Three is Plenty Ch. 02


“Honey, I need your help.” Carol said at dinner. Carol and I have been together for nine months. We met on a blind date that her brother had arranged and we have been together ever since. Carol teaches at a community college near where we live here in California. Oh yes, the first thing that many people notice about Carol is that she only has one leg. About a year before we met she was in a car accident and her right leg was crushed beyond repair. She usually gets around on crutches and most people have trouble keeping up with her.

“What kind of help do you need,” I asked. She almost never asks for help so her request instantly got my full attention.

“There is a really nice lady at the rehab center and we’ve become talking buddies. She’s having some problems and I would like us to help her.”

“What kind of problems? And, how can I help?”

“Pat lost a leg too and it’s only been seven months since the accident. She feels worthless. A week after they took her leg her husband left. She was still in the hospital and he stopped coming to see her. She called him on the phone and he wasn’t home. She left messages on their machine. After a few more days she called and the phone company recording told her that number had been disconnected. With all the physical stuff she had to deal with, having him just disappear almost did her in.”

“OK. I get it. You want us to be her friends and have her understand that not every man will run from a one legged woman, right?”

“Yeah. She just was so slammed by losing her leg and her husband that she is seeing life from inside a well right now.”

“I know you have a plan. What is it?”

Her plan was to go to her next rehab appointment and invite Pat to have dinner with us. Then we would befriend her, do things that could and would involve her and even introduce her to some people we knew who had already gotten past the “she-only-has-one-leg stuff”.

Carol went to her appointment and an hour and a half later she called to let me know they were on their way home. I made a Caesar salad, some angel hair pasta with a very light olive oil and herbs sauce and opened a bottle of nice red wine. I had already set the table for three.

When I heard the car doors close I went and sat on our couch. Carol opened the door and she and her friend came in. I said “Hi” to them and got up off the couch.

Carol pointed at her friend and said, “Honey, this is Pat.”

Before I could say anything Pat said, “Nice to meet you.” I welcomed her into our home and asked them both if they were hungry. Carol is always hungry when she comes home from rehab, so I thought Pat would be too. They were, so I led them into the kitchen and they sat at the table. I served the salads and the wine.

As we ate our salads I glanced at Pat a few times. In my mind I was comparing the two women. Carol is 5’9″ and weighs in at 116 pounds. Pat is maybe 5’6″ and 110 pounds. On rehab days Carol wears long shirts and a tight with her tennis shoe. Pat was wearing almost the same thing. Carol has the most wonderful, beautiful Ankara Escort and sensitive breasts I have ever had the pleasure if becoming acquainted with. They are “C” cups. Carol is blond and Pat has dark brown hair. Both women have their hair quite short.

When we were done with salad I took those plates away and served the pasta. At first taste Pat said, “He serves and he cooks. Carol, you are a lucky woman.”

“Shhhh. Don’t tell him that too often, it’ll go to his head.” Carol joked.

The two women talked about rehab and about Pat’s healing process. I pretty well stayed out of the conversation. When dinner was over we moved back into the living room and I maneuvered things so they sat on the couch and I sat facing them both. Then the conversation turned.

“Pat, you and I have talked about being friends. You know I want to be your friend, don’t you?”

“Sure. I’d say we are friends already.”

“Good. I want Nick to be your friend too. I can sense that he feels that too.” I nodded. “And I think it will help if we tell you the short version of how we met and if you tell Nick about your life of the last year or so.”

Pat looked at me and then at Carol and finally said, “OK. Telling my story to Nick won’t be easy but I’ll do it. First, tell me about you.”

Carol told her the short version. She had come to California to visit her brother only ten months after her accident. Her brother worked with me and had set me up on a blind date with Carol. We went to a scuba show at the Queen Mary and the attraction was strong. We have been a couple since that date.

Pat swallowed hard and told us the long version of her story. I never let on that I had heard it from Carol. Halfway through the story I refilled our wine glasses.

When the story finished Pat had a single tear running down her cheek. Carol hugged her and while she did she signaled me to join them. I sat my wine down and went to the other side of Pat from Carol and joined the hug. When she felt me she tensed up for a few seconds. Then she took a deep breath and relaxed. As Carol ended the hug she kissed Pat. That didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that she kissed Pat on the mouth. It surprised Pat, too.

We broke the hug but neither Carol nor I moved away from Pat. A few quiet seconds passed and Pat said, “I think I had better go home.”

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” Carol asked.

“I’m confused. You have Nick right here and yet you kissed me. What should I make of that?”

“That I find you attractive and that Nick does too.”

“I do,” I said.

“But I’m not attractive!”

“Why? Because you only have one leg?” Carol sat back.

“Yeah! No one is going to want me. I can’t do much for myself. Sometimes I wish I had died in the crash!” She was now crying openly.

I had no idea what Carol wanted me to do, so I made it up. I took Pat in my arms and whispered in her ear, “You can do lots of things.”

She pulled back and said, “Yeah? Name one thing I can do!”

I opened my mouth and the Çankaya Escort words came out. No thought. No plan. “You can let us love you.” As soon as the words were out, both of us leaned to her and held her and kissed her.

I had never kissed two women at the same time. I didn’t even know it was possible. It is. For a long while we kissed each other and held each other. Then I changed the placement of my hands from one on Carol’s back and one on Pat’s to a hand on a breast of each woman. Carol moaned softly and Pat gasped. I stuck my tongue in Pat’s mouth. She sucked it in and her tongue danced with mine. When the kiss ended I stood up. I pulled Carol to her foot and pulled her shirt up over her head, freeing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and pointed at Pat.

Pat stared at Carol’s breasts like she had never seen a woman’s breasts before. Carol sat down and I pulled Pat to her foot. When she was standing I held her by the hips. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked at me wide eyed. I grasped the bottom hem of her shirt and slowly lifted. When I got to her arms she released one arm from my shoulder and raised it. I lifted the shirt a bit higher and she pulled her arm out of the shirt and put it back on my shoulder. I repeated the process and in seconds her shirt was on the floor next to Carol’s. She was looking at my face, looking for signs of revulsion. They were not there. She was slender, and her breasts were perfect for her chest, full and with nipples that appeared to be slightly swollen. Her nipples were elongated rather than round, and her right breast and chest had a long scar that started on the outside of her breast and went down her side and into her tight. I gathered her to me and kissed her. When I broke the kiss I said, “You are beautiful.”

I gently helped her sit back down on the couch. The instant she landed Carol put her arm around her. I knelt and leaned to her chest. I breathed out warm air on her nipple and then slowly sucked it into my mouth. Carol used her hand and turned Pat’s face to her and kissed her.

I felt Pat’s leg relax and she sat back against the back of the couch. I shifted and took her other nipple in my mouth. “Oh, it’s so sensitive,” she whispered.

I gently and slowly flicked the nipple with my tongue. She moaned. I noticed Carol’s right nipple was just an inch or so from my face so I released Pat’s nipple and used my tongue to encircle Carol’s nipple. Carol moaned and reached over my back to grasp Pat’s breast. They continued to kiss.

For a long time the three of us attended to the arousal of the ladies. At some point in the evening my erection needed urgent attention. I had been hard so long that it ached. I released both women and stood up. Hands went to my belt and zipper and in seconds my pants were at my ankles. Two mouths grasped my hard cock and I felt the rush of urgency as my load started for their mouths.

“Oh! Oh! I’m already cumming!” Carol took the head of my cock in her mouth and I filled it. I held on to both their heads as I came. I thought my knees Etlik Escort were going to give way, but they didn’t. When I stopped cumming Carol released me and turned to Pat, and they kissed. They shared my cum! I was still so turned on that I didn’t soften!

Pat looked up at me after their kiss ended and asked, “Would you fuck me?” She looked at Carol and said, “Can Nick please fuck me?” Carol’s answer was to lean Pat back and start removing her tight. I helped.

When the tight was on the floor next to all the rest of our clothes I knelt and started kissing the inside of her thigh. As I started kissing I suddenly realized that Carol had her right leg and Pat had her left. Sitting as they were on the couch Pat’s and Carol’s pussies didn’t have a leg between them. I reached under both legs and pulled them together so they were hip to hip. I stuck my tongue into Pat’s very wet pussy and started eating her. I savored the flavor of Pat and the feeling of her pussy then I switched and moved over to Carol’s wet pussy.

Carol resumed kissing Pat and I switched back and forth from pussy to pussy with my mouth. I used my hands on whichever pussy I wasn’t eating. They both tasted wonderfully! When Pat pulled my head from her pussy and up towards her chest, I took that as a hint that she was ready.

I pushed my cock into Pat’s pussy in one long slow push. She tensed when I started and then started pushing back. I didn’t know how painful her stump might be so I pushed in deep but without touching her scars. After ten or so thrusts she said, “Deeper.” On the next thrust I went in until I was pressed against her scars and her leg as well as being completely in her vagina. “Harder,” she said.

I increased the pace and the force that I used so that every time I hit bottom I hit hard.

Carol positioned herself so that she could kiss Pat’s face and she could fondle and torment Pat’s breasts too. She also put herself in position where I could reach her pussy. When I reached for it I found Pat’s hand already there with three fingers inserted. She pumped in and out of Carol in sync with my thrusts into Pat’s pussy.

It was not long until all three of us came. Pat came first and immediately Carol followed her. As they thrashed about on the couch I somehow kept inside Pat and as she was starting to calm, I filled her. When I had stopped cumming I withdrew and Carol had recovered enough that she slid onto the floor and sucked all the juices from Pat.

I sat on the couch and both women cleaned me with their mouths. I looked at the clock and was not surprised to see that it was midnight. As it was Friday night Carol and I didn’t need to get up in the morning and go to work. I invited Pat to spend the night.

“On the couch?” she asked.

“No. In bed with us,” Carol answered. She leaned over and retrieved her crutches and Pat’s. They got up and Pat followed Carol to our bedroom nude. I gathered up all the clothes and tossed them in the washing machine. I’d start it in the morning. When I arrived in our bedroom I noticed that they had taken their places in bed, leaving the spot for me in the middle. Each lady had her leg nearest the edge of the bed, and her pussy next to my place on the bed.

We did get some sleep. And that was just the beginning of a new kind of three is plenty.

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