Dad, I’m not in your fucking room.” Why the fuck is he so obsessed with his room?

“Then why are you being so evasive? Hey, what’s that noise?”

Amy suddenly heard the sound of throaty grunts and squeaking bedsprings coming from Dad’s room. What the fuck? Are they still at it?

She cupped her hand around the phone. “Sorry, Dad. That’s just the TV.”

Dad burst into hearty laughter. “Yeah, I know porn when I hear it, Cottontop. Why didn’t you just say you were…. uh… watching pay-per-view?” he laughed, then cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to stifle his chuckles. “Er… No need to be embarrassed, Amy. Perfectly natural. While the cat’s away the mice will play. Just… uh… don’t run up the cable bill.” He snickered again

Amy blushed, just as she heard Jimmy moaning, “Fuck. Oh, fuck yeah. You’re so fucking deep!”

Amy stammered, “Uh… I… uh. Let me just turn that down,” as she kicked the door shut, muffling the sounds.

Dad stifled his chuckles, saying, “I was going to put your brother on, but he wouldn’t want to interrupt. You just go back to… uh… what you were doing. Hee, hee, hee…”

Amy rolled her eyes. “Okay Dad. Drive safe.”

“See you tomorrow night.”

Amy hung up, and quickly fell asleep to the muffled sounds of sex. She dreamed that Rashawne was bent naked over the hood of her ruined car, while Ericka fucked him up the ass with an enormous, hermaphroditic cock, her freakishly humungous breasts bouncing up and down as she buggered him. It was a strangely satisfying tableau.


Andy signed the manifest and handed it back to the freight manager, then climbed up into the cab of the semi truck and started the engine. He could hear Dad laughing merrily in the sleeping compartment. “What’s so funny Dad?”

“Guess what your sister’s doing right now.”

“Uh… I don’t know… sleeping?”

“Nope. Watching porn, and jerking off. Or whatever you call what girls do. Flicking off? Swirling off? Fingering off? But I guess she might have a dildo. What do you think, sonny boy? Your sister got a dildo?”

Andy blushed. “How should I know?”

Dad came out of the back and plopped down on the passenger seat, and lit up a Carlton. He puffed it to life, then his eyes lit up as he said, “Hey, she bought that cucumber the last time she went shopping. I guess she could be using that.”

Andy moaned, “Dad!”

The old man chuckled at Andy’s discomfort. He grinned and said, “She’s probably doing it in your bed right this instant. Man that’s a big cucumber. Gotta be this big around.”

Andy shivered at the thought of his hot little sister lying on her back in his bed, sliding a cucumber in and out of her pussy. “Stop it, Dad. You’re creeping me out.”

The old man laughed merrily, then reached into the glove compartment and took out his digital camera. Andy knew what that meant. “Dang it, Dad. I thought we were hitting the road.”

“Nah. We’ll head out at sunup. Just drive over to that truck stop next to the interstate.”

Andy wasn’t happy about it, but there was no use arguing with the old man, so he drove to the Truckmaster and pulled into the lot. Dad looked happily Kadıköy Escort at a nearby bar. “Oh good. It’s still there. I love that place. I once hooked a college girl there. She was chubby, but shit she was cute. And man, oh man, she loved sucking cock. Say, why don’t you join me?”

Andy stiffened up, his heart skipping a beat or two, then he said, “No thanks Dad. I’m driving the next shift. I should catch some z’s.”

Dad appraised him silently, his eyes narrowing with disappointment. Then he took a long drag on his cigarette and expelled it, grunting. “Well, suit yourself, sonny boy. As for me, I’m gonna go score me some pussy.” Then he pulled on his leather Harley vest and sauntered off across the parking lot, not a care in the world.

Andy shook his head and sighed. Although he lived and worked with his father, two guys couldn’t have been less alike. Dad was lean and muscular, with a biker beard, long graying hair, and a leathery face. He was in his forties, but he was as randy as a teenager. He also had an infectious laugh, and a charming twinkle in his bright blue eyes which floozies and biker chicks found utterly irresistible. The old man had the magic touch with the ladies.

Andy, on the other hand, was useless around women. Although he was tall, handsome and muscular, girls terrified him, particularly the ones that he was most attracted to. As a result, he was a 21-year-old virgin, and the old man probably thought he was gay. But it just wasn’t true. Andy was so horny for pussy that even his sister was starting to look good to him.

After Dad left, Andy fueled up the truck, then watched Bridge on the River Kwai in the sleeping compartment, while scarfing a big bag of Cheetos. But 45 minutes into the movie, he heard the door of the semi opening. Dad’s head popped through the curtain. “Four-alarm emergency, sonny boy! I need your help!”

Andy sat up in shock. “What is it?”

“I hooked a fucking hottie! She’s some kinda local celebrity… a weather lady or something. Everyone around here knows who she is, and shit, I think I recognize her too. Channel 7 or something. Anyway, she’s interested in your old dad, if you can believe that. Shit on a sandwich, this chick is freaking gorgeous!”

Andy sighed. “Oh. That kind of emergency. I guess you need me to clear out for a while.”

“Fuck no. Not yet, anyway. I need your help closing the deal. I’m sooooo close, I can almost taste that sweet, sweet pussy. But her niece is with her. You gotta come and keep the girl company while I work on the weather lady.”

Andy immediately felt a thrill of fear gripping his heart. His Dad hadn’t tried to hook him up with a girl for over a year. He always had an excuse, so the old man had seemingly given up. But this time Dad didn’t give him a choice, he just grabbed Andy’s jeans and threw them at him. “Come on, sonny boy, put these on. And that nice shirt Amy got you for your birthday. Chop-chop, before they take off!”


Then the old man grabbed Andy’s shoulders and stared into his eyes with stunning intensity. “Do this for me, sonny and I’ll never ask you for another fuckin’ thing.” His Dad had done a lot for him over the years. I owe him. After a moment, Andy nodded and dressed. Then he ran the electric shaver over his chin, trying to stall for time, but Dad kept urging, “Come on, come on! Get the lead out!”

The girls were waiting for them in a seedy local bar, looking half drunk and totally gorgeous. The weather lady was a tall, ravishing woman, with long, curly, jet-black hair who looked to be in her early thirties, and her niece was a foxy little brunette with a short bob. She looked 16, but had to be at least 21, because she ordered a round of Jagermeister shots for the table. She and her aunt were dressed in little black club dresses with such short skirts that their panties were only microns away from exposure. Goddamn, they were hot.

Dad introduced them, but Andy was so stunned by their beauty that he was deaf and dumb with terror. He never did catch their names. After everyone downed their shots, Dad shouted, “Damn! That’s nasty! Wooo! I can’t believe they charge six bucks for a shot of that shit!”

Andy could tell that the weather lady was fascinated with Dad because she was hanging all over him. She kept running her fingertips over the tattoos on his arms, most of which he’d gotten during his years in the Navy. “So, why’d you leave the Navy, Arlen?”

Dad laughed. “I didn’t leave. They kicked me out because I couldn’t make chief. Too many black marks on my record. If you’re not going up, you’re going out. But that was fine with me. I missed my Harley.”

She licked her lips lustfully. “Oh, really? You ride a Harley?”

A mystical twinkle filled his eyes. “If I’m not in my truck, I’m out on the open road, feeling the wind flowing through my hair.”

Andy rolled his eyes at how corny that sounded, but the weather lady was eating it up. She ran her hands through his long graying hair, and gave him a lascivious kiss on the lips. After that, Dad looked at his watch with exaggerated concern. “Shit. It’s already midnight! Wonder how late this Ataşehir Escort place stays open.”

The weather lady smiled knowingly and said, “Hey, wanna get outta here?”

Dad favored her with a shit-eating grin. “Thought you’d never ask, sweetheart!”

Andy was about to object, but the niece pulled him to his feet, then wrapped her arm around him and swayed crookedly toward the door. Andy was bowled over by the intoxicating aroma of her perfume, and the warmth of her little body. He was putty in her hands, and before he knew it, the little brunette was driving top speed through town, with Andy in the front passenger seat, hanging on for dear life, while Dad and the weather lady made out noisily in the back seat. Andy was the only one wearing a safety belt.

When they arrived at the weather lady’s mansion, she and Dad disappeared instantly up the stairs, leaving Andy alone with the niece in the living room. Then that petite young thing reached into a wooden box on the coffee table and took out a glass pipe and a bag of weed. She smiled at Andy and started filling the pipe, saying, “My aunt gets such good shit. She says it’s called Blue Moonshine. Love that name.” She giggled as she lit it up. After sucking in a lungful of smoke she offered it to Andy.

“Uh… no thanks. I have to drive. You have any Coke?”

Still holding her breath, she nodded and pulled another bag out of the box. This one filled with white powder.

Andy blushed and said, “I meant… uh… Coca Cola.”

She cracked up, expelling her smoke into Andy’s face. She giggled all the way into the kitchen, then staggered out again with a can of Diet Pepsi. After handing it to Andy, she reached into the bag, took a pinch of white powder out of the bag and sniffed it right into her nose. Then, still giggling, she plopped down on the leather sofa with her legs wide open, giving him a clear view of her pink panties. She patted the seat next to her, but he wandered across the room and pretended to look at a display of the weather lady’s awards and citations, petrified with fear. I don’t know how to talk to girls. What if she hates me? What if I fuck things up? What if…? What if…?

There was a long, awkward silence, broken up only by a few random giggles. To fill the void, he mumbled, “So… you… you’re visiting your aunt?”

She stretched sexily on the couch. “Yeah. I just graduated high school, but I’m heading to college in the fall, so I decided to spend the summer here. She’s so fucking cool. Shares her drugs with me. Shares everything with me. Hee, hee, hee. But Richmond is way too fucking hot for me. It’s not like this in Saint Paul.” She fanned herself seductively, as she ran her other hand over her chest, opening the top of her dress a bit, so the straps fell off her shoulder, revealing the top of her lacy black bra, and snowy white cleavage.

He gulped at the sight, and stammered, “Really? You… uh… just graduated? Uh…how…how old are you? You were drinking at the bar, so I thought…”

She giggled, “My ID says I’m 21. It’s fake. Oh, does that shock you? Does that scandalize you?” She fluttered her eyes flirtatiously and said, “Well, I’m not a virgin either.” She wiggled her eyebrows, then looked up the stairwell and giggled. “Neither is my aunt, from the sound of it.”

Andy suddenly realized that the weather lady’s moans were echoing down the stairwell. He could also make out the furious squeaking of bed-springs and Dad’s guttural grunts. A chill went up Andy’s spine at the sound of it. Then Andy looked at the niece. She was staring at him, her brown eyes glittering with fiery lust. She never did say what age she was exactly. A high school graduate could be anything from 16 to 18.

Andy was starting to sweat now. “You’re right… it is pretty hot in here. Maybe we should turn on the AC.”

She giggled, then pulled the front of her dress down, fully exposing her bra-clad breasts. She stared at him with her smoky eyes and slowly licked her sexy little lips. Andy usually had a hard time picking up on the subtle clues that girls left, but she wasn’t being subtle at all. She was ready and willing to fuck, no questions asked. All he had to do was make a move. Any kind of move. Heck, all he had to do was keep his big mouth shut, and she’d do the rest.

This is it. My big chance. Time to lose my v…

But then Andy started talking. “Uh… you’ll enjoy college. It wasn’t for me though. I went for three months but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I never did have a… what do you call it? A passion. I’m not very smart, I guess. Not very… uh… you know, dedicated. So I quit and came back home. I hated my mom’s boyfriend so I went to live with Dad and he asked me to partner up with him…”

He kept yammering on and on, without pause, about how he and Dad could cover more ground than other drivers because they could drive in shifts, and how they worked for a trucking company but that they were saving up money to buy their own cab someday, blah, blah, blah.

As he blathered on, he noticed that the niece’s sexy little giggles faded away. Then her luscious legs closed Maltepe Escort up and the sparkle faded from her eager eyes. He hated himself for being such a coward. But he just couldn’t stop babbling. He was crazed with fear.

She started shifting about uncomfortably. Then she pulled the front of her dress back up and put her straps back on her shoulders before taking another hit from the pipe. She listened to him talk for another few minutes, then said, “Uh… this is really interesting, Andy, but I gotta go take a leak. So, uh… hold that thought. I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, sure. Uh… I’ll be waiting.”

She smiled at him. It was a warm smile, so after she went away he thought maybe it’s not to late after all. Maybe I can play things differently when she comes back. Just keep my big mouth shut and give her a hug… or a kiss. Yeah. I should just man-up and kiss her. She wants me to. That’s all I have to do. Just go for it. Just fucking go for it.

But she didn’t come back. Five minutes passed. Then ten. He began to wonder if she was feeling okay. Or perhaps she’d gone to sleep. But then he heard what he thought was her voice echoing down the stairwell. She seemed to be moaning, “Oh, fuck. Fuck… that’s it. Right there. Ohhhhh fuuuuuck.”

A chill went up Andy’s spine. No. It can’t be. That’s gotta be her aunt’s voice… there’s no way she… oh fuck.

Almost as if in a trance, Andy found himself creeping up the stairs, drawn by those insanely erotic sounds. The door at the end of the hall was open and he could make out a bit of pale flesh. He crept closer, and saw the wonderful, snowy-white curve of a woman’s ass and legs as she knelt on the plush carpet. Damn, it was a fine ass. Pale and shapely, and from the length of her legs, he was sure it belonged to the weather lady.

Andy moved closer, step-by-step, his cock stiffening with lust, until he saw Dad’s knobby knees and hairy legs. She was kneeling between them as he lay on his back on the bed. Her jet-black hair was bobbing, so Andy knew she was giving him a blowjob. Then there was a flash from Dad’s digital camera.

He wanted to turn back, but something made him step closer, and now he could see the old man’s veiny red cock sliding in and out of the weather lady’s bright red lips. Andy had seen Dad naked a few times, but never with an erection. It was weirdly fascinating. The old man’s cock resembled his own, though it had a bit of a downward curve, whereas his own had a bit of an upward curve. Other than that, though, it was identical, and the weather lady was sucking the shit out of it, coating it red with her lipstick. Andy rubbed his cock at the sight of the weather lady’s lithe neck bobbing forward and back, as she took Dad’s entire length all the way back into her throat again and again.

Andy started to back up, afraid that Dad might see him, but then he heard a woman’s voice moaning, “Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck….. yessss….. Oh… oh… oh… mmmmmm.” But it couldn’t be the weather lady, because her mouth was full of cock.

Shocked to his very core, Andy took a few steps forward, and now he could see the niece. She was naked, except for her black bra, and was straddling Dad’s face. Andy could barely breathe at the beautiful, horrible sight. Her hands were entwined in Dad’s long salt-and-pepper hair, and her sinewy back was rolling with long, erotic waves as she slid her wet pussy up and down the old man’s scruffy face.

She moaned, “Oh fuck… fuuuuck… you have a magic tongue, mister. Fucking magic! And your beard is so soft. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh god… I’m cumming again!” She began to quiver and squeal with pleasure.

Dad’s rugged hands grabbed her perfect teenage ass and pulled her up higher on his face, causing her to lean forward against the headboard. Now Andy could see Dad’s thick tongue diving in and out of her pink pussy. Squirts of milky liquid began to spray out of her, drenching Dad’s tongue and beard, as she shrieked with crazy pleasure.

All the while, the Weather Lady continued sucking Dad’s cock, but her eyes were glued to the sight of her niece’s pussy squirting all over Dad’s face. It was an incredible, pornographic scene, and Andy watched in horrified fascination, his cock throbbing so hard it felt like it was about to split in half. Then the girl leaned to the side and picked up Dad’s camera from the bedside table. She aimed it down and took a picture of him eating her out, then she turned and took a couple of pictures of her aunt gobbling his cock as she stared up at the camera. Andy always wondered what Dad did with that camera. Now he knew.

The weather lady stood and stepped up onto the bed, still wearing her high-heels. She put her hands on her niece’s shoulders to steady herself as she squatted. Once she had the head of Dad’s cock positioned between her pussy lips, she slid all the way down, letting out a deep moan. “Oh gaaaawd!” A few moments later she began to bounce up and down, her hands digging into her niece’s silky hips. After she established a rhythm, she unhooked her niece’s bra and pulled it off. Then much to Andy’ shock and delight, the woman began to knead her niece’s beautiful, perky little tits, while rubbing her own much larger ones all over the girl’s silky, sexy back. It was the filthiest, most wonderful thing Andy had ever seen, and though he knew he should run away, he watched in utter fascination, wishing himself invisible.

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